Sloth Locations


NEW: Thanks to Adam, we have links to the International Species Information System ( According to that organization, the following sloths can be found at the zoos listed.

Choloepus didactylus (LINNE'S TWO-TOED SLOTH)

Choloepus hoffmanni (HOFFMANN'S TWO-TOED SLOTH)

Bradypus tridactylus (PALE-THROATED SLOTH)

Bradypus variegatus (BROWN-THROATED SLOTH)







Hey There is at least one sloth in the Como Zoo in Minneapolis. When we were there it was really quite active. It was moving back-and-forth on the branches, very slowly, and all the little monkeys in the cage with it where watching it and would get out of its way. It was really cool as it has like 3-D four wheel drive and could go anywhere. After a bit we left and came back and it was not moving any more.
There is a female two-toed Sloth that resides at the Sacramento Zoo. It shares an enclosure with several small monkeys and is very shy. I have visited the zoo over 60 times and have only seen her 8 times. She often is sleeping in the back where she is invisible. She generally comes out in the late afternoon around 4pm.
The two toed sloth at the National Aquarium in Baltimore is a female and her name is Rapunzel. She is often visible in the rainforest section of the aquarium.
All over Costa Rica. You walk down the main road in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca on the Caribbean and you can't miss all the sloths. I saw 4 or 5 my first day. And also in up the coast in Cahuita.
Hi! Unfortunately not in the nature, but I'm really happy because I have seen a beautiful sloth in Paris, in the zoo!
I've seen Sloths in the gardens of Santa Cruz - Bolivia. Lolling around at their leisure. susan from Australia
The Tulsa zoo in Tulsa Oklahoma has 3 sloths in the rain forest exhibit. The female sloth is usually laying on a tree branch about 4 or 5 feet up. The sloths are not caged, and they are free to move around to different places. I have seen them all around the exhibit. There is a recent addition of a baby sloth this month, which was great to see.
I saw a sloth at Moody Gardens in Galveston, Texas. It was quite a memorable experience.
We have seen lovely snoozy sloths when on our honeymoon at Prague Zoo, they are fabulous creatures!! They were in the Nocturnal house. Our favourite creatures are Tapirs and Sloths - all the best animals are found in the Amazon!
Sez & Jimbo from Reigate, Surrey UK
We recently recieved a two toed sloth from the Erie zoo. Her name is Joy and she will be on exhibit at the Minnesota Zoo Memorial Weekend. I will be volunteering at Aviario del Caribe in January.
We saw the beloved sloth creatures (also known to us as the shrek) in Vancouver Aquarium. That experience will forever remain in our hearts. We have even made up a dance called 'the sloth' in their honour. We will cherish the day we first set sight on the sloth for the rest of our lives.
Jenni and Liam
Brookfield Zoo in Brookfield, IL (Chicago area)
I saw 2 two-toed sloths at the Jacksonville Zoo. They are the cutest animals I've ever seen, and definitely one of my favorites.
I have seen a sloth in Argentina
hello at the lufkin zoo
we love them
I work onboard the cruise ship, Marco Polo. We spent 3 days in Manaus, Brazil and I had a chance to go into the Amazon. It was there that we saw two toed sloths. At one camp, the children had them and let us hold them! They are remarkable!!! With eyes almost human and a perpetual grin, they would cuddle and put their arms around you What a great experience!
I've seen them at the national zoo of Belize, just outside Belize City. Also in Quepos, Costa Rica. My friend is going to Brazil next month and has never seen a sloth. Has anyone seen one there, and if so, where?

Perhaps the most fascinating, and certainly the most well-known, trait of sloths is the snail-like slowness with which it moves. My friend is incredulous about this quality of sloths and would like to see some video. Does this web-site include video?

Hello, At Emmen Zoo, the Netherlands they have a walk through nocturnal exhibit underneath the South-America house. Here are living a pair of Hoffman Sloths together with Owlmonkeys and Hairy Armadillos. Its a very beautiful open exhibit the sloths must like it to because they had two baby's.
Hi - Great Site. We just visited in December a sanctuary south of Puerto Limon, Costa Rica and we have not been able to find an e-mail address for Judy Arroyo, who runs the site.
We saw sloths in the central plaza of Cotoca, Bolivia. There was a mother and bebe in one tree and a lone ranger sloth in another. Fond memories. Please let others know of this sloth location - the trees are low so you can get close to them. There's nothing like being close to sloths, our favourite animals.
Shona and Nick
Newquay Zoo, in cornwall apparently. I unfortunately didn't get to go :( I would just like to say that this site must be the best one for sloth-lovers like me. Keep up the good work guys! (wales,uk)
Question to Pittsburgh Zoo :

Do you have sloths at your zoo?

If so, are they available to be seen? We have been to other zoos where the sloths are hidden and there was no way to photograph them.

Answer: We have a two-toed sloth in our Tropical Forest Building. He is tough to see awake. Henry Kacprzyk
Curator of Reptiles and Kids Kingdom
Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium

I work at the Nashville Zoo and we have a sloth that we use in our animal programs. She is very tame and we allow visitors to touch her during the programs. Her name is Brooke.
I have seen a two-toed sloth at Greenville Wildlife Park, Greenville New Hampshire. He is truly an amazing creature, I am amazed that he can live this far north.
There's a two-toed sloth named Miss Sophie at a herpetarium shop in Austin, Texas, at Hwy. 183 and Burnet Road. I think the store is called Zoologist or something like that. She's a sweetie! Our family considers the sloth our family mascot.... we are considering converting the dining room into a sloth enclosure, but actually we've realized that knowing ourselves, the whole house is truly a sloth enclosure! Love your website!
Margaret in Austin
During the invasion of Panama, I was in the U.S. Army and stationed at Ft. Bragg, NC. We deployed to Panama and the first encounter I had with a Sloth was unique. I saw one on the side of the road, I stopped, picked it up, took it to the other side of the road and it slowly crawled away. It was a cool experience.
just visited the Big Fresno Fair 10-6-2003, and they had a sloth on display with the snake, turtle, and parrot exhibit. A man came up to me and said "dont get too close cuz if he touches you they have a fungas on them that will make your skin fall off" my kids were really excited too see the sloth tho, michael
I saw a sloth with Jack Hana on Hollywood Squares on 9/30/2003, early in the show.
Hello, my name is Peter and I live in Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia. I have been playing with your website a lot and I really like Sloths. I am learning about Sloths through the information on your website.
Thank you very much,
I was lucky enough to get a private tour of Zoo To You, a non-profit in Paso Robles, California. They had a wonderful sloth there that I fell in love with. I regret not asking the name of the animal, but I'll never forget our encounter. Sloths are now my favorite animal. The one I met was the sweetest creature I've ever met.
Bastimentos Island-Panama
I've seen a sloth at the Point Defiance zoo in Tacoma, Wa. They also have one at the Woodland Park zoo in Seattle. Both sooooooo adorable!
I saw a sloth in the amazon forest in Brazil, it was up a tree and hanging above a water.


I was at the Toledo Zoo in Toledo, Ohio, USA, I saw one three-toed sloth in the Rainforest Exhibit. From what I have been told, he hides out most of the time, but I got lucky and saw him/her? right away. Cheers Mark
Bristol Zoo (UK) had some two-toed sloths when I last visited it, about 15 years ago.
at the Menagerie in the Jardin des Plantes in Paris, France they have 3 toed sloths
I have seen two-toed and three-toed sloths in the flooded forest in the Colombian Amazon, upstream from Leticia. I've seen them a number of times, both high up in the trees and swimming across narrow channels.
When I lived in Sanford Florida we used to go to the zoo almost every week to see the sloths. The best part was listening to people who didn't think they were real because they didnt see them move. This zoo allows you to get really close to them and you can really see alot of details.
The Brookfield Zoo in Chicago has a sloth in the ape house exhibit. It is divided into continents, and the sloths are in the rainforest area along with monkey indiginous to that area.


I have recently seen a sloth in the new animated movie "Ice Age" I really like that sloth, it was funny. My Husband saw a sloth in Costa Rica.
On a CD-Rom (Exploreapediea the world of nature) In a book (The great sloth race) and also my toy Sloth(Sloth, nickname Lucky). From Maya.
There are Sloths at Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa Florida. I believe they are two toed but not sure. They are housed with Howler monkeys and Red brocket deer.

There are sloths at the Bronx zoo's World of Darkness in NY, There are Sloths at the Audobon Zoo in LA. There are Sloths at Central Florida zoo in Sanford. The Brevard Zoo in Central Florida has two toed sloths.

There are sloths at Monkey Jungle in South Florida. Two toed sloths to be exact. They are wonderful with great dispositions. A fantastic pair of slow moving evolutionary wonderment.

Michael - The Primate Conservancy

there are two sloths at the pana'ewa rainforest zoo in Hilo on the big Island in Hawaii. They are two toed sloths named Heckle and Jekyll
There is a sloth (I believe it was a two toed) at Discovery Cove (part of Sea World) in Orlando, FL. I saw it in September of 2000.


My family visited the Columbus, OH zoo in April, 2002. I was doing a project on the two toed sloth and was happily surprised to find one there!!
Aviarios del Caribe, 10 km north of Cahuita, Costa Rica, is a sloth rescue & rehabilitation center where you can see 2-toed & 3-toed sloths and receive an educational tour for $5 (the admission is charged to cover costs of animal care -- the center is certified by the Costa Rican government but does not receive funding from them, relying instead on donations), as well as receive a hug from Buttercup (the female 3 toed sloth who started it all for Aviarios) & pose for a picture. There are many sloths to be seen in the Cahuita area & other parts of Costa Rica but Aviarios provides a way to meet these amazing creatures "up close & personal". I just returned to Canada after spending 3 months volunteering at Aviarios and I can't wait to go back!
On a trip in CostaRica, driving to Mount Arenal a sloth was crossing the road. An American couple had stopped traffic so the sloth could cross. It took him about 10 mins. We then watched him find a tree and then climb it. The sloth let us get very close and I got a great picture with it. It was the highlight of my trip to get that close to a sloth!!!! I only wish I had know about Cahuita, I would have definatly had paid a visit!!!!

love those sloths!!!!

The Brandywine Zoo in Wilmington, Delaware has 2 Hoffman's two toed sloths.
hello fellow friend and sloth lover. there is one in knoxville zoo check him out..............brandon
tulsa,o.k. zoo


Little Rock Zoo in the spring of 2001.
costa rica, baby!!!
London Zoo. Two 2-toed sloths. Wonderful
I went to the bronx zoo in May and saw, i believe, a Three Toed Sloth. but i didnt see it on your list.
Aviarios del Caribe near Cahuita, on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. A wonderful place that rehabilitates sloths for re-entry into the wild, when possible. If you take the tour, you will see several sloths they are rehabilitating, as well as Homer, a friendly pelican who was in a hunting accident (someone tried to shoot him) and can't fly. Instead, he follows tourists around the hiking trail, begging for food (at least that's what we concluded he was doing).
The best part is, you get to meet Buttercup, the "mascot" at Aviarios, who hangs out (literally) on her swing chair, hugs tourists, and mugs for the camera (I have a wonderful picture of Buttercup hugging me, her head turned all the way around to look at the camera!).
It was wonderful to see all the animals they have rescued. I have to admit, however, that holding Buttercup in my arms was an unforgettable experience. It made me love Costa Rica all the more.
hi, i just wnated to point out that there is a sloth in the Biodome at Montreal, Quebec.
Sometimes in the reptile room of Lake Tobias Wildlife Park in Halifax, PA they feature a wonderful sloth. The people there couldn't tell me a lot about it, but I got to feed it some apple and carrot. We just returned from Costa Rica. You can see many sloths, especially in Manual Antonio Park. However, the Bed and Breakfast, and Restaurant, called Mono Azul, up the mountain from Manual Antonio,back toward Quepos, has rescued two sloths, (three toed). One fell from a tree in January at about 2 months of age. "Buddy" is being cared for with the intention of returning to the wild at some point. While we were there, another baby was found and the wonderful owners of this restaurant are going to care for this one as well. This restaurant/B&B; is also home to the Kids Saving the RainForests, a non-profit group of kids who raise money to protect the rainforest and its inhabitants. You can stop and visit Buddy at Mono Azul, and if you can, give them a donation for his care and the purchase of monitoring collars that they need to buy and put on him and his new friend before setting them free.
I'm fairly sure there are 2 new baby sloths at the Vancouver Aquarium! They are adorable! shauna
a three-toed at the dallas world aquarium
2 weeks ago in iquitos, peru.
There are two toed sloths at London Zoo and they are beautiful grey sloths(2 of them)


The Vancouver Aquarium has 5 named Orrinoco, Havoc, Hurricane, Sally. Roy. I got to get really close to Stinky (Orrinoco) and actually petted Sally.

Adam Long

Cleveland Metroparks zoo has 9 sloths in the primate builing and in the rainforest. Erie zoo has 1 who is 5 and her name is Joy. Pittsburgh Zoo has 1 in the Tropical House.

Slothfully yours


Central Florida Zoo - Sanford, Florida
Me and my husband went to Costa Rica last november and we saw many sloths, but we had a real experience in Cahuita. While we were driving back to puerto viejo we had to stop the car because we tought a big stone was in the middle of the road. But we realized that it was a three-toed sloth fallen of a tree. He was knocked because he felt from a high tree but we whistle to him and he recovered his knowledge very slowly. We put him back on the tree and he just started climbing it very very slowly. We were just amazed with it. By the way!. We took some great pictures of the moment with Chipan and Ricardo.


Hi there,
Pomeroon river, Guyana - down river from Charity, 1998.

One Hoffman's Two-toed Sloth in the World of Darkness, South American bat cage at the Wildlife Conservation Society/Bronx Zoo.

There was recently a episode of Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures that was filmed at Availros Del Caribe it is called Costa Rica: Snakes and Sloths. You can get a copy of it by logging on to either or for 11.65 american.

Slothfully Yours
Adam Long

I have see a sloth at ZooFauna, Raleigh Metro Zoo, located in Wake Forest N.C. They brought their sloth out for an educational speech. Their sloth will be on display at the zoo this summer. ZooFauna's web site address is, just in case you want to check them out



in Memphis Tennessee zoo
There is a 11 year old hoffman's sloth named Snuffy at the Bermuda Zoo in Flatts Bermuda. There is also a young hoffman's sloth named Harriett at the Ardastra Zoo just outside Nassau in the Bahamas. Slothfully yours


From: "Gibbs, Alison" | Block address To: "'" Subject: Where I Have Seen Sloths Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2000 11:54:37 +0100 Add Addresses There's an adorable sloth called Snuffy at the Bermuda Aquarium and Zoo. He's the sweetest thing!
Central Florida Zoological Park Sanford, Florida
Ross Park Zoo in Binghamton New York has recently added "Patience", a young two-toed sloth, to the collection.

Alecia Cahuita, Costa Rica is the place. Myself and Bryce saw three in one night very close to our cabinas.

Justin and Tom

me and my friend saw sloths in Costa Rica. They are the best animal!!
Manuel Antonio National Park in Southwest (Pacific side) Costa Rica.


I first saw sloths (and fell in love with them) as a kid on a school trip to Toronto's Zoo. I'm so glad I found your sight!!

Laura I have seen sloths at the main entrance of the San Felipe Fort in Cartagena, Colombia. As a tourist, you are invited to have a picture with an adorable sloth around your neck. These amazing mammals are native fron the tropical rainforest of the world.
I have recently went to my home town zoo in Grand Rapids, MI. The John Ball Park Zoo has a sloth that is very pretty. I go to see it every time I visit the zoo.


On a trip to the central plaza in Santa Cruz, Bolivia you will often see 3 -4 sloths (three toed) hanging among the trees. My husband does not believe this because after living here for 1 1/2 years, I am sure he is the only person in Santa Cruz who has not seen one.

Canadians living in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

There is a great place to see sloths in Costa Rica. The Aviarios del Caribe on the Caribbean coast near Cahuita is a wonderful bed-and-breakfast and also a sloth refuge. They have an adult 3-toed "mascot" sloth, Buttercup, who loves people. They work to rehabilitate sloths for reentry into the wild. When we visited in March, 2000, they had both 2-toed and 3-toed babies.

Roger and Stephanie

I enjoy seeing a site dedicated to sloths and sloth-sightings. There are at least two Hoffman sloths (allegedly with young) in the small mammal house at the Lincoln Park Zoo (free admission) in Chicago, IL. Like the National Zoo in D.C., they are in the same enclosure as several obnoxious primates.


Cahuita, Costa Rica. We saw two two-toed sloths sleeping and one three-toed sloth that was really on the move (in a sloth sense) in the park there. We also visited a sloth re-hab center nearby which had many sloths in cages and a few wild ones up in the nearby trees. There, you can hold Buttercup, an extremely sweet 11 year captive three-toe, but you have to pay five bucks for the "tour". Buttercup was actually worth it.

Rob and Kelly

My husband and I just returned from Cartagena, Colombia. I was very thrilled to be able to hold a two-toed sloth that a native Colombian was letting people take pictures of . He seemed to understand everything the man was saying. He was very gentle and This was the highlight of my trip. I have a picture of us cozying up together.

Phyllis of Baltimore

I was in Dominical - Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, at the Rio Mar Hotel, which is right along the Baru River

Margie and Kim

I believe the zoo in Columbia, South Carolina has a sloth.
We just recently saw sloths at Busch Gardens, Tampa Florida - they are located in the Nairobi section in the Curiosity Caverns. My sister lives in Venezuela and has had Sloths in her trees out back - she said that their fur is very course and they have lots of bugs on them. I guess that they are too slow to rid themselves of bugs.:(


I was a peace-corps volunteer in Panama for two years and I saw several sloths there. I think Panama may have the highest densities of sloths in the world. A good place to see them is Isla Barro Colorado.
on or about march 14th,2000 on the road to cahuita bay in southeastern costa rica
I have seen a three toed sloth in Caldwell Zoo in Tyler TX.
They have sloth at the Montreal Biodome in Quebec, Canada
Along the Maranon river and Amazon river in Peru
Hi! I admire your love of sloths...I work with a Hoffman's sloth and Linne's sloth in Toronto Zoo, Toronto, Ontario, Canada and also know that there are several sloth in the Buffalo Zoo in Buffalo, NY. Keep up the interest!! Kim
I saw a two toed sloth at the Denver zoo in Denver ,Colorado.


The Barnet Park Zoo in Syracuse, NY (Up state - 4hrs. north of NYC) has what I've been told is the largest colony of sloths in North America. I've been there many times and seen up to 3 babies some summers. As a kid I'd spent hours just watching the sloths & it's paid off ... I've gotten great pictures of there rarely seen faces & seen them come down food. So if your in NY state ever it's worth the trip to Syracuse just see the sloths! I fact that's where we're going for my sons first birthday!

Miriam :)

Love the page and just wanted to let you know that there is a Sloth on display year round at the Metro Toronto Zoo in Toronto Ontario Canada.


I recently saw three sloth (or is it sloths?) at Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica. One was a mother with a baby. Our guide told us that if the baby falls, the mother will not (can not) rescue it.


I was traveling in Costa Rica last year with my husband and we went to a park called Manuel Antonio on the south pacific side of Costa Rica. As we were hiking along this rain forest, to our amazement there was a mother sloth and its baby hanging on to her while she moved around ever so slowly up the branches. We got really close and she did not seem to show any real fear but of course we did not want to bother her because of the baby. They were adorable to watch!!!!
You have it on the list already Lincoln, NE but I don't know if you know this yet. Our Female Nancy gave birth about four months ago. We got the birth on tape. Crosby is doing great and he loves romane lettuce.


I love your sloth page! And I'd like to make an addition to your "Sloth Map." The San Antonio Zoo in San Antonio, Texas has two or more Hoffman's Sloths on permanent display. They have a "hide box" that they spend alot of time in, but if you're lucky you can catch a glimpse of them slooowly moving through the trees in all their slothy glory.


I believe I saw a sloth at the Rainforest Pavilion in the Franklin Park Zoo, Boston, Massachusetts.
I have seen a sloth at the Audobon zoo in New Orleans, La. but I do not know what type.



There are sloths (Hoffmans Sloths) at Adelaide Zoo, South Australia - Australia.



There is a Sloth at the Zoo in Salisbury, Md. It doesn't come out much, but I'm sure that it's there.


I have seen sloths in Caracas Venezuela in a park called Parque del Este.
I am a keeper at the Knoxville Zoo in Knoxville TN and we have 2 two toed sloths, a male and a female. The male is PJ and the female is Sammi. Unfortunately they are off exhibit at this time due to construction. They should be on exhibit by summer 2000, come visit!
I have seen one sloth in Bloomington, Indiana.
the Dallas World Aquarium has a loveable little sloth named Lucky
at the Vancouver Aquarium.We have three two-toed sloths there.They are so cute!

The Sloth (Nancy) at the lincoln zoo has given birth to crosby A baby sloth.


There is a young three-toed sloth at the Dallas World Aquarium (which is mostly rainforest) and I got to pet her!! -She had been too curious and was climbing down out of the trees to see the people, so they were moving her to an enclosed space. - I read in the brochure that she was the only three toed sloth on public view in the US, so this is a must-see for the sloth enthusiast.

Stephanie Rogers

The Sloths at Bristol zoo are still there. Last time that I was there, one of them attempted to eat a light! No, really! One of the two anonymous Sloths, Britain
Zoologico de Cali in Columbia has some


I have just seen the Antwerp Zoo, Belgium sloths. There were three of them in the Nocturnal exhibit room (in a wickedly small cage, however) and seemed far prettier than the pictures make them out to be on this site!
in the St. Louis Zoo childrens zoo, there is a very cute two toed sloth behind glass in an exhibit with several golden headed tamarins, pygmy marmosetts, a capabara and some other monkeys whose species i can't remember.
During my last trip to Cali Colombia I not only seen one, but got to hold one. I have seen them in the zoos, but to hold one in the wild was truely unique. Next time I go to Colombia I will try to get pictures for your web.
We just returned from Nashville TN, where the zoo claims to have a Two-toed Sloth in a dense tropical greenhouse exhibit. As sloth lovers, we searched the exhibit, but were unable to spot this elusive sloth. Two employees guaranteed me he was in there somewhere.
Hi they have sloths at the biodome de montreal in quebec canada


there was just a baby sloth born at the Philadelphia Zoo a couple months ago.
The National Zoo in Washington, D.C., has at least two two-toed sloths behind glass in its South American exhibit in the Small Mammal House. They are usually sleeping on a ledge in the near left corner about 8 feet off the ground. They must have filled out the roommate selection form incorrectly, because there are a bunch of small marmosets and tamarins skittering around the exhibit at all hours of the day, disturbing the sloths' sleep. The Zoo should move the sloths to the Amazonia exhibit, which is similar to the steamy Baltimore Aquarium habitat for sloths.


I just saw a sloth at the Baltimore aquarium TODAY!!!!! I love them soooooooooo much. Well, i only saw his fur because he was hiding in the trees. I was wondering you could let me know where I could find sloth merchandise. They are the cutest animals and they are highly underrated!
There is a Two-toed sloth at the Good Zoo in Wheeling, WV. (click on Good Zoo)

There is a pair of two -toed sloths and their young at the Singapore Zoological Garden's new exhibit --- The Fragile Forest. You cansometimes get a really close view of them in this walk-thru exhibit. So, that's another country you can add to your list of where you can view sloths outside S and C America! Pauline
There are two-toed sloths at the Norfolk Zoo in Norfolk, VA.


Hi, I have been to Costa Rica some years ago and I have seen a sloth in a park resort, called "Manuel-Antonio". The sloth could be seen from very near. If you go to another place, called "Tortuguero", you also can see many sloths, but these are high in the trees, so you should have binoculars with you.
I saw three sloths at the zoo in Tuscon at the Red Park Zoo. They were quite cute!!! Even though they were slepping!!
I have recently taken a family trip to costa rica. There is a park there that has many wildlife including two/three toed sloths. They were too high up in the trees to get good pictures, but if you are looking to see wild sloths this is probably the place your looking for.


Hello, The Dreher Park Zoo in West Palm Beach, FL had one sloth last time I visited, Dec 98... Cheers,


am a Zookeeper at the Henson Robinson Zoo in Springfield, IL. We have 2, Two Toed Sloths. A male and a female. Their names are Chloe and Clarence.We Are open March 23rd through October 17th every day. Come visit :)
Hi I have seen sloths at the buffalo zoo and the Toronto zoo the names of the sloths at the Toronto zoo are sally who is a Hoffmans and Pete who is a common the syracuse zoo has ten as well.
there are sloths in the 'rainforest' at the cleveland zoo. hope this helps someone. -l.m.o.
We visited the zoo in Memphis, TN in October 1998 and they had a sloth in the night exhibit.


I am a retired zoologist and work as a docent at the Kansas City Zoological Gardens. Our Zoo owns a two-toed sloth which has been out on loan for about 18 years. We now have a controlled-environment exhibit which can provide the necessary climate for her. I enjoyed your Sloth Web Page; keep up the good work!
We've seen Sloths at Bristol Zoo. They've even got a baby sloth called Morticia.
From two anonymous sloths, Britain.
Last year I went to the zoo in Dublin, Ireland. They had a beautiful sloth there, who very socially came to the glass window and stared at us.
I spotted at least one more two-toed sloth at the Land Park Zoo in Sacramento. The Forth Worth Zoo had a couple of three-toed sloths upon my last visit.
Vancouver Aquarium


just to let you know, there are sloths at the santa ana zoo, ca.
I was at the Ueno Zoo in northern Tokyo, Japan in March of 1998. They have 2 two-toed sloths there.
In Canada you can go to the Calgary Zoo (Alberta) and see the all time BEST animal--sloths. they ROCK!!!!!


You can also visit a sloth at the Reid Park Zoo in Tucson AZ in the new South America Exhibit. We had a great time!!


There are four two-toed sloths, hanging out by the petting zoo, in Busch Gardens, Florida. They like to eat corncobs and they are known to get rather mobile on occasion. One of them turns right-side up and sits on a rock. This is a favourite trick with the tourists. p.s. Most employees have no clue where the sloths are located here (actually most employees have never heard of sloths).
Pueblo Zoo in Pueblo, CO:

I'd just like to inform you of another Sloth home. I am an apprentice zoo keeper at the Pueblo Zoo in Pueblo, CO. We have two Hoffman's Sloths that live in our Animal House. Hersey the female and Chewy the male.

Santa Barbara Zoo in California

Steve & Miska

Hogle Zoo, in Utah.
The Folsom Children's Zoo in Lincoln Nebraska has a two-toed sloth. So does the Topeka Zoo.. they have several.
The mock rain forest in Omaha, Nebraska.
The Cleveland Zoo rainforest exhibit has a two toed sloth.
The National Aquarium at Baltimore has a pair of two-toed sloths. Their names are Rapunzel and Slo-Moe (female and male, respectively). Rapunzel is the larger of the two. They are primarily nocturnal, so they spend most of the day sleeping in the trees. They are a very popular attraction. Smitty
-in Germany the zoos of "Dortmund" and "MMunich" have sloths. In both zoos the sloths crawl around free. Some of them at least.


-in the Netherlands "Burger's Zoo" in Arnnheim , which is a pretty cool zoo anyways, has sloths. It's a bit expensive, but worth it.
One reader writes:
I just went to San Diego on 1/22/98 to see a sloth. Over the phone I was told that the sloth was at the S.D. Wild Animal Park. Upon arrival at the Wild Animal Park I was told that the sloth was actually at the San Diego Zoo. Upon further investigation, I finally learned that San Diego's former sloth now lives in Denmark! Most of the Zoo & Animal Park employees do not yet seem aware of this fact, so please spread the word to sloth fans before some crazy person takes an 800-mile road trip from Arizona!!!
Slothless after San Diego


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Click here for NASA Photo 10064578.jpg "Mouths of the Amazon River, Brazil, South America" ID: STS043-151-141 (see (Date Taken: 08/11/91) It shows huge sediment loads from the interior of the country flow through the Mouths of the Amazon River, Brazil (0.5S, 50.0W). The river current carries hundreds of tons of sediment through the multiple outlets of the great river over 100 miles from shore before it is carried northward by oceanic currents. The characteristic "fair weather cumulus" pattern of low clouds over the land but not over water may be observed in this scene.