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Homeschooling Magazines on the Internet

There are a growing number of homeschooling magazines on-line, but how do you find one that is right for you & your family? Most of the sites listed below include articles from present & back issues which can give you an idea of the tone & type of magazine, as well as subscription information so you can order the ones you may be interested in. I will also start adding various articles here. I have also decided to start listing magazines that may be useful to you in your homeschool. I have also broken down the page a bit; if you click on "Other Educational Magazines", you will find magazines aimed at the kids as well as other educational & family magazines and online newsletters for parents & educators you may want to use.

If you are looking for a specific magazine that you can't find on my page or that does not have an online version, try Homeschool Resource Guide - Magazines.

About.com Homeschooling Magazines formerly The Mining Company Homeschooling Publications, is a list of homeschooling magazines on the internet.

Homeschooling | Other Educational Magazines


Better Homeschool Magazine is a homeschool e-zine designed to inspire veteran homeschooling parents with creative ideas to enrich their homeschool studies.

Christian Homeschool Journal is an online magazine that features new articles, unit study ideas, recipes, craft ideas, & more each month.

Classical Homeschooling is a Christian magazine aimed at ~what else~ classical homeschooling!

The Eclectic Homeschool has gone totally web-based & is doing it with a bang! Not only do they offer online artices, they offer tons of links, loads of information, & even have kids projects!

F.U.N. News is the quarterly newsletter of the Family Unschoolers Network. There is a free issue on-line, articles from back issues, and web links to resources mentioned in back issues.

Growing Without Schooling website has information on subscribing & back issues only as well as articles from some of the issues.

Homeschooling Companion: Learning Through History is for homeschoolers who love history, but don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on resources or hundreds of hours tracking down neat history articles, project ideas, etc. for their kids. Included in the subscription price is access to a subscription website that includes over 1,000 articles, projects, discussions questions, & more. They also offer a free email newsletter on history unit studies as well.

HELM (Home Education Learning Magazine) Online is the website that goes with HELM Magazine which focuses on independent learning and self-directed education. Here you can find info on the magazine, subscription info, online resources, & more!

Home Educator's Family Times has articles, subscription info, & more at this site.

Home Education Magazine is one of the oldest, most respected, and most informative magazines on the subject of homeschooling available.

Home School Headlines covers national topics, such as testing.

Home School Mag is not a magazine or newsletter in the strictest sense, but seems to be a repository of links to various articles dealing with homeschooling.

Homefires The Journal of Homeschooling, is now on the web. Included at this site are samples from the magazine, how to subscribe, resources, classifieds, & more!

The Homeschool Digest is published quarterly. You can find samples & more information on this publication at this site.

Homeschool Fun is a free, online magazine. there are also message boards, a classified area for buying, selling, & trading curriculum, announcements, & penpal areas.

The Homeschool Times is an online newletter/magazine. It is looking for submissions from homeschoolers. They also offer various resources, including lesson plans, newsgroup listings, & message boards.

Homeschooling Today features excerpts from past issues, glimpses into upcoming issues, subscription information & more.

Kids' Town is an online magazine for homeschooled kids. Your kids can submit their own work to the site for publication.

The Link - A Homeschool Newspaper is an online e-zine & you can also subscribe to a hard copy.

One Happy Girl is a snail mail newsletter aimed at homeschooled girls ages 8 & up.

Practical Homeschooling This site is for information on this magazine only. There aren't any articles or samples online.

Taking Children Seriously Journal The focus of this journal is non coercive education, and you can find articles from the journal on-line at the Articles index.

The Utmost Way is a free Christian home education magazine.

Other Educational Magazines

Astronomy is an excellent magazine for star watchers.

Cobblestone Publishing Company offers 7 magazines! For history, the have Appleseeds covers general history, Cobblestone covers American history, California Chronicles covers California history, Faces covers world cultures & geography, Calliope covers world history, Footsteps covers African American history, andOdyssey covers science. All magazines are aimed at 4th through 8th grade with the exceptions of Appleseeds, for 2nd through 4th graders, & Odyssey, which is aimed at 5th or 6th grade & up.

Cricket Magazine Group publishes many popular magazines aimed at kids: Babybug is aimed at children up to 2 years, Click & Ladybug are aimed at 2 - 6 yos, Ask & Spider for 6 to 9 yos, Cricket & Muse for 9 to 14 yos, & Cicada for 14 & up. While Babybug, Ladybug, Cricket, & Cicada are all aimed mostly at literature skills such as reading & writing (they all publish works from subscribers), Click seems to be more of a science magazine & Muse covers topics such as history, science, art, & culture. On this website you can find more info about each magazine & activities that go with the most current issues.

Dig Magazine is an archeology magazine for kids.

Exploratorium Online is published by the Exploratorium Museum. There are articles with hands-on ideas as well as back issues here.

The Education Source is an online newsletter for parents, teachers, & homeschoolers. They review software, websites, curriculum, & more! Subscription is free & all the back issues are online.

Gentle Spirit is a family magazine that appeals to many homeschoolers.

History Magazine is published monthly. You will find articles each month ranging from the games people played to the Battle of the Little Big Horn. It covers both World History & US History. You can see some sample articles & issues at this site.

Homeschool Solutions Newsletter is a monthly newsletter from Riverdeep, which now owns Broderbund, The Learning Company, & Edmark. Each issue covers several lesson ideas, cool links, & software titles you may be interested in.

Kids Discover is an excellent magazine! It is published 10 times a year & each issue is a mini unit study, complete with activities, puzzles & recommended reading lists! This web site is for subscription info only.

New Moon is a magazine for girls by girls. Unlike most other magazines for girls, it is not pre-occupied with boys, dating, makeup, shopping, etc. It comes out 6 times a year & each issue is topic oriented. There is also a parents guide available for each issue.

National Wildlife Federation publishes 5 nature magazines for kids & families: Wild Animal Babies for children up to 3, Your Big Backyard for kids from 3 - 6, Ranger Rick for kids from 7 & up, International Wildlife, & National Wildlife.

Nifty Nibble is a Christian literary magazine for kids. They are looking for submissions right now. The link will give you more info on this & how to subscribe to this magazine.

Stone Soup has been a very popular magazine for kids ages 8 - 13. Children can also submit articles & artwork of their own.

WNet School is an online e-mail mag & website from PBS. the subscription is free & includes lots of great links & info to incorporate into your lesson plans.

The World & I is an educational magazine aimed at high schoolers. It comes with a teacher's manual & covers topics such as art, books, culture, science, current events, & more.

If you have any questions, comments, or anything you would like to add, please feel free to e-mail me!


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