Ashram is the captain of the Royal Guard of Beld's army of darkness. Also known as the Black Knight, he is one of the most skillful swordsman on the land of Marmo. His combat skills and tactics as a general are without flaw. It was with his skill as a warrior and leader that Beld was able to subdue parts of Lodoss under his rule.

Ashram, although he served the Marmo, he was not truly evil. Beld and Wagnard are definitions of evil people, but Ashram was only driven by self ambition. When Beld died in the War of Heroes, Ashram took the Demon Sword Soul Crusher and became the new leader of the Marmo forces. Unlike Beld, Ashram mastered the Demon Sword, and therefore the demon within the sword could not control him. But he was tempted by the evil wizard Wagnard to conquer Lodoss. And as the new King of Marmo and the wielder of the Demon Sword, Ashram's ambition became greater than before and he set forth to conquer Lodoss. But little did Ashram know that Wagnard was using him to fulfill his own evil deeds.

Ashram may have been a cold and heartless person, but there was one person who was able to get close to him. This person was the Dark Elf, Pirotess. Although he would never show his true feelings for Pirotess, he knew that he was falling in love with her. The reason he would never admit it is because he thought it would make him look weak.



Pirotess is a Dark Elf with great shamanic powers. She serves in the army of Marmo under Ashram's orders. Her skills as a warrior are as great as her magical powers for she is not one to be underestimated. Like Ashram, Pirotess is not truly evil and only follows orders.

Pirotess admired Ashram and gave her loyalty to him and only him. Her admiration of him slowly grew into a deep love as they fought side by side but she would never truly express her feelings for him. Unfortutnately, Ashram did the same with his feelings for her. They both kept their feelings for one another inside. They would keep their feelings inside until that fatal moment in Fire Dragon Mountain where they both died in each others arms. It was then they finally pronounced their love for one another. Although their love was born in the shadows, it died in the light.

Pirotess, although she died at Fire Dragon Mountain in Ashram's arms, was resurrected by the Grey Witch Karla. Ashram was also resurrected by Karla but neither Pirotess or Ashram knew about each other. They went their separate ways not knowing that they would someday meet again and together fulfill their destiny.



Beld, the Dark Emperor of Marmo and one of the legendary heroes who saved Lodoss from the Demon King. He was a mighty and noble knight who fought along side Fahn, vanquishing evil in the war of Light and Darkness. They fought valiantly together and became good friends until that fateful moment when Beld's soul was corrupted by evil.

Beld turned to evil when his soul was forever tainted with the evil spirit of the Demon King. It was by him that the final blow was laid unto the Demon King's flesh and bone, killing the demon. With the blood of the Demon covering him, Beld's once and migthy greatsword was cursed with the soul of the Demon King. The sword was possessed by the evil spirit of the demon and it became known as the Demon Sword Soul Crusher. Whoever wields this sword must overcome the demon within or the demon will overcome the wielder. Beld failed to do so, and like his sword, his soul was forever corrupted by evil.

Beld became the new Dark Emperor of Marmo and with the evil flowing within his veins, set forth to conquer all of Lodoss. He gathered his army of monsters and humans and waited for the right moment to invade Lodoss.



Wort, the great sage of Moss and also one of the six heroes who fought against the Demon King. Although he may not seem like it, Wort is a very powerful wizard. He lives alone is his castle and serves as the sage for the Kingdom of Moss.

Wort is the one who knows about Karla and her true plans for Lodoss. When the six heroes who fought the Demon King went on their quest, Wort was the only one who knew that the magical sorcerer who accompanied them was really Karla. Karla did not tell them her true identity for if they knew who she really was, they would have tried to kill her. Wort did not tell anyone about Karla for he knew that her powers were needed in order to destroy the Demon King.

Wort helps out Parn and the others on their quest by revealing Karla's true goal. Wort takes no part in the affairs of Lodoss, but keeps a watchful eye on Karla knowing that she will be their to carry out her plans.



Karla, also known as the Grey Witch, is the sole survivor of the Kingdom of Kastuul. She is a powerful sorceress who has survived for five hundred years by maintaining her soul in a magical circlet. Whoever wears this circlet is controlled by Karla until the circlet is removed.

Karla believes that Lodoss should neither be unified or conquered. For centuries she has guided the fate of Lodoss by keeping a balance between good and evil. Whenever the balance is tipped to one side, she steps in and makes sure that the balance is once again equal. Good and evil, light and dark, kings and peasants, they are all pawns to her. She uses the fate of everything and everyone in her game of chess. She believes that she is protecting Lodoss from disaster, but few agree with her.

Karla was also one of the six heroes who saved Lodoss from the Demon King. She joined Fahn and the other heroes on their quest only to do what she has been doing for the past hundreds of years. When the Demon King was destroyed, she disappeared and went back to her castle. There she watches and waits. If the balance between good and evil in Lodoss should ever be tipped, she will step in to guide the fate of her pawns in her game of chess.



Wagnard is a High Priest of Kardis and follower of Falaris. He is also a powerful wizard who serves as Beld's advisor. Although he may seem loyal to his superiors, he has his own evil deeds that he plans on carrying out.

Wagnard's goal is to resurrect Kardis, the goddess of Destruction. He was possessed by Kardis' evil power which made him more evil than he already was. He had no desire to resurrect the dark goddess until Kardis started calling out to him. Hearing Kardis' voice, Wagnard planned to resurrect the dark goddess and control Lodoss himself. He believed that with the Sceptor of Domination, he would be able to have complete control over Kardis and gain immortality by doing so.

Wagnard, with his evil schemes, was the biggest threat to Lodoss. Should he had succeeded in the resurrection of Kardis, all of Lodoss would have been destroyed by the evil power of the dark goddess.


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