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Sorry about the legal roadblock, but I'm trying to protect myself and the longevity of this site.
This is practically the end of the line. Where you can go from here is either to individual hint/cheat/walkthrough files, or back to my main computer games help page.
If somebody knows a better way to legally scare away the riff-raff (or is my intended audience the riff-raff?), please tell me. The dialogue box is annoying (if you have scripting), but it's the only way I know right now.

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The Bishoujo Helper

This is practically the end of the line. Where you can go from here is either to links to some bishoujo games companies, links to other bishoujo games help sites, the individual hint/cheat/walkthrough files listed below, , or up a level to my main computer games help page.


Almost Useful Content

Note that all external links (to pages outside my own site) open in a new browser window.

The following text used to be on the page you should have come here from, but with the magic of direct addressing, there are apparently a lot of people jumping straight in lately. So, to answer the latest batch of questions about supplying pirated copies of Ultra Vixen or some other English-language game, I force you to scroll past the following:

I want to maintain a good legal relationship with all the companies that I know of that have released anime computer games in English, so I will NOT be trading any of their products. Don't even ask!
That list currently includes: External Links nearby

And the following companies either no longer exist, their original websites are gone, or they no longer sell hentai products:

If this makes no sense to you, contact me and we'll see if you are dense or just trying to entrap me. The above is not an inclusive list, but if it's hentai or bishoujo anime in English, I plan to buy it or have already. So stop bothering me about trading English games or telling you where to download them, or do you people not know what integrity is?

Once more, there are NO GAMES HERE at my site! NO PICTURES FROM GAMES HERE either!


Useful Content

For starters and general information:


Where to start looking for bishoujo games: External Links nearby


Where to find game descriptions, saved games, game reviews and other useful stuff: External Links nearby


Game utilities (just one so far):


Solved H anime games (links are to text files unless specified otherwise):

Bishoujo games:

These barely belong here:


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