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September 16, 2003

I just posted synopsis for episode 21. Chinese version coming soon. 

April 19, 2003

Here is how to order the Tonde Buurin DVD boxes from Amazon Japan without Japanese knowledge, by popular demand...

Go to www.amazon.co.jp, click "In English", then search for these Amazon item codes. Once there, add them to your shopping cart and off you go!

Box 1: B000068WKI
Box 2: B00006F26Z
Box 3: B00006S2S0

Let me remind you once again that these are region 2 discs. You know what you need to get.

March 9, 2003 - More Buurin stuff on eBay

The same eBay seller that brought us the 9" and 14" Buurin plushes now also have Buurin purse and Buurin backpack for bidding. I can't stop laughing when I see them. They're so cute.

I bid on one of those 14" Buurin plush and have received it. The tag says those are made in Shanghai. I didn't know they had Buurin in China as well even though I know pretty well many of these plushes are made in PRC.

March 2, 2003

* Buurin plush up for bid!

There's an auction on eBay for a 9" flying Buurin plush, and a 14" standing Buurin plush. These are Taiwan releases made by Bandai but licensed by TVB the Hong Kongers. (......) I won't be posting links due to eBay's volatile nature. Search there for "Buurin."

* Lego, this is Buurin; Buurin, this is Lego...

Renewing my interest in 1000-pieces-plus, super complicated Lego Technic sets, I recently bought the 8431 crane truck, a re-issue of 8460, considered one of the best Technic sets ever released.

I then had the thought of putting my two interests together, and the result is these two pictures:

Lego and Buurin A

Lego and Buurin B

This Buurin is the Banpresto flying Buurin UFO catcher doll.

Next time I'll see if I can build a Ton-chan with all the yellow bricks I have...

February 11, 2003

After 6 long years, I finally got my hands on the Tonde Buurin Bu no 1 CD!

Added Buurin cosplay at Anime North 2002 to Buurin Sightings. Should have done that 6 months ago but here it is.

December 17, 2002 - Merry Christmas!

Get the Naisho video for your Tonde Buurin dose of christmas spirit.

Also updated the Buying Buurin information to include the recently released DVD box sets.

December 5, 2002

I have remade the three OP/ED clips in the multimedia gallery from the much better DVD source and, with that, Keith's Tonde Buurin Page now carries a 100% MPEG-1 video collection. Check them out!

November 30, 2002 - Tonde Buurin DVD box 3 is here!

I got my real, nice Tonde Buurin DVD box 3 right in front of me. Disc 13 packs a lot of surprises. Check out its special features:

  • The nice cover art on the box by Kato Hiromi and Ikeda Taeko (as usual)
  • The 16-page booklet (as usual) 
  • Non-telop opening (OP without credits)
  • Cantonese opening (Right! Made in HK!)
  • Overseas promotion short (in English!)
  • 10 different TV spots
  • Background clip for the sponsor spots
  • Four karaoke songs (Ai wa Kakkowarui, Naisho de, Pa!, Ai wa Unbelievable, Buurin a la mode)

This is an absolute must have, this and a region free DVD player. Makes for the perfect Christmas gift for the Buurin addict.

October 1, 2002

Episode 12 storyline now online, English and Chinese.

August 31, 2002

Chinese storyline for episode 8 now online.

August 3, 2002 - Tonde Buurin DVD box 1 arrived!

I got my real, nice Tonde Buurin DVD box 1 right in front of me. Played its disc 1. It has no special, but instead jumps right into episode 1. I'll check out the other discs in the next few days.  

According to the shrinkwrap label, this is available only for a limited time (until July 2003), so get yours fast!

DVD box 2 is now available for pre-order at CDJapan. Remember to get a region-free DVD player too.

April 20, 2002 - Tonde Buurin Coming on DVD!

I found this information at the Nippon Animation site when investigating a broken link:

Tonde Buurin on DVD!

Tonde Buurin, released in its entirety on VHS but unfortunately had its LD release cut short, will be released on DVD.

The release, by Taki Corporation, consists of 3 DVD box sets. The first is scheduled for sale in July. Details will be posted on this page.

No matter how much I hate DVD, this is still super! Still plenty of time to get a region free DVD player or make your DVD-ROM region free, I suppose.

March 14, 2002 - Mega Media Galore!

Boy, what a jackpot I've hit upon after a casual Google search after months of quiescence!

I found the following scattered around the web, and posted them here to make it easier for you all:

  • FULL LENGTH versions of Ai wa Kakkowarui AND Buurin a la mode! (YES! FINALLY!)
  • Lyrics to the full version of Buurin a la mode
  • A few songs from the Tonde Buurin Bu no 2 CD
  • Karin Winamp skins
  • Some commentaries, including a negative piece
  • A reason why the American dub never see the light of day

The list goes on and on...

October 27, 2001 - Guestbook fixed!

I have finally gotten around to setup a new guestbook for Keith's Tonde Buurin Page using the new Geocities facility. Since I can't really change how it looks to match other parts of this site, I never considered a long term solution. And with Tonde Buurin Central coming up which will carry its own guestbook anyway, I'll just link to the new guestbook from the old guestbook page.

I have also migrated this site to the new Webring as it got spinned off of Yahoo. They admitted themselves that things are flaky at the moment so I'm not too concerned.

October 22, 2001 - Updates trickling out

I have added some Buurin-related sightings on the web, and sneaked in some revisions throughout the site.

In other news, Tonde Buurin Central, the prettier and cuter (?) successor to Keith's Tonde Buurin Page, is now under development! More news as the development progresses.

In yet some other news, Webring is now separated (again) from Yahoo. Hope this give us a better time without the weight of Yahoo behind it...

August 26, 2001

The recent closing of Xoom/NBCi broke quite a few download links, especially the movies. They have all been fixed.

August 2, 2001
  • Story for episode 16 now online, Chinese and English.

July 5, 2001

There is another rerun of Tonde Buurin in Hong Kong again, 3:40pm Monday to Friday starting July 5 on TVB Jade channel. Better not miss it this time!

May 9, 2001
  • All broken downloads courtesy of Yahoo had been fixed.

  • Episode 15 now online, Chinese and English.

April 25, 2001 - I Hate Yahoo With A Passion

Let me paraphrase an ad I have seen recently: I hate Yahoo! I hate them with a passion!

  • Yahoo doesn't like my webring fixes and dropped its 108 MegaBuuringoTon of weight on me! Let's see how it like my new fix.

    It has also axed my last satellite! But I'll fix the download it has broken.

April 23, 2001
  • Webring fixes.

April 14, 2001

I ought to do a little update after like another 3 months of non-activity. These days my efforts will be on completing the episode stuff because they are like, um, very long overdue.

Now, some bad news for the mailing list. With @Home seemingly putting up firewalls blocking people connecting to its users, I will have to find a way to make things work before traffic will go through smoothly again, hence the hiatus on the list as well. Oh well, the list never got any traffic anyways. :(

September 17, 2000 - Spanish version partially online
  • tondebuurin the mailing list has FINALLY returned to normal. It was a very hard time, but I did it.

  • The Spanish version of Keith's Tonde Buurin Page is now online. It is far from complete, but you can get a feel of the work Marco has put in translating the entire site.

July 9, 2000 - The promised update
  • Temporarily withdrawn the sneak preview.
  • Added a new movie: Karin and Kouichi's date.
  • Remade the Japanese ending.
July 3, 2000
  • Small updates only.
  • Add snapshots for episodes 6,9 and 12-15.
  • But there will be more new arrivals in my next update. Stay tuned!
May 3, 2000 - New arrival
  • Did you miss the ending? You may be interested in this new movie I have just added.
  • Are you unable to watch the whole Tonde Buurin? Tell me in the survey how much you managed to get off your local TV.
  • One new picture in the Funny Faces gallery.
  • The dub page in the Feature section is updated to cover the new Spanish dub. 
April 18, 2000 - The world comes crashing on me!

I lost two more satellites in one day! Argh!!! Now I have to find a way to house all my 45 megabytes of rich contents.

Other updates are:

  • Some more cleaning up.
  • A whole lot of fixes to broken links and others.
  • A big update to bring Chinese version in sync with the much tweaked English version.
March 8, 2000 - First update in the new Millennium
  • Switching to FrontPage 2000.
  • Some more cleaning up.
  • Lost another satellite... Argh!!
October 19, 1999
  • Added story for episode 45, both English and Chinese.
  • Fixed code glitch in Chinese version of the episode 18 story.
October 9, 1999
  • Linked the survey page to the Chinese version.
  • Fixed most damaged Chinese characters in the guestbook. I have no idea why it gets broken.
September 27, 1999
  • Added a new topic to the survey page and reactivated it. Fill it out!
  • Fixed some more HTML codes.
August 16, 1999 - Keith's Tonde Buurin Page Version 3 now online!
  • Redone almost everything including this news page. I don't know why I bothered, but I brought over all old news from ages and took the time synchronize the English and Chinese news.
  • Released Tonde Buurin Sound Scheme rev. 3.
  • Newsletter upgraded to a full featured mailing list. I will continue sending my newsletter via this new installation.
  • Got confirmation of an English dub in the Netherlands. More information when I receive them.
May 10, 1999
  • Happy Mother's Day! (See episode 25 if you have the chance...)
  • Added three new pictures from the official site. I have also updated the link to get there since they have moved.
February 11, 1999
  • Keith's Tonde Buurin Page has joined the Webring of Cute Cute Cute! The webmistress personally invited me to join, and in less than an hour I was in! [Buurin is cute, isn't she?]
  • Site redesign now underway. Website will remain open during construction. Thank you for your support!

January 18, 1999

  • Keith missed the Happy New Year. Bummer.
  • There has been a change of management at Cute Cute anime ring. My ring page has been updated to reflect this.
October 30, 1998
  • Added Buta Session #48 to the video gallery.
August 1, 1998
  • Keith's Tonde Buurin Page now in Anime Ring of Magic.
  • Upgraded all songs to the MP3 format. As always, they are playable on all major platforms.
  • Moved some files around to accomodate some upcoming MPEG movies.
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