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The Book - Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets by David Simon

The Bible for fans of the show. As a result of what must have been very extensive negotiations with BCPD officials, Mr Simon was allowed to follow Lt. Gary D'Addario's shift detectives for a full year. He was allowed unprecedented access to interrogations, autopsies, crime scenes, and the detectives' lives. He's now a staff writer on H:LotS & has written at least 1 episode of NYPD Blue. (We'll forgive him since it was a good one.) This book's well worth the read for any fan of the show or of true crime. Many of the real cases were turned into stories for the show. Coming soon - Cases from the book that have been used on the show!

Show CharacterBook Basis
Lt. Alphonse GiardelloLt. Gary "Dee" D'Addario
Lt. Roger NealLt. Robert Stanton
Det. Timothy BaylissDet. Tom Pellegrini
Det. Meldrick LewisDet. Donald Waltemeyer
Det. John MunchSgt.Jay Landsman & Det. David Brown
Det. Francis PembletonDet. Harry Edgerton
Det. Sgt. Kay HowardDet. Rich Garvey & Det. Bertina Silver
Det. Stanley BolanderDet. Donald "Big Man" Worden
Det. Steven CrosettiSgt. Terry McLarney
Det. Beaureagard FeltonDet. Donald Kincaid
James H. BrodieDavid Simon
Dr. Julianna CoxMD State Chief M.E. John Smialek
Dr. Alyssa DyerDr. Julia Goodin
ASA Edward DanversASA Tim Doory
ASA Maggie ConroyASA Howard Gersh
Darin Russom, Esq.Paul Polansky, Esq.
Judge Susan AandahlJudge Elsbeth Bothe

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