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addition details on TV with some series.

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Dr Finlay's Casebook - BBC7 2003 broadcasts  added 11 October 2003
Paul Temple and the Alex Affair added October 2003

Guilty Party  added September 2003
Brothers In Law added September 2003
Agatha Christie 2002 & 2003 series added. Personal Call details added 3 September 2003

Paul Temple
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Doctor Finlay's Casebook
PC 49
Miss Marple
Agatha Christie
Appointment With Fear Fear On 4
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Dr Finlay: Adventures of A Black Bag A New page covering both series. Black Bag added 2 April 2003
Maigret details of 2002 BBC series added 2 April 2003
Philip Odell Page Updated &  New page - full episode Listing. Odell Serials added 2 April 2003
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Fear On 4 page added 5 May 2002
Raffles page added 24 April 2002
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Maigret page added March 2002
All Gas and Gaiters clerical comedy on both TV & radio with Derek Nimmo  added November 18 2001.
Dick Barton - Special Agent a 2nd page and images  added November 2001.
Agatha Christie other dramas  added August 2 2001.
Hercule Poirot featuring John Moffatt added July 31 2001.
Paul Temple a new section on the BBC TV series starring Francis Matthews added on July 24 2001.
Also an article added to the Gilbert Page on July 22.
Miss Marple starring June Whitfield added on July 20 2001.
Richard Hannay in The Thirty Nine Steps added on May 24 2001.
Paul Temple 3 new pages; Cast details for Conrad and Spencer; Full Synopsis for News of Paul Temple added on 8 April 2001.
Lord Peter Wimsey page on radio broadcasts before Ian Carmichael series updated 1 April 2001.
New page on the forgotten radio detective Philip Odell added on 11 February 2001.
New page on P. C. 49 added on 2 March 2001.
West updated & 4 pages on Lord Peter Wimsey added on Nov. 20. The Radio Detectives all Series 3 entries added Dec. 15.
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