Loryn's 11 - More Police Characters

Capt/Col. George Barnfather & Col. Ned Grainger (Clayton LeBoeuf & Gerald F. Gough) - The guys in charge. They're in charge of the Criminal Investigaton Division. Grainger was Colonel for a long time, but a plumbing contract incident with his in-laws forced him to retire. Barnfather was brought in from the outside as a captain & became Colonel upon Grainger's retirement. Both men work very hard for the Homicide guys as long as they get the needed closure rates.

Det./Capt. Roger Gaffney (Walt MacPherson) - Former Second Shift detective who was transferred to Missing Persons by Russert after he destroyed a potential crime scene in the White Glove murders. "Helped" Beau look for his kids. Gaffney was promoted over Gee to Captain as payback to Gee by Deputy Commissioner Harris. He really hates Frank and manages to insult absolutely everyone whenever he gets the chance. He's stubborn, prejudiced, short-sighted, ambitious, and interested only in covering his own butt at the expense of everyone & everything else. He wanted Lewis demoted back to a district radio car after his suspension.

Lt. Jasper (Gary D'Addario) - Head of QRT (Quick Response Team). He does not like to let control go to another unit, if he can help it, which he usually can't. FYI, D'Addario is the real-life Gee & the show's technical advisor.

Sgt. Mark Deutch (Richard Pilcher) - Uniform sergeant, not sure which sector.

Det. Willard Higby (Beau James) - a Second Shift detective who was rotated to Missing Persons. He desperately wants to transfer back to Homicide.

Officer Anne Schanne (Julie Lauren) - a uniform who often works the crime scene with our Homicide guys.

Sgt. Sally Rogers - another uniform who often works the crime scenes.

Officer Jeff Westby (Granville Adams) - a another uniform who works the crime scenes with the guys.

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