Greetings, fellow worshippers! Welcome to the Church of Cormack!

Danielle will be on Hercules the week of 1/25/99 in episode "Sky High" as Ephiny!

We are the Exalted Ogress Grizelda and High Priestess Cyberferret, your religious leaders in veneration of all things Danielle Cormack. We have no affiliation with her, whatsoever, other than probably ranking pretty high on her list of "scary fans". There is however an official fan club which not only has more accurate information, but is actually DC endorsed. (Need we say more??)

Grizelda apologizes sincerely for not having updated this stuff more recently. Taking into consideration the fact that the download times used to be absolutely RIDICULOUS, things are getting a bit more streamlined around here. She is currently redesigning these pages; this venture should culminate in something new around the holiday break. We are also anticipating a move to the address eventually.

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