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JANUARY 8, 2008 - Amazing Race 12 Down to Final Four Teams: Rachel and TK Still Alive

So much for the rumors of no non-elimination legs lol. Which is a good thing for Rachel and TK, who came in last this week. Phil made their situation seem grim at the end, telling them that they are three hours behind the other teams, plus they have to do an extra task next time that the others team don't have to do. But Rachel and TK are still positive about their situtation, as well they should be. All they need is for a destination to be closed for the night or a delay at an airport, and they are very much back in the race. Kynt and Vyxsin almost overcame their extra task, so it can be done.

AUGUST 23, 2007 - Changes Coming For Amazing Race: Non-Elimination Legs Dropped

MSNBC had an article that talked about the new season of Amazing Race. Changes are coming. Here is what it said:

Q: When is the next season of Amazing Race scheduled to start — or is there going to be one this fall?    —KJM, Oklahoma

A: Looking at the networks' fall schedules, many familiar reality shows appear: "Survivor," "Dancing With the Stars," even "The Bachelor." But one is missing: "The Amazing Race."

CBS has aired two seasons of the race almost every year since the race debuted in 2001, and for the past five seasons, they've stuck to a consistent pattern of debuting a new season ever fall and spring.

While that won't happen this year, the show has not been cancelled. In fact, a 12th installment has reportedly already been filmed.

Instead, CBS is holding that race for mid-season, which means it could appear in January or February. In recent years, the show's ratings have slipped and wavered, averaging about 10 million viewers an episode for the 11th season last spring. However, the Emmy-winning show has consistently delivered high-quality television, excepting the boring family season.

To refresh the series, there will be a few changes: The race will feature younger contestants, and it will drop the non-elimination legs. That means that, unless there's an extended, super-sized leg of the race, someone will go home every week.    —A.D.

DECEMBER 19, 2002 - Amazing Race 3: Final Episode

'Wow'. That's what Harry Smith said this morning on the CBS Morning Show, as he interviewed Flo and Zach. 'Wow' was what he thought about last night's episode. Wow is right!

Excellent show. Who could have thought that Flo and Zach would win, after all the times in the episode that Flo said she was quitting?

I was hoping last night that Flo and Zach would win. If anyone deserved to win the race, it was Zach. He had to compete against all the other teams, complete against Flo's desire to quit, watch Flo flirt with one of the twins... Zach, you are a real winner!

Flo was fun to watch, too. Beautiful, and, she helped to make the race more fun with her outbursts. It may have been hard to watch her telling Zach off sometimes, but, she added life to the show. As a diva, she was a winner, too. I'd love to see her return to reality tv someday.

There will be an Amazing Race 4. Maybe in March, 2003. See you then!

OCTOBER 12, 2002 - Amazing Race 3: Episode 2

There are so many teams of a young man and a young woman, sometimes I get mixed up, when they are all running around a country. I hadn't really warmed up to this version of Amazing Race until the last episode. Watching Teri and Ian, and Tramel and Talicia (who were eliminated) fall off their ski-doos into the water was pretty good. Watching Tramel and Talicia do it over and over is what Amazing Race is really about: People trying to do things they've never done before, and looking goofy at it.

Or maybe Amazing Race is about taking cab and bus rides (and how about the bus getting in an accident? Pretty cool, right? Taking one of these buses is more dangerous than what the people on Survivor have to face.)

Or maybe Amazing Race is really about watching contestants 'flash' the camera, like Arianne did in the back of a cab, with a happy cabbie watching.

(I hope it was Arianne. I keep getting these teams mixed up!)

MAY 16, 2002 - Amazing Race 2: Final Episode

Wil, the star of Amazing Race 2, ended up with nothing. Nothing! He had to race around the world, take being belittled by other contestants (especially his own partner), and he got nothing out of it. Not fair!

Wil did learn how to fight his fear of heights. And he did learn that he doesn't want to save his relationship with Tara. So maybe he did get something out of the race.

But it's too bad Wil didn't get the money.

As I remember it, Wil and Tara had the lead running to the finish line over Alex and Chris. But someone... someone... couldn't run fast enough. And that someone wasn't Wil. So all the time Tara spent telling Wil he's an idiot... well, next time she thinks about Wil, maybe she should think about how the race ended. And how Wil didn't fail them in the final race to the end.

I didn't want Chris and Alex (who Wil called 'little maggots') to win. Paige and Blake, I'd have no problem with them winning. Although, when I think about how Blake was laughing at Wil with Chris and Alex at the airport. Laughing how Wil (or Tara) had lost the instructions saying what location they had to go to next... all I can say is, Wil had no instructions, and he still beat Blake to the finish line.

I didn't want Chris and Alex (who Wil called 'roly-poly pigs') to win, because of how they were treating Wil. Flirting with Tara, maybe to hurt Wil. Which did happen. Wil is in a race with his separated wife. Flirting with her in front of him was something I just hated to watch.

The race to the finish in this Amazing Race was better than the one in Amazing Race 1. It was an excellent ending. It couldn't have been any better. It also seems that more people are watching Amazing Race. Tell your friends about this show. When Amazing Race 3 starts in the fall, let's hope even more people get to discover how much fun it is to race around the world for a million dollars.

MAY 15, 2002 - Who Will Win Amazing Race 2?

Tonight is the 2 hour, final episode of Amazing Race 2. Who will win?

I think Wil and Tara will win the race. Of course, anyone might, but, I just have a feeling about them.

They are also the team I want to win. Not because of Tara, but because of Wil. He might be the most entertaining person on the race. He has a cool hat. And, anyone who gets insulted as much as he does deserves the money.

The team I don't want to win? Chris and Alex. I'm sorry, anyone who messes with Wil I want to lose!

MAY 15, 2002 - Amazing Race 2: Episode 10

In this episode, we saw the Lost World, which was so beautiful. So was the rest of New Zealand. The teams did fun things, too... but who really cares about that? We watch to see Chris and Alex complain about Wil (lots of that), and Tara complain about Will (really lots of that). Let's not forget Wil complaining about them in return (no shortage of this).

Thanks to the complaining, it was a great episode!

Team Cha Cha Cha finally lost this episode. Oh no! The only team that seemed to be having fun won't get a shot at a million. It's too bad. I really wanted them to get a chance at it.

MAY 15, 2002 - Amazing Race 3 Will be on CBS this Fall!!! Wednesdays at 9 PM EST!

MAY 6, 2002 - Amazing Race 2: Episode 9

Team Cha Cha Cha are starting to steal the show. To see them face all the challenges, and always keep their cool, and not fight amongst each other, and keep a sense of humor... you got to like that.

I loved the sheep herding. They were all smart enough to figure out how to do it right, too.

The big jump was fun. Seeing Wil, who is very afraid of heights, do it, was great. You go Wil! Show them who's the boss!

It's too bad that Paige and Blake picked this episode to use their Fast Forward. That could be a big mistake. If they'd ended up in last this time, it wouldn't have made any difference, since it wasn't an elimination episode. Next episode, it will be very interesting to see if anyone goes for the Fast Forward. If you try and get it, you are in the final 3. If you try and fail, it could cost you the race.

APRIL 3, 2002 - Amazing Race 2: Episode 5

Russel and Cyndi are gone now. The show is getting down to the cord teams. And Wil and Tara, plus Blake and Paige, continue to steal the show. They could change the name from 'Amazing Race' to 'Everyone Hates Blake and Paige.'

Wil had trouble with Blake and Paige. Wil had trouble with Tara. But next time, Wil promises to be humble. Really.

The batcave was fun. Too bad we only got a quick view of it.

And how many cars did Blake and Paige have to burn this time, before they found the right temple? I'd say that cars and temples hate them now as much as the other teams do.

MARCH 12, 2002 - Amazing Race 2: Episode 1

After the first episode, it seems like Amazing Race 2 doesn't have as strong a cast as the first one. Although, maybe in time this will be proven to be wrong.

The Nevada desert was a nice place to start from. The scenes in Rio were more beautiful than anything in the first Amazing Race. And mountain climbing is always fun to watch on this show.

The biggest problem could be all the most interesting teams could be eliminated early. As the show went on, most of the teams that were most fun to watch were at the bottom of the standings. I was disappointed to see the mother-daughter team gone in the first episode.

I liked the anger Wil showed. Added a bit of life to things.

The second episode will be on this Wednesday, after Survivor.

FEBRUARY 23, 2002 - Amazing Race 2 is a 1st

Amazing Race will return to CBS on Monday, March 11, at 10 PM, EST. But it won't be just any other reality show. Oh, no. It is going to be shown on two networks.

CBS will have Amazing Race 2 on Mondays, and then UPN will rerun the same episode on Fridays. While dramas have done similar things, this is the first time a reality show has done it. And the first time CBS has shared a show with UPN, which CBS now runs.

Also, putting Amazing Race on Mondays, which is one of CBS's two most popular nights... well, that seems a great vote of confidence for Amazing Race. All of these moves do.

I also have to say that it's great that CBS put on Amazing Race 2 so quickly, instead of waiting until the summer. Another good sign for this show's future.

DECEMBER 21, 2001 - Amazing Race 2 Meets Big Brother 2

As hard as this is to believe, CBS had "conversations" about putting Krista and Mike "Boogie" from Big Brother 2 in the Amazing Race 2. But at the last minute, Mike decided he didn't want to do it, even though Krista did. This in part led to them breaking up. The wedding is off.

(Krista also said, "Mike's a great guy, but it's not the same as it was in the house.")

This shows us that CBS might have a surprise or two in store for us with the casting of Amazing Race 2.

This information was in the November 16 Entertainment Weekly.

DECEMBER 14, 2001 - Amazing Race: Episode 13: The Winners Are...

The final episode of Amazing Race was Amazing! Watching Frank brag about how his team was going to be in their own hometown, and that should give them the winning edge, and how if Rob and Brennan tried to follow them, he'd lead them on a false trail, then ditch them. Right, right... it looks like Frank should have followed Rob and Brennan.

See, kids, here is a lesson for us all: don't brag about something you haven't done yet. Because, if you fail to do it (see the above example of Frank), you look really foolish.

Going into this episode, I thought that Rob and Brennan had a 51% chance of winning, and Frank and Margarita a 49% chance. Really, it was too close to call. Rob and Brennan had the tiny advantage that they always keep their cool. In this race, they probably won everything by letting the cab driver take them the fastest way he knew, while Frank gave his cabbie directions.

The more Frank bragged, the more I wanted Rob and Brennan to win. But it was sad at the end to see Frank and Margarita lose. Sad to see them face such a let down.

It was nice to see Rob and Brennan win, just because they were so nice to everyone (including each other) the whole race. They even decided not to pull a dirty trick against Frank and Margarita because they didn't want to win that way. Now, that's being nice!

Three things I didn't like about the final episode:

1. Didn't get to see dogs vs snowmobiles. I wanted to know who would win!

2. Margarita didn't strip to her underwear, and jump in the cold water. An opportunity missed! Could have been the start of a promising lingerie modeling career!

3. When all the old teams returned for the end, we saw that Emily... had her hair braided?! No, no, no... totally the wrong look for her.

There will be an Amazing Race 2. It should be on in the spring or summer.

Oh, yes...Team Guido... they were left frozen in the snow somewhere. A funny ending for the series.

DECEMBER 6, 2001 - Amazing Race: Episode 12

This episode marked the unofficial end of Team Guido. They are so far behind now, the only way they could win is if the other two teams get lost in a snowstorm.

I liked the ice climbing. All the snow stuff. It was nice to see the teams somewhere else other than a hot environment.

I like Margarita. She keeps her cool (even though she gets down). She has a nice figure, too. Maybe if her and Frank win the race, she'll be an internet sex symbol, like Emily? I wouldn't mind this team winning, for her. Frank's okay, too, but does he have to be so hard on Margarita all the time? I know it's a stressful race, but still...

Rob and Brennan amaze me. They never get too upset. They are always nice to everyone. They are quiet and peaceful. If Team Guido are the 'bad guys' of this show, then Rob and Brennan are the 'good guys'. The old saying is the good finish last. Maybe this time the good will finish first.

DECEMBER 5, 2001 - Amazing Race: Episode 11

I wasn't looking forward to this episode. I was worried that Kevin and Drew would be eliminated. Which they were. Once again, Team Guido had the best luck. Kevin and Drew finished the final challenge -- the eating strange food challenge -- first. Yet, somehow Team Guido still gott a taxi first. Then, Team Guido made the right choice to stay in their taxi the longest, until it brought them to the right gate. Kevin and Drew made what turned out to be a mistake, when they got out of their taxi too early, and had to run around looking for the right gate.

It was exciting to watching Kevin and Drew "racing" through the streets against Team Guido. It was excellent.

Kevin and Drew had tears in their eyes at the end. I can't blame them. It was a hard race, and they just barely lost to Guido in the end. It was sad for them to lose, and sad for me to see the most fun part of the show gone.

NOVEMBER 27, 2001 - Amazing Race: Episode 10

Maybe it didn't matter that Nancy and Emily lost last week. Sure, it would have been nice for them to still be on the show... but it seems like they wouldn't have had a chance of winning the race even if they had stayed.

Soon into Episode 10, it started to become clear that the teams of Kevin and Drew, and Team Guido, were too far behind to have a good chance of winning Amazing Race. At one point in the show, I think it was said the two lead teams had a 15 hour lead over the two last place teams. Something like that.

This was the most demanding part of the race on their bodies, I think. Rock climbing and diving under the water, all in one episode.

I did love the rock climbing, and watching most teams have a member that thought they couldn't make it. It was a funny part of the show.

I still hope Kevin and Drew will win Amazing Race. But at this point, it seems unlikely. It's too bad. I still think they were the stars of the series. (Although, the Emily Hoyt fans on the internet might think differently.)

NOVEMBER 20, 2001 - Amazing Race: Episode 9: Nancy and Emily Cheated and Were Cheated

Nancy and Emily were eliminated in Episode 9. They continued to have bad luck (like losing to Team Guido for the Fast Forward, when they had a 50-50 chance to get it). They also made a bad choice: in one part of the show, when they thought they were out of the race for sure, they had to take a private car or bus, and they took a taxi. They were given a 24 hour penalty for doing this, and it cost them the race.

This is where they cheated, and the show cheated them. Sure, they broke the rules. But a 24 hour penalty?! No way in the world is that fair. Team Guido once got off a train, and took a taxi, when the show said contestants had to take a train. They got a penalty, but it certainly wasn't a 24 hour one. It was something like a few hours. That time I also think another team didn't use the train the full way, and they also didn't get a 24 hour penalty.

The rules aren't being used in a fair way in this show. Nancy and Emily were cheated. They should still be in the race. Team Guido, who by their great luck, won the Fast Forward, and finished the race last, should be gone. Maybe the producers wanted them in the show more than Nancy and Emily. From the footage shown of them on this show, they are portrayed as the villains. A good show needs villains. Why get rid of them yet, right?

NOVEMBER 19, 2001 - Big Brother Announcement:Will Kirby From Big Brother 2 Will Be on Regis and Kelly this Thursday (Nov. 22)

NOVEMBER 13, 2001 - Amazing Race: Episode 8: Part Two

Nancy and Emily and Team Guido

These two teams finished last. But last and first means nothing in this game. They normally let the teams start their new adventures in the night, when everything is closed. They all then have to wait until the morning for the places to open. So ending first or last in an adventure doesn't matter.

And when I say last, I'm talking about the teams that are left that don't get eliminated.

Nancy and Emily had the problem this episode that people didn't want to sell them train tickets, because they are women. It took them an hour and a half before they were able to find someone who would sell them one. I was surprised to see this, even though I maybe shouldn't have been, all things considered.

It was fun to see Team Guido sweat when they realized they missed the train, and would be very far behind. The best part of the show. After the rat temple, of course.

NOVEMBER 2, 2001 - Amazing Race: Episode 8: Part One

Temple of the Rats

The trip to India was very interesting, especially their visit to the Temple of the Rats. Imagine, a beautiful temple that was built for thousands of rats to live in, so people can go there and worship them.

I never dreamed that a place like this existed. It's a good thing that we have reality shows to let us know. See how educational reality shows can be!

Kevin and Drew

I though it was over for them this episode, when they lost their pass. It was great that it was still in the back pocket it was first put in. Embarrassing that they thought it was ever gone.

OCTOBER 31, 2001 - Amazing Race: Episode 7: Part Two

Nancy and Emily

In this episode, I thought they had met their end. When the mother was confused in the market, and far behind everyone else. Luckily, her daughter stayed common through all of the sadness they went through here. In the show, we got to see both of them cry. Nothing wrong with crying, especially when you get to make it to the next episode.

Team Guido

They played fair this time, and still did great. No matter what problem comes up, they always do great. Can anyone really beat them?

OCTOBER 25, 2001 - Amazing Race: Episode 7: Part One

Lenny the Hero

In Episode 7, the team of Lenny and Karyn were eliminated. Not only did Lenny have to face this trouble, but, then after discovering he lost, Karyn basically tells him that she wants to end their relationship. She gives belittling reasons for dumping Lenny. And Lenny stands there, and takes it like a man. He doesn't run Karyn down. Of course, he had lots of practice in the show at turning the other cheek. She complained a lot about his performance, and he would just take it.

I never disliked this team. But, they were never one of my favorites. And Lenny was never the reason. I liked Lenny.

Lenny was the hero and winner in the end, even if he was out of the race.

Kevin and Drew

Kevin and Drew put a scare into me at the airfield. I thought their choice of the hang glider was going to cost them the game. They were waiting to use it, while the other teams were biking across town. I thought this was the end for them!

OCTOBER 25, 2001 - Amazing Race: Episode 5 and 6

Comments on Episodes 5 and 6 of Amazing Race will be coming in the future. I promise!

OCTOBER 9, 2001 - Amazing Race: Episode 4

Episode 4 featured the teaming up of my two favorite teams, Kevin and Drew, and Nancy and Emily. Normally, these two teams do very poorly on Amazing Race. This time, they both did very well.

See, team work is the answer!

The team of the grandparents were eliminated. They had taxi problems, and it seems like that cost them the race.

Of all the teams, it seems like they enjoyed themselves the most. They weren't fighting with each other most of the time, like the other teams do, too.

SEPTEMBER 29, 2001 - Amazing Race: Episodes 2 and 3

While Episode 2 came on a week and a half ago, I'm going to comment on it now. One of the three teams I was hoping would win Amazing Race were eliminated. The team of Kim and Leslie. They played a little dirty, and still lost. In fact, that seems to be a theme in Amazing Race. Playing dirty doesn't seem to help. Team Guido played really dirty in Episode 3, and, it was the Episode they did the worst in. And, now they are really disliked by the other teams, and I'm sure they will pay for that in the future.

Episode 3 featured Pat & Brenda being eliminated. Now, in the first three episodes, two of the three all women teams are gone. And, the only other one, Nancy and Emily, are in last place. It seems like in Amazing Race, the couples who are always fighting do the best.

SEPTEMBER 28, 2001 - Amazing Race Features Return by Monday

SEPTEMBER 8, 2001 - Amazing Race: The Underdogs

I certainly picked the underdogs to cheer for in Amazing Race. As I said before, the team of Kevin and Drew (top left photo of this page) finished 9th out of 11 teams. The team of Nancy and Emily (top right photo) came in 10th out of 11. Only the team of Kim and Leslie (top middle photo) did okay. They came in 6th place.

I guess the good news is, only one of these teams can be voted out next time, and not all three. Although, the way they are playing, anything is possible!

SEPTEMBER 7, 2001 - Amazing Race: My Amazing Mistake

Well, did I ever make a mistake about the Amazing Race. I totally misunderstood what was written at it's main web site. I didn't think this thing was something filmed in the past. When I saw the people in New York City with snow on the ground, I knew I'd made a big mistake. Oops!

I did like the show. Maybe the different group's tasks weren't the most interesting ever thought up, but, some of the teams of two were very interesting to watch. The three teams I was the most interested in seeing all made it to the next round. The team I found the most interesting, Kevin and Drew, finished in 9th place out of 11 teams. I was worried for a while that the most interesting team would be the first to go.

The episode will be rerun on Sunday night.

SEPTEMBER 2, 2001 - The Amazing Race

Believe it or not, this site was first created to deal with the reality show concept. Since the site was first thought up, it really got away from that, and focused on other areas. (Although, the site's Big Brother 2 page is easily the most popular feature this site has.)

The site is now going to start to report on the Amazing Race. It seems like an interesting show, because we get to see it as it plays out. It's not something that was filmed in the past, like Survivor always is. So, that's one interesting part. Another interesting part is the Amazing Race web site will keep track of where the different teams of two people are in the world. I'm hoping this is a live feature. If it is, this really is a nice feature to have.

The Amazing Race is coming! Watch for it here!


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