98 Botany anme :Mangifera indica           
Tamil name :Maamaram
Habit :Tree
Parts used :Fruit, Kernal,Leaves, Bark,Gum and flowers
Constituents:Ripe fruit contains gallic acid, bark contains atnnin. the kernal inside the stone contains gallic acid, tannin and starch.
: Fruit is laxative, diuretic, diaphoretic, astringent and refrigerant. ripe fruit is laxative and diuretic. unripe fruit is acid, astringent and tonic. gum is astringent, kernal is anthelmintic and astringent.

99 Botany name: Melia azadirachta
Tamil name : Vembu                                   
Habit :Tree
Parts used :Leaves, flowers, fruit, seed, oil and bark.
:Root bark and young fruit are astringent, tonic andantiperiodic.bark is bitter,tonic,astringent, antiperiodic and also vermifuge. fruit is purgative, emollient and anthelmintic. leaves are dicutiuent and leaf juice is anthelmintic. oil from muts and leaves is a local stimulant,injectiside and antiseptic flowers are stimulant, tonic and stomachic gum from the bark is astimulant and demulchent tonic toddy is refrigerant,nutrient and alterative tonic . the drug also possesses antispirocuaetal and emmenagogue properties.

100 Botany name :Mentha sativa
Tamil name :Puthina              
Habit :Herb
Parts used :Leaves
Constituents :Leaves and flowering tops contain a volatile essential oil.
:Astringent, refrigerant, stomachic, stimulant,diuretic, carm and anti-spasmodic.

101 Botany name :Mimosa pudica
Tamil name :Thottal chinungi
Habit :Herb

Parts used :Root and leaves
Constituents :Root contains tannin and ash.
:Plant is resolvent, alterative and carminative,root is aphrodisiac. juice is antiseptic, alterative and blood purifire.

102 Botany name: Mimusops elangi
Tamil name : Magizha maram                    
Habit : Tree
Parts used : Bark, flowers, fruit and oil of the seeds.
Constituent : Bark contain tannin, catchouc and wax flowers contain a volatile oil seeds contain fatty oil pulp of the fruit contain large sugar and saponin.
: Flowers, fruit and bark are astringent, bark is also tonic, acrid and febrifuge.

103 Botany name :Momordica charantia
Tamil name :Pagal                
Habit :Climbing Herb
Parts used :Fruits ,seeds and leaves
Constituents :Mimordicine, fruit contains albuminoids and carbohydrates.
: Fruit is tonic, stimulant, stomachic, emetic, antibilious,laxative. fruit pulp, leaf juice and seeds are anthelmintic. leavetact as galactogue, anthelmintic, abortificients and lactagogue.

104 Botany name :Morinda tinctoria
Tamil name :Nunaa
Habit :Small Tree                         
Parts used :Leaves,fruits and roots.
Constituents :Root and root-bark yield abright, red-dye "moindin"
:Root is cathartic and astringent, fruit and leaves are deobstruent, emmenagogue, tonic and febrifuge.

105 Botany name :Moringa oleifera
Tamil name :Murungai
Habit :Tree                                        
Parts used :Bark, root,fruit, flowers, leaves, seeds and gum.
Constituents :Bark contains a white crystalline alkaloid, resins an organic acid, mucilage and ash. root yeids an essential oil which is very pungent and offensive in ordour. the husked seeds yield a clean almost colourless oil, named as 'moringa oil' the gum is insoluble in water.
:Fresh root is acrid and vesicant, internally stimulant, diuretic and antilithic. gum is bland and mucilaginous.seeds are acrid and stimulant . bark is emmenagogue and abortifacient. flowers are stimulant, tonic and diuretic. the plant is cardiac, circulatory. tonic and antiseptic

106 Botany name :Mukia scabrella
Tamil name :Musumusukkai
Habit :Climber
Parts used :Leaves and root
:Expectorant and astringent

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