Ephiny Sounds

(These sounds are all links to ones found On Tom's Xena Page or the stardust Xena Sounds Page. We are much Indebted.)

 = sound in .wav file
= movie in .mov or .avi file

Hooves AND Harlots

 Gab's response to Ephiny's comment is not quite as innuendo laden without the meaningful glances, but still… http://www.xenafan.com/sounds/gabhnh07.wav

 Gabrielle engages in one sided conversation with Ephiny and Phantes (both significantly mellowed). http://www.xenafan.com/sounds/gabhnh08.wav

 Hmmm…Gabrielle as Ephiny's pet! Oi! http://www.xenafan.com/sounds/gabhnh01.wav

Spot the Xena-Ephiny subtext… http://www.xenafan.com/sounds/xenhnh01.wav or http://dwarf.simplenet.com/avi/staring.avi

 Melosa, wise and regal (former) queen has a little talk with Gabrielle about self-preservation: http://www.xenafan.com/sounds/melhnh01.wav

 Terreis and Gab speak of deviance, but wouldn't that be parchment, not paper? http://www.xenafan.com/sounds/terhnh01.wav

 Terreis says something you will find amusing if your mind is in the gutter-- and lo! a subtext was born! http://www.xenafan.com/sounds/terhnh02.wav

 Ruin your own crop festival: http://www.xenafan.com/sounds/hnhdance.wav

 Wisdom from the mouth of Phantes, though if you think about it, if Amazons aren't known for asking questions, then if it looks like a hydra and moves like a hydra, she's probably not an Amazon… http://www.xenafan.com/sounds/phahnh01.wav

 Not any real Ephiny dialogue, but it is my favorite episode and a cute dialogue as Gabby tells Xena she's an Amazon princess… AND Eph's in the background, so there! http://www.xenafan.com/quicktime/princess.mov

  Ditto… Only a glimpse of Ephiny as Gabby warns Xena about Melosa's blind side! http://www.xenafan.com/quicktime/blind.mov

The Amazons going into the trees! http://dwarf.simplenet.com/avi/trees.avi

The preview and teaser to the episode! http://dwarf.simplenet.com/avi/amazonteaser.avi and http://dwarf.simplenet.com/avi/amazonpreview.avi

And another shameless irrelevant video of Xena swinging a staff! http://www.xenafan.com/quicktime/staff.mov

Is There A Doctor In The House?

 Xena and Gabrielle DisCuss, mentioning Ephiny: http://www.xenafan.com/sounds/stopawar.wav

 Trailer to the episode: http://www.xenafan.com/sounds/itad.wav

The Quest

 Ephiny explains it all to the confused viewer who doesn't quite get Amazon politics: http://www.xenafan.com/sounds/quest/newqueen.wav or http://stardust.simplenet.com/xena/sound/quest/queengabby.wav

 Hear Ephiny say "Gabrielle" with a funny little catch in her voice, which she just can't explain: http://www.xenafan.com/sounds/quest/cantexpl.wav

 From the makers of the Amazon hokey-pokey: http://stardust.simplenet.com/xena/sound/quest/chant1.wav

 More funky Amazon dance music: http://stardust.simplenet.com/xena/sound/quest/chant2.wav

 Velaska has the audacity to say bad things about Ephiny: http://stardust.simplenet.com/xena/sound/quest/whatgood.wav

A Necessary Evil

 So, do Amazons have parades? http://stardust.simplenet.com/xena/sound/ane/queen.wav

   Retreat signal (get it here so you don't feel compelled to ask DC at a convention) http://www.xenafan.com/sounds/nec_evil/amaz-rtt.wav or http://stardust.simplenet.com/xena/sound/ane/retreat.wav

  Run now! http://www.xenafan.com/sounds/nec_evil/runnow.wav

 What a staunch ally she is… http://www.xenafan.com/sounds/nec_evil/killmefirst.wav

  Attack! http://www.xenafan.com/sounds/nec_evil/amaz-atk.wav or http://stardust.simplenet.com/xena/sound/quest/attack.wav

  Velaska: http://www.xenafan.com/sounds/nec_evil/noephany.wav

  Watch Ephiny and the gals attempt to delay Velaska, the Superfluous Evil: http://www.xenafan.com/quicktime/delay.mov

  Watch Velaska zap the Amazon village: http://www.xenafan.com/quicktime/zap.mov

Maternal Instincts

 Surprise! http://stardust.simplenet.com/xena/sound/mi/surprise.wav

 Ephiny: Amazon Counselor speaks on death and dying: http://www.xenafan.com/sounds/mi/sleepsteals.wav or http://stardust.simplenet.com/xena/sound/mi/sleepsteals.wav

 Hear that funeral dirge sung by Ephiny (but not Danielle): http://www.xenafan.com/sounds/mi/midirge.wav (also ram version1 or ram version2 )