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" Then... "

Jonathan Taylor Thomas just 10 when he completed first episode of Home Improvement. What's more, he already had a rather lengthy resume ! He began his career with on to TV commericals- Burger King, Kellogs and Canon to name a few ! He even did a short lived series, The Bradys, based on a grouwn up Brady Bunch !

" NOW... "

  • Jonathan, I just CAN'T believe THAT...
  • He's come a long way baby !
    Jonathan , who turned 17 on September 8, and still enjoying Home Improvement, has almost half a dozen feature films under his belt, including Lion King, Man of The House, Pinocchio and most recently, Wild America ! With college just around the corner, Jonathan hopes to study directing and acting !

    Real name
    Jonathan Taylor Weiss


    Date of Birth (location)
    8 September 1981, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA.

    5' 4"

    Startin'Out : As a little tike, JTT modeled for print ads,
    ten graduated to TV commercials and a small role on a Brady Bunch special.
    He hit pay dirt with the role of Randy on Home Improvement.

    Love Status: This busy babe began dating this past year most notably,
    he squired Dr. Quinn's Jessica Bowman and had Nicki Hale
    on his arm at the Cableace Awards in November. But he's definitely not
    in the settling down mode yet !
    "I'm just a normal teenage guy when it comes to dating," he confesses.
    "It's something I enjoy doing, but it's something that kind of gets pushed
    to the side, because I'm so busy with other stuff."

    The future's looking bright for his popular

    and talented 17 years old. JTT's got major plans for his future. They inslude taking time off from acting when he begins cillege in a couple of years Northwestern, Carnegie Mellon and Yale are his achool of choice and has his sights set on directing some day.
    "My plan is to go college, study performing acts, theater, philosophy, literature, then shift behind the camera to directing and producting..."

    Sindle and new to the dating scene,

    Jtt has dated actress Jessica Bowman and more recently was spotted with Nicki Hale. He admits to being a romantic at heart and has revealed that his KISS took place on the beach at NIGHT !!!

    This spring. he'll work on a new movie,

    a romantic comedy called I won't Be Home For Christmas which he calls a "change - up" from his privious movies.
    I'm at a point now where I need to take some step forward," he says...
    "People will just have to be ready for it..."

    Jonathan Taylor Thomas Fan Club
    18711 Tiffeni Drive
    Suite 17203
    Twain Harte, CA 95383-9657


    1.Wild America (1997) . . . Marshall Stouffer
    2."Oz Kids, The" (1996) TV Series . . .Scarecrow, Jr.
    3.Adventures of Pinocchio, The (1996) (voice) .. . Pinocchio
    4.Christmas in Oz (1996) (voice) . . . Scarecrow Jr.
    5.Nome Prince and the Magic Belt, The (1996)(voice) . . . Scarecrow Jr.
    6.Toto Lost in New York (1996) (voice) . . .Scarecrow Jr.
    7.Who Stole Santa? (1996) (voice) . . .Scarecrow Jr
    8.Man of the House (1995) . . . Ben Archer
    9.Tom and Huck (1995) . . . Tom Sawyer
    10.Lion King, The (1994) (voice) . . . Young Simba
    11."Home Improvement" (1991) TV Series . . .Randy William Taylor

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  • Jonathan Tailor Thomas is a nice guy -not that there's anything wrong with that. But this summer, he'll be exhibiting a wild streak.

    comments: JTT, the guy everyone seems to love. Jonathan got his start in the biz as a print model in Sacramento, CA. He did TV commercials at age 5 for Mattel, Kellogs and Burger King, and got his first acting role at 8 as Greg Brady's son in a TV special "The Bradys". A busy boy, he has also done voice overs for cartoons and video games such as Itsy Bitsy Spider, Spot The Dog, The Ivy Cottage and Scooters Magic Castle. His claim to fame came in 1990, when he landed the part of Randy Taylor in "Home Improvement". His film career has included the voice Simba in The Lion King , a part opposite Chevy Chase in Man of the House , and the role of Tom Sawyer, opposite Brad Renfro in Tom and Huck . He's just finished filming his latest film, Wild America , and continues his stint on "Home Improvement". And, even at the age of 15, he has a (unauthorized) biography out in print: Jonathan Taylor Thomas is Totally Yours . It's amazing how far someone like JTT can go.

    Jonathan Taylor Thomas Home Improvement

    "I just hope to get better each year and to continue to grow as an actor
    and learn more about the craft. In school, I'am taking a lot of tough courses
    and I'll hopefully continue todo well in them. I'd just like to be living life to
    the fullest and be a giving person- that's the ultimate Goal."

    OUR HERO... Jonathan would love a chance to save the day in a scary film !!!

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