Sela Facts

Birth Name: Sela Ann Ward
Place of Birth
: Meridian,MS
Date of Birth
: July 11th 1956.
Name Meaning
: 5'7"
Fave Color
: Blue
Fave song
: Whiter Shade of Pale
First Film Role
: Janet in "The Man Who Loved Women"
Claim to Fame: Film
-"The Fugitive" as Helen Kimble
: Dated TV's MacGyver, Richard Dean Anderson for 3 years
Was engaged to Peter Weller
Now married+2 (Anabella and Austin) to Howard Sherman

More Trivia Facts:
::Sela auditioned to be a Bong girl but was rejected because she was "too old"::

::Appeard in the Muppets' "She Drives Me Crazy" music video::

::Graduated from the University of Alabama in 1977::

::Was homecoming queen and a Crimson cheerleader at college::

::Both of Sela's parents fought cancer. Her moher Annie Ward past away 2/12/02::

::Played Teddy Reed in "Sisters" (91-96) and won 2 Golden Globes for her role (1992,1994).She also won the Emmy award for her role as Teddy in 1994. In 1996 she won People Chise Award::

pics of sela
pics of sela