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Crank Yankers Fan Page: Episode 11

Vietnam Vet Dick Birchum is calling about a job with a security company. Learned how to kill in Vietnam. "You're not going to hire a guy who can wear a blindfold and tear down an AK-47 in four Minutes, you're not gonna hire that guy?"

Niles has many questions about "Caulk". "Now the black caulk, is that bigger?"

Katie and Kevin Kimmel need to make confessions. Katie stole a brush. Kevin stuck a bar of soap up his butt. "But I put it back!" "I can't take him grocery shopping. Apples, Peaches, Pears, it's up there!".

Hadassah calls a casino looking for her $25 chip. Nothing fitting that description has been turned in. "I get this game, this is how you make money. I lose, you find!". The casino worker hangs up on her.

A friend of his told him that Helen would enjoy some beads from a dirty store. Elmer is appalled that jewelry would be made of plastic, and the employee has to assure him they aren't for wearing, they're an adult toy. "Sir, they're anal beads."

Ed calls a record store looking for "That song". "It goes ba ba ba boo, ugh! Yay. You sing it, lady."