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This portion of our website is devoted to the history of all the Butler families in America. Although we may not be blood related, we all do have a common bond in the desire to preserve our family heritage.

The main purpose of the Family Club is to gather and preserve our Butler family history -- of ALL the Butler families and especially those descended from pioneers who settled in America before the Colonies gained independence. We are trying to create a major collection of copies of public documents and personal family records to preserve in the Butler Family National Library. The Butler family name is common in Britain--including England, Scotland and Wales so obviously, we are not all blood-related.

You are urged to make copies of Butler family records and take time to write down information on your direct family ancestry as far back as you know and send these records and information to preserve in the Family Library.

If you have a website that contains Butler family history, please let us know and we will add a link to your site.

Butler Family Cemetery Records

One of our most important projects is to gather cemetery records, tombstone inscriptions and burial information on all Butlers and their descendants and preserve this in our Family Library. We also hope to post much of this information in our online History section. You are urged to take part in this effort. Click on CEMETERY in the INDEX below to go to this section.

Butler Family Marriage Records

We now have a section for marriage records. These are mostly from public courthouse records but some have been gleaned from church records and other sources. Click on MARRIAGES in the INDEX below to go to this section.

Our site will always be under construction as we add information. Visit often for updates and changes.

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Butler Family Records

Butler Family History

[NOTE: the coat of arms shown at the top of the page is just one of several granted to Butlers in England and Great Britain over the centuries. Below is another. If you have a copy of a coat of arms or family crest, please send us a copy by email to preserve in the Family Library]

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