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Real life DBZ sightings have happened all over. Where have YOU seen evidence of DBZ? Look below to see some things that have happened to people...

The Truth About Spanish Projects: A DBZ Sighting
It was just a normal day when a certain SSJ_Seripa walked in to Spanish class and learned about a project they would have to do. No, it wasn't an ordinary project...It was a "family" project! A project in which they would have to find pictures of people and write descriptions in Spanish. But when the teacher said that they could use real pictures, or those from magazines or those from the internet, it became much more than a project. It became a project that would have DBZ in it! Once this project is due, you will see a real life DBZ sighting in its entirety. I have completed the project! :-P

How To Find Out If Someone Likes DBZ: The Many Methods
Method One: The Food Method
Make sure you are in a public place where you can move around among friends/family members/enemies/anyone else. MAke sure there is food that will be arriving shortly. Proceed to draw Goten or Goku on a piece of paper, preferably just their head. Caption it: "I'm hungry, where's the food?" Then walk around, sticking it in people's faces while saying "I'm hungry, where's the food? Donate food to a hungry face?" If the people like DBZ, they should probably make a remark along the lines of "huh?", "Goku/Goten?", "DBZ!DBZ!DBZ!DBZ!", etc.

More methods are coming soon~.