The First Louisiana was one of two brigades of Louisiana infantry which served with the 2nd Corps Army of Northern Virginia. It was formed by combining the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 14th Louisiana infantry regiments into a brigade and Wheat's Tiger Battalion.

Not all of the units served together the entire war. Initially, the brigade consisted of the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th regiments and Wheat's Battalion. The 9th was transferred to 2nd Louisiana Brigade, and the 5th and 14th regiments were added to 1st Louisiana Brigade, July 26, 1862. Wheat's Battalion was disbanded after the Seven Days Campaign.

In October 1862, the 9th was swapped with the 14th, returning the 9th to 1st Brigade and sending the 14th to 2nd Louisiana Brigade. Thus, the 1st Louisiana Brigade consisted of the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th regiments from October 1862 to Appomattox 1865.


May 4:                    Williamsburg, Virginia

May 23:                 Jackson's Valley Campaign - Front Royal, Virginia

May 25:                 Jackson's Valley Campaign - Winchester, Virginia

June 9:                  Jackson's Valley Campaign - Port Republic, Virginia

June 30 - July 6:   Seven Days Campaign, Virginia

August 9:               Cedar Mountain, Virginia

August 29 - 30:      Second Manassas, Virginia

September 17:       Antietam - Sharpsburg, Maryland

December 13:        Fredericksburg, Virginia


May 4:                 Salem Church, Virginia

June 13 - 15:       Winchester, Virginia

July 1 - 3:             Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Early's attack - first day; Culps and Cemetery 
                            Hills - second day

November 7:        Rappahannock Station, Virginia


May 5:                 Battle of the Wilderness, Virginia

May 9 - 19:           Spotsylvania, Virginia, defense of the Mule Shoe

June 1 - 3:           Cold Harbor, Virginia

June 10:             Early's Valley Campaign

June 12:             Petersburg, Virginia Siege


January:            Petersburg, Virginia Siege

February:           Petersburg, Virginia Siege

March:               Petersburg, Virginia Siege, assault on Fort Steadman

April 9:              14 Officers and 251 men surrendered at Appomattox, Virginia


7,534 officers and men served in the various regiments of the First Louisiana Brigade during the War. 1,743 members of the 1st Brigade, sons of Louisiana, gave their lives for their country in the War Between the States. A larger number of the Brigade was captured when they were overrun at Rappahannock Station, Virginia on November 7, 1864 than the number that were killed during the War .



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