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All titles are subtitled by fans for fans and are NOT to be rented or sold for profit.
Rating Breakdowns:

4+ -=- Copy directly off the LaserDisc, SVHS or VHS Masters [Distributor Copy]
4 -=- Copy directly off the LaserDisc, excellent SVHS or VHS [1st/2nd Gen]
4- -=- Copy off very good SVHS or VHS [2nd-3rd Generation]
3+ -=- Copy off good SVHS or VHS (picture is fuzzy at times)
3 -=- Copy off good/okay SVHS or VHS (picture with more fuzziness)
3- or below -=- Tapes that I usually erase or sell to anyone who wants them.

Titles I've just acquired. I will rate them when I have time to watch them.
Looking for or getting better copies. Email me for more details.

/ \ Status / \ - / | \ - / | \ - F A N S U B -/- T I T L E S - / | \ - / | \ - -/| Length |\-/|\ Rating /|\-/ | \ Fansub Group / | \-
Adventure of Horus, Prince of the Sun1 Tape[4][Kodocha Anime]
Aim for Ace TV Eps 1-41 Tape[4][Techno-Girls]
Aka-chan to Boku Eps 1-2 / Mahou Guru Guru Movie1 Tape[4][Team ABCB]
Aka-chan to Boku Eps 3-184 Tapes[4-/4][Pakman/Sachi Gumi]
Akazukin Cha Cha TV Eps 1-164 Tapes[4/4+][Nyanko House]
Akazukin Cha Cha TV Eps 17-7425 min/ea[4-/4][Group Virelai]
Akazukin Cha Cha OAVs 1-325 min/ea[4+][Slow as Hell Anime]
Andro Maico 2040 TV Eps 1-460 min[4+][Fansub Files Masters]
Andro Maico 2040 TV Eps 5-1615 min/ea[4-/4][Fans for Fans]
Aries45 min[4][Oukami Studios]
Ayatsuri Sakon TV Eps 1-164 Tapes[4][Odyssey/Gynomishi]
Bewitching Nozomi OAVs 1-350 min/ea[4+][Lupin Gang Anime]
Brother, Dear Brother Eps 1-3527 min/ea[4-/4/4+][Techno-Girls]
Cat's Eyes Live Action Movie1 Tape[4-/4][Team ABCB]
City Hunter Special: The Death of the Evil Ryo Saeba1 Tape[4/4+][Team ABCB]
City Hunter: Live Action Movie1 Tape[4+][Dark Ops]
CLAMP in Wonderland20 min[4+][Neko Creations]
Coo: The Movie1 Tape[4][Ground Zero]
Cutie Honey Flash TV Eps 1-164 Tapes[4-/4][Fans for Fans]
Cutie Honey Flash Movie45 min[4][Club A-Type]
Cyber Formula Sin Round 230 min[4-][Anime Ball]
D4 Princess TV 1-242 Tapes[4-/4][Odyssey Anime]
Debut OAVs 1-230 min/ea[4-][D.O.M.O.]
Detective Conan 1st Movie90 min[4/4+][NT-Anime]
Detective Conan 2nd Movie: 14th Target1 Tape[4/4+][NT-Anime]
Detective Conan 3rd Movie: Last Wizard of the Century1 Tape[4][Anime Addicts]
Detective Conan 4th Movie: The Killer Captured in Her Eyes1 Tape[4-][Fans for Fans]
Detective Conan 5th Movie: Countdown to Heaven1 Tape[4][Fans for Fans]
DiGi Charat TV Eps 1-1690 min[4+][Fansub Files Masters]
DiGi Charat 2000 Summer Specials 1-460 min[4/4+][DiGi Anime]
A Dog of Flanders TV Eps 1-51 Tapes[4-/4][Fans for Fans]
Ear of the Golden Dragon55 min[4-][Hecto]
Elementalors OAV47 min[4][Studio Hooseki]
Everyday is Sunday OAVs 1-41 Tape[4][Beefbowl Anime]
Everyday is Sunday OAVs 5-6 / Urban Square1 Tape[4-/4][Kodocha Anime]
First Kiss Story OVA30 min[4][NYAE]
Gaogaiger OAVs 4-930 min/ea[4-][Ctenosaur/Fans]
Gatchman TV Eps 31,39,40,511 Tape[4+][Atelier G]
Gauche: The Cellist60 min[4/4+][Neko Creations]
Gdleen / Carol OAVs1 Tape[4-/4][Odyssey Anime]
Gekiganger III30 min[4+][Red Hat Anime]
Ghost Sweeper: Mikami Eps 1-164 Tapes[4-/4/4+][Central/Nora Inu]
Ghost Sweeper: Mikami Eps 21-282 Tapes[4-/4][Nora Inu "G"]
Ghost Sweeper: Mikami Eps 4525 min[4-/4][Nora Inu "G"]
Giant Robo: Ginrei OVA #130 min[4-][Fans for Fans]
Glass Mask TV Eps 1-236 Tapes[4-/4][Odyssey Anime]
Glass Mask OAVs 1-21 Tape[4-/4][Garasu no Bara]
Gokinjo Monogatari (Neighborhood Story) TV Eps 1-41 Tape[4+][Pakman Productions]
Gokinjo Monogatari (Neighborhood Story) Movie30 min[4][Hana Yori Anime]
Gold Fish Warning #127 min[4-][Studio Hooseki]
Graduation OAVs 1-230 min/ea[4][Anime Miranda]
Hana Yori Dango Movie30 min[4-/4][Hana Yori Anime]
Heaven Wars Shurato Eps 1-41 Tape[4][Neko Creations]
Heavenly Chronicles TV Eps 1-1325 min/ea[4-/4][Odyssey Anime]
Heidi of the Alps TV Eps 1-41 Tape[4/4+][Neko Creations]
High School Aura Buster OAVs 1-230 min/ea[4-/4][Anime Ball/Sakura]
High School Kimen Gumi TV Eps 127 min[4-/4][Fans for Fans]
Hime-chan's Ribbon Volumes 1-1616 Tapes[4-/4][Tomodachi]
Homeless Boy Remi TV Eps 1-82 Tapes[4-/4][Nautilus]
I Can Make a Habit of It! Eps 1-164 Tapes[4][Tomodachi]
Idol Defense Force Hummingbird OAV #156 min[4-][Nexus Studios]
The Jikembo of Young Kindachi Movie1 Tape[4-][NT-Anime]
Jurassic Tripper TV Eps 1-82 Tapes[4+][Blackdeath Studios]
Kamakaze Kaitou Jeanne TV Eps 1-4411 Tapes[4-/4/4+][Sachi Gumi]
Karura Mau80 min[4-/4][TDCTD]
Kiko-chan's Smile TV Eps 1-41 Tape[4/4+][Techno-Girls]
Kojiro of Fumma OAVs 1-430 min/ea[4-][Studio Kakyouin]
Kojiro of Fumma - The Movie60 min[4-/4][Studio Kakyouin]
Legend of Basara OAVs 1-1330 min/ea[4-/4][Odyssey Anime]
Legend of the Galactic Heroes OAVs 1-2630 min/ea[4-/4][Central Anime]
Legend of the Galactic Heroes: The Movie60 min[4][Central Anime]
Legend of the Galactic Heroes OAVs 27-301 Tape[4][Central Anime]
Legend of the Galactic Heroes OAVs 31-423 Tapes[4/4+][Veji Productions]
Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Movie #293 min[4][Fans for Fans]
Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Golden Wings OAVs 1-41 Tape[4][Studio Mayakashii]
Macross Flashback 2012 / The Future Chronicle60 min[4][Beefbowl Anime]
Macross 7 Eps 1-4930 min/ea[4][PsychoKORps / Central]
Macross 7 Dynamite OAVs 1-430 min/ea[4-/4][Fushigi Anime]
Macross 7 Encore OAVs 1-230 min/ea[4-][E. Monsoon]
Macross 7 Encore OAV: Fleet of the Strongest Women30 min[4-][Central Anime]
Macross 7: The Movie40 min[4][Central Anime]
Magical Faire Pelsia TV Eps 1-427 min/ea[4-/4][Studio Banzai]
Mahou Jin Guru Guru TV Eps 1-425 min/ea[4-/4][Hana Yori Anime]
Mahou Jin Guru Guru TV Eps 16-293 Tapes[4-/4][Sachi Gumi]
Mahou no Star Magical Emi TV Eps 1-41 Tape[4][Yokyun/Wasabi]
Mahou no Tenshi Creamy Mami TV Eps 1-41 Tape[4-/4][Nuku-Newtype]
Mamotte Shogogetten TV Eps 1-2325 min/ea[4-/4/4+][Odyssey/Karinkuru Anime]
Mamotte Shogogetten OAVs 1-230 min/ea[4-][Kuroneko Anime]
Master Mos Quiton '99 TV Eps 1-830 min/ea[4][Gray Anime]
Memolu in the Pointed Hat80 min[4][Techno-Girls]
Memories1 Tape[4][TAAS]
Millenial Queen TV Eps 1-41 Tape[4][Garasu no Anime]
Neo BT'X OAVs 4-630 min/ea[4-/4][Shinsen/Vortex]
Ninja Ryukenden50 min[4-/4][Mayonaka Anime]
Please Save My Earth: The Movie1 Tape[4][GeoFront]
Please Save My Earth: Music Collection30 min[4][Kodocha Anime]
Popolocrois Monogatari TV Eps 1-82 Tapes[4-/4][SUGOI Anime]
Psychic Force OAVs 1-230 min/ea[4-/4][Studio Kakyouin]
Romeo's Blue Skies Eps 1-338 Tapes[4/4+][Techno-Girls]
Rose of Versailles Eps 1-4010 Tapes[4-/4][Rosebud]
Ryu Knights TV Eps 1-630 min/ea[4][Ground Zero]
Ryu Knights OVAs 1-41 Tape[4][Ureshi Anime]
Ryu Knights OVA #530 min[4][Studio Ryuu]
Sailor Moon: Ami-chan no Hatsu Koi & SS Special1 Tape[4+][VKLL]
Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars Eps 167-1701 Tape[4+][jan Anime]
Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars Eps 171-1782 Tape[4-/4][VKLL]
Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars Eps 179-20025 min/ea[4+][VKLL]
Sexy Commando Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san TV Eps 1-161 Tape[4][DiGi Anime]
Silent Mobius: Movie #160 min[4][Nora Inu Anime]
Silent Mobius: Movie #260 min[4-/4][Fans for Fans]
Slam Dunk TV Eps 1-4 (from LD)1 Tape[4-][Anime Miranda]
Slam Dunk TV Eps 5-8 (from LD)1 Tape[4][Anime West]
Slam Dunk TV Eps 9-12 (from LD)1 Tape[4+][Sosamo Anime Master]
Slam Dunk TV Eps 17-20 (from TV)1 Tape[4+][Neko Creations]
Slam Dunk Movies 1-42 Tapes[3+/4-][ADK]
The Slayers: Gorgeous Movie66 min[4/4+][Slow as Hell Anime]
Space Battleship Yamamoto Yohko OAVs 1-330 min/ea[4][Ojisan Productions]
Super Doll Rika-chan TV Eps 1-131 Tape[4-/4/4+][Blackdeath Studios]
Take the X Train OAV60 min[4-/4][Lupin Gang Anime]
Tenshi Nanaka Ja Nai Movie60 min[4-][Hana Yori Anime]
Tico & Nanami TV Eps 1-164 Tapes[4/4+][Neko Creations]
Tokimeki Memorial Live Action Movie1 Tape[4/4+][Team ABCB]
Tokimeki Memorial OVA #1 - Think About You55 min[LD][#fansubs Alliance]
Tonde Boorin Eps 1-123 Tapes[4/4+][Blackdeath Studios]
Touch TV Eps 1-164 Tapes[4-/4][NT-Anime]
Touch Movie #4: Miss Lonely Yesterday95 min[4-/4][NT-Anime]
To-Y60 min[4-/4][NT-Anime]
Tokyo Jusshouden OVA #130 min[4-/4][White Cross]
Twilight Q OAVs 1-230 min/ea[4][Tomodachi/Anime West]
Violinist of the Hamelin TV Eps 1-256 Tapes[4-/4][3NA]
Violinist of the Hamelin: the Movie30 min/ea[4+][Nora Inu Anime]
Wedding Peach DX Eps 1-41 Tape[4][Boot to da Head]
Windaria: The Movie1 Tape[4][Lupin Gang Anime]
Yamato 2520 OAVs 1-21 Tapes[4][Beefbowl]
Yawara! a fashionable judo girl! TV Eps 1-4125 min/ea[4-/4/4+][NYTP/Neko/NewType]
Yawara! a fashionable judo girl! Special1 Tape[4][3NA]
Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou OVAs 1-230 min/ea[4][Odyssey Anime]
Yugi-Oh Movie30 min[4-/4][Sakura Anime]
Zenki OAV#130 min[4-/4][Studio Kakyouin]

Old Fansubs:

NOTE: The following titles could have discrepencies in quality due to degradation of the tapes.

/ \ Status / \ - / | \ - / | \ - F A N S U B -/- T I T L E S - / | \ - / | \ - -/|\ Length /|\-/|\ Rating /|\-/ | \ Fansub Group / | \-
Arion1 Tape[4-][Studio Kakyouin]
Bavi Stock55 min[4-][Studio Kakyouin]
The Blue and Green Years Eps 1-12 (from TV)3 Tapes[3+/4-][Techno-Girls]
BT'X TV Eps 1-255 Tapes[4-][Shinsen Gumi]
Cat's Eyes Eps 1-4, 6-7, 11-1225 min/ea[4-][VJAS]
CDS: Perfect Collections 1-2: Music Videos1 Tape[4][CDS]
CDS: Roadbusted & Koko wa Otaku Parody1 Tape[4][CDS]
Combustible Campus Guardress OAVs 1-41 Tape[4][Project Daicon]
Conan: The Future Boy Eps 1-2630 min/ea[4-][Unknown]
Del Power X45 min[4-/4][Tomodachi]
Dragon Heaven45 min[4-/4][Fans for Fans]
The Enemy is Pirate! OAVs 1-625 min/ea[4-][SVII]
The Fashion Boy is Cool / Don't Lose Mokendo!65 min[3+/4-][Tomodachi]
Fist of the North Star: The Movie1 Tape[4-/4][Nora Inu Anime]
Five Star Stories65 min[4-/4][????????]
Handsome Girl OAV / Mariko Kouda Vivid Concert1 Tape[4][Tomodachi]
Haruka's Case Manga Video / Tinkerbell After School76 min[4-/4][Tomodachi]
I Can Hear the Sea [Studio Ghibi]75 min[4-/4][NT-Anime]
Kimagure Orange Road: Jump Pilot OAV25 min[4-/4][NT-Anime]
Licca: The Magic Rings Eps 1-225 min/ea[4-][Nora Inu Anime]
Like the Clouds, Like the Wind70 min[4-/4][NT-Anime]
Macross: Do You Remember Love?1 Tape[4+][Anime West]
Maison Ikkoku: The Final Movie / Desert OAV1 Tape[4][NT-Anime]
Maison Ikkoku: Through the Passing Seasons90 min[4][NT-Anime]
Maison Ikkoku: Music Parade30 min[4+][NT-Anime]
Maison Ikkoku: Live Action Movie1 Tape[3+/4-][Arctic]
Marmalade Boy Eps 1-7619 Tapes[4-/4/4+][Tomodachi]
Marmalade Boy: the Movie30 min[4-][Tomodachi]
Mazinger Z: The Movie45 min[4-/4][Nora Inu Anime]
Minky Momo OAVs / TV Episode #11 Tape[4+][Okonomi Studios]
Miracle Girls Eps 1-82 Tapes[4-][DOMO Remasters]
Miracle Girls Eps 9-12, 29-404 Tapes[4-][Studio Banzai]
Mugen Shinshi47 min[4][Typos R Us]
Natuski Crisis Eps 1-230 min/ea[4][Central Anime]
Nurse Angel Ririka SOS Eps 1-359 Tapes[4/4+][Tomodachi]
Oni OAV #160 min[4+][SilverWynd]
OZ Eps 1-237 min/ea[4][Munchkins]
Ryonohara Labyrinth: Sparkling Phantom45 min[4-][NT-Anime]
Saint Seiya Movies 1-21 Tape[4-][ADK]
Saint Seiya Movies 450 min[4-][ADK]
Space Family Carl Vinson52 min[4][Arctic]
Tobira o Akete (Open the Door)90 min[4][Tomodachi]
Touch Movie 194 min[4-][Nexus Studios]
Touch Movie 280 min[4-][Nexus Studios]
Touch Movie 384 min[4-][Nexus Studios]
Villgust Eps 1-230 min/ea[4-/4][Aquarian/AXIS]
Ushiro Shomen wa Daare? (Who's Right Behind Me?)90 min[4-][Fans for Fans]

Raw Japanese Titles: These titles below are NOT subtitled.

/ \ Status / \- / | \ - / | \ - / | \ - U N S U B B E D-/- T I T L E S - / | \ - / | \ - / | \ - -/|\ Length /|\- /|\ Rating /|\
Aya (Hisakawa) Mail 3: 1st Live Concert / Sakura Tange: New Frontier1 Tape[4-/4]
Compiler Music Trackdown27 min[4-/4]
Card Captor Sakura TV Eps 36-70 (direct from LD)9 Tapes[4+]
Fushigi Yuugi OAV Special1 Tape[4-/4]
Kimagure Orange Road Eps 45-48 (from LD)1 Tape[4+]
Kimagure Orange Road: Tanabata Special40 min[4-]
Kimagure Orange Road: CDV Music Videos45 min[4]
Love Hina TV Eps 1-2527 min/ea[Limited Edition DVDs]
Love Hina: Live Action Musical in Osaka67 min[4]
Maison Ikkoku Complete LD Box: TV Eps 1-9624 Tapes[LD]
Maison Ikkoku TV Eps 1-96 (from LD)24 Tapes[4+]
Maison Ikkoku: The Final Movie (from LD)75 min[4+]
Maison Ikkoku: Prelude30 min[4]
On Your Mark Music Video10 min[4]
Ranma 1/2: DoCo Music Videos (from LD)50 min[4+]
Ranma 1/2: Opening/Ending Music Videos30 min[4]
Ranma 1/2: Strong Music Battles46 min[4-]
Rurouni Kenshin TV Eps 1-27 (from LD)27 min/ea[4+]
Rurouni Kenshin Movie90 min[4/4+]
Sailor Stars Live Action Movie1 Tape[4+]
Sentimental Journey TV Eps 1-12 (from LD)3 Tapes[4+]
Tenchi Muyo Sound File (from LD)30 min[4/4+]
Tenchi Muyo: Pretty Sammy's Sound Book (from LD)30 min[4/4+]
Tokimeki Memorial OVA #1 - "Think About You"50 min[LD]
Tokimeki Memorial OVA #2 - "Feel Your Heart"50 min[LD]
Video Girl Ai: Live Action Film1 Tape[4+]