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We know it's difficult to catch up on all the lingo that goes with being a Danielle fan, since more words are being coined every day, most of them horrible puns. In this page, we hope to clarify some of the more obscure jargon used, and give background information on the important things you, as a DCdrooler, must know. Any input, corrections, additions, and new words are to be sent to the Priestesses, and you will be credited.
Amazon-Any member of a number of different tribes, united by the fact that they consist of feisty femmes, and in the XenaVerse usually distinguished by a total lack of body coverings, but more so than in the Hercules. Usually cover their heads with purple animal masks and use the trees as an escape route, but seem to have vastly different degrees of militant anti-male ideas.

Artemis-also known to the Romans as Diana, she is the patron Goddess of the Amazons (as well as the moon and the hunt). She, like Athena, has not yet appeared on Xena:Warrior Princess, but when she does, it is likely to be different from her incarnation on Hercules:The Legendary Journeys. The lack of a suitable actress could well explain why we haven't heard from her, even after Velaska smashed her temple to pieces.

DChat-A DisCussion taking place in the chat room, usually taking something in the vicinity of 4 hours, to be interrupted only by previous engagements or food-finding missions. A true DChat spans at least several breaks for consumption of fluids and bathroom visits. Due to the nature of DCdroolers' graphical distribution, it is possible to have breakfast with someone while you are eating dinner, therefore it is asked that you convert all times to Greenwich Mean Time.

DCdrooler-1. Any individual that manages to loose a large amount of salivary fluid over DC (although bibs have yet to become a fashion accessory). 2. Less literally, any individual who considers themselves a diehard fan of Ms. Cormack's. Interestingly enough, most DCdroolers are female, although there are several notable exceptions to this generalization. To find out if you may be in danger of becoming one of them, please do check the level of your obsession. Term coined by Priestess Cyber pretty early on in the process.

DisCussion- 1. discourse, via email, regular mail, a message board, the telephone or a chatroom, between two or more Danielle Cormack fans, often not on the same continent. While the subject is often Danielle Cormack, other topics that have proven indispensable include: DC's characters, the subtext, Amazons of legend, lesbianism, sadomasochistic overtones (or "ties that bind really tight"), tidal waves, and current episodes of Xena: Warrior Princess. Usually, very long-winded, intellectualized posts, including lots of bad punning. 2. Any forum for such conversation.

epEphiny- spoonerism of 'epiphany'.

EPHemeral- extremely beautiful but short-lived, such as Ephiny's appearance in Bitter Suite. Ephiny- Fiesty Amazon who is currently serving as Queen in Gabrielle's place, although she aspires to be "King of the Amazons" in anything, according to DC. Having undergone a very interesting metamorphosis from power hungry b*tch in the first episode, Hooves and Harlots she has made an interesting transition, somewhat mellowed by motherhood and responsibilities of leadership. Danielle Cormack has managed to imbue the character with depth and complexity despite a dearth of actual screentime, as she has appeared in only two episodes per season thus far.

epinEPHrin- the hormone responsible for the adrenaline rush experienced by a fan after being in the same room as Ms. Cormack, often accompanied by bouts of swooning, extreme giddiness and hysterical screaming that would have put any Beatles-fan to shame. Eponin- staff wielding babe with a mean attitude, who unfortunately never was heard from again as Tanya Digan, the actress who played her, was not availible after Hooves and Harlots, and the character was replaced by Solari. However, we have not given up all hope that she will retrun again.

Gabrielle- played by Renee O'Connor, she's a village girl from Poteidia who managed to land a spot as an Amazon princess, and was next in line for the throne after Melosa's death, making her an unfortunate target for Velaska's affections. She has given Queenship over to Ephiny, at least on a temporary basis, instead opting to traipse across ancient Greece with Xena while generating massive amounts of subtext. It is still unknown what exactly she did with the the bird-headed staff of Ephiny's mother, instead opting for a less lethal version with what looks suspiciously like the remains of an old pet hamster wrapped around one end. Substancial subtext with Ephiny is generated.

Interracial relations- 1. The Xenaverse's way of depicting the horrors of racism and other discrimination, see also Hooves and Harlots for the struggle between the Amazons and Centaurs. Usually resolved to depict that yes, we can all just get along. 2. an (often-hostily recieved by bigoted Amazon conservatives, see also Velaska) relationship, often as a result of #1, between members of two different species, such as an Ephiny and her Centaur husband Phantes. Usually better recieved in Athens, because "they're more tolerant". (Not to be confused with interethnic relationships, such as Xena and Marcus or Helen of Troy, which are sometimes mistakenly reffered to as interracial).

Joxer- a supporting character that some would like to kidnap (ref: not actually to the completely non-heterophobic Andjam, but currently more like the extremely-agitaTed-by-poor-writing-for-the-character Jenny) but others adore, he has shared screen time with Ephiny in the episode Bitter Suite. 2. v. to pull a Joxer- to show up for no good reason whatsoever and distract from the really important things at hand, often while excessively and foolishly bothering statuesque women with big swords who know better, ref: Bitter Suite.

Marmax- Mitoan general who ends up with a bad shoulder wound courtesy of Xena. Although he at first mistakenly believes that civil war is justified, after being commanded about by Xena, given a pacifistic story by Gabrielle, and given a long lecture by Ephiny in between bouts of lamaze breathing, he wisely changes his mind. Helped to deliver Ephiny's son, and doesn't seem to have any prejudices against centaurs ("You got a problem with that?").

Melosa- played with exceptional presence by Alison Bruce, she was Queen of the Amazons until her adopted daughter, Velaska, killed her in combat to suceed her as Queen, as mourned by Amazon fans everywhere. However, since dead characters seem to have an equally good, if not better, chance of coming back for another episode than characters which make it through alive...

Phantes- first an enemy, Ephiny's feelings softened towards this centaur between Hooves and Harlots and Is There A Doctor In The House?, to the point that they had a child together and wanted to move to Athens. Unfortunately, Phantes was killed by (Minoan?)archers before he could witness the birth of their cream cheese and jelly covered son, named Xenon. See also interracial relations. Polypoly- not to be confused with "poly" (short for "polygamous"), or the sort of relationships some wistfully see between Xena, Gabrielle and Ephiny; this term refers to the joint monopoly several DCdroolers in a DisCussion have on long-winded replies.

Solari- played by Jodie Dorday, this Amazon second-in-command to Ephiny showed up in the Quest (continued her stint in A Necessary Evil, and performing a purification ritual in Bitter Suite, although the latter could simply have been another Amazon who had borrowed her clothing). Bears an absolutely remarkable resemblance to Io, the oracle in Prometheus, and the tavern wench in Warrior...Priestess...Tramp who worked at the same den of iniquity as Joxer (that last bit being pure conjecture on Priestess Jenny's part, who is likely to see homoerotic overtones everywhere).

Subtext- the veiled but hardly subtle allusions to sexual undertones in the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, but actually, now that we think of it, it applies to Xena and nearly every other female character. Ephiny has had significant subtext swapping with both Xena and Gabrielle, as well as her buff Amazon companion Solari.

Terreis- played by Rebekah Mercer, this Amazon Princess engaged in somewhat-unsubtle flirting with Gabrielle before meeting her demise (arguably the first female victim of the Kiss of Death) through what at the time seemed like Centaur arrows, at which point she transferred her right of caste to aforementioned Gabrielle (who flung herself over Terreis after being hit by the first arrow), among the things transferred was ng a pair of really nifty duds and succession to the throne.

(computer) withdrawl- what happens when a DCdrooler inadvertently wrecks their keyboard, and is then kept away from DisCussions while their computer is being fixed. The only cure seems to be a Xena-fest, and symptoms can also be mitigated by looking at Danielle Cormack photos, and gazing at your own shrine. Entymology- a combination of drool and withdrawal, as created by Andjam, caused by a typo of Jenny's.

Velaska- Played by Melinda "Mindy" Clarke, this Amazon gains godhood at the end of the Quest, and after terrorizing the Amazons, lead by Ephiny, proceeds to attempt to kill Gabrielle who had in the past been the obstacle to Queenhood, after she had killed her adoptive mother, the late Queen Melosa, in what she called fair combat. Not particularily fond of Ephiny, although some suggest that this may have been a previous relationship gone bad. (Need additional comments, perhaps by someone more fond of her, please! -Priestess Jenny)


Xenan- Son of Ephiny and Phantes, this little centaur got his name thanks to Xena's medicinal skills, which enabled her to perform a cesarian section on Ephiny when the baby was in breech position. Played by (Reece? ?), he has shown up in Prodigal Sister on Hercules and Maternal Instincts on Xena, but was also referred to in the Quest and played by Ethan Cormack and some other newlyborn baby covered in cream cheese and jelly in the episode Is There A Doctor In The House? which documented his birth. Not to be confused with Xenon, a noble gas.

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