Want to get published? Try these sites

Brandy Magazine

Writer's Market
The number one resources for writers. For a nominal free, you can get access to markets, fees and all the necessary information you'll need to get published.

The site for freelance writers
A wonderful site filled with tips, advice, job boards and everything a freelancer needs to get published or get a job.

A great source for writers and they publish a magazine as well.

Not so much a place to get published but a cool site for those who want to keep up on what's happening. Further, these guys keep up and make warnings about writing scams. There's crooked publishers out there so be warned!


The National Writer's Association
This association will read your work and critique it for free, keep you up to date on what's happening in the business and when you get lucky enough to land a publishing contract they'll review it for no charge.

The National Writer's Union
The National Writers Union is more than just another writers' organization - it is the only labor union that represents freelance writers in all genres, formats, and media.

Self Publishing

Want to self publish?
Xlibris is one of the few legit places out there where you can self-publish your work.

Job Boards

Freelance Writing Jobs through the network
Great listings and they have a link for freelancers as well


A Writing Place
Extensive compilation of all sorts of publications' submissions guidelines.

AcqWeb offers an international directory of e-mail addresses of publishers, vendors and related professional resources for writers.

Alphabetical List of Paying Markets
Get links to more than 600 paying markets...

Arts Publications
Search for magazines, ezines, journals, catalogues, and newsletters alphabetically or by sub genre.

CALLIHOO Newsletter
Features list of Science Fiction and Fantasy market guidelines from May 2002 to present (which appears to be October 2002).

Children's Writers Marketplace
Site offers a magazine market list from one published author's own writing card file.

Children's Writing: Children's Magazines
Frequently updated list of links to Children's magazine guidelines.

Christian Poet's Markets
Provides links to 52 publications of interest to Christian poets who wish to market their poetry.

Christian Writer's Guidelines and Markets at Snowfaux
Provides almost 300 periodicals with working links to on-line Christian writer's guidelines.

Consumer Magazines and E-Zines
Find links to various magazine and ezine sites that hire freelance writers from absolutewrite.

This is "The Online Market Guide for Horror Writers."

Electronic Publications
List of mystery ezine markets from the Mysterious Home Page.

Fiction Factor
Site provides good listing of paying fiction and nonfiction markets.

Fiction, sci-fi,romance, mystery markets
List of magazines, ezines and websites that accept submissions from writers.

Free directory, contest listings and much more for writers online.

List of markets accepting submissions.

For Writers Only
List of online publications that accept submissions from freelance writers.

Freelancing For Money
An excellent weekly newsletter featuring paying markets and freelance writing opportunities.

Freelance Writing Bonanza
Unlimited markets for your work plus an unlimited freelance income.

Freelance Writing
Special report explains how you can make money from your writing.

Greeting Card Markets
Find links to various greeting card companies from absolutewrite.

Guide to on-line guidelines
See who is accepting submissions for what types of writing and where they´re located on the Web.

Growing list of submission guidelines from the organizedwriter.

Guidelines from Writer's Digest
Collection of top 100 places to get published.

Index of Online Fiction
Index listing e-zines that pay their authors at least about $0.01/word, are currently in business, and are known to be writer-friendly...

Jacqui Bennett Writers Bureau
Offers large collection of UK markets for fiction and nonfiction.

Life Writers Market Watch
Brief list of calls for submissions with detailed information.

Links to professional poetry publishers
Just what the title says...

Literary Journals
Great listing of links to literary journals with detailed information.

Literary Magazines
Long list of links to literary magazine websites from the Nebraska Center for Writers.

Littlebehemoth's Magazine Rack
Provides extensive directory of paying web-present markets for writers.

List of markets from chopeclark - publisher of "Fundsforwriters."

Magazine Markets
List of more than 40 children's magazine markets.

Magazine Guidelines Database provides extensive resource for writing guidelines.

Market Table
List of short fiction markets (except anthologies) that pay 1 cent per word or more for science fiction, fantasy and/or horror stories. (Last updated April 2000.)

Markets for Writers
List of primarily Canadian markets, with some U.S. magazines also.

Markets for Science Fiction and Fantasy
Good list of markets and links to related resources from Julia West, Fantasy and Science Fiction author.

Markets from Writelink
Good list of markets - updated monthly.

Mary Wolf's Guide to Electronic Publishers
Helpful list of book length publishers, short story, online and ezine publishers as well.

Magazines & Newsletters
Links to mystery magazine markets from the Mysterious Home Page.

New writers markets
Lists markets that accept work from new or inexperienced writers. (some are non-paying)

Online Writers Guidelines
Lists publications that have posted the requirements for writers on the web.

Paula Fleming's Market List
Site provides markets in categories like: Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror.

Paying Markets from Writer´s Weekly
Submit your writing to publications that pay.

Poetry Links
Extensive list of links to poetry pages with submission guidelines - emphasis is on print journals and University publications.

Poetry markets
List of paying and non-paying markets for poetry...

Poetry Markets
Site lists recent calls for manuscripts.

Poetry Publishers Who Accept Email Submissions
Site lists the email addresses for editors of journals which publish poetry and are willing to accept submissions by email.

Publication Opportunities
Poetry markets from Poetic Voices features listings that have been reviewed either through the website listed, the actual publication, and/or the submission guidelines mailed to us by the publisher.

Publishers Directory
List of close to 200 children's book and magazine publishers.

Publishers on the Internet
List of primarily academic and technical publishers, plus links to mainstream publishers.

Publishers' Submission Guidelines
Extensive list of markets in categories like trade magazines, science fiction, mystery, and children's publications.

Site offers a searchable database of more than 150,000 magazines, journals, newsletters, and other periodicals.

Ralan's Webstravaganza
Extensive list of markets for novel, science fiction, humor writers and more.

Random House
Comprehensive list of magazines and journals that publish short stories.

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Magazine Markets
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America provides links to various paying publications.

Scribes Portal
Good list of worldwide Fantasy and Science Fiction markets from Aurealis.

Secrets to writing best selling ebooks
Learn how to become a best selling author and make more money from your ebooks.
Online marketplace where buyers and professional graphic designers connect.

SFF Net: Ezines and Rags
Paying and nonpaying electronic markets.

Specficworld's Market Resources
Good list of markets mainly for speculative fiction writers.

Spicy Green Iguana
More than 200 links to SF, fantasy, and horror magazine publications.

The Colossal Directory of Children's Publishers Online
Comprehensive, alphabetical listings of children's magazines and book publishers, with links to sites, submission guidelines and more.

The Listings - Writer's Resource
Provides links to more than 200 markets for writers with extensive details about submissions etc...

The Market List
Searchable database of ezines, publishers and others seeking submissions in categories like science fiction, fantasy, horror and related poetry.

The Original Write Market
Good list of markets - categorized by Christian, Children's, Romance, Mystery and Sci-Fi.

The Poetry Market E-zine - Poetry Markets
Sample listings of markets to be found in the monthly edition of The Poetry Market E-zine.

The Ultimate Screenwriters Giveaway
Each month Storybay is giving one lucky writer (novice to professional) more than $1400 in prizes.

Travel Writer's Marketplace
World's leading online place of business for travel writers, editors, photographers, broadcasters and PR professionals.

Writer's Guidelines Directory
Database of various markets searchable by categories.

Writer's Guidelines
Extensive list of markets with detailed information and links.

Writer's Guidelines
Good list of links to publications with guidelines online from

Writers Markets
A list of marketplaces for science fiction, fantasy and horror writers to get their work published.

Writer' Markets
Extensive list of paying markets for writers of various genres from mystery and Sci-fi publications to Animals and Kids magazines with links to websites.

Writers markets and guidelines from writestart
List of current, paying markets...

Writer's/Photographer's Guidelines
An American and Canadian listing of guideline links for writers and photographers.

Writing Markets
Find more than 200 paying markets for writers - in categories like Christian publications, travel writing, computer, women's interests and more...

Writing Markets from SellWritingOnline
Database listing markets and contests for writers online.

Zuzu's Petals Literary Links
Extensive list of links to literary magazines online.

Search 15 job boards for freelance work...

AAN Help Wanted
Classifieds from the Association of Alternative Weeklies.

ADFED Job Bank
Browse the job listings on this site courtesy of The Advertising Federation of Minnesota. (Click on Resources, then on Career/Employment)

AEJMC: Help Wanted Section
Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication posts advertisements for journalism and mass communications faculty positions that are updated several times each month. - Employment Section
Requires free registration to view Job listings from American Journalism Review.

American Association of Sunday and Feature Writers
Offers listings of primarily full-time writing jobs.

American Copy Editors Society
Job bank featuring listings from around the country.

American Society of Business Press Editors Job Listings
Site offers good dated listing of editorial positions available in the business press with detailed descriptions.

AP Jobs
You'll find everything you need to know about working for the world's oldest and largest newsgathering organization-The Associated Press.

Artists Resource Jobs List
Find staff and freelance job offers.

AWSM Job Bank
Association for Women in Sports Media provides listings of jobs in print media and more.

Backstage Jobs
Playwrights may find freelance work and similar opportunities.

BBC Jobs
Lists editing and other positions at the Beeb.

Berkeley Journalism Job Bank
Search for journalism jobs from list that is updated weekly.

Best newspaper jobs from Arlene Morgan
Her list of "personal picks" of the best newspapers offering internships, entry-level jobs, stepping-stone opportunities and final destinations.

Provides IT and high tech job search - some technical writing jobs...

Broadcast Employment Services
An Internet based employment service dedicated to helping you find employment in the highly competitive broadcast marketplace.

California Chicano News Media Association
Search for writing jobs in print, PR, TV and more...

Career Page
Search by category, location and/or date posted of job listings from the Broadcast Executive Directors Assn.

Chicago Book Clinic job page
Search job listings from various states.

Computer Jobs - Technical Writing
Lists several current technical writing jobs courtesy of

Content Exchange Classifieds
Site provides searchable database of job listings related to online content/writing.

Corporation for Public Broadcasting
Listing of jobs in public television and radio.

Website owner is based in California, but selection of jobs span the globe.

Creative Central
An employment site that provides a jobs database for creative professionals, plus a section listing events and resources related to creative careers.

Creative Freelancers
Jobs listed in various categories from graphic design to writing and editing.

Creative Hotlist
Site (which is part of Commarts network) offers many job listings of interest to writers.

Editor & Publisher
Regularly updated list of jobs for writers.

Register for free with this online marketplace, which was designed to make it easy for people to buy and sell services with professionals and businesses from all over the world. Search database for projects in categories like; creative, research and more.

Electronic Media
Search by keyword or categories like - writer, advertising, broadcasting, new media and more in the job listings from this magazine.

Entertainment Careers
Hundreds of entertainment jobs and internships available - some listings viewable by anyone - other listings for members only.

Listings of interest to writers and media professionals from the Faculty of Information & Media Studies at the University of West Ontario.

Free Job Connection
After you sign up to place your profile for free - you can search their database to find content work (nothing current last time I checked).

Freelance BBS
A site that offers free service to freelancers in various industries to post their qualifications in search of work and posts projects from employers seeking freelancers.

Freelance Job Bank
Site offers opportunity to post your portfolio and search for jobs.

Freelance Job Search
A site that allows freelancers to post their resumes for free so that editors and others seeking freelancers may browse their database to locate qualified people for projects.

Freelance Jobs: Canadian public radio opportunities
Small unofficial mailing list of freelance writing/producing opportunities published by a producer for CBC Radio in Canada.

Freelance Online
Provides plenty of job postings for all types of professional writers, who pay minimal fee to become members.

List your name and profile for free at this site designed for global Internet freelancers. You can search for current projects at various companies and even create your own website to showcase your skills for prospective clients.

Site supplies advice, listings and chance to post your own services in online directory.

Marketing and management guide for writers with links to jobs, articles and conferences.

Freelancing For Money Newsletter
Weekly newsletter of PAYING freelance writing opportunities. Offers free version and paid edition - which contains between 30-40+ freelance writing opportunities, new publication & web site start-ups, and more.

Georgia Press Association Classifieds
News related job postings from GPA.

Indiana University
Journalism school's job listings, updated frequently - allows you to search by category, part-time/full-time, salaried, hourly etc...

This is a weblog for writers who work from home - (there were no recent postings the last time I checked).

IRE Job Center
Lists journalism jobs - like reporting, editing, producing and researching.

Job Bank - Society for Scholarly Publishing
Job postings around the country for experienced publishing professionals...

Job board for copyeditors
Site offers current list of jobs for copyeditors and other writing professionals.

Job Link for Journalists
Search one of the world's largest, active listing of journalistic jobs, online or in print.

Job Openings - Joint Website of STC Chapters in Europe
Job list is a courtesy of the European STC chapters and STC Israel featuring any jobs concerning the technical communication community.

Lists several links to job banks on the web.

Jobs for Science Writers
DC Science Writers Association offers a job exchange - listing jobs primarily in the DC area and a freelancers list for others.

Jobs from the Writelink
Browse this list of freelance jobs with details updated monthly.

Jobs Page: Your Link To Newspaper Careers
Detroit Free Press provides job listings, job directories and other resources for journalists.

Journalism Association of Women (JAWS) Job Bank
Writing related employment resource just for women.

Journalism Job Board
Jeff Gaulin's comprehensive list of Canadian journalism and media-related jobs on the Internet including full-time, freelance, telecommute opportunities in newspapers, magazines, television, radio, wire services, new media, and academia.

Journalism Jobs
A job board for professionals in the media business.

Search job listings and post your resume for free at this website for minority journalists and media professionals.

Just Techwriter Jobs
Just what the title says...

Lynne Palmer Executive Recruitment
Lists available positions in areas like art/design, corporate communications, editorial, marketing/advertising, magazine publishing, new media and more.

Mandy's International Film & TV Production Directory
Search by skill, region and/or pay level for jobs in film and TV production worldwide.

Medialand Jobs
Home page shows a few listings, others require paid registration.

Requires paid subscription to access job search - (about $5 per week) for listings of broadcast positions across the USA - see site for details.

NAA - Classifieds
Jobs - Classified advertising for the newspaper industry. In print and online from the Newspaper Association of America.

National Association of Broadcasters
Provides free searchable job listings for broadcasters.

National Association of Hispanic Journalists' Job Bank
Must become a member first to search jobs - appears to be free.

National Conference of Editorial Writers Job Bank
NCEW provides a free job bank where newspapers seeking editorial or op ed page staff may post notices of job openings and where writers and editors seeking opinion page jobs may post their availability.

National Diversity Newspaper Job Bank
Many jobs posted for all professional journalists.

National Writers Union Job Hotline
The Job Hotline is run by and for writers to find contract jobs offered by employers across the country. Any writer can join the NWU, which requires freelancers to pay a 10% finders fee if they get a job through the union.

Native American Journalists Association Job Bank
Search for jobs in various fields of writing. Not many listed - at last check - but appears to be promising...

Site connects web, newspaper and magazine professionals with new career opportunities.

News Blues
TV jobs listings from more than 800 stations - searchable by members only - cost is $40 a year.

New England Press Association Classifieds
Some writing/editing, news job listings from NEPA.

Search for news writing jobs throughout the world.

New York New Media Association Jobs for Writers
Listings for journalists, editors and more - NY tri-state area only.

OJR Jobs Board
Great, free resource for job seekers and employers in the online content and online journalism industry.

PN Online Job Database
Find jobs for writers/editors under Publishing and PR/Marketing Sectors.

Pacific Northwest Newspaper Association: Members Job Bank
Provides limited job postings for advertising, newsroom etc.

Paying Jobs
Good list of paying jobs for writers from wordswordswords.

Poets & Writers
List of classifieds for writers.

PRSA Job Center
Search for PR jobs - by location, by company, date, or keywords in the free listings from The Public Relations Society of America.

Search for public relations jobs throughout the country. Site requires you to complete free registration to access the job board.

Publishers Weekly
Search for publishing jobs in the classified sections of Publishers Weekly, Library Journal and School Library Journal.

Radio & Record
Visit this online version of a major trade publication featuring job advertisements, news and more for the radio industry.

Radio TV Jobs
Lists writing related jobs mainly in California area...

RTNDA Job Bulletin
Lists current job opportunities in electronic journalism courtesy of the Radio Televison News Directors Association and Foundation.

SABEW Jobs Listings
You can post your resume and browse job listings on this site developed by the Society of American Business Editors and Writers.

Screenwriters Magazine
Sript writing jobs, contests and more.
Online marketplace where buyers and professional graphic designers connect.

Free listings of job openings by category.

Society of Professional Journalists Career Search
Job listings only for SPJ members - cost to register with Society ranges from $36 to $90 per year.

SportsEditor Jobs Page
Search for writing jobs that are primarily sports-related.

Lists writing-related jobs from private sources (no recruiters).

STC Jobs Database
The Society for Technical Communication offers members access to a great, searchable database of jobs for writers.

State Broadcast Groups
Links to state sites with job banks provided by the Broadcast Education Association.

Sunoasis Jobs
Regularly updated listings of jobs for writers.

Talent Dynamics
Features listings of on and off-air positions, by market size.

Technical Writer Jobs
Browse site for freelance and staff technical writing jobs.
Search by region, title or keyword for technical writing and related jobs on this site's comprehensive database of listings.

The Big TV Job List
They "search the web, including all US TV stations' employment pages for the latest (TV ONLY) job openings" - You pay $10 per month to get their twice-monthly email list of jobs, which features complete contact information, including email addresses and fax numbers, when available.

The Film, TV, & Commercial Employment Network
Site offers resources for anyone seeking a career in the entertainment industry.

The Lost Remote
Lists TV and new media jobs - (but the last time I checked there were only two jobs posted)...

The Television News Photography Website
Free searchable list of jobs in TV news photography...

The Write Jobs
Search for telecommuting, freelancing and tech writing jobs on this page provided by the Writers Write site.

The WriteThinking Jobs List
Search for business and technical writing jobs by state - updated weekly.

The Writing Employment Center
Site provides impressive, up-to-date list of jobs for all types of writers in various locations.

TV Newz
TV job listings searchable by market size, on-air, and off-air positions. Free.

This site offers a free membership and a searchable database of thousands of telecommuting jobs. Choose from categories like "writing, editing and proofreading" or "web, internet" for jobs related to freelance writing.

Worldwide Freelance Writer
Free newsletter featuring new international markets and updates, educational articles from experts and more.

Work for Medical Writers and Medical Editors
Short list of jobs from the European Medical Writers Association.

Work-From-Home Newsletter Free monthly publication featuring home-based work ideas, opportunities, job leads and inspiration.

Great jobsite for PR professionals - allows you to search by location, industry, area of expertise and more - free.
Freelance and telecommuting jobs for writers with an emphasis on opportunities in New Zealand.

WriteMovies Jobs Board
Free forum for writing job postings - only a few listed last time I checked.

Writing Assistance, Inc.
This is a national staffing firm specializing in contract technical writing.

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