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Have you dreamed about Harm & Mac getting married? Have you wondered how that first time they confessed each other their love would be? Are you curious to read how Harm & Mac would be as parents? Or maybe you would just like to cry, laugh or suffer as our favorite JAG characters are taken through a world of fantasy in the incredible Harm & Mac stories written by fellow shippers.

Here is the list of stories that can be found at the fan fic sites. Romantic, funny, sad, intriguing, touching, adventurous, many shippers around the 'net' have written what we would like to see on 'JAG'. Not all shipper fan fics are listed here, but some of our favorites are. Also, we will let you know of the new stories released each month!

New Stories as of April 25th

Author: Imasasywif@aol Title: "Love and Marriage" Author: Jennifer Dykes Title: "Light of My Life" Author: Anne Title: "The Gift of Love" Author: Kylie Webb Title: "Terms of Engagement" Author: AbiRani Title: "Blizzard: The Surprise" Author: Traci Smith Title: "Great Sacrifice" Author: Sandra Martinez Title: "Harmful Rabb" Author: Jennifer Dykes Title: "Random Act of Kindness" Author: Jennifer Dykes Title: "Sunshine on My Shoulder" Author: Kathleen Klatte Title: "Sunday Matinee" Author: Sandra Martinez Title: "Destiny" Author: Jennifer Dykes Title: "For the Love of a Child" Author: JenLTurner Title: "The Dance" Author: Animal Chikamori Title: "To Help an Old Friend" Author: Jennifer Dykes Title: "Step by Step" Author: Animal Chikamori Title: "Honey, I'm Home!" Author: Kathleen Klatte Title: "All For Love" Author: padmarsh Title: "Saturday Night: Baby Love" Author: padmarsh Title: "Jordan Parker Goes Down While Major Mackenzie Goes Up" Author: Melanie Title: "Mail Call" Author: Heather Nabers Title: "Old Friends and New Loves" Author: Erin Schipper Title: "A Shipper's Dream" Author: PRTLUVSPSU Title: "Mac is Back" Author: Melina Title: "Partners in Love" Author: Jennifer Dykes Title: "A Day in the Life" Author: JenLTurner Title: "Recovery" Author: Gabrielle Title: "Stick Together" Author: JenLTurner Title: "Discovery"

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List of our favorite stories:

(authors in alphabetical order)
Author: Allison            Title:Hero's Whisper   
Summary: One of the JAG characters gets in a serious accident which has some 
disastrous and amazing consequences. 
Author:Carol Cooper        Title:"Revelations" 
Summary: A followup to "To Russia With Love," it shows us what 
might happen to Harm 
and Mac stranded in the wilderness alone together. 
Author:Carol Cooper        Title:"Retrospection"
Summary: Charming sequel to "Revelation," where Harm finds his 
father, and more in
Russia. Can even Mac help him deal with everything that he's 
discovered on this journey?
Author:Carol Cooper        Title:"Reconciliation"
Summary: The final installment of the trilogy. Mac and Harm return with expectations 
of facing their lives and feelings together, only to have that thwarted by Harm's 
unexpectedly finding her with another man. A dramatic and riveting story,
one that explores the depths of trust, friendship and passion.
Author: Jennifer Dykes     Title:"The Search"
Summary: When Mac's plane crashes Harm must battle the elements of winter to find her.
Author: Jennifer Dykes     Title:"Memories Lost"
Summary:  Mac's father returns without his memory and seems to be a new person. Will it last?
Author: Jennifer Dykes     Title:"Connections"
Summary:  Mac's mother shows up and steals A.J.'s heart.
Author:Jill Endacott       Title: All I Have 
Summary: An accident makes Harm and Mac deal with the strength of their love. 
Author:Jill Endacott       Title: "Tremors"
Summary: An intense and dramatic story that finds Mac and Harm trapped by a disaster.
As they face the possibility of their own mortality, they also just face their feelings
for each other.
Author:Jill Endacott       Title:"You Move Me"
Summary: A charity talent show finds all the Jag staff working to benefit the less 
fortunate. Harm, though, has no clue what to do, until Mac inspires him. 
Author:Jill Endacott       Title:"Every Picture Tells a Story"
Summary: A touching look at a photo album reveals much about Harm and Mac's feelings 
and about their levels of committment to their relationship. 
Author:Laura B. Goates     Title:Old Ghosts and New Beginnings  
Summary: Story takes place after  Harm &Mac; return home fom Russia empty handed.
Author:Laura B. Goates     Title:Transitions 
Summary: What happend between Wedding Blues & TRWL. 
Author:Marge Helsper       Title:Dress Whites and Gold Wings 
Summary: As they handle some delicate negotiations involving the Drug Lord Estrugas, 
Mac and Harm come to terms with their feelings about each other. Mac deals with Dalton! 
Author:Marge Helsper       Title:Harm 'n' Mac 
By Marge Helsper 
Summary: Harm and Mac are friends and colleagues.  Yet as they help each other over
their hurts at the loss of their 'significant others', the friendship begins to blossom into something else. 
Author:Marge Helsper       Title:"We Really Need to Talk About" 
Summary: For Harm/Mac 'shippers, here's some "closure" for the "Kiss versus near-Kiss" 
discussion.  There's a case for Harm and Mac to solve, as well. 
Author:Sheryl Humpreys     Title:I Will Always Love You" 
Summary: An old friend of Mac's comes to Washington. Will she steal Harm's heart?
A work in progress.
Author:Kathleen Klatte     Title:"A Walk in the Garden Series" 
Summary: This is a comprehensive collection of 27 stories dealing with the evolution 
of the Harm/Mac friendship/romance. Also we get glimpses into the romantic lives of their
friends. Did you ever wonder who the perfect mates were for AJ or Webb? Find out here.
Author:Kathleen Klatte     Title:"New Garden Series"    
Summary: 7 serial stories set 20 years in the future, Harm and Mac deal with their children and 
married life after a lifetime together. Touching and endearing domestic portrait.
Author:Kathleen & Kerrington Title:"Promise Stories"
Summary:  Scenes from Mac and Harm's romance and getting closer.
Author:Kathleen & KerringtonTitle"Promise Me Forever"-Series
Summary: Near death Harm has a glimpse of his future. Stories that deal with Mac and Harm's 
wedding and honeymoon.
Author:Kathleen Klatte    Title:"Mwelu"    
Summary: A fabulous story about Mac nursing Harm back to
health after an accident. Shows them discovering and 
trying to define feelings. 
Author:Kristina L. Larsen Title:"Discovery of the Heart" 
Summary:Harm/Mac - Harm gets his head out of his *six*, but is it 
too late? 
Author:Kristina L. Larsen  Title:"A Night in the Life" 
Summary: Harm and Mac . . . a night in separate lives . . . great 
minds think alike! 
Author:MajMac & Kathy      Title>"Facing Truths"
Summary: Mac must face the truths about 2 men in her life. Which one will come through for her?
Author:MajMac & Kathy      Title"Feeling Truths" Summary: Harm and Mac's plans to deal with 
the aftermath of their revelations about each other are cut short by her out of town assignment. 
Harm has plans to declare himself, but she's not around. A new friend gives her enhanced 
perspective about her feelings. 
Author: Sandra Martinez    Title:"Gold Wings"    
Summary: Beginning of a series that starts as a follow up to "To Russia With Love" 
episode. It finds Harm missing and Mac trying to deal with the loss. He has left 
her a remembrance and finally lets her know how he feels, but is that a comfort?
Author:Sandra Martinez     Title:"The Look in Their Eyes"    
Summary: Sequel to "Gold Wings". After time has passed, Harm's friends find evidence 
that he might still be alive in Russia. Encouraged, Mac leads them in an heroic 
rescue effort, but will they be in time?
Author:Sandra Martinez     Title:"In Cold Blood"    
Summary: Follows right after the above two. An old enemy is after Harm, but he injures
Mac instead. How will Harm deal with the possibility of losing everything he holds dear?
Author:Sandra Martinez      Title:"Survivors"    
Summary: The fourth and final installment in this series. Harm nd Mac are finally
married, but are they both committed to the relationship? It would appear not
when Mac disappears on their wedding night. This story is heavy-laden with 
emotion and suspense. 
Author:Sandra Martinez      Title:"Life Sentence" 
Summary: When Mac is accused of murder, how far will Harm go to protect her? 
If he can't, who will? 
Author:Rick Mitchell        Title:"Just A Kiss" 
The 'morning after' the "Death Watch" episode.
Author:Maureen S. O'Brien   Title: Designated Driver 
Summary: Mac drives Harm home. 
Author:Maureen S. O'Brien   Title: Office Pool 
Summary: Gambling in the workplace. Tsk, tsk, tsk.  What'll Chegwidden do 
when he finds out? (What's the bet about? Harm & Mac!) 
Author:Maureen S. O'Brien   Title: Red and Green 
Summary: Two holidays fall on the same day. 
Author:Karen Rutherford     Title:The Plan
Summary: A Novel- piece. Watch as they dodge bombs, spys, ransacked apartments 
and their latest challenge - children? A work in progress.
Author:Terri J               Title:"Old Flame;New Spark"(trilogy)  
Summary: A chance encounter with an old girlfriend forces Harm and Mac to face 
their growing feelings.
Author:Terri J               Title:"Fanning the Flames"
Summary: Mac and Harm must face and define their new feelings,but when those feelings
tear them apart, only the aid of dear friends can put them back together again.
Author:Terri J               Title:"Full Blaze"
Summary: Harm and Mac decide how to handle their new relationship and how to keep
it secret from cocerned and well-meaning friends. A fitting and romantic conclusion
to this series!
Author:Terri J               Title:"This Kiss"
Summary: A popular song inspires reaction from Harm and Mac to each other!  
Author:Greg Tsugawa         Title:"Of Fallen Heroes" and "The Call of Duty"
Summary:Two related stories set in the future, about Harm and Mac dealing with
tragedy within their family.
Author:Greg Tsugawa         Title:"Visions of the Past"
Summary: After an arguement and a serious accident,Harm and Mac experience dreams 
that make each understand the other better and bring them closer together.  
Author:Greg Tsugawa         Title:"New Lives"
Summary: Mac's sudden illness brings her closer together with her new husband. 
But what's causing her symptoms?
Author:Greg Tsugawa         Title:"Love and Devotion"
Summary: While expecting their first child, Harm and Mac are forced to go 
through some startling lifestyle changes. How far will they go to protect each other, 
and their child? A fun and touching look at family life.

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