Thrice Burned Pt2

Joyce was now in a quandry. Jeff had admitted that he had received a paddling at school. He had said merely that it was for cutting up in class. Joyce felt there was more to the story but did not want to pry just yet. Joyce liked Jeff a lot, and wanted to give him a chance to get the story out on his own. He was a mostly quiet, well mannered boy.  Since coming to stay with Jeff while his Christian missionary parents were away in South America, she had had little trouble with Jeff. Oh, he came in late a few times and failed to check in occasionally, but a gentle reprimand usually fixed that. She had even grounded him for a weekend. But now this!

The problem was the promise she had made her sister, Carolyn. She had gone so far as to make both her and Jeff agree to a compact. She had the right and the duty to discipline Jeff. She could ground him for missing curfew repeatedly and she could take away the car keys for getting a ticket. Their agreement also spelled out that if Jeff were disciplined at school, he would get the same thing at home. Jon and Carolyn were no nonsense parents when it came to behavior, both at home and  in school. Joyce remembered this attitude as a carry-over from her and Carolyn's childhood where a detention at school would mean a hard licking at home with their father's strap. She did not think that Jeff had been spanked recently, but knew that Carolyn had exercized her strong right arm with a hairbrush when Jeff was younger.

She had dropped by one day when Jeff had been 11 or 12. He had committed some infraction or other. She had heard the scolding and had witnessed  Carolyn frog marching a protesting Jeff up to the bedroom. She knew that Carolyn had bared Jeff's bottom and  had put him over her knee because a momentary silence was followed by  the unmistakeable sharp smacking sounds of a wooden hairbrush impacting a bare seat.  The resultant yelps could be heard coming through the closed door upstairs.

She also remembered vividly the shameful ritual that she and Carolyn would undergo when punishment was due. The culprit would first have to change into pj's. Next she would have to fetch the strap which hung from a nail on the inside of the door to her parent's closet, and present herself in the basement rec room where the rest of the family would be waiting. A tall padded stool would be waiting in the center of the room. She would hand the strap to her father (or mom, if dad wasn't there) and ask for correction. Her dad was a minister and he would read an appropriate verse from the bible on the evils of the particular sin involved. A short lecture followed, then it was time for the whipping.

She or Carolyn would bend over the stool, gripping the legs, and their mother would tug their pj pants and panties down to mid thigh. Then the strap would crack down on their tender seats until they were sobbing and howling and promising never to do it (whatever "it" was) again. The whipping was delivered with slow deliberate cracks of the strap that landed flat across both cheeks. One lick for each year of their age. Joyce recalled how Carolyn's ample behind would jiggle with each smack of the supple leather. She could only imagine the sight she must have presented as she wiggled her scorching fanny in a vain attempt to ease the sting.  The strap it self was an 18" length of thick, supple leather, 2" wide with a handle and a loop for a thong to hang it on the nail. It did not leave bruises or welts but the sting, while temporary, was atrocious enough to cause Joyce and her sister to dance and frantically rub their bottoms once it was over.

So now it was incumbent on her to administer the same medicine to Jeff. The fact was--he had been paddled at school. Another fact was--he was supposed to get the same at home and Joyce acting as parent by proxy was obligated to carry out the sentence.

She didn't know how she was going to bring this up with Jeff. She decided to wait, first to let Jeff recover, and second, she did not have a suitable strap. That a strap was the logical implement of chastisement seemed obvious to Joyce. She did not have a paddle or anything else and really, had had no experience with anything except her dad's strap.
So where would she find one?  She figured that she had to be ready once she gave Jeff the bad news.
That week at work Joyce found a leather hobbiest's shop not far from her office. She entered the shop and looked around. She noticed a bin with some scrap leather and started pawing through it looking for a suitable piece. She was approached by a rather pretty salesgirl in her 20's who looked to be the only one working in the shop. In fact, it was deserted except for the two of them.

"Can I help you?" she asked.

"Well, I'm just looking for a strip of fairly stout leather, about 16-20" long, 2-3" wide."

"And what is it for? Maybe I can reccomend something".

"Uh,...its for this project I have", said Joyce, not wanting to say what it was really for.

But the girl was insistent. "If you tell me what you have in mind, I will be better able to help. I've done lots of leather projects myself."

In for a penny, in for a pound, thought Joyce. "If you really want to know, it's for a punishment strap." There, she said it.

The girl's eyes widened. "You mean... for spanking?"

"Yes, that is what I mean. I need a suitable instrument for a spanking."

", is it for be used on you?"

Joyce laughed. ", its for my nephew, not me!"

The girl also laughed. "Well, I had to ask. My name's Gwen, by the way. And I can help, I think. Uh, does this strap have to be heavy?.....I mean are you going to use it through a lot of clothes?"

Joyce thought a moment. "I think not. Probably minimal clothing."

"You should probably use something like this", she said producing a rather stiff piece of reddish leather about 2" wide and 1/8"-3/16" thick. "This will sting a lot, but it won't leave marks."

"You sound like you are speaking from experience", said Joyce.

"Well, yeah," said Gwen ruefully rubbing her buns through her short pleated skirt in mock pain,
"My big sister in my sorority in college had something like this, only shorter. My grades and her room had to be up to snuff or else it was over her knee with skirts up, panties down and a well warmed bottom for yours truly!"

"Oh yes," said Joyce, "I remember those days...only I got it with a know, grab your knees and assume the position. It was my dad that used a strap on us kids."

"My mom had a cut down ping pong paddle with little holes in it. That thing stung like blazes on my bottom! Anyway, I can cut this piece down and also make a little handle, how about it?"

Joyce nodded assent and Gwen took the leather to a work table at the back of the store. Using a special cutting tool she cut the length to 22" and cut the last 4" down in width to make a handle. Taking another 1" by 4 " piece she clamped it with rivets to reinforce the handle end. What she ended up with was an 18" by 2" strap with a sturdy gripping end. Gwen then punched a hole in the handle and threaded a small loop through it.

"Now you can hang it on a peg in the den to remind your naughty nephew to behave himself," said Gwen giggling. Then she said quietly, almost as an afterthought, "Maybe before you leave we should try it out."

"Try it out?" said Joyce incredulously,"How?"

"I'll volunteer," said Gwen. And she giggled, "All part of our superior customer service, ma'am," she said giving a mock salute. "Wait a minute. I don't think we want to be disturbed."

And with that she walked back to the front of the store, locked the door, pulled some blinds and put the little sign in the window that said 'back in one hour'.

"Here's your strap, Joyce," said Gwen, presenting the leather implement to Joyce.

" Ok, Gwen, if you're sure....I guess you should bend over something and arch your butt up. I wouldn't want to hit anything else."

"Let's see... I can bend over the work table like this," Gwen said, bending over, mashing her breasts into the surface of the table. When Gwen placed her torso down on the table, her little pleated skirt rose up in back and her rounded rear jutted back invitingly.

"Oops, I almost forgot," she laughed, and pulled her skirt up to reveal a delightfully round, chubby pair of bottomcheeks encased in sheer pantyhose and white nylon panties. "Now, I'm ready for my spanking, ma'am. Go ahead and smack away!"

Joyce hesitated. "Are you sure?" she said.

"Yes, go ahead. I'm plenty padded back there, and besides, I've been a bit naughty lately," Gwen laughed nervously.

"Well, ok, here goes."

Smack! "Oooh...." The strap fell flat across both cheeks, causing a delicious little wobble.

Smack! "Mmmm...." A crack across the right cheek.
Smack! "oh.."     A crack more toward the left.
Smack! "Uhhh..."  Another smack dead center.

"How was that?" Joyce asked.

"I think you've got the hang of it, but just to be sure...." And with that Gwen skinned down her pantyhose and panties revealing a cute pair of buns with  broad reddish bands decorating the skin. "Now I'll be able to really tell you how it know, so you'll know how many to give him."

Joyce let fly with the strap again. She thought if Gwen wanted to feel a bare hiney licking, she would oblige her. She was also feeling very aroused by the whole encounter.

Smack! "ow....that was a good one!" Both hiney cheeks rippled with the impact.
Smack! "ouch....yes, again...please"
Smack! Ow...that's starting to really sting... now give me 6 good ones all in a row."
Joyce swung the strap at Gwen's quivering fanny, delivering 6 solid smacks that echoed off the walls of the shop.
Gwen yeouched at each one. She wiggled her bottom and stamped her feet.

"Whooooh...." she said, reaching back and rubbing, "That thing smarts! I think its just the thing for this naughty nephew of yours. Increase that dose to 3 or 4 dozen and you'll have a howling little boy who will have learned his lesson by the time you are done."

Joyce couldn't help but notice the flushed face, the husky voice and the glistening moisture on the lips of Gwen's vagina.

As Gwen rearranged herself she made Joyce promise to return and tell her how it turned out. Just as Joyce was leaving, she said,

"'s my number if you're interested. Maybe you could come over sometime, like for coffee? We could talk about our experiences.... getting spanked and all. And you know you really look kind of powerful in that business suit with your hair all up in a bun, and with those high heels. I'll bet your nephew will just melt when he sees you walk in carrying that strap. I know it makes my insides sort of squishy seeing you with that strap swinging in your hand. Reminds me of my sorority big sister. I actually kind of miss those days....."

"Thank you Gwen, I'll think about it."

God, she was horney, thought Joyce as she left the store. The sight of Gwen's curvy buttocks being smacked with the strap and her obvious resulting arousal had left Joyce in quite a state. She wondered what a good spanking from a lover would feel like now. She could imagine Brad, her current boyfriend, finding some fault with her behavior and hauling her over his lap. She could feel his broad palm spanking her bottom through the thin skirt. After a dozen smacks, he would yank her skirt up and continue spanking her through her thin nylon panties, smacking one cheek then the other. Breathless, she would squirm and kick but it would do no good. Brad would then peel her panties down and give her a sound bare fanny smacking that would have her squealing. She would beg him to let her up. He would make her promise to do anything he said and she would agree. How could she not? He would make her obey. A last dozen good hard ones would be applied to her bright red sit spot. He was in complete control. He would push her to her knees, make her unzip his slacks and take out his swollen member. She would take the hardness in her mouth and swirl her tongue around it. He would pick her up and sit her astride his rock hard cock and she would ride and ride and ride until waves of orgasm washed over her....

My God, what was she thinking? She had to get back to work!

Another thought intruded. Gwen, naked over her knee while Joyce spanked her cute buns to a bright red, the bare cheeks wobbling with each sharp smack of her palm...

Stop it! she told herself, forcing herself to breathe slowly.

Then....Jeff, naked, crying, his fanny red from a strapping, his cock hard,... he would do anything she commanded.

No! No! No! He was her nephew and what she had to do was some unpleasant business.


It was 2 days later, on Thursday night that Joyce brought up the subject.

"Jeff, do you remember the deal we all made when I came to stay on with you this year?"

"Yes, Joyce, I know that you are in charge.." said Jeff, not knowing where this was going.

"You remember that trouble at school last week?"

"How could I forget? But hey now, you won't tell mom and dad? Will you?"

"No I don't have to do that, but I do have to do something else. You know that rule of theirs about trouble at school?"

"Yeah, yeah...I get the same thing at home if I....". Jeff froze, suddenly comprehending.
"Joyce,... you don't mean..."

"'Fraid I do, young sir. After all, a deal is a deal."

"No..wait," said Jeff, now really alarmed. "You mean to give me....a licking??"

"I have to, Jeff. I made a promise to your mother to keep you on the straight and narrow. Sometimes discipline is called for and acting up at school is serious."

Jeff fell back in his chair in disbelief. This couldn't be happening. Why, he and Joyce seemed more like friends or cousins, and now she was proposing spank him?

"No, you can't do that. I won't let you. No."

"I will and you will take it gracefully. As a senior you may have been getting too big for your britches and that led to your misconduct. You need this Jeff, and you can be an adult about it or your parents may have to know."

Jeff realized he was trapped. Damn the damn agreement they had all made! He never thought this would happen.

"So when...I mean when are you going to....", said Jeff, now resigned to his fate.

"Not now. You have school tommorrow. Friday night after supper. That way, you have the weekend and you won't be sitting on a hard chair all day. Sitting might be uncomfortable for awhile."

The next day was agony for Jeff. All he could think about all day in school was that his attractive, cheerful aunt who he liked, joked around with, and confided in, was going to punish him that evening in a most humiliating and juvenile way. How was she going to do it? She hadn't said. Was she going to put him over her knee and spank him like a ten year old? Jeff shivered. That thought was both embarassing, and, strangely arousing. Among other things, Joyce was a tall pretty brunette with long legs and a nice body (for an "old" lady of 37). He fought to banish the thought from his head.

Jeff's question was answered in part when he came home Friday. A lean reddish brown leather strap lay over the arm of the couch in the living room as if in readiness for its application.
Jeff picked it up and ran it through his fingers, feeling the weight. It wasn't real heavy. But when he slapped it against his palm he winced. Ow! that was a stinger. Smacking it against his pant leg he felt it all right, but it did not seem like it would be unbearable. Certainly not like that paddle of Ms Strickland's. He could still feel that burn!

Supper Friday was an understandably subdued affair, although Joyce had cooked Jeff's favorite meal.

"This is really good , Joyce but I feel a little like a condemned prisoner before the execution enjoying his last meal," said Jeff feebly, attempting a little levity.

Joyce brightened up too, and laughed. "Oops, it must have seemed like that, I'm sorry". In a still friendly but more serious tone, she said "We're still friends, Jeff, and I love you. But a component of love can be discipline when it is called for. I made you a nice meal to show you how much I care for you, just as I am going to have to correct you later on. Its all out of love and caring about your welfare. You do understand that, don't you honey?"

Jeff nodded glumly, "I guess so."

"Well, then I think its time," she said pushing back her chair. "Jeff, I want you to go put on your pj's, then come down into the living room."

Jeff tried one last appeal. "Please, Joyce..."

"No Jeff. No more arguing, you'll only get me angry and make it worse. And until we are finished with this unpleasant but necessary business, I think you should call me Aunt Joyce or ma'am."

", yes, ma'am." said Jeff sheepishly.

Jeff truged upstairs reluctantly and undressed. He found some cotton pajamas. They were thin. They wouldn't be very much protection from that strap. He wodered if he dared wear underpants too and decided against it. She might make him take them off.

He came downstairs to find Joyce sitting on the couch next to the strap.

"Jeff, come here and stand in front of me. I am sorry I have to do this, but before I do, I want to know what got you in trouble at school."

Jeff reluctantly told her.

"What!?" exclaimed Joyce, "No wonder you got paddled. Jeff, you should be ashamed. That was a terrible thing to do to that poor girl. Imagine her embarassment and you boys laughing at her."

Now Joyce felt better about what she had to do. This wasn't just throwing spitballs in class. The very idea! Boys! At heart they were all 12 year olds and needed periodically to have their pants taken down for a good whipping. And that was just what she was going to do, right now.

She rose and picked up the strap.

"Come over here, Jeff, and bend over the arm of the couch," she commanded.

"Yes, Aunt Joyce," said Jeff, lowering himself across the thick rounded armrest. In this position his body was jacknifed over the arm of the couch with his buttocks at the apex, perfectly presented for punishment. Joyce could stand behind the couch and whip almost straight down. She had practised this a few times, unbeknownst to Jeff.

"Jeff when your mom and I were young, we got spanked like this, so don't think I don't know how it feels. This is going to sting. Do not get up, do not reach back. I'm going to give you 35 licks with this strap. Count each one so we don't lose count. Now slip your pants down to your knees."

What? Did Jeff hear right? Slip down his pants?

"Please Aunt Joyce, not naked, please let me keep them up. The're thin and won't protect me at all...please?"

"Now it's 40 licks Jeff. Do not argue with me. Take your pants down."

Jeff groaned and shucked down his pants. This was incredibly embarassing. Somehow it didn't seem as bad when he had bared himself for Ms Strickland. Joyce raised the strap and brought it down with a sharp wristy stroke.

Smack! The strap popped on Jeff's fanny causing it to quiver.

"Ow...!, one."

Smack! Another stripe right across the crowns of his bottomcheeks.

"Yeowww! Two!"

Joyce began laying the strap across Jeff's hiney in a steady cadence. The sharp splat of leather striking bare bottom echoed off the walls. Jeff hissed and yelped with each lick. It stung! God, how it stung, thought Jeff as he endured crack after stinging crack. As for Joyce, she felt satisfaction. She was giving him a good whipping, one that was well deserved. A good bare fanny smacking was just what this boy needed. At twenty she paused. Jeff's behind was beet red and he was sniffling.

"We're halfway there, Jeff, hold on to the pillow if you need to."

Crack! 21 Crack! 22 Smack! 23...........Smack! Smack! Smack!

Jeff was now howling with each ringing smack, but he kept the count. He did not want any extras.
Still the relentless smacking was accompanied by Jeff's yelps of, "Ouch..Ow...! Ow..!"

Finally the count reached 35.

"As I give you these last 5 Jeff, I want you to think about what you did."

Sniff, "Yes, Ma'am," blubbered Jeff.

"Ok, here goes, last 5. The're going to be stingers."

Smack! "Owww! 36" The strap cracked across Jeff's wiggling buns.
Smack! "Yeowww! 37" Another wristy painful lick.
A pause, then,
Smack! "Ouch..ouch..ow! 38"
Smack! "Ahhh...yeowww! 39"
Smack! "Ow..ow...owwww! 40," all in rapid succession.

Joyce stopped, breathing heavily. Jeff moaned and sobbed into the pillow. What a licking! His butt was on fire!

"It's over now Jeff, you can get up", said Joyce. "Come here and give me a hug."

Jeff pulled up his pants. He winced as the cotton slid over his bottom. A teary eyed Jeff received the hug from his aunt, and went upstairs to his room. When the pain had abated a bit he replayed the sequence of events in his mind. Amazingly his cock began to harden as he recalled baring his bottom to his pretty aunt and the stinging licks that followed. As the pain receded to a warm glow, he stroked his turgid member, finally spewing his seed in a paroxism of pleasure  all over the bedsheets. He would relive this scene in his mind for the next several nights, always with the same result.

As for Joyce, she spent a feverish night, visualizing Jeff's bouncing buns, seeing them ripple with each smack of the strap. Tommorrow she had a date with Brad. Could she get him to treat her like she had treated Jeff? She wondered.....And what about Gwen? Should she call her?


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