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The game that started the fighting game genre returns this fall




In 1990 Pit-Fighter led the video game industry into a new genre. This revolutionary game set the stage for games to come. It was the first to bring you digitized fighters, 3D movement, combo attacks, and a versatile weapon system. With features like spectator interaction and tag-team play, it stands alone. With three amazingly detailed fighters to choose from, Pit-Fighter blended kickboxing, tae kwon do, and professional wrestling with pure attitude. Before all the others, Pit-Fighter brought you grudge matches,
brutalities, and no mercy.

Once again, Pit-Fighter will return to the arcade scene this fall as Pit-Fighter 2: The Wrath of Southside Jim, with innovative features that will bring the fighting game genre into a new era; vs. or classic tag-team mode, new fighting disciplines, multiple battle objectives, animated blood spills, secret fighters, hidden battle grounds, and featuring coup de grace finishers. Buzz, Ty, and Kato return, and old enemies like Executioner, Southside Jim, and Angel will be playable for the first time. Prepare yourselves for a new beginning: Pit-Fighter 2.

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Seen here, Pit-Fighter had a feature that is unique among fighters, even today. It has 3 sets of controllers to allow up to 3 people to play at once! 11 years later and still no one has done it! Pit-Fighter 2 will feature 4 controllers for up to 4 simultaneous players in tag team mode!

Good luck trying to find this gem in the arcades. However, many people still enjoy this classic on emulators such as MAME.

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