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cher_but.gif (3515 bytes) estarbutton.gif (3367 bytes) has named Cher #12 on their annual "In" list.
The complete ``PlanetOut In List 2000'' is available at

Read the transcripts of Cher's chats on  BBC Online from 8 December 2000, from MSN live from
13 December, and from from 20 December 2000 on the Chat Page.

VH1 Takes Inside Look At "Rock Star Makeovers" Performed by Make-Up Wizard Kevyn Aucoin In Latest Edition of "All Access", Premiering Tuesday, December 19 at 10:00 P.M. (ET/PT)

Don't forget to order Kevyn's fabulous books, if only for the Cher photos! Click the covers below...

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Read the transcripts of Cher's chats on BBC Online from December 8th 2000
and from MSN live from Wednesday December 13th on the Chat Page.

ArtistDirect is held exclusive auctions for autographed items, custom celebrity-made stockings and more!

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Actress Jane Withers is auctioned some of her Hollywood memorobilia, including three Cher items.
Two dresses and one Bob Mackie sketch were up for bids.

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chersketch.jpg (11577 bytes)

Here's the latest on the follow-up album to "Believe"...
Teri vanHorn reports: Cher insists her forthcoming follow-up to 1998's dance smash Believe is so good it's dangerous.
"I almost killed myself the other day in my shower," the 54-year-old singer said recently. "I've got one of those shower CD [players], ... and I was dancing and I slipped and almost broke my leg. I thought, 'You're a f---in' nut job!' I get so excited — even the demos for these songs are good. I was having a blast takin' a shower."
Cher flew to England on Tuesday to begin recording the album, which will follow in the Eurodance footsteps of its predecessor. The singer had planned to go to England in September, but got caught up doing fund-raisers and public appearances in support of Al Gore.
Cher said her favorite song slated for the album is "When the Money's Gone," written by Bruce Roberts (Barbra Streisand, Roberta Flack). "It's so perfect for me," she said. "It's about this person who's [asking her lover], 'If I lose all my money, will you still love me if we have to eat fast food out of a beat up car?' "
"It's so dance. It's so gay. It's so good," she said.
All of the songs are upbeat, get-down numbers, with the exception of the ballad "For the Love." Paul Mirkovich, who plays in Cher's band, wrote the tune for his daughter. "It's really weird because when I was getting the key for it, I started crying," Cher said. "It's so tender."
The singer said she will work with different producers for the LP, and said she hopes to enlist David Foster (Whitney Houston, Celine Dion) to record the ballad.
"It's been hard for me my whole life, because people have thought I was cool or thought I was just a terrible waste of time," Cher said. "But now a lot of people who wouldn't have given me the time of day are submitting songs that are really brilliant. I'm having a chance to have great songs and great producers — I'm so lucky."
The album is not yet titled. "I keep calling it Son of Believe, but I'm sure that's not going to be the title," she said.
Cher released Not.Com.mercial, an album she recorded in 1994, last week exclusively through her Web site. The album represents her only attempt at full-fledged songwriting.
"If I had burning aspirations to write songs, I'd do it, but I don't," she said. "It happened that one time and somehow seemed to work, and that was a great moment in my life. I'm not a songwriter. I'm just an ... artist, in some sort of strange way."

Cher will be participated in an America Online chat Thursday 16 November.
To read a transcript of the chat, visit the AOL Chat page.

The Cher colletor's best friend is back with a new two-CD set!
Ed has completed working on set of solo perfromances from the Sonny & Cher and Cher variety series.
"Ladies & Gentlemen...Cher" contains beautiful color graphics and these 42 classic performances:

Disc 1 - "They'll Be Some Changes Made", "You're Nobody (Till Somebody Loves You)", "What A Difference A Day Makes", "Come Rain Or Shine", "Am I Blue?", "Alfie", "Someone", "My Funny Valentine", "It Had To Be You", "When The Sun Comes Out", "Georgia On My Mind", "You Made Me Love You", "More Than You Know", "Say It Isn't So", "He's Funny That Way", "Ain't Misbehavin'", "Can't Help Lovin' That Man Of Mine", "Body & Soul", "How Long Has This Been Going On?", "Cry Me A River", "As Time Goes By", "Didn't We?"

Disc 2 - "When Will I Be Loved", "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother", "Song For You", "Bennie & The Jets" (duet with Elton John), "If", "Bridge Over Troubled Water", "Ressurection Shuffle" (duet with Tom Jones), "Desperado", "All Is Fair In Love", "The Way We Were", "Dark Lady", "Can You Hear Me?" (duet with David Bowie), "Love Hurts", "Friends", "Country Side Of Life" (duet with Tina Turner), "You've Got A Friend", Medley: "Country Boy", "Don't Pull Your Love", "Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye", "Rhinestone Cowboy" (duets with Glen Campbell), "Yesterday", "Home Again", "I Honestly Love You"

Total price for the CD set which includes shipping & handling is $30.00.
( $35.00USD in International money order outside the US & Canada).
If you have any questions or if you would like to order, please e-mail for the ordering address EDDIE1236@AOL.COM
Other CDs available from Ed are listed on the News Archive page. is featuring a new interview with Cher. Follow this link to read it.

The new Cher doll is spolighted on the Barbie© Collectibles website. (Thanks Diva-Boy!)
Click the image below to see.
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This fantastic new Bob Mackie-designed doll will be released in June 2001.

cher2001doll.jpg (83521 bytes)
The doll can be pre-ordered for $35US via this link.

Cher appeared with Vice President Al Gore at a rally in Los Angeles on Tuesday 31 October 2000.
Cher had planned to travel to London to begin work on the follow-up to "Believe" in September but is delaying her trip to help ensure Republican hopeful George W. Bush does not get elected President of the United States.
Cher has been appearing at many Democratic fund-raisers and rallies as well as doing interviews to make her position known.

chergore.jpg (15459 bytes)

Premiering Monday 30 October on VH1: 20 To 1: Comebacks episode #9 featuring clips of some of rock 'n' roll's greatest comebacks including Michael Jackson, Santana, Meat Loaf, Cher, Tina Turner and more.
Air Times: Monday 10/30 at 1pm ET, Monday 10/30 at 10pm ET, Thursday 11/2 at 8pm ET, Sunday 11/5 at 12am ET.
For more information, click the logo below!
20to1logo.jpg (2913 bytes)

Cher took part in Hilary Rodham Clinton's 25 October 2000 birthday party fundraiser at New York's Roseland.
The Clintons were treated to ``The Show,'' a production of music and comedy skits directed by James Naughton and featuring Cher, Al Green, Ben Affleck, Cameron Diaz, Jon Stewart, Nathan Lane, Chris Parnell, Denis Leary, Molly Shannon, Edward Norton and Will Ferrell. They were also the guests of honor at a party afterward.

hilary1.jpg (11456 bytes)

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Cher's cameo appearance on NBC's "Will & Grace" aired 16 November 2000.
For more information on "Will & Grace", check with Rob's Will & Grace site.

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willgraceadgrab.jpg (66385 bytes)
willgracegrab3.jpg (68177 bytes)
There's Kevyn Aucoin in the booth!
willgracegrab.jpg (65476 bytes)willgracegrab4.jpg (67175 bytes)willgracegrab6.jpg (69301 bytes)willgracegrab5.jpg (68425 bytes)willgracegrab2.jpg (66997 bytes)
Thanks to Gerri and Mermaid for the screen grabs!

willgrace.jpg (19022 bytes) willandgrace.JPG (84714 bytes)
Cher with Sean Hayes on the set

Cher Interviewed on Entertainment Tonight 17 October 2000
Click the photo below for a transcript and screen pictures of Cher's ET interview

cherET1017.jpg (5908 bytes)
thanks Phil!

The gorgeous photo below of Cher and Elijah Blue appears in the latest People magazine special collector's edition softcover book "Favorite Pictures". It's on newsstands now through January 2001.
peoplefavoritephotos1000.JPG (161029 bytes)

Cher has revealed in a press release 11 October 2000 that her Warner Brothers follow-up to the multi-platinum "Believe" will be released in March 2001.

Cher duets with
Eros Ramazzotti on the track "Mucho Mas" (Spanish) and "Piu' Che Puoi" (Italian)  from his new albums "Estilo Libre" (Spanish) and "Stile Libre" (Italian) to be released 7 November 2000 by BMG Latin. Producers include such hitmakers as Rick Nowels (Belinda Carlisle) and Trevor Horn, who produced tracks on Cher's "It's A Man's World".  The Italian singer has previously sung with Tina Turner.

Cher held a tea for Hillary Rodham Clinton September 29th 2000 at the new Casa Del Mar hotel in Santa Monica.
There's a snippet about it in the 16 October 2000 issue of US magazine that features the photo below.

us10-16-00.JPG (28157 bytes)

VH1 Counts Down the "100 Greatest Dance Songs" in a five-hour, five-night special, premiering October 9-13 at 10:00pm ET/PT. Cher's "Believe" is #60 on the list and she is among the performers interviewed.

Cher is featured in makeup artist Kevin Aucoin's newly published book "Face Forward".

aucoin2000.JPG (89311 bytes) allure10-00.JPG (88910 bytes)
Kevyn and Cher from In Style magazine; Cher in Allure magazine

aucoincher.jpg (28355 bytes)aucoincher2.jpg (32499 bytes)
Kevyn and Cher at the release party in New York (thanks Phillip!)

Kevyn has once again worked his makeup magic transforming today's celebrities into the stars of yesterday.
Highlights featured in the October issue of In Style magazine, on newsstands now, include Calista Flockhart as Audrey Hepburn, Julia Roberts as Julie Christie and Winona Ryder as Elizabeth Taylor.
"Face Forward" and his previous release "Making Faces" are available for purchase by clicking the covers below.

aucoinface.jpg (4871 bytes) aucoinmakinghc.gif (6512 bytes) aucoinmakingpb.jpg (5480 bytes)

Cher may finally be directing and starring in a production of "The Enchanted Cottage". She bought the rights to the work decades ago and it was previously released as a film in 1945. The Internet Movie Database lists the plot as "A homely maid and a scarred ex-GI meet at the cottage where she works and where he was to spend his honeymoon prior to his accident. The two develop a bond and agree to marry, more out of loneliness than love. The romantic spirit of the cottage, however, overtakes them. They soon begin to look beautiful to each other, but no one else." More details when available.

Cher is Singer Of The Week on Wednesday 20 September 2000!

Cher appeared at another poetical fundraiser, this time at Camden's E-Centre in Philadelphia 12 September 2000. Along with Michael Bolton, David Brenner and Luther Vandross, Cher helped to entertain approximately 10,000 Democratic activists with Al and Tipper Gore headlining the $800,000 Democratic National Committee fund-raiser.

The 52nd Annual Academy of Television Arts& Sciences EMMY Awards were presented Sunday 10 September.  "Cher: Live In Concert - From The MGM Grand In Las Vegas" was nominated for seven awards.
emmyscreengrab1.jpg (42285 bytes) emmyscreengrab2.jpg (42840 bytes)

Cher did not win her nomination for:

The Creative Arts Awards were given Saturday 26 August 2000. "Cher: Live In Concert" won two awards:

Sadly, these Creative Arts Awards were not won by "Cher: Live In Concert":

For a complete list of all nominees and winners, follow this link.

The 7th annual Women In Film "Lucy Awards" were presented Friday 8 September 2000 at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Los Angeles. Cher was honored as one of the cast and creators of HBO's "If These Walls Could Talk".
For more information, follow this link.

In the September 18, 2000 issue of People magazine, Cher is featured as being in a league of her own.

Cher fan Ed is providing a terrific service to Cher fans everywhere - out-of-print Cher and Sonny & Cher albums on CD!

Currently available: "Stars", "I'd Rather Believe In You", "Cherished", "Allman & Woman", "3614 Jackson Highway", "All I Ever Need Is You", "Mama Was A Rock & Roll Singer...", "Backstage", "Dark Lady", "Half Breed", "Foxy Lady", "Black Rose", "Sonny & Chér LIVE", "Sonny & Chér Live In Las Vegas Vol. 2", "Cher Live At The Mirage", "Prisoner", "Take Me Home" and Cher's first three releases on the Imperial label - "All I Really Want To Do",  "The Sonny Side of Chér" and "Chér".

Each CD comes in a jewel case with the original album graphics beautifully reproduced on high quality photographic glossy paper.  Price for each of the above is $9.99US, which includes shipping and handling.

He is also offering two "Rare Tracks" CDs which contain:

  Rare Tracks - Vol. 1 - "Ringo I Love You", "I'm Gonna Love You", "You & Me",
"You're A Friend of Mine", "Yours Until Tomorrow", "The Thought of Loving You",
"Superstar", "Hold You Tighter", "Get It Together", "You'd Better Sit Down Kids"
(Italian), "Il Cammino Di Ogni Speranza", "Ma Piano", "Circus", "Band of Thieves",
"You Made Me So Very Happy", "The First Time", "Real People", "Classified 1A", "Good
and "I Got You Babe" (from "Good Times")

Rare Tracks - Vol. 2 - "You're Not Right For Me", "Wrong Number", "A Love Like
, "A Woman's Story", "Don't Put It On Me", "Baby I Love You", "Bad Love", "I'm No
, "Some Guys", "Trail of Broken Hearts", "Baby I'm Yours", "Love Can Build A
, "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes", "It Ain't Necessarily So", "Crimson & Clover",
"Nature Boy", "Believe" (KTU Remix), and "A Dream Is A Wish your Heart Makes".

Both Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 come in a jewel case with  4 color graphics each.  If purchased separately the price for each is $15US (which includes shipping). Cost for the set is $25US (shipping included).

The quality on all of the CD's is excellent.  The vinyl was transferred to DAT (Digital Audio Tape) and then processed through two different audio restoration softwares to remove any pops, clicks and surface noise.

If you are interested in ordering any, or have any questions, please contact Ed at EDDIE1236@AOL.COM

According to a story in Variety, Cher as acquired the rights to a TV project called ''Style Challenge''. Based on an English show, the program features guests who receive makeovers from professional stylists.
Cher would serve as Executive Producer on the series, potentially to be rolled out next year with an eye toward syndication via Telepictures, the Time Warner first-run TV division.

The new biography of Cher titled "Cher: If You Believe" written by Mark Bego, author of the 1987 "Cher!" paperback biography, was due to be published in October 2000, but has evidently been delayed or cancelled.

cherbego2000.jpg (41456 bytes)

Auntie Cher? ABC TV's upcoming remake of the Broadway and film musical hit "Mame", originally said to star Barbra Streisand, has producer Jerry Herman scrambling to cast a lead. Barbra's focus is elsewhere and Herman has Cher on his list for the title role. The TV-movie is scheduled to air in May 2001.

Cher holds the number 58 spot in Entertainment Weekly's special softcover book "The 100 Greatest Entertainers", which features the vintage 70s photo below and a brief tribute to her. The issue will be on newsstands through 13 November.

On Thursday August 17th, Cher paid a visit to a Century City theatre in Los Angles to attend the premiere of "The Cell".


Cher performed at the Hollywood Gala Salute to President Clinton, Aug. 12 at Ken Rogers' ranch. The tribute is also a fund-raiser for Hillary Clinton's senatorial campaign. Hillary and Cher appeared on "Larry King Live" on CNN Monday August 13th. Below is a photo of Cher at the function Saturday night.

cherclinton.jpg (38642 bytes)

People magazine's July 31st issue features a cover-story Special Report - Staying Sexy. Cher turns up in the "Rock On! section featuring musical women who have "figured out how to keep their edge as they age."
People Online has devoted some pages to Cher as well. Follow this link to see.

VH1 salutes the "100 Greatest Rock & Roll Moments on TV" in a five-hour,
five-night special, premiering July 31-August 4 at 10:00 pm (ET/PT). Cher has two moments of glory:

41 - SONNY AND CHER reunite for the last time on LATE NIGHT WITH DAVID LETTERMAN.
CHER eulogizes SONNY BONO.  It airs live in its entirety on CNN.

100 -  SONNY & CHER COMEDY HOUR -- The couple introduces their daughter Chastity to a national audience.

A musical stage version of "The Witches Of Eastwick" has opened in London. Lucie Arnaz in playing Cher's role of Alexandra. Read a review by following this link.

Cher-cago 2000 a great success! The first Cher-cago Cher Convention was big news this weekend, making Associated Press and in turn a lot of national newspapers. CNN's Headline News network even ran a piece on it!
Click here for a story on CNN's site.
Below are two pictures of Cher impersonator from Dallas named Wayne Smith.


Word has it that Cher will be a guest director on an upcoming episode of HBO's prison drama "Oz". Details on the popular series may be found by following this link.

There can't be any room left on Cher's mantle, but she's won another award! Her "Believe" single was named one of the most-performed songs in 1999 at the 17th annual American Society of Composers And Performers (ASCAP) Pop Music Awards in Beverly Hills, California on Monday May 22 2000. For more details and other winners, see the ASCAP page.

There is now a Fan Club page for Cher on the VH1 site featuring photos, audio and video.. Click here to see it.

Cher won the award for Favorite Female Artist - Pop at the Sixth Annual Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, presented at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles on Tuesday 10 May 2000. She was also nominated for Favorite Single, but lost to Christina Agulera. The show will air on Fox TV Tuesday 20 June 2000 at 8pm ET/PT.

This site was chosen by Asia E!Online 25 March 2000

Cher won Best International Artist (Female) in Germany's Echo Awards, televised from Hamburg 10 March 2000! She appeared via video to accept the award. The Echo awards are reportedly the third most important music awards in the business after the US Grammys and the UK Brit Awards.

Cher is #9 on Forbes Magazine's Celebrity 100 list. Click here for more details.

Cher's "Believe" single was awarded Best Dance Recording at the 42nd annual Grammy Awards on 23 February 2000. Club 69 (Peter Rauhofer) won Remixer Of The Year (Non-Classical) for his year of work including the Club 69 Future Anthem Mix of the "Believe" single. The "Believe" single was up for Record Of The Year, and the "Believe" album was up for Best Pop Album. For complete details of all winners, visit

Paradise is here - a tribute to Cher was chosen Cool Site of the Week by UBL 22 February 2000! Click below to visit.

A piece on Cher from - click the graphic below. Thanks to Sean!

Paradise is here - a tribute to Cher was chosen an official site 25 January 2000. You can visit to enter to win a pair of tickets to see Cher in concert in a city near you, and you can view the special Cher cybercast from her online store launch party. Click below to visit!

AMI Specials has produced a magazine called "Cher Exposed" dated Winter 2000. It is on US newsstands now and is reportedly 70+ pages of pictures and articles covering her amazing career. Thanks to Ibekeen for the scan!

Cher was nominated for Favorite Adult Contemporary Artist on the 27th annual American Music Awards, broadcast on ABC television Monday 17 January 2000, but lost to Phil Collins.

Cher has topped Mr. Blackwell's 1999 40th annual list of worst-dressed women. "A million beads and ONE over-exposed derriere--when it comes to the ultimate fashion fiasco...Ladies and Gentlemen, it's Cher!" the catty former dress designer quipped Tuesday 11 January 2000 at a press conference in Los Angeles.

Biography Magazine's January issue has Cher's biography as one of the top 10 biographies of the year. The issue is on newsstands now. Click the cover below to visit the Biography website.

Pollstar has listed Cher's "Do You Believe" tour as the 6th highest money making concert tour of 1999. The tour which began in Arizona in June 1999 grossed $37.7 million (Amusement Business magazine quotes the amount at $31.5 million) and is continuing through March 2000.

Cher spent New Years at Caesars Atlantic City.

Cher's "Believe" single is the Billboard #1 Hot 100 Single of 1999! Click here to view the decade's charts. Thanks to Ryan!

The Billboard Music Awards were presented 8 December 1999 and although Cher was a finalist for Female artist of the year and the "Believe" single was in the Hot 100 category, she did not win. Full details may be seen at Billboard Online.

Entertainment Tonight announced the 30 October auction of a one-of-a-kind Bob Mackie-clad Cher doll in Los Angeles. Proceeds from this auction will support the L.A. Children With AIDS Foundation.

Cher's video for "Believe" was nominated for by the 21st Annual Billboard Music Video Conference and Awards for Best Dance Clip of the Year, but lost to Fatboy Slim.

Cher was the subject of an episode of "Headliners and Legends" on MSNBC 29 September 1999.

The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City mounted a retrospective of Bob Mackie's fashion creations, including those for Cher, from 24 September to 31 December 1999. The exposition included clothes, videos and sketches and is a kickoff of sorts to publicize the publication of the Bob Mackie book "Unmistakably Mackie", which may be ordered by clicking on the graphic below.

Rhino Handmade is releasing Sonny Bono's 1967 Atco solo album "Inner Views". The original album is just 33 minutes long, so as a bonus Rhino has included every Atco single Sonny ever released!  This CD release will only be available via their website and is a numbered limited edition of 1500 copies. Find out more by clicking on the graphic below!

Cher makes the People magazine 10 Worst Dressed list in their Best & Worst Dressed '99 issue.

Cher did not win her nomination for Best Dance Video at the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards on 9 September. It did not appear as is she attended the event.

Cher is featured on the cover of the August 21-27 1999 edition of  TV Guide in the US. She is also featured on the online version. Click here to read the cover story.

Snuff Garrett produced a lot of Cher's hits in the 70s, including the classic "story-songs" "Gypsies Tramps and Thieves" and "Dark Lady". Find out what happened with Cher in the recording studio and what he's up to now. Follow this link

There is a 10-page feature on Cher in Britain's OK Magazine's 16 June 1999 issue. The article features photos of Cher with former Warner UK chairman Rob Dickins whom is responsible for Cher recording the "Believe" album.

Cher appeared at the Venetian resort on the Strip in Las Vegas, which was opened by Sophia Loren and others 3 May 1999. A second grand opening is scheduled for the June 11-13 1999 weekend that will feature a performance by Cher, who will perform in the resort's 85,000 square foot ballroom, which the hotel claims is the world's largest.

Bob Mackie, Cher's main fashion designer since her 70s television shows, was at the 18th annual Fashion Designers of America awards ceremony 2 June 1999 and picked up an award for Cher, who was honored for her influence on fashion. The show aired on E! Entertainment Television 13 June 1999 and you will find a fantastic tribute to 100 years of Fab Fashions on their website - including a piece on Bob Mackie and Cher in the fashion section.

Cher was featured in a six-page article in Biography magazine's June 1999 issue.

Cher did a live chat on AOL Wednesday 12 May 1999. To read a transcript, click on Cher below.

Cher appeared at the World Music Awards in Monaco, French Riviera 5 May 1999 to accept her award for lifelong contribution to the music industry from Prince Albert of Monaco.
The World Music Awards aired in North America 20 May 1999 on ABC.

"Tea With Mussolini" was released in North America on 14 May 1999. Below is a poster for the UK release.

Cher's CNN/People profile aired Tuesday 4 May 1999 on CNN.

Cher live in concert - check out this TV ad for the concert in RealVideo!

Cher was on the cover of issue #482 of Entertainment Weekly magazine dated 23 April 1999. There is an interview and photos inside. This magazine can be found on the newsstand with a white-background photo with a longer shot of the same Cher image - this cover is by subscription only.

Cher appeared on CNN's "Larry King Live" 16 April 1999.

Cher appeared on NBC's "The Tonight Show" 15 April 1999 and was interviewed by Jay Leno. Cher looked like she was really having fun and said that she's happy and excited about the upcoming tour.

Cher appeared on the "Rosie O'Donnell Show" 14 April 1999. The interview portion was very well done - Cher was relaxed and in very good spirits! She later lip-synched "Strong Enough" and even did a little choreography along with her four dancers.

Photos and sound files can be found at Rosie's website in the April 1999 Scrapbook. (Scroll down to April 14th)

After her appearance, Cher autographed a "Divas Live 99" poster for Rosie's charity auction at eBay. Click image for full-size.

Cher sang "If I Could Turn Back Time", lip-synched "Believe", and helped Tina out with "Proud Mary" on VH1 Divas Live 99.

Cher appeared on the cover of "Celebrity Style" magazine and was interviewed inside.

Entertainment Tonight presented a mini-feature on the "Strong Enough" video Friday 9 April 1999.

VH1 was kind enough to link Paradise is here - a tribute to Cher on their Cher Artist Of The Month page! I returned the favor and linked them on the Links page and have e-mailed my thanks for their support of Cher and this site.

News from the Netherlands: Gerben van den Hurk fills us in on the latest info.

Cher was nominated for Best Female Singer (Foreign) and Best   
Single (Foreign) at the TMF (The Music Factory) Awards presented April 3th 1999.(TMF is a Dutch/Belgian music channel like MTV & VH1). Disappointingly, Cher didn't turn up for the festivities.
Television Guide and Dutch television station "Veronica" has printed in this weeks issue that Cher wants to have a talk show about and for women (like there aren't enough).

The Paramount "Tea With Mussolini" site may be viewed by clicking the Cher head below.

Cher appeared alongside several other stars of "Tea With Mussolini" at the film's premiere at at London's Empire Leicester Square. Guests included Prince Charles as it was a Royal Charity Premiere.

"OK" magazine published a 20-page interview and photo spread in late 1998.
Follow this link to view.

There is now an unofficial listserv devoted to all things Cher.
To subscribe, follow this link.

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