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A to Z Home's Cool is the new home of all of those wonderful articles, links, & ideas from the former Mining Company homeschooling guide Anne Zeise. It has about 600 pages of information including regional and world wide homeschooling, homeschooling laws and legal requirements, Explorations 4 Kids (Fun educational links), study materials, methods, Mom's Favorite Jokes, and all sorts of feature articles concerning homeschooling.

Abecedarian Academy is geared toward homeschooling preschoolers. It includes curriculum ideas for 2, 3, & 4 yo's, a skills checklist, & tons of helpful articles & support for those of us with children at this active & wonderful stage!

AOL's Hometown Homeschooling is a listing of AOL personal websites that you can either browse or search through.

Are We There Yet? is a site aimed at people in New York City, Philadelphia, and surrounding communities as well as the entire state of New Jersey. It includes info on museums, nature centers, historic sites, farms, zoos, aquariums, and other points of interest that you may want to visit. It is a great place to plan your next field trip!

At Home Mothers is a support network/magazine/newsletter aimed at stay-at-home moms.

Banyan Tree Free School has some great links & resources for homeschoolers!

College Board Online: Home-schooled students & college admission offers advice on how to prepare & get your child into college.

Early Childhood Links is a collection of links broken down into easy to find categories. There are lots of links to help you find support either in-person or through the net as well as helpful resources & vendor lists.

Eclectic Homeschool Online has articles, helps, message boards, & more!

Home's Cool includes a message board, general chats, scheduled chats for adults & kids, used curriculum, & more.

Homeschool Central has advice to new homeschoolers as well as links to curriculum online, catalogs, message boards, & more!

Homeschool Crusaders offers lots of info & links for Christian homeschoolers.

The Homeschool Page offers articles, tips, ideas, a chat room, message board, & other resources aimed at homeschooling young children.

Homeschool Quest has message boards, a web chat, tons of teachers helps, & more!

The Home School Resource Center has articles, info, etc. to help you with your homeschooling.

Homeschool Resource Guide was started many years ago on Prodigy & has just grown by leaps & bounds! The information includes online & offline resources & is broken down into the following categories: Complete Curriculums and Schools, Retailers and Vendors-General, Retailers and Vendors-Misc. Curriculum Items, Art and Music, Foreign Languages, History and Geography, Language/Phonics/Reading, Math, Science, Magazines, & Used Curricula.

Homeschool World Lots of articles, info, & links to vendors!

Homeschooling in Connecticut Plenty of info on how to homeschool in Connecticut plus resources for all & some information on interesting places to visit.

Homeschooling On A Shoestring offers ways to cut costs on homeschooling, projects to do with things around the house, some unit studies, & more!

The Homeschooling Zone This board has several ways to network with others, make sure to take a look around. Also lots of good info here!

HomeTaught is a collection of articles, resource lists, etc. relating to homeschooling.

Homewood Prep School has links to lots of homeschooling info & helps.

Jon's Homeschool Resource Page has lots of good info for all homeschoolers. This is a great starting point!

The MIDAS (Multiple Intelligences Developmental Assessment Scales) has info on the various intelligences, a newsletter, an e-mail loop to discuss them & more! This is a great sight to help you find out more about this theory!

The Mining Company Homeschooling has articles & links aimed at homeschoolers. It also includes various links & will soon add a message board.

NJ Teen Homeschool Hangout is a place for teens & tweens to share stories, projects, links, reviews, etc.

ParentPatch.com offers resources & information for parents & homeschoolers including discussion boards, kid's projects, articles, a listing of virtual tours on the net, a virtual science museum they are working on, & more!

ParentsPlace.com This area is a special treat. It is aimed at all parenting issues. It has a homeschool message board, a scheduled homeschool chat, & a used curriculum board!

Perkins Family Homeschool is a great website! There are lesson plans, resources, & more!

Sassafrass Grove has a wealth of info, links and support for homeschoolers, peace seekers, and those dealing with ADD.

School is Dead, Learn in Freedom I think the title pretty much says it all! 8-)

T.i.p.G.k.o.s. This is the page to find the meaning of this nick. There are lots of Christian links, as well links to science pages, history pages, map pages, & more!

U Seek U Find's Home Schools & Schoolwork is a has a great list of links from Special Needs to lesson plans!

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