Last Updated March 14, 1999: Added Chapter 4 of my 'series' fic, "Lily in a Rainstorm", and updated/rewrote the previous chapters. Also added 2 new poems, and moved the Poetry into its own section. Also, anything added in the last update will be marked by a ***NEW*** sign. Enjoy! ^_^x

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Please note: some of the really old pieces of fanart have been taken down because I deem them unworthy of being here anymore. Really, they were horrible. ^^;;; Actually, these drawings are rather old as well...*sigh* I'm working on more, really I am.

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(more coming soon!) (more coming soon!)

These are my latest (and best) works - my RK fanfic character, Yuri.

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one-shot fics (meaning not in many parts and generally short):

Shattered Moonlight, Shattered Dreams - Kenshin and Kaoru have no choice but to live without each other...
A Choice of Heaven - only love can chase away Kenshin and Kaoru's sad memories...
Dark Night of the Soul - how will Kaoru react to Kenshin's departure?
Shadows of Fire - the spirits of who Battousai killed are haunting him...when he decides to turn Rurouni

(SPOILER manga volume 18 and up/RK soon-to-be-released OAVs)

Scars - Battousai is trying to deal with Tomoe's death

(SPOILER manga volume 18 and up/RK soon-to-be-released OAVs)

Heart of Sword - Kenshin is immersed in thoughts in this character sketch

(SPOILER manga volume 18 and up/RK soon-to-be-released OAVs)

Rurouni Kenshin - a short Kenshin character sketch - my very first RK piece I ever wrote. ^^;


Lily in a Rainstorm

This is my long-planned fanfic about my RK character, Yuri (see above Fanart section for my drawings of her) and Hiko Seijuro. Well, it's not totally mine, my good friend 'Seijyuroh' helped me with a few ideas for it, and I just put on my own spin on them. I'm still the writer though. This is a fanfic about Hiko Seijuro when he is 18 (25 years before the RK storyline now) and my character Yuri. Um, if you don't know who Hiko Seijuro is...don't read 'cause it will probably spoil you. :P Oh, and don't worry, there is no lemon/hentai anything in this fanfic. Romance yes, but nothing hentai. ^_^ (Oh, and yes I am using song titles from the RK soundtracks as chapter titles)

Chapter 1: Welcome to my Nightmare - young Hiko Seijuro rescues a mysterious girl from assassins...
Chapter 2: Troubled Memories - Yuri and Seijuro get to know each other
Chapter 3: Light Shaded Dream - just when Yuri thought she was safe...
Chapter 4: (untitled so far) - Seijuro's past is revealed... ***NEW***


Trap of Emotions - young Soujiro stands in the midst of the stormy night...

(SPOILER anime episodes 54-56 and an unknown manga volume)

Leaf and Flame - a poetic rendition of the Kenshin vs. Shishio fight.

(SPOILER anime episodes 58-61 and manga volume 17)
My Life - a poem from Kenshin's point of view (sort of a spoiler, but not really - you have to know what I'm talking about to catch the spoiler, it's harmless) ***NEW***
Soul of Winter - a poem from Tomoe's point of view ***NEW***

(SPOILER manga volumes 19 and up/the OAVs! If you don't know who Tomoe is, don't read!)


The fanfics here are parodies on RK and in no way should be taken seriously. :P

The Trouble With Cats - the Kamiya Dojo gets overrun with cats. 'Nuff said. :)

And these great flowery page graphics are taken from:

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These drawings and fanfics here were drawn and written by Nadya Neklioudova, please do not use them on your page without my permission!

LEGAL STUFF: None of these characters are mine, except Yuri. RurouniKenshin and all its characters belong to the great Watsuki Nobuhiro only. Please don't sue me, I am only a lowly little fan artist/writer with no money. However, my character Yuri belongs to me.

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