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Ambassadors For Christ Homepage provides Bible studies by authors that recognize the distinctiveness of the Apostle Paul's ministry and message. This does not imply that each author agrees 100% with the others who have contributed. I wish to express my gratitude to each and every one that has contributed studies.

Studies are listed according topic. Click on the topic you want or scroll down to see the listings.

Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth (2 Timothy 2:1:15)



Baptism and "(i.e. fully wet)" by Nancy Paulson
Baptism as the idea of changing the condition of something because of an action performed. It is much more than "(i.e. fully wet)"; it is our old man crucified with Christ.
Baptisms of the Bible by Duane Gallentine
A study about the divers baptisms that are mentioned in the Bible. Do all the baptisms refer to "water baptism"? Check out the Scriptures and read what God has to say about it.
Baptism: Purification Unto Sanctification and a New Identity by Nancy Paulson
When we are baptized into Christ, we lose our fleshly identity. When God looks at us now He no longer sees Jew or Gentile, bond or free, male or female, He sees Christ.
The Justice of God and The Mystery by Mike Tiry
There is a question that should eventually come to mind to the serious Bible student. That is "How can God put an innocent third party to death for my sins?" The answer is found in baptism.
Saved by Water by Ron Sorg
This is not really a Bible study but an answer to questions concerning "saved by water" in 1 Peter 3:20-21
Why Baptism? by B.C. Pratt
Water baptism was not optional for the priests in the Old Testament (under the Old Covenant) nor for the Jewish believers in the Kingdom program. But in this present Dispensation of Grace many things are now different...
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Brief Outline of 1 Corinthians by Nancy Paulson
A brief explanation of Paul's reproof to the Corinthians.
Dates of the Pauline Epistles by Duane Gallentine
It is immensely helpful for the saints of the Body of Christ to possess in their working knowledge of the Word of God taught "RIGHTLY DIVIDED", a time table concerning the dates in which the Apostle Paul penned his thirteen epistles.
Epignosis: Full Knowledge by Duane Gallentine
Duane's answer to a question regarding his article "Dates of the Pauline Epistles". He hopes this letter will explain why he wrote what he did in that article.
FourFold Ministry by Duane Gallentine
"All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works." (2 Timothy 3:16-17)
How to Understand the Bible by Nancy Paulson
If you think the Bible is too difficult to understand, this study offers principles of Bible study.
Progressive Revelation of the Preaching of Jesus Christ According to the Revelation of the Mystery Duane Gallentine
During the Acts period, Paul knew that he did not possess the full knowledge of Jesus Christ according to God's hidden, secret wisdom called the Mystery. But he did know and write that God was going to give him in due times that full knowledge at some point in his ministry and life.
Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth by Nancy Paulson
When Paul writes Timothy he mentions a method in which one ought to study: rightly dividing the Word of Truth. What is intended is not dividing Scripture from Scripture, but understanding Scripture accurately.
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Church, the Body of Christ

Gift That Includes All Gifts, The by Mike Tiry
In Romans 1:11-12, Paul writes that about an earnest desire to visit the saints at Rome. Why? To impart unto them some spiritual gift. What is this gift?
Gospel of the Uncircumcison, The by Duane Gallentine
Within the first two chapters of Paul's Epistle to the Galatians there is tremendous spiritual light shining forth from God to dissolve the spiritual darkness caused by religions and traditions of men within Christendom concerning the God-given issues of Paul, his Apostleship, his Message and his Ministry.
He Gave Gifts to Men by Duane Gallentine
Starting with Paul as the Apostle of/to the Gentiles, God in the ascension of Christ to be Head of all things, gave gifts unto men so the Body of Christ would be built up in the body of truth called The Mystery. According to Ephesians 4:9-11, these gifts were men...
Powers,Rulers and Ministers of God by Duane Gallentine
In Romans 13:1-7, Paul writes to the Roman saints that they were to be under subjection to the higher powers that were ordained of God, for the purpose of building up the body of Christ.
Why The Body Of Christ Is To Meet In Fellowship And What Is To Happen During Those Appointed Times by Duane Gallentine
A list of things that ought to take place when members of the Body of Christ gather together
Why the Church (Body of Christ) Could Not Have Begun at Pentecost by B.C. Pratt
Contrary to popular belief the Church, which is the Body of Christ, did not begin at Pentecost. This study tells why the church (Body of Christ) began later.
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Biblical Charismatic Movement, The by Duane Gallentine
Reasons why the Body of Christ got Israel's sign gift program was NOT for a continuation and the norm until the catching away of the Body,
Blinding of Israel, The by Duane Gallentine
There are five words used in conjuction with Israel being set aside and her prophetic program being into abeyance during this present Dispenstaion of Grace: stumbled, fall, diminishing, casting away, blinded.
Commissions Jesus Christ Gave to the Twelve Apostles by Duane Gallentine
The purpose of this brief study is to give consideration to the many commissions that Jesus Christ gave His disciples as He confirmed the promises made unto the fathers during His earthly ministry as a minister of the circumcision. (Romans 15:8)
Glass Darkly and the Full Knowledge of the Mystery, The author unknown
The purpose of the present article is ... to deal with one passage of scripture (1 Corinthians 13) which, if properly understood, will remove all doubt as to whether the spiritual gifts of prophecy, tongues, knowledge, healing, interpretation of tongues, etc. are part of God's will for the present Dispensation of the Grace of God.
Have You Ever? by B.C. Pratt
A study about whether or not you have ever questioned what several verses really mean.
In Christ Before Me by Nancy Paulson
What does Paul mean when he says, "...who were in Christ before me?"
More Than One Gospel by Nancy Paulson
Too often we do not have an understanding of God's purpose and plan because we are unaware of the different messages that God has given to man. It is a surprise to many when they learn that Paul actually preached a different message than Jesus during His earthly ministry. This is because of a faulty thinking that there is only ONE Gospel that is proclaimed in the Bible.
Past, Present, and Future by Nancy Paulson
Right division is taking Paul's viewpoint about how the program of God is laid out and then reading the Bible based on that understanding. The program of God is outlined in what He was doing in the past, what He is doing now, and what He will do in the future.
Paul and Resurrection by Donald Webb
An interesting relationship between the Paul's presentation of resurrection in the book of Acts and his presentation of resurrection and his Epistles.
Peter and Resurrection by Donald Webb
Peter's ministry in the Book of Acts preached Christ's resurrection to Israel in relation to His second Coming.
Preaching of Jesus Christ According to the Revelation of the Mystery, The by Duane Gallentine
When the Dispensation of Grace started God began to do NEW things.
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Family and Relationships

Does God Send Babies to Hell? by Doug Dodd
There seems to be some discussion among the "brethren" regarding the eternal destiny of infants. Doug DoddI, for one, disagrees with the theory that God sends babies to hell.
The Heart of An Evangelist my notes from a teaching by Keith Baxter
We need to think of an evangelist as one who preached the gospel and no matter what the cost or what happens to him he keeps preaching. With that definition in mind, one person who ought to come to mind is the Apostle Paul. In 1 Timothy 1:16, Paul writes to Timothy that he is a pattern to those who would believe. So, as a pattern, we need to think about what he went through, why he did what he did, what was his motive for doing so and why all these sufferings came unto him.
Grace in Marriage a teaching by Willard Sessoms
God made Adam a help meet (fit, suitable) for him to carry our God's plan and purpose. Marriage is making the choice to make a commitment to each other to do what God wants you to do.
Mature Saints, Strong Families, Strong Churches by Duane Gallentine
Before there will be spiritual strong churches there must of necessity be mature believers who have vested personal time in diligently studying the sound doctrine of the Pauline revelation--Romans through Philemon
Spirit Filled Parenting by Thomas Bruscha
An outline of Ephesiand 6:4
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Grace Living

Christian Life, The by Nancy Paulson
Do you ever question whether or not your life is really new? To understand our new life, we have to understand our identification, position and place with the Lord Jesus Christ
Doctrine, Separation and Neutralization by Duane Gallentine
There is a Biblical method of maintaining the Truth of God for our Dispensation of Grace. In Paul's ministry and writings we find this God approved method of separating from false teaching and teachers.
Giving in this Dispensation of Grace by Duane Gallentine
God's ordained pattern of living grace giving is understood through the Apostle Paul's orders to the One Body of Christ, which is the church
Glory of God's Grace, The by author unknown
God's grace is "much more" than being saved just to get to heaven. God's grace is what gives us the ability to serve God with a motivation of gratitude not fear.
God's Grace for Such a Time as This by Nancy Paulson
The grace message is based on the substitutionary death of Christ on behalf of the whole world. It is our identification with Christ; God no longer sees us "in Adam".
God's Love in a Believer author unknown
Charity defined - 1 Corinthians 13 - known as the love chapter.
Grace, Godliness and the Will of God by Mike Tiry
Grace has set the sinner free, not to sin but to serve God and to conform his will to the will of God.
Heart of a Servant, The by Mike Tiry
There are two characteristic fruits of righteousness among God's people that are common in every dispensation of God. They are: 1. Love for God; and 2. Love for fellow saints. These are stated as the two great commandments of Matthew 22:38. That love is expressed in service.
How To Be Filled With the Spirit by Mike Tiry
In Ephesians 5:18, we find that being filled with the Spirit is presented not as an automatic experience but as a goal that believers are admonished to achieve. Also, it is a goal that is within the reach of every believer
Godliness 101 by Mike Tiry
"What is godliness?"  A dictionary definition is "A careful observance of the laws of God and performance of [Christian] duties, proceeding from love and reverence for the divine character and commands." The word is actually an alteration of the expression "God-like-ness". It might surprise people that the Greek word from which it is translated in our New Testament actually does not have the root word "God" in it.
How To Deal With Sin by Nancy Paulson
Rather than focusing our attention on eliminating the sin, we should be focusing on replacing the sin with something else, which is the new man and the life of Christ in us.
Is God's Grace Sufficient? by Tracy Plessinger
A study of the sufficiency of God's grace in every area and aspect of our lives.
Peace With God by Nancy Paulson
Because of Calvary we have peace with God. We did not do anything to cause that peace. However, wrong doctrine takes away that peace.
Perplexity of Paul, The by Duane Gallentine
Paul's struggle as he realizes he was fooled by the indwelling sin nature into thinking that he had to obey the law in order to serve God.
Positional Truths by Ron Sorg
A list of positional truths that apply to us who are saved in this Dispensation of Grace.
Repentance From Sin by Nancy Paulson
A word study of the meaning of repent, repentance, and sin. We often hear that one must repent (turn away) from sin but does repent mean turn away? What is sin? The definitions are from Webster's 1828 Dictionary, "the one that defines every word both in the original language and its Bible usage."
Satan and His Policy of Evil in the Dispensation of Grace by Nancy Paulson
Satan has declared war! (Once again) He wants to obliterate if not obscure the knowledge of the mystery of Christ.
Study To Show Yourself Approved by Nancy Paulson
2 Timothy 2:15 is the verse that is most often used to say that we are to study our Bible, rightly divided. But this verse does not say, "study your Bible"; it is assumed that one is already studying the Bible This verse tells us to "study to show yourself approved unto God." The number one priority in our lives ought to be making ourselves approved unto God
Tithing by B.C. Pratt
Do you tithe? Today we are allowed under Grace to give as we wish, as little or as much and to whom we choose. God treats us as adults who can be responsible to make wise decisions... .
Transformed by Nancy Paulson
We become transformed saints as we begin to allow sound doctrine to teach us and we allow Him to change us so that inward man (new creature) begins to show outwardly.
Using The Law Lawfully by Nancy Paulson
The law was not made for the righteous man. The law was given at a time when man was not "in Christ", a time when man was fully exhibiting the fallen nature of Adam.
Wisdom of the World by Nancy Paulson
The Corinthians found it easier to rest in the wisdom of men because to stand on the wisdom of God would be costly. The Corinthians did not like the idea of paying the price for having their faith resting on the power of God.
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Changes: When the Prophetic Program Resumes by Nancy Paulson
When the prophetic program resumes the nation of Israel will need to recognize the changes that have taken place because of the death and resurrection of Christ
Chastisement is for Children by Duane Gallentine
The Biblical idea of chastisement is disciplinary correction given to children for the expressed purpose of teaching a lesson concerning acceptable future conduct.
Everlasting Covenant, The by Duane Gallentine
What is the everlasting covenant and with whom is it made?
Leviticus 26:1-46 Israel's Dread by Duane Gallentine
Leviticus26:14-46 speaks of Israel's dread....her receiving not the blessings but the curses for failing in the "keeping" and "doing" of the statutes and commandments. We now see that this "dread" became Israel's history!
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Abraham, the Father of all that Believe by Duane Gallentine
This study explains the root, lump, branches, first fruit, fatness, wild olive tree in Romans 11:16-17
Fast Facts About Angels by Thomas Bruscha
Angels were used to help Israel by informing them and protecting them as a nation, in fulfillment of God's intent for the earth. However, today God is using the church, which is His Body, to help the Angels by informing them and warring against the spiritual wickedness in high places in fulfillment of God's intent for the heavens.
Five Kinds Of Death by Nancy Paulson
There are five different kinds of death mentioned in the scripture. Just as we need to find the proper definition of the use of a word when looking a word up in the dictionary so must we correctly define the term "death"
Gnosticism by Duane Gallentine
The term "gnosticism" is derived from the Greek word gnosis (knowledge) because secret knowledge was so crucial a doctrine in gnosticism. It reflects philosophical perspectives that existed prior to the establishment of Christianity. In reality its origins come from the Garden of Eden when Satan approached mankind with other wisdom, knowledge or understanding
Jesus Christ: The Son of Man by Edward Bedore
The title "Son of Man" as applied to Jesus Christ in Scripture refers to both His true humanity and to the authority and power invested in Him as the perfect Man who has inherited the right to rule over God's creation.
Pentecost by Duane Gallentine
Over time, Pentecost lost its primary characteristic as being a harvest feast with thanksgiving, and became known as "The Feast of Giving the Law."
Pre-Adamic Man by Nancy Paulson
Since the Bible tells us of God's plan and purpose in "time past", "but now" and "ages to come" and each of these time frames only deal with the time since Adam; do the scriptures teach that there was a human race before Genesis 1:2?
Two Bible Men
Comparison of Adam and Christ
Who is Jehovah? by B. C. Pratt
A study using Bible verses that show LORD (Jehovah) of the Old Testament is Jesus Christ of the New Testament.
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Am I Going to Heaven? author unknown
Take a little test and see how you score.
Dictionary of the Gospel by Thomas Bruscha
A study of words that are used to define our Salvation
Feeling Guilty? by Daniel Gross
Millions all around the world are suffering from continuous feelings of guilt. Why does one feel guilty? Can one ever be free from feeling guilty?
Getting A Round Tuit by Mike Tiry
Personal witness evangelism is simply a presentation of the gospel to a lost person leading to a decision on his or her part to receive God's gift of eternal life. Here is an approach to personal evangelism developed by Mike Tiry.
Gospel of Christ, The by Nancy Paulson
In the first three chapters of Romans, we find our training material for presenting the gospel of Christ.
Salvation by Nancy Paulson
Since God has declared "all have sinned", and "the wages of sin is death." How does one obtain eternal life?
"In Christ" Before Me author unknown
What does Paul mean by "in Christ before me?" The phrase refers to the new position and identity one has before God having become a beneficiary of Christ's redemptive work.
Two-fold Purpose of Abraham Nancy Paulson
God foreknew that He would justify the heathen by faith and so when He justified Abraham it was in such a manner that it included a two-fold provision - both to the circumcised and to the uncircumcised.
Where will you spend eternity? author unknown
How does one obtain God's salvation?
Why Would a Perfect Man Die? by Tracy Plessinger
A study of what caused the death of Jesus Christ, and the importance of that death to us
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