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Here are some fun facts about the characters of NCIS! (Sources:,, and info gleaned from individual episodes)

Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon). Senior NCIS Special Agent. Former U.S. Marine (Gunnery Sergeant, ret.). Sniper in Panama and Desert Storm. Received a Silver Star for actions in Desert Storm. Special skills in interrogation and counter-intelligence. NCIS Weapons Instructor. Knowledgeable about all U.S. and Soviet Era small arms. He's won the Special Agent of the Year Award several years in a row, but never accepts them. Knows American Sign Language (ASL). Speaks Russian. First marriage to Shannon in 1982. Gibbs and Shannon had one daughter, Kelly, born in 1984. Shannon and Kelly (age 8) were murdered while Gibbs was away fighting in Desert Storm. He subsequently married and divorced three times (all redheads). One of his wives is named Diane. Ex-wife #2 married FBI agent Tobias Fornell. Ex-wife #3, Stephanie Flynn, once hit Gibbs over the head with a baseball bat. They were only married for 14 months, during which time they resided in Moscow. Gibbs and Jenny Shepard had an affair while they were partners in Europe. His current girlfriend is Lt. Col. Hollis Mann of Army CID. Gibbs spends his free time building a wooden boat in his basement. Sees it as his job to teach his "50 rules" to his subordinates (see details here). His mentor was NIS Agent Mike Franks (Ret.) from whom he learned much, including his famous gibbsslap. Gibbs consumes large amounts of coffee.

Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly). NCIS Special Agent. Majored in Physical Education at Ohio State. While in college Tony was a member of Alpha Chi Delta fraternity. He spent Spring Breaks carousing with his frat brothers in Panama City, FL. He worked for two years with the Peoria, IL Police Department and 18 months with the Philadelphia, PA Police Department. Homicide Detective with Baltimore, MD Police Department prior to joining NCIS. Crime scene sketch expert and trajectory expert. Speaks Spanish. Played both football and basketball at Ohio State. Favorite TV show is "Magnum, P.I." Magnum was his childhood hero. Tony has a fascination with popular culture. He likes to immitate Sean Connery and Jack Nicholson. Tony's father is a wealthy Swiss Army Knife importer. Tony takes his coffee with a lot of sugar and is quite proud of his Italian ancestry.

Donald "Ducky" P. Mallard (David McCallum). NCIS Chief Medical Examiner. Graduated from Eton College with honors and Edinburgh Medical School, Scotland, also with honors. He served as M.E. for the City of London Police, Scotland Yard and the territory of Hong Kong prior to becoming an American citizen. Expertise in all areas of his field, as well as some in other fields. Fluent in French, German, and Swahili. Certified French Pastry Chef. Still lives with his 96-year-old mother, Vanessa Mallard and four Welsh Corgis (Tyson, Contessa, and two others). In his younger days Ducky bore a striking resemblance to Illya Kuryakin of "The Man from U.N.C.L.E." He drives a vintage Morgan.

Ziva David (Cote de Pablo). Mossad Liaison Officer to NCIS. Speaks English, French, German, Italian, Arabic, Russian, and Hebrew. She often confuses English idioms. Drives very fast because it is "the best way to avoid IEDs and ambushes." This approach served her better in Israel than in the United States. DiNozzo and McGee prefer not to let her drive. She saved NCIS Director Jenny Shepard's life in Cairo in 2003. Shot and killed her half brother Ari Haswari, saving Special Agent Gibbs' life. Her father is the Deputy Director of the Mossad. She had a younger sister who was killed. Ziva has a photographic memory. She's a very good cook. Ziva hates models.

Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette). NCIS Forensic Specialist. Majored in Sociology, Criminology and Psychology at LSU and graduated with full honors. Master's degree from Georgia State University in Criminology and Forensic Science. Expert in materials analysis, ballistics, computer science, blood and tissue analysis, ground penetrating radar operator, and DNA analysis. Works best alone in her lab. Fluent in American Sign Language (both parents were deaf). Consumes mass quantities of CAFF-POW! a super caffeinated soda. Currently is involved in an nonexclusive relationship with Special Agent Timothy McGee. Allergic to polyester. Has numerous tattoos including an ornate cross on her back. Has a stuffed hippo named Bert who farts. She has one brother.

Tim McGee (Sean Murray). NCIS Special Agent. Master's degree in Computer Forensics from MIT. B.S. in Biomechanical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University. Transferred to NCIS Washington, DC from Norfolk Naval Station. DiNozzo calls him "Probie" and treats McGee in a borderline abusive way. McGee and Abby date on a sporadic, nonexclusive basis. To please Abby he got "Mom" tatooed on his behind. McGee is an aficionado of online Role Playing Games (e.g. "Elf Lord"). Reads Harry Potter books. Apparently he's a Star Trek fan, and speaks Klingon (although not fluently). He's left handed. McGee published a bestselling novel called "Deep Six" under the pen name of Thom E. Gemcity. At first he denied that he based his characters on his co-workers but later admitted it to the team.

Jenny Shepard (Lauren Holly). NCIS Director. Replaced Tom Morrow as NCIS Director in the fall of 2005. Director Shepard and Gibbs have a romantic past together. She owes Ziva David for saving her life in Cairo in 2003. Her father Jasper Shepard apparently committed suicide in 1995, however Jenny blames La Grenouille for his death.

Caitlin (Kate) Todd (Sasha Alexander). NCIS Special Agent. Went to law school for a year, but dropped out to become a Federal Agent. Before joining NCIS, Agent Todd was a Secret Service Agent (POTUS protection detail aboard Air Force One). Her Secret Service code name was Rosefern. She resigned after the Presidential "football" carrier she was dating was killed, and shortly thereafter joined NCIS. Expert in profiling, counterfeit bill analysis, and protection details. Sketch artist. Amateur figure skater. Three older brothers. Once won a wet t-shirt contest during spring break in Panama City, Florida. Special Agent Todd was killed in the line of duty by Ari Haswari in 2005.


1. Over Donald Bellisario's objection, CBS initially insisted that the show be titled Navy NCIS instead of NCIS thinking viewers would confuse it with CSI. Fortunately it's simply titled NCIS now.

2. The NCIS theme song is performed by Numeriklab.

3. As revealed in the January 9-15, 2006 issue of TV Guide(page 25), "NCIS' signature visual element is a black-and-white video image that brackets each act, accompanied by a noise that sounds like flashbulbs exploding. 'It's called the phoof,' explains Pauley Perette (Abby Sciuto). 'The P is silent.'"

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