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Welcome to Hank's


Welcome to my place on the web, dedicated to one of the funniest and yet most intelligent shows on TV today: Frasier! NBC took what had been originally a recurring character on Cheers (and later on, a series regular) and moved him back home to Seattle. There, he had his cantankorous old father, Martin, move in with him and began to spend time with his wimply younger brother Niles. They give him a new career as a radio psychaitrist, a sassy producer named Roz and an English physical therapist named Daphne. The result was a great blend of wit, humor and all around silliness that makes my Thursday nights full of laughs!

Updates Galore (as of 07/06/2000)!

Click on the "Rate Frasier!!!" link to rate one of your favorite shows, along with a lot of other things! I'm also in the process of writing another Frasier/Millennium crossover fanfic, due to the great feedback I got on the first one. This time, Frasier and Niles are consulting Psychiatrists on one of Frank's cases. This will highlight their knowledge of criminology--which is part of the typical required cirriculum for those majoring in Psychology or on a pre-med track for psychiatry. I'll post what I've done in the next month or two.

Frasier Sent Back to Tuesdays

After checking many of the other Frasier sites, I have found that I am not the only one who isn't happy with NBC's decision to send Frasier back to Tuesday nights at 8:00 PM Central Time /9 PM elsewhere. Frasier is NBC's highest rated comedy and it belongs in the Thursday 8 PM timeslot, where Seinfeld and Cheers resided before it. Will & Grace,while a funny show, doesn't belong in the time slot reserved for the best of the best. If NBC wants to be the king of Thursday night Television, here is my suggested schedule (all times are Central Time):

7:00 Friends
7:30 Will & Grace
8:00 Frasier
8:30 Just Shoot Me!
9:00 ER

Tell me what you think!

Above is the cast of Frasier: Kelsey Grammer, as Dr. Frasier Crane. David Hyde Pierce (a female fan favorite) as Dr. Niles Crane. Jane Leeves as physical therapist Daphne Moon. John Mahoney (you'll remember him as Ione Skye's dad in Say Anything) as Martin Crane. And last (but not least!) Peri Gilpen as Roz Doyle.

Comments on: "Something Borrowed--Someone Blue" aired 05/18/2000

On the days leading up to her wedding, Daphne professes to Frasier that she thinks about Niles all the time. He convinces her to talk to Niles about her feelings and just as she is about to, Niles has a surprise of his own -- he has just eloped with Mel. Frasier feels terrible about the situation and confronts Daphne who is now claiming that her feelings were just wedding jitters. But there is no mistaking the way that Niles and Daphne looked at each other and Frasier sets the romance in motion by telling Niles about Daphne's feelings. Niles declares his love for Daphne and tells her that he'd leave Mel in an instant if she felt the same about him. She does, but she tells him that they can't do that to Donny and Mel and says that the wedding will proceed. Just when things look like the end for Niles and Daphne, there comes Daphne in her wedding dress to run off with Niles in a Winnebago.

This episode had a lot of guffaws, but at the same time it was more serious than most. We finally see Daphne's mother--as hideous as described. She meets Frasier thinking he's Donny saying "Thank you for taking her off our hands. We were beginning to think that she'd never find a young man." When Donny comes forward and the mistake is corrected, Mrs. Moon says "And I see she hasn't."

We get another dose of the awful Simon, as well as the rest of Daphne's brothers, all carrying on and drinking like a bunch of Soccer hooligans. During a segment where Niles and Daphne were finally trying to talk, everyone keeps on coming in from different doors. Daphne finally screams "Don't any of these damn doors lock?"

A few incidental sad moments take place: apparently the Ballantine Brewery is shutting down. Martin is philosophical about the whole thing saying "You never really appreciate something until it's gone." This helps spur Frasier on to get Niles and Daphne to confess their feelings to eachother.

At the end after sharing a BAD bottle of wine, Daphne shows up at the Winnebago where Niles is sulking and says "Do you have time for a date, NILES???"

Of course there's all kinds of implications about this. Niles may have fallen asleep and it's a dream produced by the bad wine. They may do the "It was just a dream" bit like during Niles' Christmas massage. If they do go through with running off, they'd better high-tail it to Nevada so Niles can file a quickie no-fault divorce, otherwise Mel will hire Donny, who could easily take Niles to the cleaners! (While this would be a conflict of interest for an attorney in real life, artistic license allows us to bend this rule for the sake of a TV show's plot!)

On an odd note, there were no closing scenes and "Tossed Salads & Scrambled Eggs" wasn't played at the end of this episode. This may have some hidden meaning we have yet to fathom. Hmmmm....

Funny Stuff!

To your left, you see a very funny promo picture of Daphne and Niles. For the past 7+ years, we've seen Niles fall over himself, drop his jaw, drool and make a fool of himself anytime Daphne says something that turns him on! He's had such a crush on her, that most fans are ready for something to happen. We all saw the season ender, with the two of them running away in the Winnebago. I am hoping this isn't one more red herring, just like all the others that have been thrown our way.

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