Mistress 9 is an evil entity who is one of the most powerful of the Deathbusters. She takes over the body of Professor Tomoe's young daughter, Hotaru. Little did she know that she had just possessed the body of one of the most powerful Sailor Soldiers! (In order to do so, she swallowed the pure heart crystal of Chibiusa)

To ensure that Mistress 9 will emerge in her most powerful state, Professor Tomoe sends off Daimons and assigns the Witches (+ Kaolinite) to find the appropriate pure heart crystal to be used to awaken her. During the rest of the time, Mistress 9 is hidden under Hotaru's young innocence. In other words, Hotaru is her normal sweet self when Mistress 9 doesn't take control. But when Kaolinite kidnaps Chibi-usa, Mistress 9 takes over Hotaru's mind completely once she swallows Chibi-usa's heart crystal and Hotaru rapidly takes the form of Mistress 9! Fortunately, during the battle at the point where Professor Tomoe is good again, the Holy Grail is destroyed and Master Pharoah Ninety arrives, Hotaru's good and happy memories manage to shake Mistress 9 and Hotaru's own mind is able to take over, transforming herself into Sailor Saturn and Mistress 9 is destroyed! See Hotaru's diary for more information.

Mistress 9 has the longest hair of all the history of characters of Sailormoon. Her black hair spreads on for miles and miles... or forever...whichever is longer. The scariest thing is that she is able to control her hair to move, strangle, turn things to stone with it. Her mind itself is powerful, she can easily summon daimons to attack by concentrating. She wears very revealing clothes: a dark blue dress with little strings of beads attached. Mistress 9 also has a black star on her forehead at times to signal how evil she is. She has a very evil laugh as well.

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