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April 1, 2002:

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Updated: December 1, 2005 | Status: Selective Trading

Current Backlog: None


It has been more than 6 years since I first packaged and ship off tapes to acquire my first fansubs. Ever since, I have dedicated my collection to mainly romance, comedy, and shoujo anime series. I find them more appealing than violent bloody, mecha shonen anime. They are also easier to keep up, understand, and become attached to them. That's what I've found to be appealing about anime--its realistic, comic, and sometimes, fantasic approach toward certain aspects of human life.


NEW titles are now available for distribution! Please read the rules before requesting.

Due to the lack of time and resources, I am no longer trading or distributing any more DIGITALLY subtitled anime. Please DO NOT request for them.

Thanks to all who watched the latest screening of Tokimeki Memorial OVAs at Project Akon 2002 in Dallas, Texas. The showing was a great success and I hope everyone enjoyed the series.

The following titles have been removed due to their acquistion and imminent release domestically. Please purchase their releases.

Akihabara Dennou Gumi TV Eps 1-26 => A.D. Vision
Flames of Recca TV Eps 1-42 => Viz Video
Kodomo no Omocha TV Eps 1-40 => Funimation
Marmalade Boy TV Eps 1-76 & Movie => TokyoPop
Shadow Skills TV Eps 1-26 => A.D. Vision
Sentimental Journey TV Eps 1-8 => Media Blasters
Seraphim Call TV Eps 1-5, 7, 9-12 => Media Blasters
The Slayers: Gorgeous Movie => A.D. Vision
The Slayers: Great Movie => A.D. Vision

Release Dates - Unconfirmed

Blue Seed 2 OVA #1 => A.D. Vision
Boys Be TV Eps 1-10 -> Rightstuf
City Hunter: All Specials and TV Episodes => A.D. Vision
To Heart TV Eps 1-13 => Rightstuff

Wanted List: (1st-2nd Generation Copies)

  • Any NEW fansubs of non-licensed anime that I don't have.
  • OR anything I don't have or that is ranked [3+] or below.

    What's New?

    Tokimeki Memorial OVA #1 - Think About You [LD Master]
    Tokimeki Memorial OVA #2 - Feel Your Heart [LD Master]

    Unconfirmed Titles [I hope to get them eventually!]
    Tapes from distributors or LD or SVHS/VHS Masters.
    Tapes from 1st to 2nd generation source.