Thrice Burned   pt 4

Ouch! Joyce hissed as she sat gingerly at the breakfast table. Brad, her boyfriend and lover had already left for an early appointment that he could not get out of, leaving Joyce nursing some black coffee and a tender rump. Oh, but the sex! It had been passionate and heavenly. "Mmmm...", she mused, "What a night!"   When she had set out on her little seduction experiment, she'd have never guessed the result. She hadn't really planned it that way, it had just sort of taken off on its own. Still, she had been in a decidedly flighty mood last night, excited and ready to take a chance with something new. Her experience with Gwen and later with Jeff had sparked some latent desire. Where had this desire come from? She didn't know, but it seemed that all of a sudden she had this need to be dominated, overwhelmed, by a man. She wanted him to put her over his knee and spank her, hard. She wanted him to take control and not put up with any girlish crap. She wanted, she wanted....but she couldn't just come right out and ask him, no. She had to lead him along until he got the idea. Would he?

The first thing was the way she had dressed for Brad. Distaining all underwear except for a brief bra and bikini panties of white silk, she had put on her skimpiest sundress, a shift type dress that hung 6" above her knees. The bra pushed her breasts up and the low cut showed her cleavage to its best advantage. It was definitely an ensemble to give a man ideas.

They had gone to see an artsy French film, a very risque one. Then Joyce had suggested they go to her place. Jeff was off on some weekend campout or retreat or something, so she had the house to herself. They had settled in on the couch when Joyce had decided to tease Brad. I'll be a flighty brat and see what that gets me, she thought. Brad, of course, was intoxicated with his sexy date. My God! He thought. What an enticing woman... and in that outfit. This was a different Joyce from the usual cool headed Miss Responsibility that he had been dating.

Brad started to make his move. His arm sidled over Joyce's shoulders and he drew her to him for a passionate kiss. Joyce responded ardently and for a while it looked to Brad as if things were proceeding right on target. Rounding first base, he thought. But Joyce had other plans. She started to tickle Brad in the middle of their passionate embrace.

"Hey....what are you doing?" said Brad, as Joyce giggled at his startled reaction.

"What's the matter....ticklish?" said Joyce, grinning.

"Yes, now stop it," Brad had commanded. What was this? She was acting like a teenage schoolgirl.

"Ooh...what are you going to do if I don't?" asked Joyce brattily.

She was being a brat on purpose, deliberately teasing him. He remembered this kind of thing from when he was 16 dating 15 and 16 year old schoolgirls. Many of them had been flighty, fickle teases. He also remembered his "secret weapon" that he had used more than a few times to tame a mischeivous filly who provoked him. Spankings. Yeah, spankings. It usually worked. He would put the bratty offender over his knee and swat her fanny while she kicked and squealed in protest, but later the same bratty teenager would respond passionately to his advances. Like that giggly Jan Bishop, a cute sophomore he had taken to a private party. He had unceremoniously pulled her into an empty bedroom after Jan had flirted with every other boy there. Wow! she had squawked when he had flipped her over his knee and raised her little dress. The white cotton panties snugging her bottom hadn't been much protection for the swatting he had given her. Her cute fanny had absorbed about 30 spanks through those thin panties before he was through and she was tearfully promising to stop the flirting.

Then there had been that curvy redhead Lynn. They had been at the beach and had gone walking close to midnight when the beach was deserted. He had been in bathing trunks, she in a revealing bikini. Lynn decided to go swimming and then took to teasing Brad by taking her top off and waving it at him while she hid her breasts beneath the waves. Taking up the challenge, Brad swam out to get her. She cut it too close though and Brad had caught her before she could get the top back on. He had scolded her for teasing him and had dragged her out of the surf, she sputtering in protest, tits jiggling, bikini top in hand. The log had been conveniently lying there and Brad had proceeded to sit on it and drag the hapless Lynn over his lap. He had tugged down the tiny bikini bottoms revealing a gloriously rounded bare fanny, the wobbling mounds seemingly begging for attention. No one was there to hear the ringing smacks that Brad delivered to the wriggling bottomcheeks as penance for her shameless teasing. He could even see from the light of the moon and a nearby pier that her bottom was getting red as he spanked her. Eventually she too had promised to be good if only he would stop. Brad smiled to himself as he remembered how she had expressed her gratitude.

Maybe a schoolgirl treatment was what she was needing, Brad thought. So Brad grinned and said,
"I just might put you across my knee and spank your little bottom, that's what. Now be a good girl."

And he moved to resume where he had left off, but just as their lips met, Joyce tickled him again, laughing at his obvious frustration and discomfort. Brad's eyes narrowed. "Just what do you think you're doing?"

"Oh, just having fun," cooed Joyce. "Don't you think this is fun? You look so funny when your face is all screwed up like that,"  she laughed.

"Mmm...." said Brad regarding Joyce thoughtfully, "I'll show you what's fun." And he proceeded to roll up his sleeves.

"What are you doing? Now, was just kidding. Brad!!"
She tried to back away, his intentions now obvious, but
Brad grabbed her around the waist and hauled her over his knees, face down, her body stretched out across the couch. This positioned her delectable bottom right over Brad's right knee which raised it prominently. "No, Brad, no!" Joyce squealed in protest, but secretly she was thrilled.

"Now this is fun!" said Brad, and he brought his palm down on the left cheek of Joyce's sumptuous behind with a loud SMACK! Another SMACK! to the right side. "Don't you dare!" yelped Joyce. But Brad merely ignored her and started to spank Joyce's curvy bottom with firm open-handed smacks that elicited squeaks of distress. The brief skirt rode up on Joyce's legs. Brad's reaction was to flip it up on her back, exposing her pantied bottom amid renewed yelps of protest. Brad paused briefly to drink in the sight of Joyce's jutting posterior which was barely contained by the silky panties. He rubbed his hand lasciviuosly across the luscious mounds kneading and patting the resilient cheeks. Then he started to spank again.

Ohhhh....thought Joyce. It stings. It's burning. But it is not at all unpleasant. She writhed with wanton abandon over her lover's lap as the spanks echoed off the walls. Each splat! of his palm sent an electric thrill through her. She felt her sex lubricating and pressed her vulva down on Brad's groin. Yes! She felt his hard member poking up in response.

After a few moments Brad stopped. Joyce thought he was done, but he put his fingers in the elastic of the flimsy panties. Joyce howled anew at his apparant intention to denude her bottom. "No, Brad, no!" she squealed, as she felt her last line of defense slide down her thighs to bunch at her knees. "Oh, yes, Joyce, now you have a good old fashioned bare fanny tanning coming to you."

Now when the spanking resumed, Joyce received the full intended "benefit". The smacks were sharper, more stinging, and Joyce's behind got redder and redder. But Joyce was in full arousal. The sweet stinging warmth in her wriggling bottom translated as pleasure at the spot between her legs. She actually began to "assist" in her own chastisement, raising her buttocks in time to meet Brad's descending hand. In response Brad slipped his other hand between her legs and fingered her clitoris, causing her to hump furiously, impaling herself on his fingers. Brad seemed mesmerized by the delicious wobbling of each cheek as he smacked it, a little ripple speading out through the springy flesh. In a frenzy Joyce screamed for him to spank harder and faster. Brad obliged. In a final convulsion of spanking and pumping, Joyce orgasmed over his knee, writhing in pleasure.

She lay slumped over his knee for a moment, breathless. Then she rose gingerly and knelt in front of him. "Oh...what a spanking!" she exclaimed and shamelessly rubbed her flaming buns. "But now I'd better take care of this". And she unzipped Brad's pants, reached in and pulled out his throbbing hard penis. "Oh, my, did spanking me do that?" And she slipped the rigid pole between her lips, lubricating the glans with her saliva. Brad groaned as she sucked, licked and ran her lips up and down the length of his shaft. She put more pressure on the sensitive penis, drawing her wet mouth all the way to the end and then gulping the shaft to the root with a wet slurping sound.

Brad was close to the edge when he pulled her head back. Rising from the couch he stripped off his clothes in record time. He unzipped the flimsy dress and pulled it over her head. An unsnapping of her bra and she was nude. He beheld her beautiful skin from behind, all white except for twin red spank spots that attested to his handiwork. Brad spun her around and kissed her passionately, his hand massaging the tender buttocks he had just warmed so thoroughly. He laid her gently on the couch and climbed between her outstretched legs. She was so wet he slid in easily. Joyce gave a little gasp and their bodies started rocking as he slid in and out of her tight sheath. Brad was a patient lover. As turned on as he was, he waited until Joyce was reaching her second climax before releasing his pent up jism in powerful bucking waves of pleasure.

And the third time had been nearly as good as the first, mused Joyce. She had brought Brad the strap that she had used on Jeff and had asked him to use it on his naughty girl. She wanted to know what it felt like. The ice had been broken now and Brad had willingly given his lady 10 good cracks as she bent over the couch, lewdly presenting her fanny for the strap. It was liquid fire across her red cheeks, but it also stimulated her sex. She wanted more, and he had then taken her that way, from behind, over the couch, his groin slapping against her cherry red bottom as he rode her to orgasm.

Well, the cat was out of the bag now, she thought. A ringing telephone interrupted her reverie.

"Hello, Joyce...? This is Gwen. Remember me? From the leather shop?"

Joyce flashed back to the sight of Gwen's nude tush perched over the worktable, and how deliciously it had wobbled when she had struck it with the strap. "How could I forget," said Joyce. "How are you?"

"I'm fine and I just thought I'd ask you over for coffee. I have kind of a proposition I'd like to toss your way and well, I...I'd just like to see you again."

"That's nice Gwen. I'd like that."

"Great, here's how you get here......."


On that same Saturday Meg and Jeff had struck out on their own for a walk in the woods. They were headed up to a lake where there was a swimming hole, so they had a blanket, towells and bathing suits. They were part of a weekend retreat for seniors from the high school. Saturday afternoon was free time and Meg had decided to make the most of it. They had become a couple after the episode in Meg's basement. Jeff was smitten, and Meg luxuriated in the attention. She looked better now. She had done her hair and dressed better. She was a big girl but the clothes she wore now flattered her figure instead of hiding it. And her figure was quite nice, with a large bust, narrow waist, wide flaring hips and well muscled legs. She was athletic and powerful, and she definitely wore the pants in this relationship. Jeff didn't seem to mind. He minded her.

This afternoon Jeff's mind was on sex. They hadn't had a chance to get away after that day at Meg's house, and Jeff had thought today to be the perfect opportunity. Meg's mind was on sex too, but she first had a little business to discuss with Jeff.

They layed out the blanket and shucked off their clothes. Underneath Meg wore a bikini that a black little bit of nothing. Jeff's eyes popped out of his head when he saw it on her. The top barely contained her luscious tits and the bottom was a tiny triangle. Jeff wore tight speedos. Meg had insisted he buy them. She thought it made his buns look cute. She also noted with approval the obvious state of his arousal.

It was warm for a Spring day and they went for a swim. They splashed and giggled, grabbing each other.  The tussles turned to wandering hands and clutching and kissing. Tiring of the game, finally, they got out and dried off. Jeff was feverish with anticipation, but Meg had other plans. Jeff stared with curiosity as Meg took a knife from her beach bag and walked over to a slender fruit tree. With the knife she cut off a slim shoot and started stripping it of leaves and buds.

"Jeff, do you remember the deal we made about keeping our grades up, so there would be no doubt about us both being on the honor society?"


" got a 'C' on Ms Frank's French test."

"Well, so...I can pull that up. There's time left this semester. I just didn't study for it. There was a basketball game the night before. The girl's at starting center. Remember?"

"Jeff, that is still no excuse for not studying, and I think you need a little reminder to help you study harder."

The light finally dawned on Jeff as the ominous purpose of the slender switch became apparant.

"Now wait a minute, you're not going to....hit me with that," stammered Jeff.

Margaret swished the switch through the air a few times. It made a wicked whining sound that caused a cold lump to form in the pit of Jeff's stomach.
"You remember our deal, Jeff. We both make honor society so we can both  go to the same private college. Any slacking and we agreed to mutual discipline for each other." She tapped the switch against her leg as she spoke to Jeff in an even matter-of-fact tone. "I think you have a little discipline coming."

"Well, yeah but I didn't think you meant....."

" What do you think discipline is, Jeff? A good talking to? Should I just scold you and wag my finger in your face? That won't work. What I have in mind will remind you to study and not goof off."
Jeff's eyes widened with apprehension. This was happening all too fast. One minute they'd been warming up for what looked like a steamy make-out session and now she was threatening a very juvenile punishment for him like he was some naughty schoolboy.

"All right Jeff, enough of this, get over here right now." Looking around she spied a low branch. "Reach up and grab that branch." Jeff just stood there, frozen to the spot in disbelief. "Now! Jeff,.... let's go, I want your hiney stuck out nicely. Give me a good target. Oh, and slip your trunks down. This is a bare fanny switching."

Jeff quailed at the prospect of a whipping with that evil-looking switch.
"No, Margaret, no, you can't do this, I won't let you."
Jeff's voice sounded desperate. Meg approached like a determined Amazon, switch in hand.

"Don't you tell me no, Jeff. This is for your own good," she said grabbing Jeff by the wrist.

Jeff dug his heels in and struggled to get free as Meg pulled him after her toward a fallen log. Jeff tried to pull away. To his utter humiliation he couldn't. She was decidedly stronger than he was. He was panicked and broke out in a sweat. Meg was determined to punish her naughty boyfriend. Seating herself on the log she toppled the hapless Jeff across her thighs, bottoms up. She dropped the switch and holding Jeff down with her left arm, used her free right hand to peel Jeff's tight speedos down to his knees. The sight of his cute white buns propped over her knee was sure appealing, she thought. Later, she reminded herself--- right now my little boy needs a lesson.

Jeff was mortified. She can handle me like a ten year old child, he thought. His attempts to struggle were in vain, since Megs left arm was a steel band across his back. Now he felt a cool breeze on his denuded rear cheeks. That cool sensation did not last long as SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT! Meg began to land hearty spanks, one after the other, with no pause in between right on the plumpest part of Jeff's behind. The smacks burned like fire in his seat.

"Ow...ow...ow...Meg,!" But Meg just continued to land spank after spank on Jeff's rapidly reddening hiney. Jeff twisted and squirmed but could not escape the stinging tattoo from Meg's punishing hand.

"I expect you to study do you hear me?

"Ouch...please Meg, stop, I'll study I promise....Owww! Just stop spanking me! It hurrrrts! Owww!" The burning had quickly reached intolerable levels and Jeff was on the verge of breaking down and blubbering like a baby. Meg continued to rain down hard spanks. The obscenely loud splatting of Meg's palm against Jeff's fanny rang out in the small clearing for the next several minutes.

Giving Jeff a few final hard smacks that made him howl, Meg stopped, resting her stinging palm on Jeff's inflamed backside.
"Now I hope you understand I mean what I say, Jeff. You will obey me now, won't you?" Meg thrilled at the sound of her own words. She could control him. Her every whim would be obeyed. And she was not done yet.

"Yes, Meg, ok, whatever you say...I'm sorry...." wailed Jeff, tears of pain and abject humiliation dripping off of his nose. God, that spanking hurt!

She patted and soothed his burning cheeks, then slipped her hand between his legs to feel his burgeoning member.
"Umm, that's right Jeff honey, let mama stroke it for you. You know I don't like to punish my little man, but when you don't mind me, well, mama has to spank. You know that don't you honey?"

"Oh...oh...ah...yes, Meg." Jeff, despite his humiliating position, bare bottomed across Meg's knee, groaned with pleasure.

When it was as hard as steel, Meg stopped stroking Jeff's cock and stood him up. Jeff stood there, rubbing his buns, his face flushed, his hard penis bobbing as he tried to rub away the smarting pain in his bottom.
Meg retrieved the switch and pointed it at him.
"Now, young man, march yourself over there and grab that tree branch!"

"What!?" said Jeff, surprised, thinking that his humiliating correction was over.

"You heard me. Now. Go!" And she flicked him with the switch.

"Ow!...ok...but please," he pleaded, "Haven't I had enough?"

"That spanking was for disobedience, Jeff. This whipping is for not studying and not keeping up your end of the deal we made."

With a sob Jeff shuffled close enough to the tree to reach up and grab the overhanging limb. A moment ago he had been close to orgasm. Now he was to be switched.

"I think a dozen ought to do it, Jeff, as long as you don't let go," said Meg now tapping his rear with the slender withe.

Jeff looked nervously over his shoulder. That switch was  wicked looking, three feet long, and very whippy. It would sting like hell. A part of Jeff knew he deserved this. He had let them both down and he would now be justly punished for it.

Meg took a stance to his right and whipped the switch down hard right across the crowns of his bottom.

"Yeowwww!" screamed Jeff. He could not believe how much it stung!

"Stay still, Jeff." Swish...thwick! Another stripe was painted across his bare fanny. He twiched and yelped again.
The whipping continued. Swish..thwick! Thwuick! Whissh...huick!
"Ouch...ouch....ow...ahhh....yeow!" Jeff could not control his cries of pain. He danced from foot to foot as the merciless switch visited his buttocks, raising red weals on top of the already reddened flesh.

By the time she was finished, Jeff was crying piteously, but he managed to hold on to the branch. Meg threw down the switch and took him in her arms, rubbing his buns.

"There now, all done. You'll try harder now, right?"

"Yes Meg," said Jeff, gulping with sobs.

"Ok, then, come over here," she said coyly, fingering the straps of her top. She reached behind her and with a deft flick of her wrist released the tiny top freeing her breasts. Jeff just gawked at the swaying tits. Her nipples were hard. Next she tugged down the little bikini bottoms revealing the dark nest between her legs. As Jeff approached she reached out and took his turgid cock in her hand and planted a hot kiss on his mouth, her other hand gripping the back of his head.

"I know just the place for this," she said breathlessly, stroking him.
Waves of pleasure surged through Jeff in spite of his burning fanny. Meg settled herself on her back on top of the blanket and guided Jeff into her. She wrapped her legs around him in a vice grip and started rocking her body, pulling him and squeezing his erection now snugly embedded in her tight sex. Jeff was out of control with pleasure even though he knew he was being used like a pleasure toy by Meg. She was humping her hips in a furious rhythm as he slid back and forth in her tight vagina. He only wanted to hold on and make it last.

"Don't you dare cum yet!" whispered Meg when she felt his his body start to shudder. She reached over and grabbed the discarded switch and whipped it down smartly across his rump.

"Owwww!" Yelled Jeff, momentarily distracted by the pain.

"Ah...ah..." breathed Meg. "I told you to slow down. Do as I say." And she whipped him again.


Meg discovered that with judicious use of the switch she could keep Jeff from coming and thus prolong her own steadily building orgasm. So she hugged him agaist her body with one arm and applied the switch with the other as needed, whipping him like a steed while she pleasured herself on his hard member. As she approached her own shuddering orgasm she dropped the switch cumming in great wracking waves of pleasure. Jeff could contain himself no longer and let go of his own shattering climax.

After collapsing in each other's arms for awhile Meg pulled Jeff to the water to wash off. "I know something that needs cooling off," she said grinning. Jeff too shocked and exhausted to protest, and still fearful of the switch propped ominously against the tree allowed her to wash him like he was a child. Fondling his balls and penis she gleefully brought him to hardness again.

"Let's get out now Jeff. Time for you to put that tongue of yours to work," she said leading him to the blanket. To Jeff's horror she picked up the switch. "Now, I'm going to teach you exactly how I want to be pleasured, Jeff, so pay attention. There will be licks for mistakes..."

The lesson went on all afternoon.


Soon...part 5: tales of Gwen's sorority days

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