You have no doubt heard of the "police procedural" in the detective genre. Well, this is a spanking procedural--high school paddling division. I like high school paddling stories and this one (at least part 1 here) is derivative of a story I read years ago and lost. I think it may have come from the folks at Scarlett Hill in the late 80's. So I apologize to the original author, and will gladly take my medicine from her. I know this is a little different from my usual fare, but bear with me....  

                                Thrice Burned Pt 1

Jeff was in trouble. Normally he was a good, well behaved, and conscientious student. A smiling sandy haired youth, Jeff seemed the epitome of the type of boy who fit in well at Eastside Christian High School. But, being a senior and 18 years old, he thought he could do things and get away with them. Jeff wasn't a mean kid, but he was a bit insensitive. He was a computer whiz and spent hours exploring the web and experimenting with software. He also wanted to be "in" and it was probably this that led to his predicament. He was slightly built, not very athletic, but he liked the "jock" crowd and wanted them to accept and like him. So to make a splash, he made a picture of Margaret, a rather solidly built,  somewhat plain girl in his homeroom who seemed to be the butt of a lot of jokes because of the baggy and plain clothes she wore and because of her size. She wasn't fat, she was just big, a husky farm girl who was sort of different. She was also intelligent, which did not endear her to many of her peers except for her friends on the girls' soccer team of which she was a member.

On his computer Jeff had managed to "morph" Margaret's face from a yearbook picture onto a nude in a jpeg file downloaded from the internet. The nude in qustion was a big boned, buxom woman who was, at the time, being fucked from behind. Jeff did such a good job that it really looked like Margaret. So, on a boring March day, Jeff slipped the picture to one of his "wanna be" jock friends who thought it was a hoot. The friend in turn passed it to another, and soon the whole room was snickering. This naturally attracted the attention of Barbara Strickland, the homeroom teacher. Miss Strickland was the girls' PE teacher, but doubled as homeroom monitor. She was tall, blonde and athletic, with short sandy hair. She also had long, well muscled legs and an hourglass figure. She was, in short, the object of many an idle boyish lust fantasy.

The really unfortunate thing was that just as Miss Strickland's antennae went up, someone dropped the picture right in front of Margaret who immediatly recognized her face and let out a shriek. Margaret came from a strict home where such things as shown in the picture were never even acknowleged, much less, discussed. To even admit to have gazed on a picture like this one would have earned Margaret or her brothers a trip across mom's lap for a stinging session with the punishment paddle or a trip to the woodshed out back with dad and his strap. Margaret was so mortified she couldn't speak, but buried her face in her hands and ran from the room amid guffaws from several of the boys who had now seen the picture and could contain themselves no longer.

"Who did this?" said a steely eyed Ms Strickland as she seized the lewd photo.

Several pairs of eyes came to rest on Jeff.

"Jeff?? Did you do this?" said Ms Strickland incredulously. She couldn't believe it. Jeff was such a nice boy.

Jeff shrugged nervously and lamely offered,
"It was just a joke....nothing serious...really".

"You made a hideous obscene picture of Margaret, passed it around, and it was a joke?
You will see me after school today, in my office, promptly at 3:30. Do you understand? Now I have to see to Margaret".

And she left to find Margaret and to try to calm her down. When she came back, with fire in her eyes, she admonished them all to say nothing of this to anyone on pain of suspension.
And to Jeff she made it clear that there would be serious repercussions.
Jeff quailed at this news. A probable suspension. This was big trouble. His parents would be very, very angry. They were away on a mission for a year and his Aunt Joyce was staying with him, but, still, the news would kill them. They were staunch Christians and wouldn't dream he'd do something like this. Jeff vowed that whatever it took, he would try to keep them from finding out.

This was foremost in Jeff's mind when he knocked on Ms Strickland's door that afternoon.
At her command, he entered.

"I can't believe what you did," she began. "Margaret is a very sensitive girl and for you to embarass her in this way is intolerable. You should be very ashamed of yourself, Jeff Collins, and I intend, first, to suspend you, and, second, to inform your parents without delay."

"Please, Ms Strickland. I'm really sorry. Don't suspend me, and please don't tell my parents.
I'd die if they found out. Do anything else, just not that. I'll take swats, even, just don't do what you said", Jeff blurted, pleading his case.

The "swats" Jeff mentioned were part of this private school's discipline code. Sometimes, in lieu of suspension, a student could opt for "swats" from the school paddle in remission of the offense with no permanent record. The swats were given by the teacher imposing the discipline. In such cases the student and teacher met in the principal's office where the student signed a release agreeing to the punishment. If the parent had previously indicated consent to the administration of corporal punishment on the registration form for that year, the punishment would be carried out and the parents notified later.

Jeff did not think that this presented a problem. While his parents were away, his Aunt Joyce was living with him. They were great friends and he was sure she would keep his secret. When the release had been signed, the teacher, the student and one witness, usually the school nurse, would make the long walk to the basement storeroom where all paddlings were carried out. It was secluded and out of earshot; however the sight of two teachers, one of them carrying the dreaded discipline paddle, ushering a nervous looking youth to the basement was a dead giveaway for what was about to happen. Before reporting to the office, the "condemned" was required to change into PE clothes. This made all paddlings somewhat equal between boys and girls, because it allowed the same two layers, PE shorts and underpants, between paddle and bottom.

"That is out of the question, Jeff, although your parents should definitely give you a good hard whipping. You certainly deserve it. But the limit on swats is 12, and that is not nearly enough punishment for this despicable act. Just how do you think Margaret feels? No, swats will not square this account, young man. This goes on your record."

Jeff thought furiously, then an idea sprang to mind.

"I'll take the swats bare bottom", Jeff offered. "It will hurt a lot more."

"What? On your bare bottom? Impossible! You know we cannot remove a student's clothing for a paddling."

Jeff thought again. "I know you cannot remove clothing, Ms Strickland, but there is nothing that says I can't voluntarily do it. I think it would be very beneficial to me if I did. I would feel well and truly punished. Please, I'll take all 12 licks on my b-b-bare seat."

Barbara Strickland thought for a moment. Though she was angry at Jeff for such a cruel prank, she knew he was not a bad kid. Maybe a little bare bottom justice was appropriate, she thought.
She also wondered if Jeff knew what he was getting himself into. A 12 lick paddling, even over the permitted clothing was no laughing matter. She had seen the most snotty and arrogant of junoirs and seniors reduced to sobbing and begging little boys and girls after only 6 licks, and here was Jeff volunteering for 12 on his bare little tushy no less.

She regarded Jeff with a pensive look while he anxiously awaited her decision. "All right Jeff. We will give you the swats, and you will present yourself for this punishment as you have agreed. We will do it Friday, after school. In addition, you will write a letter of apology to Margaret and give it to her personally. Tomorrow you will meet me in the office to sign the release. I trust your parents have authorized this?"

Jeff knew that they had. Jeff had been spanked when he was younger, the last episode being a scorching session over his mom's knee with her hairbrush for swearing when he was 13. His parents were ministers and believed in physical discipline, so when the form was presented to them, they signed. And, they added at the time, that if he was ever punished this way at school, it would be repeated at home. Fortunately that hadn't happened in three and a half years of high school.

Friday was agony for Jeff, knowing what was about to happen. Although he was glad to have contained the situation, he was nervous and embarassed, hoping nobody would find out. He hadn't thought of how painful it would be, but as the time approached his thoughts shifted to his tender rear as he remembered that last tanning from his mom. His mom could not abide swearing, so when she heard him utter a foul word, she had grabbed him by the earlobe and hauled him yelping in pain up to her bedroom. Once inside she had picked up her hairbrush and lectured him on the sin of swearing, shaking the dreaded brush in his face as she spoke. Seated at her vanity, she had pulled him between her knees after ending the lecture, and had proceeded to unbutton Jeff's pants amid his tearful protests. She had yanked down his pants and underpants and had flipped him across her left knee, locking his legs down with her right leg. With his face nearly at the floor and his shamefully bared fanny poised over his mothers knee, she began to spank. Hard smacks rained down, equally distributed between his right and left rear cheeks. How that had hurt! He had tried not to cry, but after his mom just kept on smacking and smacking his bared behind with that hard brush he had dissolved into tears and had begged and squealed for her to stop.

He thought he could take it better now that he was older, but now he wasn't so sure. And for Ms Strickland to see his naked behind! And smack him like a baby! At the same time, he had an image of baring his bottom to the attractive teacher, a paddle in her hand, and he felt his cock stir.

So after final bell on Friday, Jeff changed into PE gear and walked quickly to the office. Unfortunately a few of his friends noticed and gave him smirking looks. At the office he was met by Ms Strickland and the school nurse, Rebbeca Andrews.

"Mrs Andrews will accompany us as a witness, Jeff. That is the procedure. Please sign the release and we will go. I hope you have prepared yourself for this."

"I am here to witness punishment and to insure that the paddling is administered correctly and fairly, Jeff." said Mrs Andrews. "I am sorry for you that it has come to this. If you've never had a paddling before, be assured it hurts. There may be some welts or bruising, but that will recede in a couple of days. Sitting won't be very comfortable for awhile and I'm afraid your dignity will suffer too. Most kids cry."

Jeff would never forget the humiliating walk to the punishment room. The sight of Ms Strickland walking ahead of him, the paddle in her right hand, accompanied by Mrs Andrews, left no doubt in the minds of any casual observers as to what was about to happen. He would later recall the loud clicking of the high heels of the two women as they walked down the long corridor in the basement, the way Ms Stricklands hips swayed in her tight skirt, and the way she tapped the paddle against her thigh. Nor would he forget the knowing looks and smirks from all who witnessed the shameful parade.

Finally they arrived at the basement room. The moment of truth was at hand.

"Jeff, you are here to be paddled. Do you have anything to say before we begin?"

"Only that I'm sorry, ma'am".

"You will tell that to Margaret, young man. Now pay attention. You will get 12 licks. They will be hard ones, spaced about 15 or 20 seconds apart, so you will feel the full effect of each one. I can assure you it will hurt like blazes. You will bend over, legs straight, and put your hands on your knees. You will adjust your clothing as you agreed. You will not stand up, put your hands in back, or get out of position. Do I make myself clear? If you do not obey these instructions, we will stop, go back upstairs, and you will have a suspension on your record."

"Now Jeff, face the wall and bend over."

Jeff sighed and bent over as instructed.

"Adjust your shorts."

As Jeff reached behind to pull down his pants, Mrs Andrews shot a questioning glance at Barbara Strickland.

"Jeff has agreed to this voluntarily. He wants it this way," she said to the astonished nurse, who had her hand over her mouth."

Jeff's shorts and underpants came to rest at Jeff's ankles, revealing Jeff's pale boyish bottom cheeks, now nervously twiching in anticipation.

"Twelve licks, Jeff. After each one, count its number and say 'thank you ma'am'. Are you ready?"
"Yes ma'am," said Jeff woefully.

Barbara whooshed the paddle through the air a few times, sending shivers down Jeff's back. She took her stance to Jeff's left, tapped his bottom twice and raised her arm to her shoulder.

SMACK!! The paddle landed with an earsplitting crack in the small room. Jeff's mouth flew open as the wave of pain hit. "Yeowww", he screeched.

"I didn't hear you count, Jeff"

", thank you ma'am."

SMACK!! "Owwwww...two..thank you ma'am."

"I hope this is teaching you a good lesson." said Ms strickland, raising the paddle again.

SMACK!! "Oh  oooh...ow..three...thank you ma'am"

"You know, it was very cruel what you did and you deserve to be spanked till you can't sit for a week!"

SMACK!! " Ouch! ouch! ouch!...please, not so hard..uh four, thank you ma'am."

Jeff's legs began to wobble and tears formed in his eyes. The searing pain was incredible!

SMACK!! "yeowwww.....f-f-five, thank you ma'am."

The pain was excruciating, much more intense than anything Jeff had ever felt. It seared his quivering hind cheeks with an unimaginable heat. He struggled to keep his hands in place.

SMACK!! The paddle struck, nearly lifting Jeff up off his feet. "Owwwww...s-s-six, thank you ma'am."

"This is what boys who make dirty pictures get!"

CRACK!! Another solid smack flattened Jeff's fanny, leaving a brand of fire. His bottom was beet red. ", seven, thank you, ma'am"

Jeff was close to openly crying. he could not stop the tears.

SMACK!! The hardest one yet, right across the crowns of his bare seat. Jeff wailed and repeated the humiliating litany. "Eight..owwww....owww...thank you ma'am."

"A good bare fanny paddling is just what you need young man."

SMACK!! "yeowwww!...n-n-nine, thank you ma'am", Jeff blubbered, half raising up.

"Do not move, Jeff! Stay in position."

"But it hurts so much, I can't take any more," Jeff wailed, crying salty tears. His face was as red as his bare behind and snot and tears made him choke as he begged for Ms Strickland to stop.

"YOU asked for this, Jeff, and now you are going to get it!"

SMACK!! "Yeowwwww...ow...ow...ow..ten, thank you,ma'am."
SMACK!! eleven!
SMACK!! twelve!

How Jeff made it through the last two he would never know. Barbara Strickland administered those swats with all the strength of her arm. Jeff bawled like a baby at each smack and barely held on to his knees. When she had finished Jeff fell to his knees and rubbed his burning, wounded, buttocks. It felt as if the pain had soaked into his entire body. Barbara was pleased. Another smarty-pants senior had been reduced to a crying 6 year old after a spanking from mommy.

"You may replace your pants now, Jeff. What do you say to Mrs Andrews and myself for taking the time to administer your correction?"

"Er...thank you ma'am..for er correcting me as I deserved." Jeff managed to stammer. He winced as he pulled his pants over his flaming buns.

The trio walked out of the room. Jeff was able to change in the gym unseen and make it home.
That night at dinner he could not sit. After some lame excuses, he finally confessed to his Aunt Joyce what had happened. She was distressed and demanded to see his bottom.

"Wow, you really took a licking, Jeff," she said upon viewing his beet-red bottom. "Lets go upstairs and try some cold cream."

As Joyce rubbed the cold cream in, she felt sorry for Jeff. The pain must have been awful. She could recall her own childhood paddlings and knew what one felt like. At the same time she realized that she would have an unpleasant duty to perform later. She wondered if Jeff remembered the agreement they had all made just before his parents had left.....


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