5th Company - Washington Artillery
Oak Alley Plantation in Vacherie, Louisiana
November 1995

The Washington Artillery of New Orleans - 5th Company


The 6th Massachusetts Light Artillery

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Our re-enacting organization portrays both a Confederate and a Federal artillery company, and among its members has available to it a total of 8 cannons, 5 of which are original tubes.  We also have a sizable civilian contingent affiliated with our Company made up of women, children, and men, giving our Company a total of more than 100 members.

Words and pictures will tell you only a small part of who we are, what we do at re-enactments, and why we re-enact.  Still, they're all we have that we can share with you in this medium to help you see re-enacting as we see it - from the inside.

It's our hope that you'll find articles of interest on our site, whether you are a re-enactor, a prospective re-enactor, or just someone who wonders what all the fuss over re-enacting is about.  Whichever category fits you - or even if you fit into no category at all - we hope that you'll learn something new about the War Between the States or re-enacting that you didn't know before.  We hope you'll see some of what attracts us to re-enacting, and perhaps will even find yourself tempted to try it on for size.

If you have any questions or comments for us, please e-mail them to us.  We will respond as fast as we can.

We appreciate your taking the time to visit our Home Page.   Browse each major section, for each major section has many other sections within it.   And come back and visit with us as often as you like.

Artillerymen By Choice  ·  Service Record of the 5th Company - Washington Artillery
Service Record of the 6th Massachusetts Light Artillery  ·  Service Record of the 1st Louisiana Brigade

Introduction  ·  Getting Started  ·  How Much Will This Cost?  ·  Introduction to Re-enacting Tips
Re-enacting Tips: Equipment  ·  Re-enacting Tips:  Personal

Foreword & Introduction  ·  Articles of War  ·   Army Regulations, ca 1860 (abbreviated)  ·  Recognizing Rank
Manner of Dress  ·  Etiquette of the Hat  ·  Language of Military Etiquette  ·  Saluting  ·  Handling the Flag  ·   Saber Etiquette & Drill

Introduction to Period Etiquette  ·  General Comportment  ·  Meeting and Greeting Others   ·  Visiting  ·  Conversation
Camp Etiquette  ·  Dance Etiquette  ·  Church Etiquette  ·  Mealtime  ·  Ladies' Clothing  ·  Mourning   ·   Symbolic Communication
The True Marks Of A Gentleman

5th Company - Washington Artillery   ·  5th Company's Colonel and His Wife  ·  5th Company's Ladies' Auxiliary, 1993
8-Month-Old Baby Civilian First Person Impression  ·  5th Company at Port Hudson, 1996
6th Massachusetts at Jackson Crossroads, 1995  ·
  Honoring Our Dead  ·  Firing a Federal 12-pounder Napoleon
Sketch of Washington Artillery Members  ·  Founding Fathers of the Current Reenacting Group
5th Company at Oak Alley Plantation, 1995  ·  5th Company at the Earthworks
6th Massachusetts Light Artillery

Old State House Frieze  of the Washington Artillery  ·   Edwin I. Kursheedt  ·  "Washington Artillery 1862" by Don Troiani
"Shoot and Be Damned!"  ·  Washington Artillery Junior Officer's Frock Coat  ·  Washington Artillery Enlisted Men's Badge
Washington Artillery Arsenal Building  ·  5th Company - Washington Artillery's Second Flag
6th Massachusetts Light Artillery Company Guidon  ·  6th Massachusetts Light Artillery Company Flag - 1862
6th Massachusetts Light Artillery Company Flag - 1864  ·  Massachusetts Sword Belt Plate

    Companies 1 - 6                                   Event Schedule                            

Introduction  ·  Ordnance  ·  Ammunition  ·   Incidental Tools of the Artilleryman  ·  Hierarchy
Ranks, Positions and Duties in the Artillery  ·  Rank and Promotions with 5th Company

Artillery Drill Manual  ·  Glossary of Period Expressions & Artillery Terms
Order of St. Barbara  ·  The Molly Pitcher Award
Conveyances of the Artillery (To Come)  ·  Command Responsibility in Re-enacting and Drill (To Come)
Maintaining The Cannon and Equipment (To Come)

Camp Cooking: Over A Wood Fire, With Cast Iron, With A Dutch Oven & With Tin  ·  Food Preparation Suggestions
Recipes, Foods, and Remedies from the Antebellum Period and the War Between the States

Games & Toys  ·  Dance Instructions  ·  Baseball (To Come)  ·  Football (To Come)  ·  Croquet (To Come)  ·   Pugilism (To Come)

Sewing & Fabric Terms  ·  Civilian Impressions and Backgrounds (To Come)

Introduction  ·  General Lee in a Letter on Slaves as Soldiers   ·  Louisiana's Ordinance of Secession  ·  Confederate Quotes
Address to the United States Congress on State Sovereignty  ·   Constitution of the Confederate States of America  ·  Paroles & Passes
President Jefferson Davis' Inaugural Address  ·  President Davis' Address to the Provisional Congress, CSA
General Lee's Acceptance of the Terms of Surrender  ·  General Lee's Farewell Address
The Executive Cabinet (To Come)  ·  Breckinridge's Official Report on Chickamauga (To Come)
Longstreet's Account of the Battle of Chickamauaga (To Come)

Introduction  ·  Constitution of the United States  ·   Bill of Rights  ·  Amendments XI - XV  · The Emancipation Proclamation
General Benjamin Butler's Infamous "Order Twenty-Eight"  ·   The Gettysburg Address  ·  Sullivan Ballou's Letter
General Grant's Terms of Surrender


Rose of Alabama  ·  The Yellow Rose of Texas  ·  All Quiet Along the Potomac Tonight  ·  The Bonnie Blue Flag 
Louisiana Gals (Lubly Fan)  ·  Faith's Review and Expectation   ·  Riding a Raid  ·   Stonewall Jackson's Way
Upi-De!  ·  Arkansas Traveler  ·  Follow the Drinking Gourd  ·  Rock of Ages  ·  Old Zip Coon
                            The Wayfaring Stranger  ·  Somebody's Darling  ·  Goin' Back To Dixie

The Southern Soldier Boy  ·  Old Dog Tray  ·   Dixie's Land  ·  Goober Peas  ·  Cumberland Gap  ·   Aura Lee
When Johnny Comes Marching Home  ·  Evelina  ·  Many T'ousand Gone   ·  Juanita  ·  Weeping Sad and Lonely

The Cannoneer

They Stand  ·  One Day's Command  ·  Hurrah! For the Light Artillery  ·  Quotes Regarding Artillery
Song of the Fifth  ·  Try Us  ·  Upi-De!  ·   The Cannoneer


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