Dr Douglas Ferris was an experimental genetic scientist  who believed that through radiation he could mutate human  DNA in order to release the genetic inhibitants which stop people from releasing their minds full potential.  He thought that with enough experimentation he could aptly counter these restrictive genes.  Military volunteers often ended up with psionic powers, but the realization of their power brought with it psychopathic and schizophrenic tendencies.  Ferris continuously modified the process with varying degrees of results.  After 6 years of continuous failure, the United States Government demanded that Ferris turn his research over to their scientists for further research, and ordered him to retire from the project. 

    Dr. Ferris refused to turn over his research to the new clandestine Government team and began to destroy his instruments.  Heavily armed troops stormed in and began to raid his laboratory.  Douglas was in a frantic state and was accidentally exposed to some of the radioactive material he used in his experiments, pending an amazing pulse of energy from his body, Ferris realized that he could generate and control large amounts of a mysterious energy which he discovered was a form of Plasma energy.  He took the alias of Plasma Man and became a force for good in mid to early 1970's.  

    His clandestine enemies and rivals eventually gained more influence in small Government circles.  As Plasma Man's exploits continued he gained fame and public acclaim through his heroic and charitable actions.   In a battle with a super villain known as Melee, the Government agency, now known as the Project Jericho was able to capture a small sample of Ferris' blood.  With this irradiated sample in their possession, Project  Jericho was able to produce a number of super-powered experiments.  Their last recorded attempt resulted in a bonding of the DNA to that of an expected child of one of their own female scientists, unbeknownst to her.

    This resulted in a youth with amazing telekinetic potential.  She soon discovered this and reported it to her colleagues.  They convinced her that this was a result  of her long-term exposure to mild radiation, she eventually discovered the truth about her pregnancy and escaped into the Mohave desert region.  She was, however, pursued by government agents.  They caught up with her in a small city but were stopped by the hero Plasma Man.   Within just a few months the couple fell in love and Edward agreed to help raise her coming child. 

    When he was six, young Zach began to exhibit amazing telepathic and telekinetic potential.  Until he reached the age of sixteen, his adopted father was able to dampen his powers.  When his psionic activity became impossible to halt, Edward began to train him...