Noah and the Ark


A very long time ago, so the Bible tells, a man lived by the name of Noah.

Noah loved God and tried to live the way God wanted him to live.

But, most of the people who lived on the earth did not love God.

They did things which made God angry. God became so angry he decided to destroy all the people of the earth.

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God spoke to Noah and told him of his plan. 

He said He would bring a flood to cover the whole world.

God told Noah to build a large ship, an ark, for Noah and his family.

He told Noah just how to build it.

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So, Noah began building the ark.  

When the ark was finished, God spoke to Noah again.

"In seven days the rains will begin and it will rain for forty days and forty nights."

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God told Noah to bring animals into the ark.


He brought two of each kind of animal that walked the earth

and seven of each kind of bird.  

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Then, the water came.

It rained from the sky.

Water from underground flowed out.


Soon, all the ground was covered.

But Noah and his family and all the animals were safe in the ark.  

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After the rain stopped, Noah and his family lived on the ark

until the water began to go down.

One day, the ark stopped moving. It sat on the top of a mountain.

Noah sent out a bird to look for dry land.


Finally, after the third try, a dove came back with a leaf in his mouth,

so Noah knew the water was leaving.

After another week, he sent out another bird, and it did not come back.  

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Finally, after almost a year in the ark,

Noah opened the doors and all the animals came out.


Noah and his family worshiped God and thanked Him for saving them.

And God made Noah a promise.

Never again would God cause the earth to be covered with water.

As a sign of His promise, God created rainbows to remind each of us of His promise.

Noah's Ark coloring page.


This story comes Genesis chapters 6 - 9.

1998 Nora Penia All Rights Reserved 


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