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[Decent] pictures of Jem are hard to come by, but these are the few that I have managed to scrape together. Most (or all) of them have been used somewhere throughout the site, but as I get more (screencaps from 'The Barrow' ad are coming soon) they will be posted herer for all to bask in the glory that is - Jemaine Clement!

In the second picture, Jem is the one upside down, and in the third picture, Jem is the one in the background. I would say the tall dark and handsome tousle-haired guitarist, but that probably would not clear things up for many of you.

Pictures were not taken by me. The First picture was taken by Ringer Spy Ahriell, and the original (full) version can be found here, pic 2 was found here, pic 3 was stored somewhere in my files and if anyone doesn't want me using it then just ask... and pic 4 was found here. The last one is definitely my favourite... (aside from the poor quality)

Flight of the Conchords performing at Bats theatre, January 15 2003. All these photographs courtesy Matt Mueller. Jem's the one in the white shirt and glasses... if you hadn't figured that out by now.

A picture of Jemaine found somewhere in Wingnut's files... well yes it's pretty cool.

The contorversial Mr W issue - does this look like Jem at all, or is someone *coughjesscough* just hallucinating a lot? Well yes that's probably true, click here to go to the yahoo group and vote in the poll to decide for yourself (and tell us once and for all who is right!)