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elcome to my archive of X-Files fan fiction, written under the name Stacey Oziel, aka CleverGrrl. I specialize in two types of stories: subversive humor, and angst-filled MSR. They're not necessarily mutually exclusive - *grin*. I hope you enjoy the stories you find on this page as much as I've enjoyed writing them. Remember: Authors have feelings, too. Feedback is greatly appreciated!

New Stories

Three years down the road, Scully makes the most difficult decision of her life. Vignette; Angst. (Rated PG)


Chicken Soup for Life - A New Work in Progress!
I started work on this story a full year ago, right after I finished my first story, Chicken Soup for the Soul. Well, it's still not finished, but at least I'm posting it. :) Take a look, and please tell me what you think... your comments will not only shape how the story turns out, but will also - hopefully - get me out of the writing black hole I've been stranded in lately. Thanks, and enjoy! Novel; X-File; Romance; Angst. (Rated R)

Windows to the Soul - An X-Files Novel
A brutal murder... A guilty secret.... A woman from Scully's past. Can one night change Mulder and Scully's lives forever? (Rated R) [Fan Fiction of the Week at The Mining Company!]


Spruces and Snow
A "Ghosts Who Stole Christmas" post-ep. What happened on Christmas Day? V; Humor; Angst. (Rated PG)

Panta Rhei
PAWN-tuh RAY {Greek}: All things in flux. Smut; MSR; Angst. (Rated NC-17)

Colors of the Day
The best things in life are meant to be shared. V; Angst. (Rated G). [Featured at The Doghouse as a fanfic of the week!]

Hell Freezes Over
All of Mulder's dreams come true... but they become his living nightmare. Humor; Angst. (Rated G) [Fan Fiction of the Week at The Mining Company!]

Alter Ego
A freak accident sends Mulder and Scully into a strange realm where their lives have been made into a TV show, and they're played by two actors named David and Gillian. Humor.(Rated PG) [Fan Fiction of the Week at The Mining Company!] Nominated for two 1998 Starbuck Awards: Best Comedy, Best Alternate Universe.

Read "Alter Ego" in German.

Crisis of Faith
Moose and Squirrel have a conversation that's LONG overdue. Major MulderAngst alert!! (Rated R) Nominated for three 1998 Starbuck Awards: Best Angst, Platonic, First Story.

Chicken Soup for the Soul
Scully makes a house call, and gets to play doctor with Mulder. MSR; Smut.(Rated NC-17)

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