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Considered by some to be an unofficial sequel to Pit-Fighter, Guardians of the 'Hood was similar in play, but demonstrated much better graphics and a more elaborate button system. The five button system included "Punch", "Kick", "Jump", "Muscle", and "Defend". Maybe this is the kind of system we might have seen if Pit-Fighter II: The Return of Chainman Eddie had ever been released. The gameplay itself was similar to Final Fight, in the fact that it was a side scrolling game.

This game, just like Pit-Fighter, allowed up to 3 player simultaneous action. When you begin the game you can choose the following characters: Conner, Chief, Tanya and Javier. Your first goal in this digitized beaten-up is to defeat three street gangs know as The Dreads, The Shavers, and The Dragons, that are scumming up your neighborhood. After beating each one of these cliques, it's boss converts to your side and is then playable! Now you can finally regain your city and unmask the shocking identity of an evil crime boss named, Mr. Big (Narc anyone?). With up to seven different playable characters and beautiful graphics, this title is just slightly short of giving Pit-Fighter a run for it's money!

Released in 1992, Guardians of the 'Hood was a limited release in the arcades that never found its way to the home consoles. This obscure and overlooked game was overshadowed by Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter 2.

Guardians was an excellent game that was an awesome surprise to Pit-Fighter fans. Unfortunately, the game has not yet been emulated for PC, so if you want to play it, you're gonna have to find one in the arcades. Consider yourself lucky if you can find one of these machines around town.

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