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This is the Random Quote of the Day section featuring...random quotes! Only when I feel like putting random quotes up. Because...hey!'s supposed to be random, right?

Oh no! I'm missing DBZ! AHHHHHH! *Runs to TV* No...
Supreme Kai: No...
Me: Wow...that was weird.

*Looks at a plastic toy* Eating metal is bad for you.
Little kid owning toy: That's plastic.
Oh, right. Heh heh...better get those brain cells checked...

They even overcooked the soup!!

"WOAH, BIRDIES!" ~Goten (dub episode from a few days ago)

Who. Is. Querty?!

THIS SITE HAS OVER 100 HITS NOW! YEAH! YAY! PARTY! I will be hyperactive until furthur notice. YAY! 100+ hits! :-)

In the dub, when Gohan told Nappa he smelled like toenails, how did he know what toenails really smelled like? I mean, unless he routinely smells toenails...And was he referring to clean toenails or dirty ones? THAT is the question!