These are some of the original sketches used by the design team for the TV series of Shadow Skill.

Designs for the 59th Sevalle Shadow Skill, Elle Ragu. She appears as a red head in the TV series instead of a blond like the times she apperaed in the OVAs. This time they also gave less emphasis on her side burns which looked like metal hooks in the OVAs. They also seemed to have put on a few pounds of muscles.

Designs for Black Howling, Gau Ban. His appearance seems to be less mature looking and now has the baby brother look. He looked way better in the OVAs, not to mention he keeps on whining like a cry baby.

Designs for Folly(Faury). She looks pretty old here compared to how she looked in the OVA but still retains her position as the only "money wise" character in Elle's posse. I much preferred the seductive undead look.

Designs for Kyo Ryu. Still in love with Gau Ban but now she has another admirer. She doesn't seem to be as sexy as she appeared in the OVA, plus her hair is more like pink instead of red.

Designs for the 57th Sevalle Vy Low, Scar Face. Doesn't seem to be as muscular as he was in the OVA but still has that "I'm a tough Sevalle" look. Also has earned the reputation of being a manipulative bastard.

Designs for the 55th Sevalle King Iba Stolla, Hawk Eyes. Still looks really old. Guess he just couldn't shake off the grandpa look, or should I say granduncle. But all things put together, not bad for an 87 year old.

Designs for Dias Ragu, the Black Wing. Still one of the best designed characters in the series. The glasses are still on. Design for the boomerang appears to the same as the manga. He is shown as a red head as well instead of a blond.

Designs for Darkness. Super Darkness has long Sun Silk hair. He looks pretty good with out the cape. Keeps on closing his eyes as if he was blind.

The whole gang along with Kai Shinks of Crimson.