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Connie Hines was born on June 5, 1936 in Dedham, Massachusetts. One of four children, her mother was once and actress and her father a teacher at a Boston school. She married young and after it ended in divorce, returned to her dream of becoming an actress. While working as a secretary at a Jacksonville, Florida insurance agency she was featured in the company's television commercials. That work led to more commercials and the money she earned from those ads and some theatre work paid for acting lessons.

Prior to Mister Ed she made guest appearances on such shows as M Squad and The Untouchables. She also starred in the 1960 movie Thunder in Carolina with Alan Hale, Jr. (Gilligan's Island) in a supporting role. During her stint as Carol Post, she also appeared on an episode of Perry Mason.

In 1969 she did an episode of Bonanza. She looked forward to playing deeper, more dramatic roles. "It is quite a satisfaction at last to have something more to say than 'Wilbur, lunch is ready.'" she said while promoting her Bonanza appearance. "Let's face it, the horse was the star. I was the straight man. The only straight man in the cast. Once in a while I would do a personal appearance to bolster my morale. And invariably some kid in the audience would holler, 'Hey, where's the horse?'."

Despite any frustrations she may have had, she truly enjoyed her time on the show and remembers it with fondness. Today she can be seen alongside Alan Young at conventions reminiscing with fans and signing autographs.


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