UPDATED 3-2002


Akira Advanced Genetics Research Unit--Leading Bajoran bio-science team prior to the Occupation. Studies into DNA, viruses and other advanced biological fields. Members include Dr. Surmak Ren.

Akoonah--Small technological device developed by Native American scientists to facilitate the vision quest experience, such as the search for animal guides. In ancient times, psychoactive herbs were used to achieve a vision quest.

Alvanian Spine Mite--Tiny parasitic insects that make their homes in humanoid spinal columns. Alvanian spine mites can cause the host organism to experience pain for many years.

Amniotic Fluid--Also known as liquor amnil or the "waters", amniotic fluid is the albuminous liquid that surrounds the fetus during pregnancy in many mammalian species.

Andorian Amoeba--Variety of unicellular protozoan indigenous to planet Andoria. Andorian amoebae reporoduce by means of symbiogenesis.

Anionic Energy--Form of energy composed of quantum-level particles.

Antichroniton--Antiparticle of the chroniton. Chroniton particles in the body can be elimated by exposure to a precisely modulated field of antichroniton particles.

Antimonium--Mined substance.

Aorta--The main arterial trunk of the circulatory system in many humanoid species.

Aphasia Device--A device used to distribute the Aphasia Virus.

Argonite--Potentially hazardous substance.

Auditory Nerve Nibble--Sexual technique of oo-mox devised to pleasure a Ferengi male by a very specific stimulation of his ears.

Autonomous Regeneration Sequencer--Borg assimilation device.

Baakonite--Type of metal. The blades of a modern bat'leth sword are made of baakonite.

Bajoran Medical Index--Database Kira consulted when tracking the current whereabouts of Dr. Surmak Ren in 2369.

Bellows Breath--An exercise consisting of a series of quick intakes of air followed by one long inhale thru the nose then released. This increases the flow of energy.

Berthold Radiation--Form of radiation, deadly to Terrans.

Biogenic Weapon--Extremely deadly biological armament, illegal under interstellar treaties. The components necessary to create biogenic weapons include biomimetic gel, retroviral vaccines, isomiotic hypos, and plasma flares.

Bioimplant--Artificial organic material that can be surgically implanted into a person's body to replace damaged tissue.

Biomatter--Other name for organic material.

Biomimetic Fluctuation--Medical reading in Founders that are indicative of dangerous instability of the morphogenic matrix.

Biomolecular physiologist--Specialized surgeon.

Bio-neural Energy--Electrical activity generated by an organic life-form's nervous system, absence  of which generally constitutes death.

Biosynthetic Gland--Borg replacement for the original organic glands of an assimilated humanoid.

Blood pyrasites, distillate--To put Federation negotiator Mendoza out of commission during the Barzan wormhole bargaining in 2366, the Ferengi used a distillate of their own daimon's blood pyrasites to wreak a serious allergic reaction. Dr. Arridor took a sample of the yellowish Ferengi blood from Daimon Goss' neck, then rubbed the distillate into his daimon's palm -- where it turned deep blue-green -- to make contact in a handshake.

Borg Organelle--Tiny subcellular nanite that is introduced into a drone candidate by the Borg during assimilation. Organelles regulated cell functions in a Borg drone.

Brak'lul --Klingon term for a characteristic redundaancy in Klingon physiology. All vital bodily functions are protected by a redundant organ or system. For example, Klingons possess two livers, an eight chambered heart (twice what is found in humans), and 23 ribs (10 in humans).

Brone--Photometric projection of a Vori soldier, part of an elaborate mind-control technique used by the Vori military to conscript new soldiers.

Carbon 60--Isotope of the element carbon. Carbon 60 is used in the construction of Vostigye space stations.

Cardassian Central Archives--Data repository for the Cardassian government.

Cardassian Health System--Following the Klingon Invasion of 2373, the once decent health system of the Cardassian Empire collapsed. All visitors to Cardassian space are advised to take a number of vaccinations to prevent catching one of the diseases that now run rampant through their society.

Celebium--Form of hazardous radiation that killed all but two of the scientific team on planet Camus II in 2269.

Cellular Disruption-- Technique of death causing individual cells to explode from within, resulting in a painful death.

Cellular Metamorphosis-- Process allowing an individual to assume another's form.

Cellular Peptides--Biochemical substance involved in maintaining cellular cohesion in the human body.

Cellualr Toxicity--Measurement of biological waste products accumulating within a life-form's cells.

Chief Medical Officer (CMO)-- Aboard a Federation starship, the officer charged with responsibility for the health and well being of the ship's crew. Under certain circumstances, the CMO is authorized to certify a ship's captain as unfit for command.

Cholic Acid--Substance formed within a humanoid liver from systemic cholesterol. It plays an important role in digestion.

Chromodynamic Shield--Energy field. Chromodynamic shields block the rejuventation effects of metaphasic radiation found in the Briar Patch.

Clone--A being created from the DNA of another. The clone would be physically identical to it's parent being.

Coalescent Organism--Rare microscopic life-forms that absorb other organisms, then assume the form of the organism they've absorbed, right down to the cellular level.

Cobalt Diselenide--Biochemical substance used as a biogenic weapon. A nerve agent deadly to Cardassians, but harmless to many other humanoids. Cobalt Diselenide is very unstable and requires refrigerated storage.

Code White Resuscitation--A Federation medical code for resuscitating an apparently dead humanoid lifeform.

Colliculi--A group of large cells near the midbrain section of a humanoid brain.

Combat Rations--Starfleet emergency food provisions. The brown flattened ovoids were packaged in a a silver plastic wrapper and were designed to provide a timed release formula of all the nutrients needed by a humanoid body for three days. Unfortunately, few Starfleet personnel found them especially palatable.

Combooth--Colloquial term for a public communications terminal. Combooths are used for person-to-person audio and visual contact, as well as for data communications.

Consciousness Parasite--Noncorporeal life-form that enters a host consciousness just before the moment of death. Once in the mind of the individual, the parasite attemps to coerce the host's consciousness into a matrix, where it can be slowly consumed to sustain the parasite.

Cygnian Respiratory Diseases, A Survey of --A computer disk in the medical library of the Enterprise.

Cryonics--A discarded Earth medical procedure intended to preserve a person by instantly freezing them upon the moment of death. The body would remain preserved until the necessary future medical advances would allow the body to be re-awakened, disease-free. Although cryonics became popular on Earth late in the 20th century, it was abandoned within 50 years. In those early days,
some cryogenically frozen individuals were preserved even further by sending them into long-term storage in space within orbiting satellites. In 2364, the starship U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D discovered one such cryosatellite with three treatable bodies.

Cryostatic Chamber--Device used to sterilize foods by subjecting them to extremely cold temperatures.

Cygnian Respiratory Diseases, A Survey of--A medical library computer disk on board all Federation starships.

Darseks--Klingon Unit of monetary exchange.

Delta-series Radioisotopes--Category of radioactive elements that are toxic to humans.

Denevan Neural Parasite--Origin unknown, an irregularly shaped gelatinous life-form analogous in structure to an oversized brain cell. The entire population of these parasites were somehow linked together to form a collective intelligence. In young form, the parasites were mobile, capable of flight. They would latch themselves onto a humanoid life-form, infiltrating the humanoid nervous system, gaining control of both autonomic and higher functions, inflicting severe pain on the victim. These parasites were so virulent that they were capable of infesting an entire planet's population, at which point they would reach across interstellar distances to another planet. The neural parasites appeared to have come from outside the Milky Way galaxy, attacking the ancient Beta Portolan system, then infesting Levinius V, Theta Cygni XII, Ingraham B, and in 2267, planet Deneva. The eradication was accomplished by placing 210 satellites into orbit around Deneva, bombarding the surface with powerful untraviolet radiation.

Denkir--Unit of volume measure used by Zibalians. One hundred denkirs is about equal to 200 milliters.

Depressurization--The effects of depressurization begin with extreme pressure in the lungs.
Extremities get cold and then go numb, and capillaries in some exposed sections of skin may burst. In all, useful consciousness lasts about 15 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of extreme disorientation and then death.

Diencephalon-- Part of a humanoid brain, posterior to the forebrain. The hypothalamus, thalamus, and epithalamus are contained in the diencephalon.

Dilitus Lobe--Structure of the Voth brain that is responsible for their sense of smell. Voth olfactory abilities are much more sensitive than that of many humanoid species.

DNA-- Acronym for deoxyribonucleic acid, a complex chemical chain containing the genetic codes enabling the reproduction of life on many planets. Virtually every individual life form on such planets has a DNA code, which contains information common to that species, as well as distinguishing information unique to that individual. Because of this, DNA sequencing can be used as a means of positively identifying an individual, although it cannot distinguish between the individual and a clone. Many humanoid species throughout the galaxy share a common DNA structure, a characteristic that was recently discovered to be due to a humanoid species that lived some four billion years ago that seeded many planets with primordial genetic material.

Doctor's Family Program Beta-Rho--Holodeck simulation program designed to allow an EMH to experience family life in humanoid society.

Drake Equation--Twentieth-century Earth scientific concept for estimating the number of technologically-sophisticated civilizations in the galaxy. Postulated by Earth astronomer Frank Drake before his planet's first contact with explorers from planet Vulcan, the Drake Equation was based on estimates of the total number of stars in the galaxy, the fraction of those stars that had planetary systems, the fraction of those planets what could support life, and so on.

Dunsel--Term used by midshipmen at Starfleet Academy for an item that serves no useful purpose.

Duridium Alloy--Metallic material used in the construction of throwing darts.

Eichner Radiation--Form of radiation found to stimulate growth of certain strains of plasma plague. Eichner radiation can be created by a subspace field inverter, and it is also emitted by certain cyanoacrylates.

Eidetic Memory--Psychological term referring to an ability to recall images in near-photographic detail.

Elasian Tears--The tears of women from the planet, Elas contain an unusual biochemical compound that serves as a powerful love potion. Any male who comes in contact with an Elasian woman's tears will fall in love with her. Illegal to sell or possess within the Federation.

Elementary Temporal Mechanics--Course taught at Starfleet Academy.

Emergency Medical Hologram (EMH)--Hologram program available on some Federation starships intended as a short-term supplement to medical personnel in emergency situations.

Enantiodromia--Psychological term that literally means conversion into the opposite.

Engram--In neurophysiology, a specific complex memory. Study of an indivdual's memory engram can be used to analyze brain activity.

Engramatic Activity--Bioelectrical processes associated with the storage and retrieval of memories in an organic brain. Unusual engramatic activity could indicate suppressed memory.

Eseekas--Geometric patterns, an Argrathi art form.

ESP (Extrasensory Perception)-- Various mental and telekinetic powers, currently inexplicable by conventional science.

Fal-tor-pan--Ancient Vulcan ritual, also called the refusion, intended to reunite an individual's katra (living spirit) to that person's body.  Until 2285, the ceremony had not been performed for centuries, since in most cases a Vulcan's katra is returned home after the death of the body. Sarek requested the fal-tor-pan for his son, Spock, whose body had been regenerated at the Genesis Planet following his death there in 2285. The ritual was successful.

Falangian Diamond--Precious stone.

FCA--Abbreviation for Ferengi Commerce Authority.

Federal Employment Act--Legislation enacted in the United States on Earth in 1946. The employment Act declaried that it was the policy and responsibility of the American government to promote maximum employment, production, and purchasing power.

Federation Astronomical Committee--Agency of the government of the United Federation of Planets whose responsibilities include naming celestial objects.

Federation Archaeology Council--Organization of Federation archaeologists.

Federation Code of Justice--Laws governing citizens of the United Federation of Planets. The code includes provisions insuring that a defendant is innocent until proven guilty, and if innocent, will be set free.

Federation Council--Governing body consisting of representatives of the member nations of the United Federation of Planets. The council chamnbers are located in the city of San Francisco on planet Earth.

Federation Day--A holiday celebrating the founding of the United Federation of Planets in 2161.

Federation Department of Temporal Investigations--Federation government agency. Temporal Investigations concerned itself with assessing potential damage to the flow of history caused by time travelers.

Federation Grand Jury--Panel of citizens who evaluate judicial cases to determine if evidence warrants an indictment.

Federation Medical Academy--School of medical instruction operated by the United Federation of Planets.

Federation Signal Buoy--Deep-space beacon used to designate specific areas of Federation Space.

Federation Supreme Court--Highest judicial body in the Federation.

Ferengi Alliance--Formal name of the Ferengi government.

Ferengi Attainment Ceremony--Ferengi ceremony in which a boy becomes an adult.

Ferengi Benevolent Association--Philanthropic organization established by Grand Nagus Zek in 2371 while he was under the influence of the Bajoran Prophets, who had removed Zek's acquisitive drives. The organization was funded by Zek's own personal fortune to spread wealth and good fortune to those less fortunate. The association was dissolved after the Prophets restored Zek's original personality.

Ferengi Cargo Shuttle--A transport used by the Ferengi Alliance.

Ferengi Certificate of Dismemberment--Document certifying the identity of Ferengi remains, accompanying pieces of the deceased's body that are sold as valuable souvenirs.

Ferengi Code--A set of ethical guidelines governing behavior of Ferengi citizens. Among its provisions is a clause requiring the lives of subordinates be offered in payment for a superior's dishonorable deeds. Ferengi By-Laws section 105, subparagraph 10 states, "Upon reaching adulthood, Ferengi males must purchase an apprenticeship from a suitable role model.

Ferengi Death Rituals-- Rituals associated with the treatment of the body of a deceased Ferengi.

Ferengi Future's Exchange--Market based on Ferenginar, facilitating sale of commodities and securities upon agreement of future delivery.

Ferengi Salvage Code--One of several Ferengi Codes. The Salvage Code states that anything found abandoned is open to claim by those who find it.

Ferengi Trade By-Laws--Law pertaining to Ferengi business practices. Subsection 1027, paragraph 3 of the By-Laws pertained to the improper supervision of a family member.

Ferengi Trade Mission--A Ferengi diplomatic team intended to further Ferengi business interests.

Ferengi Trading Vessel--Starship operating under the auspices of the Ferengi Alliance.

Ferengi Welcoming Ceremony--Traditional exchange spoken when a guest enters a Ferengi home. The exchange goes as follows, Host: "Welcome to our home. Place your imprint on the legal waivers and deposit your admission fee in the box by the door. Remember, my house is my house." Guest: "As are its contents."

Festival--Also known as the Red Hour on planet Beta III.

Festival of Lights--Celebration held during Ha'mara, the Bajoran holiday held on the anniversary of the Emissary's arrival.

Field Docent--In the Trill initiate program, a joined Trill who shepherds a host candidate through a field training program, allowing the cnadidate to observe the activities of a joined Trill over a two-week period.

Field Training--Educational class taught in a real work environment, not in a classroom.

Fifth House of Betazed--A family that is still considered something of royalty to the inhabitants of Betazed.

Finagle's Law--"Any home port the ship makes will be somebody else's...not mine."

Final Ritual--Drayan ceremony in which elderly Drayans near death are taken to a sacred moon on which they may die in peace.

Finilis'ral-- Kriosian term for the final stage in the sexual maturation of an empathic metamorph. During this stage, the metamorph produced an elevated level of sexual pheromones, and is extremely vulnerable to the empathic emanations of the opposite sex. The empath's behavior can change frequently to suit the needs of potential mates.

Fire Caves--Location on planet Bajor where Pah-wraiths were imprisoned.

First City--Seat of government for the Klingon Empire. Located on the Klingon Homeworld, site of the Great Hall.

Fleet Captain--Starfleet rank.

Foramen Magnum-- In humanoid anatomy, the large opening of the base of the skull through which the spinal cord passes and joins with the medulla oblongata. The foramen magnum is considered by some to be the focal point of the body's bio-electric field.

Frang--Monetary unit used by the Takarian people in the Delta Quadrant.

Frontal Lobe-- The anterior portion of the cerebral hemisphere in humanoid brains.

Ganglion-- A mass of nervous tissues that join each other outside the brain or spinal cord.

Genetic Bonding--In Betazoid culture, a term for ritual telepathic joining of children at an early age as a prelude to eventual marriage.

Genome--Complete set of chromosomes imparting the genetic pattern of an individual.

Glial Cells-- More specifically known as neuroglia; tissue that forms the supporting elements of the nervous system which play an important role in reacting to injury or infection.

G'now juk Hol pajhard--Klingon law of heredity. A son shall share in the honors or crimes of his father.

Ha'mara--Bajoran holiday held on the anniversary of the Emissary's arrival.

Harvesters--Deadly nanobiogenic weapon.

Hegh'bat Ceremony--Literally translated as "The Time to Die," the Hegh'bat ceremony is a Klingon ritualized suicide. Klingon tradition holds that when a Klingon is unable to stand and face his enemies, he should choose the Hegh'bat. The rite calls for the eldest son of the celebrant, or a trusted friend, to deliver a ritual knife to the warrior, who would impale himself in the chest.

Hippocampus-- A component of the limbic system in a humanoid brain. The hippocampus coordinates the offaction, autonomic functions, and some aspects of emotional behavior.

Hippocratic Oath--Traditional Earth code of ethics for physicians. The oath requires physicians to do no harm, to use their best efforts to care for their patients, and to protect the confidentiality of patient information. Named for the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates.

Host--In the Trill joined species, a host is a humanoid life-form  in whose body resides a Trill symbiont. The combination of the two life-forms forms a single Trill individual.

Hyperonic Radiation--Hazardous form of energy present in the atmosphere of Tau Cygna V. This radiation can be fatal to unadapted humans. Hyperonic radiation randomizes phaser beams and renders sensors and transporters inoperative.

Hypicate--Root that has many varied uses. Hypicate is used in certain medicines, diffractive optics, and even some beauty supplies. A favorite among Ferengi.

Interphasic Organisms--Nonsentient parasitic life-forms that attach themselves to the epidermal layers of their hosts with osmotic tendrils and extract cellular peptides. These entities are invisible to the naked eye and tricorders. Their presence could be determined with the use of an interphasic scanner.

Infirmary-- Medical facility on starbases and deep space stations.

Inner Eyelid-- Part of the Vulcan eye which evolved because the power of the bright Vulcan sun necessitated a secondary means of protecting the retina.

Intravascular Pressure--Measurable pressure of the blood against the walls of the vessels in a humanoid body. Intravascular pressure is sometimes elevated in Urodelean Flu.

Intron--Portions of an individual's genetic code that are normally dormant. Introns are evolutionary holdovers that contain behavioral and physical characteristics from evolutionary  predecessors.

Invidium A-- substance formerly used in medical containment fields. Invidium is rendered inert by flooding contaminated areas with gaseous cryonetrium.

Isocortex-- The extreme outer layer of the cerebral cortex in a humanoid brain.

Kal'Hyah--A mental and spiritual journey that a Klingon man and his friends traditionally share during the last four nights before his wedding. The ritual is made up of six trials; deprivation, blood, pain, sacrifice, anguish, and death. Filled with song and fellowship, the Kal'Hyah is difficult by human standards but exhilarating to Klingons.

Karemman Fleece--Livestock-hide product.

Kolaish Spice Oil--Aromatic herbal compound.

Lek--Cardassian monetary unit.

Leukocyte--White blood cell.

Life Prolongation Project--Failed experiment attempted by scientists on the so-called Miri's planet,
originally designed to create an age-retarding virus for use in humans. Instead, the virus killed the entire adult population and slowed down aging in children until they died upon entering puberty. In 2266, Dr. McCoy was able to create an antidote for the virus.

Linear Models of Viral Propagation-- A well known scientific paper authored by Dr. Katherine Pulaski some time prior to her service aboard the Enterprise-D.

Liquid Data Chains--Fludic information storage medium.

Lita--Unit of monetary exchange on Bajor.

Lobi Crystal--Semiprecious stone used as ornaments and in inexpensive jewelry.

Log--An official record of mission progress kept by the commanding officer of a starship or starbase.

Magnesite-nitron Tablet--Small white disk that when crushed, explodes into a bright flame, providing a source of illumination. Used to be standard medical field kit supply.

Maxilla--Jawbone; part of facial structure in humanoid anatomy.

Medicine Bundle--In Native American culture, a pouch containing various objects used by an individual when on a vision quest. The contents of the medicine bundle were suggested to the individuals by their animal guides. Medicine bundles were private and were handled reverently.

Medicine Wheel--Traditional Native American design symbolizing the cosmos, often a painting applied to animal skins. The medicine wheel represents the universe  both inside and outside one's mind. When someone is near death or in a coma, it is said that his soul has gotten lost on the wheel. Small rock icons including the Coyote Stone are placed on the wheel to guide his soul back to this world.

Mesiofrontal Cortex--Region of Vulcan brain associated with suppression of emotions. When damaged, this can lead to extreme violent behavior.

Mess Hall--Comunal dining facility aboard a starship.

Metaconscious--Part of the Betazoid psyche that filters and protects an individual from psychic trauma.

Metagenic Weapon--Sophisticated biological weapon using genetically engineered viruses, designed to destroy any form of DNA. These viruses could mutate rapidly and were believed able to destroy entire ecosystems within days. After 30 days the metagenic agent itself died, having destroyed all biological life on a planetary scale, while leaving all the technological aspects of a culture intact. Because of the extreme danger of these weapons, treaties were established to ban their use and all of the major powers of the period, including the Federation, the Ferengi, and the Rumulans agreed to the ban.

Metreon Cloud--Overcast of contaminants and fallout generated by the metreon cascade weapon. A planet would be uninhabited after suffering a metreon cascade.

Microbiotic Colony--A rare subatomic life-form, analogous to carbon-based bacteria. A microbiotic colony was responsible for significant structural damage to the Klingon vessel Pagh and the Enterprise-D. A tunneling neutrino beam was found to be effective in removing these dangerous organisms from both ships.

Microbrain--Silicon based intelligent life-form indigenous to planet Velara III. The microbrains were non-organic entities that lived in the soil, in the moist region just above the water table. Using energy absorbed from sunlight, the microbrains, which resembled tiny sparkling crystals, used groundwater to form electrical pathways that served as its consciousness. The life-form was named "microbrain" by Enterprise-D personnel investigating the now-defunct Federation terraforming station on the planet. The terraforming project on Velara III threatened the lives of these entities by altering the subsurface water table.

Microcentrum Cell Membrane-- Physical attribute of life forms that are unaffected by triolic waves. Microcentrum cell membranes are often seen in shape shifters.

Mind-link--Telepathic linking of two minds creating a double entity within one being, similar to a Vulcan mind-meld.

Mitochondria--Subcellular structure common in many carbon based life-forms. Mitochondria are organelles that help to metabolize oxygen and nutrients.

Mitosis-- The ordered process of cell division, whereby one parent cell produces two genetically identical daughter cells.

Molecular Cybernetics--Field of study pioneered by noted scientist Dr. Ira Graves, whose work formed the basis of Dr. Noonien Soong's invention of the positronic neural network. The work of both men made possible the positronic brain in the android Data.

Morilogium--The final phase of the Ocampan lifespan. Morilogium usually occurs around nine years of age.

Morphogenic Enzyme--Neurochemical found in the bodies of Founders.

Morphogenic Matrix--Fundamental structure underlying Founder physiology. Instability of the morphognic matrix can cause a life-threatening medical condition.

Nanites--Submicroscopic robots originally designed to perform medical functions within the bloodstream of a living organism. Such functions could encompass intracellular surgery, eliminating individual disease cells, or removing clotted material from a blood vessel, and more. Manufactured with gigabytes of mechanical computer memory in Dakar, Senegal, nanites were
designed for inner-nuclei exposure only during cellular surgeries, and were therefore kept in a nonfunctional state when not in use.

Nanobiogenic Weapon--Biological weapon of mass destruction used in the war between the T'Lani and the Kellerun.

Natal Pod--Device used by the lyaaran people to produce their young, using postcellular compounding.

Neocortex--Structure within some life-forms that perform the same function as the brain in humanoids.

Neurogenetics-- Study of the development and genetic replication of neural tissue.

Neurogenic Field--Electrical energy generated by a humanoid brain.

Neuropeptide--Form of cellular peptides that are a main constituent of brain tissue in many organic life-forms.

Noncorporeal Life--Literally, without body. Refers to a wide number of life-forms that exist as complex patterns of energy, plasma, or gas, without any tangible physical form.

Nutritional Supplement 14 beta-7--Liquid food.

Peritoneum-- Membrane lining the abdominal cavity in many humanoid species, including Bajorans.

Plasma Flares--Technical component. Combined with other supplies, plasma flares can be used to create a biogenic weapon.

Polaric Test Ban Treaty--Pact against the use of polaric ion energy sources, signed by the United Federation of Planets and the Romulan Star Empire in 2268.

Polynutrient Solution--Restorative formula given to patients suffereing from malnutrition.

Postcellular Compounding--Method by which the  lyaaran people reproduced, using a natal pod. Using this method, the lyaarans emerge as fully gown adults.

Postcentral Gyrus--Part of the Cardassian brain.

Prion Replication in Ganglionic Cell Clusters--Medical research project conducted by Dr. Julian Bashir.

Preanimate Matter--In biology, preanimate matter refers to certain non-organic compounds from which organic materials may eventually evolve.

Preganglionic Fiber--Nerve tissue located outside the central nervous system.

Pregnancy, Bajoran--Bajoran pregnancy lasts only five months so the woman vascilarises very quickly building up a complex network of blood vessels to the growing baby. A well known side effect of Bajoran pregnancy is bouts of uncontrollable sneezing.

Promenade--Expansive area on station Deep Space 9 containing rumerous commercial and service facilities. Other Starfleet space stations also have a Promenade.

Psilosynine--Neurotransmitter chemical used for telepathy by the brains of telepathic species, such as Betazoids.

Psychokinesis--The ability to transport and control objects using the power of the mind. The Platonians have psychokinetic abilities.

Psychological Profile--Complete psychological history required of all Starfleet personnel.

Psychoprojective Telepathy-- Literally, the ability to create solid forms from one's mind. Halanans such as Nidell Seyetik have this gift, though they lose control of it during bouts of extreme emotional stress. The energy given off from the Occipital Lobe to sustain the image often leads to unconsciousness and even death if sustained for more than an hour or two. More than one distinct projection may be  created.

Quarantine Transmitter--These radio beacons are standard equipment onboard Federation starships
and are capable of transmitting automated warning messages to send other ships away should a ship and its crew become dangerously contaminated with a plague or other infection. The U.S.S. Lantree NCC-1837's quarantine transmitter was activated by the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D after the entire crew compliment died from exposure to deadly antibodies from          the Darwin Genetic Research Station.

Quatloo--Monetary unit used by the Providers of planet Triskelion for betting on competition between drill thralls.

Receptacle--Term used callously by Ambassador Ves Alkar to describe the women that he subjected to severe empathic abuse in order for him to maintain his extraordinary emotional control. His "receptacles" generally died as a result of this molestation.

REM Sleep-- In neurophysiology, REM (rapid eye movement) describes a normal state of sleep during which most humanoid dreaming occurs. The condition is so named because the sleeper's eyes, though closed, will often exhibit rapid movement.

Replicator Rations--Aboard Federation starships, when power needs to be conserved, replicator credits are issued to each crew member. Once they use up their alloted credits, they cannot access any replicator aboard ship until their next credits are issued.

Reticular Formation-- A system of cells in the medulla oblongata of many humanoid brains. This area controls the overall degree of nervous system activity.

Reyamilk Soak--Soothing bath experience available on the pleasure planet Risa.

Rikka--Variety of Taresian flower with a very pleasant fragrance. The Taresians apply liquid essence of rikka flowers to the forehead as an aid in relaxation.

Rybo-Viroxic-Nucleic Structure-- Long organic compound that is one of the key factors in development during puberty of many humanoids. As such life forms grow older, RVN takes on additional viroxic sequences.

RNA--Substance found in all living cells which acts as a controller of protein synthesis. Ribonucleic acid is similar in construction to its counterpart deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), with the replacement of ribose for deoxyribose and the pyrimidine uracil for thymine.

Salvage Rights--A legal tradition dating back to Earth's ancient maritime laws. Under salvage rights, a ship with no living crew may be regarded as having been abandoned and thus may be claimed by the first entity to take physical posession of the vessel.

Seamer--Small hand-held device used to bond fabrics by joining them along a line.

Sensor Web-- Shawl like garment into which is woven a highly sophisticated string of sensors that feeds sensory information about the surroundings to the wearer. This is a unique device and is not in common use.

Seofurance-- Seofurance fragments from a biological sample container were found by the matter reclamation unit in Ibudan's quarters.

Septal Area-- Also known as the septum lucidum, the triangular double membrane that separates the anterior horns of the lateral ventricles of a humanoid brain. The Ktarian game was found to affect the septal area.

Serotonin Enzyme-- that serves as a central neurotransmitter in humanoid nervous systems.

Ship's Log Recorder--Small data-storage device that is used as a repository for all starship logs. In the event of a catastrophic event aboard ship, the log recorder is jettisoned so a record of the ship's activities can be found.

Sikla Medical Facility--Major health-care facility on planet Malcor III.

Silicon-based Life--Biological forms whose organic chemistry is based on the element silicon, rather than the more common element, carbon. One such example is the Horta of planet Janus VI.

Silicon Nodule--Term used by miners on planet Janus VI to describe perfectly round objects found in subterranean caverns on that planet in 2267. It was later discovered that these nodules were the eggs of a silicon-based life-form called the Horta, indigenous to the planet.

Sleeper ship--Spacecraft that used suspended animation to allow passengers and crew to hibernate during interstellar or other extended, usually slower-than-light travel. Sleeper ships fell into disuse by the year  2018 because of advances in sublight propulsion.

Slip--Form of Ferengi currency, a fraction of a bar of gold-pressed latinum. One bar of latinum is equal to two thousand slips.

Solanagen-based Aliens--Life-forms that exist in a deep subspace domain. In 2369, a modified sensor array accidentally allowed the Solangen-based aliens to create a small pocket of their space inside ours. A coherent graviton pulse was used to close the spatial rupture. These aliens forcibly abducted members of the Enterprise-D crew during their sleep for medical testing.

Space Dock--Massive station providing service facilities for Starfleet vessels. The Federation has numerous space docks scattered around its territory.

Spores, Omicron Ceti III--Symbiotic organism that infested some of the colonists on planet Omicron Ceti III in 2264. The spores thrived on Berthold rays, offering the colonists protection from the otherwise deadly radiation. The spores provided perfect health and extraordinary contentment to the host, but at the cost of intellectual stagnation. Strong negative or aggressive emotions can be used to drive the spores from their hosts.

Standard Orbit--Normal orbit assumed by a Federation starship above a Class-M planet. This orbit is synchronous, allowing the ship to remain stationary over a single point on the planet's surface.

Starboard--Ancient nautical term referring to the right side of a ship, as opposed to the port (left) side.

Starfleet Emergency Medical Course--Instructional class offered to Starfleet personnel. It prepares them to render aid in many medical emergencies, including childbirth, should licensed personnel  be unavailable.

Starfleet Medical Database--Computerized clearinghouse and archive of medical information available to Starfleet medical personnel. The database is also accessible by other Starfleet personnel.

Starfleet Temporal Displacement Policy--Starfleet doctrine intended to prevent interference in the flow of  history by any time-traveling personnel. The policy prohibits any person transported into the past from doing anything that might alter the timeline.

Strategema--Challening holographic game of strategy and wills. Played by two contestants, the game involves manipulating circular icons on a three-dimensional grid to gain control of one's opponent's territory while defending your own.

Strip--Form of Ferengi currency, a fraction of a bar of gold-pressed latinum. (See Miscellaneous section in Database for more info on latinum.)

Symbiogenesis--A reproductive process in which organisms of two different species merge to form an offspring of a third, unique species. Symbiogenetic organisms are rare compared with species that employ sexual reproduction or parenthogenesis.

Synaptic Pattern Displacement--Scientific term for the consciousness sharing used by Vulcans in a mind-meld or, in extreme cases, the transference of one's katra. The technique can be performed by a non-Vulcan.

Synchronous Orbit--Orbit about a planetary or other body such that the orbiting body remains above a fixed point. Also known as a geosynchronous  or standard orbit.

Styrolite-- Clear plastic like material used for biologic quarantine of potentially hazardous life forms.

T-cell--Type of white blood cell in humanoids that is responsible for identification of antigens and activation of certain immune cells.

T-negative-- Rare Vulcan blood type possessed by Ambassador Sarek and his son Spock.

Telenecphalon-- Medical term for brain used on the planet Malcor III.

Telepathic Cortex--Lobe of the Vulcan brain responsible for telepathic functions. Vulcan mind-melds are controlled through the telepathic cortex.

Telesynaptic Activity--Neural electrical impulses in the telepathic areas of the brains of some humanoid species.

Temporal Signature--Property of matter that uniquely identifies the time period in which that matter belongs.

Terminus-- Medical term for foot used on the planet Malcor III.

Thalamus-- A portion of the humanoid brain, deep within the cerebral hemispheres. The thalamus relays bodily sensations to the cortex for interpretation.

Thymus-- Organ in humanoid bodies, located anterior to the trachea. The thymus is responsible for producing lymphocytes, known as T-cells, which are part of humanoid immune systems.

TKL Ration--The standard meal pack used aboard Federation starships during a war. TKL rations are issued when replicators are on minimum power.

Trochlear Nerve--Pully-shaped bundle of neurons in a humanoid brain.

T'san s'at--A Vulcan process of eliminating emotions. t'san s'at is the intellectual deconstruction of emotional patterns.

"Ugly Bags of Mostly Water"--Term used by the cryustalline microbrains of planet Velara III to describe humanoids. The term is an accurate description of humanoid life-forms, since they are composed of over 90 percent water.

Uniform Code of Justice--Federation legal guidelines governing the administration of justice. Chapter 4, article 12 granted a witness the right to make a statement before being questioned in a trial or hearing.

VeK'tal Response--A measure of Klingon physiological condition.

Vulcan Mind-meld--An ancient Vulcan ritual in which two persons are telepathically linked, sharing each other's consciousness. To Vulcans, mind-meling is a deeply personal experience. Scientifically, the process is described as a synaptic pattern displacement.

Zenite--Rare mineral substance found on planet Ardana. Zenite is used to combat botanical plagues. Zenite is mined and in its raw state produces hazardous zenite gas, which can impair mental functions.