The first ten pictures were downloaded from the website, and are a chronological look at "The work of actress Charlotte Coleman".

Some other photos. The first of these is a standard publicity photo of Charlotte which I received from her in early 1991. I'm afraid it's a bit faded and worn with age.

The second is of Charlotte at the Bush Theatre in April 1991, during the run of the play Our Own Kind. It was taken by me, and to this day, a large version of it hangs up on my bedroom wall...and often falls off, because the blu-tac won't support its weight!!! I also gave Charlotte a framed enlarged print of a section of this photo. There's another similar one that I took at the same time, somewhere, but I haven't been able to find it yet.

Finally, the third picture is of me and Charlotte together, again at the Bush Theatre, this time on the last night of the run of Our Own Kind. We're neither of us at our best, but as it's the only picture I have of the two of us, I couldn't very well not put it up here, could I??! It was taken by Nisha Nayar, an actress who was appearing with Charlotte in the play.

Next up, some icons which I created for use with Livejournal (and they can probably be used as custom avatars at other web forums). Give me credit if you're going to use them, and please upload them to your own photo host (such as photobucket) - no hotlinking! Just right click and "Save Picture As" to save them to your own computer.