Season Six Season Six

Bitter Fruit

"Uncorroborated accomplice testimony. That and $1.25 gets you on the subway."


Adam: "Who's hearing the motion?"
Jack: "Judge Connors."
Adam: "Oh, good. I don't think she subscribes [to the biker magazine]."

"A Dear John letter just doesn't suffice anymore."


"Objection. Assumes facts not in evidence."

"Although I'd like to pretend I'm Solomon, Miss Kincaid, I'm not. I'm just an elected official who hasn't slept the past three nights."


"You lost the dialing instructions for your phone?"

"The last new trick he learned was the twist."

"You climbed Everest in your shorts on a cold day."

Hot Pursuit

"Danielle Melnick--she ought to have you on retainer."


"Michelle Kates could convince a jury that Jeffrey Dahmer had an eating disorder."

"Where in your job description does it say you're supposed to be happy? Call Miss Kates, try talking faster than she does."


"Now people know more about his love life than they do about the war in Bosnia."

"I feel sorry for me...and every other married guy in the city when they go home tonight."

"That should keep a lot of car doors closed on the way home from the office."

"Your first homicide trial--a conviction, no room for appeal. You should be dancing in the streets."

"So instead of convicting Dr. Danforth, we should give his wife an Academy Award."

"All these years, I thought we were supposed to put the bad guys in jail!"


"Hate to be here when he actually learns what he's doing."

"Yeah, now we get to hear all about how the girl was abused by some drunken lesbian who was watching too much television."

Jack: "In this case, I doubt an abuse excuse would fly anyway."
Adam: "Considering we got a bunch of Einsteins on that jury."

Jack: "The Oprah-fication of America ended when the Menendez brothers weren't convicted. The pendulum has swung, Adam. People don't care about why anymore, they just care about what."
Adam: "Just get this over with before the pendulum swings back."

"This is a murder trial, not a theodicacy seminar!"

Blood Libel

"These officers--a couple of Chatty Kathys!"

"The woman was lowering the boom on his Princeton scholarship. He would have killed her if her name was McGinty."


"You have the victim and the confession, you want me to gift wrap it for you?"

"Munoz just crawled halfway out of the hole we dug for him thirty years ago. You hit him on the head with a shovel before he crawls all the way out." SHTP

Claire: "How many times do we want to retry Munoz?"
Adam: "As many times as it takes!"

"We're legally, morally, and ethically required to keep this information from him, and that's exactly what we're going to do."

Jack: "Didn't you tell me you never make this job personal?"
Adam: "I lied...second time in thirty years."

Corpus Delicti

"You've been reading your law journal upside-down."

"Wonderful. Dear Diary--Killed Ruth Thomas today and threw her body into a cesspool. Do you think he's that stupid?"

"Today's gotta be able to prove she wasn't abducted by aliens."

Jack: "He knew we were onto him. He might have flown the coop."
Adam: "And now after he's acquitted, he'll just stroll."


"Everybody's calling, from the Times to the Enquirer. What do I say about Andrew Dillard? 'Oops?'"

"If we're lucky, he may just ask for a pound of your flesh."

"If, if, if."

"You want to step into a pit of snakes and scorpions?"

Charm City (HLOTS crossover, Part One)

"We didn't make the system. We just try to survive within it."


Claire: "Have you read the file on Jenny Mays?"
Adam: "I'm sure I'm about to get a synopsis."

Claire: "Black and white adoptions are suddenly everyone's favorite whipping boy."
Adam: "Right along with this office."

"You won't find Paul Robinette hawking bean pies for Louis Farrakhan."


"This guy again? He never heard of a divorce lawyer?"

"So we have everything except Senor Cruz. Murder for hire without the three."

"Romeo, thy name is Dobson."

"So now Dobson's poster boy for 'When Bad Things Happen To Bad People.'"


"If, if, if."

Claire: "She said maybe she didn't lock the door after all."
Adam: "Which opens the door for eight million other suspects."


"Who the hell is running the police department, Anita Bryant?"

Claire: "The preliminary results on the blood found in Dixon's apartment. It belongs to Wells. Dixon probably got it on his shoe and tracked it back to his place."
Adam: "Wonderful. You can use it to track puppies."

"He commits murder and she mans the barricades. The love of my life must have skipped that vow."

Jack (sarcastically): "Thanks for the vote of confidence."
Adam: "Don't mention it."


Adam: "Isn't your theory of the crime getting to be like theirs? They say he's an outraged boyfriend, you say he's an outraged would-be boyfriend."
Jack: "There's a world of difference between a jealous lover and some horny bastard who's mad he can't get to first base."
Adam: "Eloquent. Can't wait for your closing argument."

"You don't want a killer who's more sympathetic than your victim."

"Scannel is a major drug dealer. This Johnny Stivers works for him. Stivers doles out drugs to Sharon Lasko. Wild idea, but her death just might have something to do with drugs."

Adam: "A story for Sophocles."
Jack: "Or Larry, Curly, and Moe."
Adam: "Yeah, I always loved those guys."


"He's not getting a lollipop for killing a woman in her sleep."

(to Claire): "Who made you this boy's fairy godmother?"


"Crack open the piggy bank, see what tumbles out."

Adam: "Enterprise corruption, very creative. You do realize that the statute was intended to be used against organized crime."
Jack: "This was organized prostitution."
Adam: "For the purpose of selling shoes. Not exactly Al Capone."

"Where'd you do your graduate work, law school or West Point?"

Claire: "There is a school of thought that a woman owns her own body for the purposes of recreation and procreation. She also has the right to sell it."
Adam: "And where is this school located?"

Pro Se

"No comment? If you were trying to chum the waters, congratulations."

Jack: "Then why didn't he plead insanity?"
Adam: "Because he's insane?"

Claire: "Three people dead and you're counting pennies?"
Adam: "I can count bodies as well as pennies!"

"She can do other cases, she can take a cruise, she can plant a garden. I couldn't care less!"

"You'll be lucky if they don't convict her."


"Judge Beth Krieger....she always wanted to be a learned hand."

Jack: "She's the only one who had opportunity."
Adam: "Just like that Swiss nanny in Westchester. Right now, she's skiing down the Alps and drinking hot cocoa."

"Find me twelve citizens who think a woman's place is closing billion dollar deals in Chicago."

"Go to tea. Offer her a crumpet."

"Uh-oh, this wouldn't be good news?"

"Just because he's a kid doesn't mean he has to be handled with kid gloves."


Reporter: "And you've since changed your mind [about the death penalty]?"
Adam: "The people changed theirs."

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