Cast: Ho Kar King, Lee Wan Wah, Huang Wen Hao, Yu Siao Fa
Plot: Story takes place in 20's or 30's in Shanghai. Kenny is stuck in a love traingle between Lee Wan Wah (Kenny's current real-life GF) and Yu Siao Fa (a Taiwanese actress). The lovely Huang Wen Hao from the Bo Bill series is also it MWJ.
Produced: Chow Ling Gong - the same as the Bodyguard series, so it must be Terrific!

See the terrific Ma Wing Jing Gallery that Lynn put together. Ma Wing Jing Picture Gallery


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Jade Dolls is the first part of the Bo Bill seriesATV Bodyguard Page. I saw JD's when it first ran in Hong Kong and I have rented the series here in the States. Kenny looks quite wonderful in his Bo Bill costumes :)~

List of Kenny Movies & TV Series This list comes from another Kenny Ho page I work on, Ken Ken Paridise. If you have copies of any of these older series or anything is missing (or any corrections) please tell me.

Kenny Commericials

  • CLORETS - I have seen Kenny's Clorets commercial in HK.

  • SUPAU - Kenny's Supau Ad isn't he cute!!!!

    Go to Kenny's Current News for the latest ad for a 'brain healthy' product. I will have a picture of the ad soon :)

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