Flames of Life: The Story

Calvin Gilliland is pushed out the door by his parents towards his first day of school. Taking his guitar with him he begins his junior year. His life ( as a band geek) is filled wtih two loves music and Megan. Megan barely notices him, and music eludes him as his lyrics are being sung by others and he is left in the dark.

Braxton Batchellor strolls down the hallways of school. Known for his performing talents, Braxton is familiar with the spotlight. His newest accomplishment is becoming the lead singer in Calvin's brothers garage band. His rebelious reputation leaves him the object of affection of many especially Megan. His confident shell hides a secret soul that he can't bare to show, or face.

Megan often looks behind her. Former nerd, she had a metamorphesis over the last summer. She has always had a beautiful voice but now has the looks to go with it. Though with her newfound beauty, she has also discovered a vain side to herself. She often reflects, but is so overwhelmed by her sudden success that she cannot see whether her change was for the better or worse.

Agnes St. Clair slumps as she walks down the hallway. Constantly writing her poetry, she is deeper than those around her. Though most of her poetry consists of love poems no one, she writes about all aspects of life. Though often overwhelmed with depression, her views are often the most realistic.

Sasha Sanchez likes to walk hand in hand. Head of the school newspaper, Sasha is used to positions of power.Heading off to Stanford after her senior year, she knows exactly where she is going. Tough, Cold, and often loud, she is a voice of authority. When it comes to relationships, she is codependant. Totally devoted to Jericho, her boyfriend, she already has wedding bells in her mind.

Jericho Tambourri is still struggling with school. He was never really good at school work or even school in general. His motivation comes from his photography. He only keeps his grades up so he can continue taking pictures for the school yearbook. Obsessed with his hobby, he often puts his relationship with Sasha in the background. His obsession comes from the fact that his picutes are a search for something in life that he does not know yet.

Nate Jones always has a crowd following him down the halls. Quarterback of the football team, he is easily the most popular boy in the school. ( At least during football season) His life is ruled by sex, alcohol,music, and drugs.His only other accomlishment is singing in a garage rock band with Calvin's brother Dylan. His torrid lifestyle keeps any girl from really wanting anything more meaningfull than a one night stand.

Cynthia Tagawa walks alone. As a freshman, all experiences are new to her. With her family constantly moving around, she has never had a time to connect with anyone and is not used to having friends. This all started when her grandparents were killed in Japan in a nerve gas bombing.Her family came to America to give her a better life, though have been struggling ever since. Her closest relationship is with her journal and her bible. The kindness in her heart is often attacked internally by the urge to get out and break the rules. She just wants to have the world she sees other kids having.

Calvin wants so much for this to be his year. He wants popularity, wants to sing and most of all wants Megan. Jericho wants to please Sasha, ( A task that is getting harder and harder.) yet is also coming to terms with his sexuality. Braxton dodges advances from Megan while pursuing his acting dreams. He is loved by many. Yet finds himself in love with the only person he can never have, his best friend Calvin. Nathaneal finds a freshman every year to corrupt. Introducing a girl to his world is a tradition of his. The year looks bleak, and then he meets Cynthia...... All eight of their lives churn and mix as their journeys lead them to face their parents, teachers and each other. And in the end they all find that sometimes living their lives in such a way is pointless and dangerous....as pointless and dangerous as a candle in the rain.

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