John needed to lose about 30 lbs. He wasn't bad looking, it was just that he was a little soft around the middle and wanted to be more attractive for the summer.
The club he noticed was in his neighborhood in a nondescript building with just a small sign that read " The Health Club", and underneath that, "Motivational Workouts". John needed motivation. He had tried to lose weight before, all to no avail. So it was that he found himself talking to Jenny, one of the staff, about the club.

"We guarantee results", she said. "All of our clients lose weight because of our unique method of motivation and behavior modification."

"Well, that sounds good, but how does it work?" countered John.

"Each of our clients sign a nonrefundable contract for a year. We know the exercise regimen works, its just the will to keep coming that is sometimes lacking. People fail because they stop coming. We have a remedy for that. You must attend a minimum of three workouts per week. If you have more than 3 unexcused absences in a row, you agree to a motivational behavior modification session with one of our instructors."

To John that didn't sound so bad. The staff was all female from what he could see, and all were tall, fit, almost amazonian, women with great bodies. In fact it was a little intimidating because in addition to being beautiful, they looked strong enough to handle him with little or no trouble. How bad could this "session" be, he thought?  It's probably some scolding coupled with some kind of lame pep talk that he could easily endure.
At the moment, John was focused on the exquisite derriere of Sandra, a tall red haired aerobics teacher who was walking by and missed the part of Jenny's explanation that informed him that the "sessions" under discussion could involve both verbal and physical behavioral modification techniques.
             *    *     *     *     *     *     *      *

For awhile, all went well. John attended regularly and made progress. John continued to marvel at the obvious physical charms of the staff. They do a good bit of weight training he noted, but the strong-looking arms and shoulders seemed to make them all the more attractive.
From time to time he heard vague rumors of what were called "B-Mod" sessions for laggard members. When
Christy, a 5'10" blonde trainer told Tom, one of the members, that he was down for a B-Mod session with her the next day, he blushed red in front of the class and there were nervous giggles and knowing winks all around.
John asked Tracy, a cute petite blonde what Tom's reaction was all about.  

"You should hope you don't find out", she whispered, "Its embarrassing...and other things," she said, absentmindedly rubbing her cute, pert behind as if remembering something unpleasant.

                   *    *      *     *      *        *

The time came, though, when John missed 3 in a row. He was tired and didn't feel like going a third time that week. "So I have to listen to a lecture", he thought ,"no big deal". It was Sandra who gave him the word.

"You and I need to have a little talk, John. You have missed a whole week without coming to at least three classes. Meet me at the front desk tomorrow at 5:00. Wear regular workout gear."

John didn't mind, Sandra was gorgeous. Besides, it sounded like the worst that would happen is that he might have to do sit ups or something.    
The next day John met Sandra at the front desk. He wore his workout shorts and a tank top. Sandra was dressed as usual in white short shorts and a tee shirt that exposed her navel and proudly displayed her ample bust.

" Well John I regret this is necessary but you will follow me to the session
room and cooperate fully." John nodded nervously at this, while she added,
"Failure to comply with this program will result in cancellation of your contract and forfeiture of all funds due."

"Ok, but what are we going to do?" queried John.

"Just follow me", said Sandra.

They took an elevator to a basement in the building that John never even knew existed. At the basement level was a corridor. Sandra strode ahead of John presenting him with the opportunity to observe the luscious sway of her rear as she walked. Despite the strange nature of the situation, John began to become aroused. They were alone, in close quarters, in a deserted area of the building and a subtle power shift had become apparent. But Sandra was very much in charge and this thought was making John feel like a recalcitrant lad being marched to the principal's office.

Sandra opened a door at the end of the corridor and flipped on the light switch.  John let out an involuntary gasp when he entered the room. There was a modified vaulting horse, somewhat smaller than usual having an adjustable top that sloped from front to back and a pair of handles coming up from floor level at the back. There was a sturdy desk and an armless straight-backed chair at one side of the room away from the horse which was in the center of the room. Acoustic insulation lined the walls.  The alarming feature of the room was, however, the wooden paddle that hung on a nail behind the desk.

Before John could even open his mouth, Sandra commanded him not to say a word and to stand in front of the desk. As she sat down and took a ledger from a drawer John managed to stammer, " What is this about? Do you think you are going to paddle me with that thing?" he said, pointing to the paddle on the wall.
The paddle was oval with rounded edges, having a " business" end
about 5" wide and 18" long with a 6" handle. Made
of a hard wood and being 3/4" thick, it looked like a formidable

" John," began Sandra, " you agreed to this when you signed the contract. If you walk out of this room you are out of the club and you must still pay the remaining balance. Frankly I think a little talk here with me now will help motivate you to take this club's rules seriously and you will achieve your goal. Or instead will you wimp out like some coward?"

John saw that he was trapped. He was ashamed to just quit, and on top of that his arousal began to run rampant. The thought of turning himself over to Sandra for a paddling was embarrassing but also exciting in a strange way.

"For a first time offender, John the club feels that 10 solid licks with this paddle will encourage you to attend classes as we insist. It's really for your own good. You will remember this the next time you think you are tired or just don't want to bother.  You might like to know that every staff member here has gone through an even more vigorous regime. And as you can see", she said, rising and turning around to unclip the paddle from the wall, "they had plenty to work with on me." The last comment was delivered with a hearty smile and a pat to her bottom, which filled out her tight white shorts to perfection.

Indeed, Sandra had had considerable experience in this department. A real hellion as a kid, she was no stranger to trips across the parental knee to have her pants lowered for a bottom blistering. Her mom had favored a little novelty store paddle procured on a memorable trip to a summer cabin. A casual disciplinarian when Sandra was younger, Sandra's mom had reintroduced spankings to both her and her sister Kate that summer. When the girls, Sandra 13 and Kate 11, had disobeyed and gone swimming alone in the lake, they had been marched unceremoniously to the general store where mom, furious, had purchased the paddle in full view of the clerks and other shoppers. "Board of Education" the paddle said. "I guess this will do for you two," said her mom slapping the paddle smartly on her palm. Knowing smiles and winks had accompanied the trio from the store. Sandra had just about died of embarrassment. It had been a long walk to the cabin through the woods, mom not saying a thing, just fuming and tapping that paddle against her leg. Inside the cabin the girls were told to remove their suits. Sandra and Kate tearfully complied, knowing what was coming. Even at 13 Sandra was a beautiful girl, developed beyond her age, she had budding breasts and a cute curvacious rear end. When the girls were totally nude, Sandra went first. Her mom was a tall big boned woman and she had no trouble upending Sandra across her lap, bare buttocks perched over her right knee. Then she started to spank, hard, and Sandra would never forget the sound and feel of that smacking paddle that came down on her fanny that August afternoon. For the next five minutes the paddle had cracked down on her wriggling butt while she had howled and begged for mercy. The paddle had scalded her seat like a branding iron, and by the time mom had finished spanking and lecturing, she had been reduced to pitifully desperate pleading and tears. Nor did she ever forget the shameful war dance she did when mom let her up. Oblivious to her nudity, she had hopped and rubbed her hind end, all the while blubbering in pain, her buttocks a fiery red. Kate got the same treatment. From then on the "Board of Education" saw frequent use in her household.

The trend continued in high school, only this time courtesy of the assistant principal and his paddle. She had been summoned more than once to Mr Burnham's office for some misdeed or another. The school allowed one layer of clothing, so she had been required to raise her dress or lower her pants and assume the dreaded position, hands on knees, displaying her ample derriere to the husky vice principal. The penalty was usually 5 swats and Burnam delivered them with gusto, smacking her lovely panty clad bottom with all the enthusiasm he could muster, slowly, drawing it out. She knew he loved to paddle the girls this way, the pig. Then came the sorority. It was no wonder that when she landed in a position where she could actually dish it out that she did so with great relish.........especially to men.

"Lets go John, sign the book here and we will get this over with. When I countersign it we are done."

"Please Sandra, now not too hard, ok? I'll go through with this because I want to continue here."

"John, 10 licks is 10 licks well laid on, but you can take it. Tracy took 15 last week."

Well, thought John, if Tracy can hold still for 15 whacks I can surely stand 10.
"What do you want me to do?"

"Lean over that apparatus and hold onto the handles", commanded Sandra. " Do not let go or that swat will not count."

John approached the spanking bench and bent over it, stretching his shorts tight across his buttocks. The posture was humiliating because it forced his bottom to jut out making it the most prominent portion of his anatomy. Sandra took the paddle and positioned herself to John's left. She patted both cheeks of his fanny and assuming a proper stance raised her arm to shoulder level.
Swinging through she delivered the first lick with a deft
wrist-snapping motion.
CRACK! "Yeeeow" cried John, unable to believe how much it stung.
"That's one, John. Here's two"
CRACK!  "Ouch, oh God that stings...please...not so hard", said John.
SMACK!  "Ow..ow..ow..stop", entreated John, now almost crying.
WHACK!  "Four!" intoned Sandra.
"For God's sake please... no more", cried John who felt that the sting was so intense that he was losing control, and he stood up clutching his rear cheeks.
"That one did not count, you stood up and let go of the handles." said Sandra." Bend right over, put your fanny in the air, and don't move."

Sobbing now, John complied.
CRACK! " Owwww", wailed John," I can't take any more."
John stood up again frantically rubbing his stinging bottom.
"I cannot have this, John. Please stay in position and take it like a man," said Sandra.
" I can't..I can' just hurts too", blubbered John.
"If you can't hold still, I will have to do this the old-fashioned way", said Sandra ominously.
"What do you mean?" glubbed John.
"Just this!" said Sandra grasping John by the earlobe and walking him over toward the chair which she grabbed with her other hand. She pulled it away from the desk as John's head twisted in pain and he stumbled ignominiously after her.
Seating herself in the chair, she flipped John face down across her well-muscled thighs and clamped her left arm across his back in a steely grip.
"What are you doing!?" cried John." Let me go!!"
"Since you won't take your licks like a man, I'm going to
give them to you like a little boy!"
"No please! You cant!" wailed John.
Try as he might John could not escape Sandra's grip. She was
bigger, stronger and in better shape than John. And to John's
shock and dismay he felt her fingers in the waistband of his
shorts. He wiggled and flailed but he could not stop her from
shamefully baring his buttocks. She yanked his shorts and
underpants down around his knees baring his bottom, now red
from the application of the paddle.

"When I have to spank a naughty member who cannot hold still, I pull his or her pants down and spank their bare fanny. I want to make sure that they feel it when I have to use my hand. And when I am finished reddening your bare bottom we will resume where we left off with the paddle."

John could not believe what he was hearing but he was powerless to stop her. Sobbing and choking with abject shame, his tears began to fall. Worse yet, the arousal he had felt was now manifest as his erect penis brushed against Sandra's thighs.  With a knowing smile she parted her knees and gripped John's erect member like a vise between her muscular legs.
Smack! Crack! Smack! Crack! Smack! Crack!
Sandra applied brisk spanks to John's nude fanny with a deliberate cadence that had John squealing for relief.
Whack! Spank! Crack! Smack!
Her hand relentlessly cracked down on his red hind end with the sound of pistol shots even in the acoustically padded room.
Crack! Smack! Crack! Smack! Spank! Whack!
Sandra continued to beat a rapid tattoo of stinging pain on John's bare bottom.
"This is to teach you to take the rules of this club seriously I like you John but this spanking is for your own good. Crack! Smack! Crack!
"Owwwwww...Owwww...Owwwww....Yeowww" wailed John.
After 60 or 70 crisp hard spanks Sandra stopped. John tried to rise but Sandra held him down across her lap.

"Have you forgotten the 6 paddle smacks you have remaining, John? Well, I haven't", said Sandra retrieving the paddle from the floor. "I want you to count each one. Are you ready?"
"Ouch...please no more...please..."
CRACK! "OOOO..."  
"count please or we start over."
       CRACK!! "owww....two..."
       CRACK!! "Yeowwww....threee.."
       CRACK!! " Owww....four..."
       CRACK!! " Please...yeouch...five"
"last one now, John. I hope you learned from this"
CRACKKK!!! "Owwww....six...Owwwww....ohhh."

Releasing her grip Sandra said, "Now you may rise, John".
John hopped to his feet and proceeded to frantically rub his stinging buttocks oblivious to the fact that his sizable erection was bobbing up and down in front of Sandra. As he hissed in pain he almost didn't hear Sandra say: " I see that the experience was not totally unpleasurable...come over here so that I can take care this big problem."
Sandra proceeded to grab John's penis and pull him towards her.  As he stood before her seated in the chair, his bottom on fire, she reached over and took his cock into her hand. Running her fingers over the hard shaft she pumped while John moaned in pleasure.
"You stand still, John, I know what you boys need after a good spanking.
Don't cum until I say."
But try as he might, the pleasure was too much and
John erupted, the jet of cum splashing onto the front of Sandra's legs.
"You bad boy!" exclaimed Sandra, slapping his reddened bottom hard yet once again. John squealed in pain.
He was too stunned to think. He had just had the most painful, embarassing, shameful, yet erotic experience of his life.
Sandra stood and retrieved a towel to wipe her legs.
"Look what you did! I will spank you some more for that...
But not now," she added with a wicked grin.

"Well John as you can see, we are a unique club. Do try not
to miss any more classes or we will have a repeat of this little
session, though not necessarily including the final treatment
you just got. We might just have a repeat session anyway for your lack of self control. I took pity on your condition this time."

As she stood there wiping herself with the towel, John stared dumbfounded.
"After you compose yourself, turn off the light and close the
door. I will see you upstairs."

She turned and walked to the door.
Viewing her rear cheeks encased in those tight white shorts as she walked away, John began to feel arousal once more. John did not know what he was going to do.
He was hopelessly smitten by a woman who had just spanked him
like a 10 year old. John didn't know it then but he would
lie in his bed for the next several nights stroking his
penis to orgasm thinking about the tall red haired amazon who had spanked his bare fanny to a fiery red as he squirmed helplessly across her lap. Would she make good on her threat to do it again?            

        THE    HEALTH   CLUB   PT  2

After his session with Sandra John was a mess of conflicting emotions. On the one hand he winced at the memory of the painful and humiliating paddling he had undergone at Sandra's hands and on the other he harbored an almost painful lust for her. In aerobics class she was aloof, but at times he would receive a wink or a knowing glance. Once she asked him if he was sitting comfortably these days and he blushed and stammered an embarrassed reply.

John's attendance was good. He was not ready for a repeat performance of a behavioral mod session that was mandated by club rules if a member missed 3 classes in a row. And he was making progress. He had lost 10 lbs. Another plus was his developing friendship with Tracy. Tracy was a petite blonde, about 5' 2" 110lbs with shoulder length straight hair fixed in a pair of cute ponytails, and a dancer's body. She had well formed legs and small but perky breasts. Her best body feature, however was her bottom. It was firm without being muscular, and round. It pertly jutted from her tiny waist and sculpted thighs to complete a totally delectable package. And she seemed to like John. They had coffee a few times and John was ready to ask her out. In fact it was this burgeoning relationship that led to an incident that was to change their lives in an embarrassing but decidedly exciting way.

It was a Friday afternoon. John was to pick up Tracy after work to go to the club after which he would take her to dinner. John picked up Tracy but the route to the club was blocked by a traffic jam. When they arrived, the class was winding up. This couldn't have been worse. Both had missed both Monday and Wednesday and wanted to go together so that they would be sure to make Friday.
And as luck would have it, Sandra was the instructor.

They tried to explain, but it was no use. Sandra towered over the two, wagging
Her finger and lecturing them on the rules.

"Both of you missed all week. I don't care about excuses. We are going to have a little talk downstairs if you know what I mean. And since you are together on this I think you should come with me together."

Tracy and John looked at each other and gulped.
"I guess we' re in for it now" said Tracy ruefully rubbing her bottom.
"But can't we do this next week?" pleaded John.

"Its ok with me if you want to put it off," said Sandra, " but I mean to have this little session with both of you. I think you might rather get it over with now since it is Friday instead of dreading your punishment all weekend. And since it is late on Friday I propose to take you together."

A chill went through John and he flushed as he contemplated what she was saying. How could he do this?
He had broken down and cried like a baby when Sandra had paddled him and now he faced the prospect of 15 swats from that wicked paddle in front of his new girlfriend. He would be mortified if he cried in front of her! At the same time a jolt of sexual arousal
hit him as he imagined Tracy's cute , rounded bottom upended over the spanking bench taking solid swats of the paddle wielded by the gorgeous Sandra, now clad in spandex shorts and a skimpy halter top that barely contained her luscious breasts.

"I'd rather do it now", said Tracy, "And I don't mind if John is there," she added shyly, glancing nervously at John.

The pressure was now on John. Thoughts of the stinging paddle competed with both his pride and his hardening penis. Finally he realized that if he acted cowardly in front of Tracy, he could lose her at a critical juncture." Ok I'll do it," he said.

Sandra smiled. "Very well my naughty children. Follow me."
Sandra led the way to the dreaded basement room. John and Tracy walked behind her holding hands. John followed the motion of Sandra's swaying hips and magnificent hind end clad in the tight spandex. They reached the room and Sandra ushered them in.

Seating herself behind the desk she pulled out the book and said,
"This is your second time here both of you so it's 15 swats."
She noted that they were in street clothes since they had not had time to change.

"We do not allow more than one layer of clothing for the paddle.
In your workout clothes ladies usually wear spandex and thong panties and guys wear shorts and a jock strap, so you can strip down to your underwear for this."

Tracy put her hand to her mouth and John gasped. Neither of them could move.

"I said strip down now! I'm not going to waste my time trying to make an impression on you through several layers of clothing.
You wouldn't feel a thing. Let's go---down to your underwear-
both of you."

Tracy and John slowly peeled off their outer clothing and hung it on hooks placed in the wall. John couldn't help but notice what a sexy body Tracy had, clad now in white bra and tiny nylon French cut panties that didn't look like they would offer much protection from the hard wooden paddle. John was left in a t-shirt and Y-briefs that could not conceal his thickening manhood.

"Ok Tracy, ladies first ", said Sandra, unclipping the paddle from its peg on the wall and swinging it through the air a few times to test its feel." Bend over the bench and keep your hands on the handles. You're getting 15 good hard ones and you'll count every one."

"O please Sandra, no, I can't. I'll never hold still. I'll jump up like last time. That paddle is too hard and it bruises. Can't you do something else? And I need to be held down. I'll never be able to stay still for it. I'll go across your lap and you could hold me down and spank me good , but please not that paddle!"

Sandra mused for a moment. "Well ", she said slowly, " I guess I could give you a good sound spanking in lieu of the paddle, but it would be a good one--and it will have to be with a paddle. I'll give it to you with a smaller light paddle that we have here in the drawer."

Sandra stepped to the desk laying down the big paddle pulled open the drawer and retrieved a small toy novelty store paddle that bore the inscription "heat for the seat" on it. It did not look too formidable, thought John.

"And", added Sandra, seating herself in the tall straight-backed chair, "you will take this completely naked." That last statement
was made in a matter-of-fact way but it shocked both John and
Tracy." WHATTT?" said Tracy. "That's right " said Sandra,
"I want you naked for this. If I'm to give you a more lenient session of behavior modification I want you to really feel it and to really feel the shame of having to be naked across my knee like a 10 year old."

Like a condemned prisoner Tracy unclasped her bra freeing her pert breasts whose nipples were clearly hardened. Placing her thumbs in the waistband of the tiny panties she slipped them down revealing a breathtakingly rounded little bottom.

Sandra patted her thighs with the paddle. "Across my knee Tracy. Its time for an old fashioned bare bottom spanking for you and I'm going to keep you over my knee until I am sure you have learned a good lesson."

Tracy lowered herself across Sandra's lap. Sandra adjusted her until her bottom was perched right over her right thigh and her back was angled at the floor. Placing her left arm over Tracy's back and pinioning her right arm, Sandra patted Tracy's pert fanny with the paddle and raised her arm.

Smack! Crack! Smack! Whack! Crack! Smack!
"Ouch ...owww ohhh Owwww!" cried Tracy
Spank! Crack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!
" stings!" pleaded Tracy fluttering her legs but unable to aleviate the stinging heat in her fanny.

Sandra proceeded to deliver spank after spank in a steady rhythm to Tracy's quickly reddening bottom. Tracy's rear would quiver with each crack of the little paddle and a band of red would form where the paddle struck. Tracy pleaded and wriggled with each stinging smack, but Sandra methodically spanked her little fanny to a hot tomato-red hue.

After about 90 rapid smacks Sandra intoned," You are getting 10 more good licks Tracy. Count!"
SMACK!! "" wailed TRacy.
SMACK!! " Yeowwww....two"

CRACK!!  "Ouch ...ouch....three"
*     *        *       *         *        *

As the tenth spank was delivered , Tracy shot up and clasped her burning rear. Dancing from foot to foot she rubbed furiously trying to put out the fire in her hind cheeks, oblivious to John's gaze and his obvious hard on. As for John the spectacle of Tracy's spanking over Sandra's knee had produced a raging hard on that John could not conceal.

Tracy continued to hop around., hissing in pain and Sandra tuned her attention to John." Ok John your turn. I suppose I should be fair. I'll give you the same option as Tracy---15 with the big paddle over your underpants or a good spanking, completely bare, with my little friend here."

John had to consider this carefully. If he took the paddling he got to keep his pants on, but he might not be able to hold still for it.
If he took the spanking, he knew Sandra would hold him in place, but both women would see his cock in full arousal. The latter, John decided, was the lesser of two evils.

"You can spank me, Sandra. I'll take what Tracy got." said John.
With that John peeled down his underwear and took off his shirt.
"My" said Sandra." I see you enjoyed Tracy's spanking," she observed noting the turgid member that stuck straight out. Tracy too by this time had calmed down, and her eyes widened as she stared at John's rigid penis.

"Get over my knee John, lets see if I can't focus your mind on something else", said Sandra , grasping John by his swollen member and pulling him across her lap. Another jolt of pleasure hit John as she opened her legs to accommodate John's cock and grasped it firmly between her knees.

Tracy too had felt the fires of arousal from the stinging spanking given by the beautiful red-haired amazon on her nude fanny. To have had to strip for both Sandra and John and then be spanked like a little girl had triggered erotic feelings that had made her wet between her legs and she unconsciously licked her lips at the sight of John's arousal.

Sandra spanked John with steady stinging cracks of the paddle that had John fluttering helplessly over her knee. Each crack was a pistol-shot in the small room and John hissed with pain under his breath, determined to be brave and not allow Tracy to seem him break down and cry. As the relentless smacking continued John realized he had seriously underestimated the little "heat-for the seat" paddle.

Crack! Smack! Whack! Smack! Crack! Spank! Crack! The paddle continued to pop noisily across John's rapidly reddening buttocks.
Crack! Smack! Crack! John could feel the tears beginning to form in his eyes. Finally it was too much.
Sandra just cracked the paddle down even harder.
Smack! Crack! Smack!
"OWWWW........" bawled John.

"Ten more, John. And count them", said Sandra.
How John endured those last ten cracks of the paddle he had no idea. His rear was a fiery red, his eyes full of tears, face red and voice cracking, he managed to count to ten, accompanying the loud
retort of the paddle, slowly administered with the full force of Sandra's arm behind each one.

John rose, gasping. He was a sight with his cock bobbing up and down as he did the spankee's humiliating dance rubbing his hind cheeks to try and relieve the pain.

Sandra watched this spectacle until John regained his composure. "Ok you two, you've been punished now. From now on make sure you are here. The next time its 20 with the real paddle and I won't let you off with a little paddywhacking like today. Understood?"
"Yes Sandra," said both Tracy and John together, still rubbing their inflamed rear cheeks." I'm leaving now", said Sandra..
"I'll let you dress by yourselves. Close the door behind you when you leave."

"Oh my God, John that stung like crazy", said Tracy.
"You know it did", said John, "who would have thought that little paddle would hurt like that?"
"It hurt all right, but you know what? I'm just as hot in front as I am in the rear" cooed Tracy. " And I can see you are too. I need some relief John and I think you have just the thing," said Tracy cupping John's balls in her hand and stroking his hard shaft.
"I need it too Tracy. I could barely stand the sight of your gorgeous fanny squirming over Sandra's lap and dancing under that little paddle" said John softly pinching a hardened nipple between thumb and forefinger.

"Oooh I want you in me right now", panted Tracy. "Lets can we do this? my bottom's too sore to lie down.....I know..."
"We'll use this", said Tracy as she proceeded to approach the spanking bench. Laying herself across the bench in perfect position for a paddling she looked back at John." Ooh lover, take me from the rear. Stick it right up inside me now!"

If there was ever a sexier sight, John had never seen it. Tracy was bent over the bench, red rear pouting back at him, wetness glistening between the lips of her womanhood.
John stepped up behind Tracy perched over the bench, her red hiney on display and perfectly positioned to receive him. Tracy spread her legs slightly as John gripped his turgid rod and slipped it into her tight sheath. The feel was electrifying for both of them. As John began to slide back and forth, Tracy could feel the friction against her little button. He stroked in and out, waves of pleasure engulfing his senses. John moved faster now, his belly smacking against Tracy's red bottom driving her to new heights of pleasure.
John slid in and out in a frantic rhythm now trying to hold off his own climax. Finally Tracy stiffened and wailed, then pumped her backside furiously as John felt his own orgasm releasing his seed deep within Tracy's deliciously tight womb.

After a few moments they managed to become untangled and John withdrew from Tracy with a soft plop!
"Oh my God, John, I'm totally drained. The spanking and then the way you took
me !"

"Me too Tracy. I couldn't believe that watching her spank you would turn me on like that!" said John, smiling.

"Liar!" said Tracy "You knew and you loved it. I bet you even engineered that little episode", she said sticking out her tongue.

"And it looked like you got even harder when she spanked you. I think maybe you missed classes on purpose just so you could get our Ms Sandra to take you over her knee and spank your little hiney."

"Well you got wet watching her paddle me, little miss innocent.

Then they both stopped. Whatever the reason, what had just happened had been a huge turn-on for both of them and they were clearly infatuated with each other.

And so it went. A long weekend and more stinging in the nether regions were in store for John and Tracy. New love bloomed out of the stinging heat of a sound spanking.

But what of Sandra and the other female instructors of this unique club? What effect does the club's disciplinary policy have on them?
And by the way, can a staff member really order her charges to strip naked for a spanking?

                            THE HEALTH CLUB  PT 3

The aftermath of John and Tracy's encounter with Sandra turned out to be hotly stimulating for both of them. Tracy had been turned on by being spanked by Sandra with John watching and found that it was even better upended over John's knee on the receiving end of some brisk smacks with the flat of John's hand. Tracy would frequently tease John by tickling him as he sat on the sofa attempting to watch tv. If she happened to be wearing a skimpy baby doll nighty at the time she she would likely be warned once or twice to cut it out. Another tickle and a giggle from Tracy and John would say:
"Thats it, Tracy. I know a naughty little girl who's going to get her bottom warmed."
With that John would grab Tracy and haul her over his lap as he sat on the sofa. Peeling down the silky panties, John would trap Tracy's right hand in the small of her back and start spanking her perfectly rounded fanny with stinging smacks gradually raising the heat in her cute sit-upons. John spanked in a pattern from right to left and then center, concentrating on the crowns of her rear cheeks, and the soft swelling of her buttocks where they met the tops of her thighs. By the time Tracy was a hot pink, her slit would be wet and slippery, and ready for John's engorged cock. After soundly spanking Tracy's bottom John would ask her if she was ready to be good. Tracy would assure John that she would be the best little girl in the world if he would only stop the spanking. John would allow her to slide off his lap and she would kneel before him and pull his cock from his pants. The hard member would then disappear between Tracy's lips as she took him into her mouth. This charming scene would often end with Tracy astride John's thighs impaled on his manhood and riding both of them to a shattering orgasm.

With such fun and games it was lucky that they both managed to stay on track at the club. It was with some trepidation that they received a summons from Ms Victoria Tannen, the owner of the club, requesting their presence at a meeting in Vicky's private office.

Victoria Tannen was a 37 year old, tall, sophisticated, dark haired beauty with a voluptuous figure. She was a widow and the money from her husband's estate had enabled her to open this unique health club. Vicky had been an aerobics instructor when she met Biff Tannen, a self made millionaire. In fact it had been the regime she had begun with Biff that had planted the seed of the idea. Vicky wanted Biff to stay in shape and so it was that any slacking on Biff's part would often earn him a stinging session over Vicky's knee while she taught him the value of obeying her mandate with a flat backed hairbrush applied to his bare bottom. Biff put up with this, for the sex that usually followed was mind-blowing.

Vicky's office was on the third floor of the building, behind a thick door at the end of a long corridor. When they arrived they were surprised to see Sandra standing to one side of Vicky's desk, clad in her usual outfit of tight fitting white short-shorts and a T shirt, white socks and gym shoes. She appeared nervous.

Vicky got right to the point.
"John and Tracy, thank you for coming. I wish to clear something up with you about this club and get to the bottom of an incident that I heard about. I understand that Sandra had to discipline you two a few weeks ago for a second instance of missed classes. Is this true?"
Both Tracy and John nodded.

"And I heard through the grapevine," said Vicky now looking sharply at Sandra, "that Miss Sandra here required you to strip naked to receive correction. Is this true as well?"
Both nodded again.

"On behalf of the club I must apologize. We do not allow our instructors to give swats on the bare buttocks. You both must have been terribly embarrassed. What do you have to say for yourself, Sandra?"

"I'm sorry ma'am it will never happen again. I let them off of paddle swats with the big paddle.....", she said pleading her case.

"I don't care Sandra. A bare naked paddling is not permitted. And you know better. I should probably fire you", Vicky continued, " but in this case I may have a solution that may make up for your embarrassment, John and Tracy, and teach Sandra here a lesson. Follow me."

With that Vicky rose approached a door at the side of her office. Opening this door, she ushered them in.

"This is my private exercise room. It is also where I deal with naughty employees who do not follow my directives. Yes", she continued, " people in my employ sign an agreement similar to yours. They agree to accept correction at my hands in appropriate cases in lieu of being fired. In my view this is a very appropriate case."

As if to emphasize her point, Vicky gestured toward the wall which included a pegboard with hooks. Hanging on the pegboard were a wooden paddle with holes in it and a leather strap with a wooden handle

Turning to Sandra she said:

"Sandra, do you agree to accept punishment at my hands?"

"Yes, ma'am. I want to stay."

John and Tracy were now noticing some unique features of this room. In addition to a weight bench, Stairmaster and rowing machine there was an odd apparatus that looked like an old pillory, only this one was a very modern version. It was a narrow padded bench about waist high. At one end was a padded cylinder extending horizontally and at the other a board split into two halves on runners. There were three holes in the board that looked like they would accommodate a person's neck and wrists. The board could move along the bench to adjust for height. The legs holding the bench were height-adjustable too.

"Alright Sandra, the time has come. Take off your clothes and assume the position at the pillory."

"Please mean Ms. Tannen. Do I have to be punished naked? These shorts are very thin and I'm sure I'll really feel it good."

"You made these two strip naked and I don't see that you should be treated any differently", said Vicky sternly. "I don't want anything between your bare bottom and this paddle for this."

Vicky unclipped the wicked looking paddle from the wall and indicated to Sandra to prepare herself. Sandra pulled the tight t-shirt over her head and unclipped her bra, freeing her firm full breasts. From what John could see it appeared that the nipples were hard.
Sandra undid the button of her shorts and tugged them down revealing a full and rounded pair of bottom cheeks flaring outwardly from a narrow waist and encased in a tiny pair of white silk panties.
Sandra hesitated with her thumbs in the elastic of the panties.

"The panties too Sandra. Take them down."

Sandra slowly slid the panties down her thighs revealing an alabaster bottom with a deep crevice between the cheeks. She approached the pillory and bent over the pad while Vicky raised the upper half of the board so she could insert her hands and neck. Locking the board down Vicky then buckled a belt attached to the bench part across the small of Sandra's back causing her to elevate her hips even more to provide the best possible target for the paddle. A final strap tightened around the backs of her knees and she was ready for her impending chastisement.

"I'm going to give you 20 swats with this paddle...hard, and then we'll see. Do you have anything to say?"

"Please not so hard. I'm really sorry...," wailed Sandra.

Vicky raised the paddle to shoulder height and then brought it down with an audible whoosh! SMACK!!
The paddle cracked against Sandra's bottom. Her fanny flattened out for an instant before springing back and displaying a bright red band. Vicky began to lay on the swats evenly with a brief pause between each one.
John could see the flesh of her cheeks ripple with every stinging smack of the paddle which cracked like pistol shots in the enclosed space of Vicky's workout room.

"Owww...please...I'm really sorry..."
CRACK! "Count!"
"Owwww...four I think..."
CRACK!"Six" WHACK! "Seven...owwwww"WHACK! "Ouch..."
"Don't lose count or I start over!"
"Oww...ow....owwww...nine,ten eleven"
The merciless paddling continued with Sandra blubbering out the number of each whack in between cries of distress. Her quivering bottom became an angry red as it absorbed each sizzling smack of the paddle. Meanwhile John had developed an erection that had not gone unnoticed by either Tracy or Vicky.

CRACK!" nineteen....please stop...ow"
WHACK! "Yeeowwww.......twenty!"

"Well Sandra I think we're making progress, but I notice John has a little problem", said Vicky with a wicked smile. "Perhaps you can help him"
"John if you'll be so kind as to go to the other side where Sandra's head is and loosen your zipper I think Sandra can can use her mouth to better effect than crying like a baby."

John, understanding what Vicky had in mind, needed no further encouragement and proceeded to unzip his pants and pull out his throbbing member, made rock hard by the spectacle of Sandra's bare bottom paddling. Tracy while feeling considerable arousal from witnessing the smacking of Sanrda's luscious bare fanny was a little miffed at John's obvious enthusiasm for Vicky's command.

With John's cock pointed at Sandra's face trapped in the pillory, Vicky retrieved the leather strap and showed it to Sandra.

Sandra pleaded: "Please not the strap...please no..!"

"This is all up to you, Sandra. You are going to take John into your mouth and I am going to strap you...hard. When John cums I will stop, understood?"

Sandra opened her mouth to take John's full hardness and began swirling her tongue around the head to try to get John to cum. At the same time Vicky swung the strap connecting with Sandra's bottom right across the crown of her sit-spot with a loud CRACK!
As Sandra desperately tried to bring John off, Vicky continued to swing the strap in wide arcs, cracking against Sandra's tender bottom.
Crack! crack! smack! the strap continued to fall.

Whack! "mmmfff" Whack!"mmm" Crack!"mmmmffff" Sandra frantically sucked on John's penis as he rocked his hips back and forth while her reddened fanny burned hotter with each lick from the strap.

John could not hold out much longer. Between the sight of Sandra's tear streaked face, the sensation in his penis, and the sight of that strap cracking against Sandra's wriggling rear, John was brought to a thunderous orgasm and released his seed into Sandra's mouth.

*    *      *       *       *        *         *       *       *        

Together they released Sandra who stood stiffly and attempted to rub the heat out of her rear cheeks which by now appeared to be swollen to twice their normal size. Sandra was crying real tears.
"You may leave now Sandra", intoned Vicky.
Sandra slowly picked up her clothes and shuffled out wincing with every step.

"I believe justice has been served", said Vicky. "I assure you there will be no such further incidents in the future. If in the future either of you must undergo a behavior modification it will be according to club policies."

"Er...thanks", said John." I guess we'll let ourselves out. Lets go, Tracy".

John and Tracy left and returned to her place. Tracy was silent until they got home. Then she said:
"You were certainly eager to have that red haired bitch go to work on you."

"Hey ....whoa ..Tracy. I was just going with the flow."

"Well, you didn't have to agree to everything. I thought we had something special and I'm angry about you having sex with her...and right in front of me!"

"It wasn't sex. The president of the United States says so," said John with a mirthful grin.

"That crack and your behavior are going to cost you mister...that is if you want to stay with me! I think its high time we had a little discussion about your attitude......."


                                                    The Health Club Pt 4

Tracy remembered those little "discussions" with her mom from child hood. Mom had handled the discipline for her and her younger brother Tom. It was a set ritual. When correction was to be meted out, the unlucky youngster would be instructed to get in the tub and bathe. In the meantime mother would wait in the bathroom and dry the miscreant with a towel when she or he emerged. After the bath mom would grasp the child by the wrist and walk her down the hall in the nude, to her room. Once in the room, her mother would sit on the bed and draw her standing between her knees to deliver a lecture on the bad conduct the had precipitated the event. When the talking was over, mom would pull her around to her right side and firmly place her across her knees. When her position was just right, with bare bottom upended and legs dangling, mom would say " Tracy I don't like to do this, but I want you to remember this the next time you disobey....".

Then the spanking would start. Lord, how her mom could spank! Brisk wristy smacks would be delivered in a steady barrage that would not let up until she was in tears. Mom spanked long because she believed that the best way to make the lesson felt was to build up the sting in her charge's backside gradually. The spanks were crisp and firm,but not as hard as she could make them. Notwithstanding that, she was very thorough. The prolonged volley of spanks, with less than a second between each one, would soon bring Tracy and her brother to the point of tears. Mom spanked until the wriggling bare fanny across her lap was red and hot to the touch and the tears were flowing freely. When she arrived at that point, she would stop and review the main reason for the punishment. After eliciting tearful promises to behave in the future, she would administer a series of hard spanks, slowly, one for each year of her or Tom's age. When it was over mom would hug her child tenderly, as she felt that once a spanking was given, the matter was done.

At age 13, however, a new wrinkle was added. Believing that the flat of her hand might be losing its effectiveness as a means of instilling good behavior, she resolved to make good use of the willow tree in her back yard. So in the aftermath of the 7th grade party incident when Tracy and some other friends had snuck out late at night and strung toilet paper over a neighbor's yard, there was a change in the ritual. Tracy would never forget that day. After a halting confession had been extracted from her, Mom handed Tracy a short kitchen knife and told her to go cut a switch from the willow tree. It had to be 2 feet long and as big around as a pencil, her mom said, and for her sake it should have all the bumps and buds stripped off. Tracy had felt a cold lump of fear in the pit of her stomach that day. The spankings were bad enough, but it was now obvious that her mother intended to whip her! She remembered the walk out to the tree, the selection of a willow withe that seemed big enough and long enough, and the reluctant trudge back inside holding the very instrument of her impending correction. After presenting the switch to her mom who swished it a few times and said that it would do, Tracy was ordered to the bathroom to bathe and prepare. As usual her mother came in and helped dry her off. Then there had been the long walk in the nude down the hall following her mother as she tapped the dreaded switch against her calf.

All too soon the moment of truth had arrived. Mom seated herself on the bed and gave Tracy a lecture about respecting other peoples 's property. Pulling her errant daughter across her left thigh, Tracy's mom had grasped Tracy's right hand to hold it in the small of her back. Raising the switch Tracy's mom commenced a whipping that Tracy would never forget. For the next 10 minutes the only sounds in that room were the swissssh...thwack! of the switch against Tracy's nude little bottom and her resultant squeals of pain.. Her bare fanny had wiggled shamelessly across her mom's knee as the switch had continued to swish and crack with each carefully measured lick. When it was over her mother had stood her on her feet, kissed her and told her to be good. Tracy had returned to her room and cried for an hour trying to rub the sting out of her red and swollen striped rear cheeks. After that the switching ritual had been employed on occasions of severe misbehavior, but it was rare.

This was Tracy's musing as she considered the problem of John. She needed to vent her anger at John so she could forgive him. John was a keeper, but part of him was a cocky little boy who needed to be taught some respect.

"John, I would have thought that you had more respect for me than to have actually let Sandra give you oral sex in front of me," Tracy began, " and as a result I feel angry and insulted. I like you a lot and I want us to be special, but right now something needs to happen that happened to me when I was a kid and really stepped out of line."

"Look, Tracy, I'm really sorry. Can't you just forgive me ? This won't happen again. I just got caught up in the whole scene".

"Oh I can forgive you allright, but before that I need to demonstrate how I feel to you and teach you not to be so cavalier with my affections, " said Tracy.
"Now I want you to take this kitchen knife and go out to the back yard. See that willow tree out there? I want you to cut a switch about two feet long and as big around as a pencil. Maybe you better cut two or three."

John paled at this command. She was going to whip him with a switch that he had to cut himself! He felt so humiliated that he barely thought about how much it would hurt!
"Isn't there some other way I can make this up to you?" John pleaded.
"No," said Tracy folding her arms and tapping her foot. "Get going".

John tried to stammer another apology but Tracy was adament. If John wanted them to continue as a couple he was going to be corrected for his behavior at Sandra's paddling. John now red in the face and fearful of Tracy's resolve, approached the willow and cut three withes as Tracy had commanded. Tracy had told John to go into the living room and wait for her there as she changed clothes. Tracy changed into short teddy with a short wispy skirt. It gave her freedom of movement and was sexy to boot. All the more easy to keep John under control and show him what he would be giving up if he didn't obey, thought Tracy. She also pulled a sash out of a housecoat and found a torn pair of pantyhose. I will need to restrain him , she thought to herself.
As John walked back to the house, he flicked the switch against his palm. Yeouch, he thought, that really stings. I hope she's not serious about this.

As John stood in the living room and saw Tracy walk in in that sexy outfit, his penis began to stir. Tracy decided to play this for all it was worth.
"All right John kneel down and present me with a switch and ask me to correct you."

"Oh for God's sake.." began John.

"Do it now!" commanded Tracy.

"Ok..ok.." said John kneeling "Tracy I'm sorry please punish me with this switch until you can forgive me." Tracy accepted the switch from his hand.

"All right, John you may rise. Now take off your clothes down to your underwear."

John knew it was useless to argue about this and proceeded to strip down to his shorts and socks. This was doubly embarassing because his arousal was obvious.
Meanwhile Tracy had seated herself in the middle of the couch and was ominously tapping the switch against her palm.

"Stand here between my legs and hold out your hands", said Tracy tying the sash around John's wrists.
"Do you have to do this?" whined John.
"Yes", said Tracy " You might not be able to control yourself"
Tracy tied the pantyhose around John's knees.
Satisfied that he could not move or wriggle away Tracy turned John over her left thigh. Grasping the back of his shorts, Tracy pulled down his pants baring his bottom. Cute, she thought. She hadn't had a man in this position. I could get used to this, she giggled to herself.

"John , you know why you're getting this licking. Do you have anything to say?"

"Uh..I'm sorry..really...don't hit me too hard..please?"

"This will sting John", said Tracy as she raised her wrist and brought the switch down across John's bare white bottom.
SWICK! "Owww" SWICK! "Ouch" SWISSH.....THWACK! "Yeeeoww"
Tracy applied the switch to John's fanny raising red lines across his buttocks. To John it felt like a line of fire each time the switch struck. Tied as he was all John could do was to wiggle helplessly over Tracy's knee as the switch continued to fall.
The sounds of the switching were accompanied by John's squeals of pain and pleas for mercy. A very naughty boy is getting his just desserts, thought Tracy as she whipped the bare bottom of the male wriggling across her knee. Indeed, but for the ages of the participants, an observer might conclude that some maternal justice was being meted out in the age-old fashion by a determined mom.
"I want you to remember this John and I want the respect from you that I deserve! SWISH...THWACK!! Do you understand?"

"Owwwww....yesss...please stoppp!!"

With a final SWISHHH.......THWACK!! and a wail of "Owwww..." from John, Tracy put down the switch. She rubbed John's bottom with her hand. It was criss- crossed with welts from the switch and stung ferociously.

"Now John will you respect my feelings from now on? Am I important to you?"

"Yes ...Tracy....Yes..."

"Good boy .Now stand up"

As John stood his penis which had become flaccid under the pain of the switching now began to revive under the ministrations of Tracy's hand . With John standing between her legs she grasped John's cock and began to run her fingers back and forth bringing him to a state of hardness. Then releasing his cock for a moment she unbuttoned a panel on her teddy exposing her vulva.

"Kneel between my legs John," she breathed, "and start licking."

"Ow! Ow! My ass," wailed John. But he could not rub. His hands were still tied.

John knelt down and stuck his face into Tracy's warm, moist crotch. He found the bud of her clitoris and began flicking it with his tongue. The whipping of John's cute bare fanny had produced a state of high arousal in Tracy. A little more of John's tongue up her vagina and she would orgasm.

"Stop now John. Just one more thing. Stand up." John stood.

"My mom always finished a punishment this way" said Tracy, hauling John back across her knees. I think you are a good man, but a very naughty boy. You're back over my knee to get 29 spanks with my hand, one for each year of your life". John began to protest. "But then you're going to fuck me! And don't worry---I'll count."

"Wait a minute, Tracy, please-my ass is on fire. I've been punished enough." John was clearly in distress-almost blubbering. Tracy steeled herself. She felt this had to be done.

This time Tracy arranged John across her thighs to trap John's engorged cock between them and proceeded to spank John's red fanny with crisp smacks that had John pumping his rear end up and down, almost meeting her hand in a furious dance of pain and arousal. John moaned and bounced over Tracy's lap.

Spank! Spank! Smack! " One! Two! Three!"
Tracy spanked in a deliberate tempo with gusto making each cheek ripple on impact. She imagined that this was how she and her brother must have looked , upended over mom's knee for discipline.
*      *       *         *          *          *         *       *         *        *        *
Tracy continued to crack her palm against John's tender fanny.........
SPANK!" 25! "SPANK!" 26 !" SMACK!"27" CRACK! "28" CRACK!! "29"
"OWWWW.....YEOWWW!" wailed John through the ordeal.
The heat of the spanking on top of his already painfully striped cheeks was excruciating but the friction of his penis gripped between Tracy's thighs was driving him mad with lust. When Tracy stopped, he was perilously close to cumming.

Tracy quickly untied John and tore off her teddy. Pulling John down to her on the couch she slipped his penis into her wet sex and began churning her hips. Gripping his welted buttocks she rammed him into her and after a scant few minutes they came together in a thunderous orgasm.

It turned out to be a defining moment in their relationship. John knew he could not take Tracy for granted. Tracy knew she wanted this man. They each had faults but at least the episode taught them that there were ways of resolving hurts and thoughtless acts. And so it was that a system began to that frequently called for the application of palm or paddle to bottom and the hot lovemaking that followed.

But let us not forget the club. For even as we leave this domestic scene, our couple is in trouble again....and Ms Victoria has some very wicked ideas for those poor club members who have not obeyed the rules..NEXT  PART  5 -THE CHARITY AUCTION

                               THE HEALTH CLUB PT 5A

John and Tracy continued to go to the club. It was working. Tracy continued to maintain her adorable figure and John continued to lose the weight. From time to time they would see other members take that fearful trip down to the basement led by one of the beautiful and fit instructors only to emerge sometime later flushed and tearfully rubbing their well heated posteriors.

The couple was careful to make classes because in view of the fact that a miss would be the third within a year, the next "session" in the basement would mean a blistering 25 licks with that hard paddle that hung on the wall. But good intentions don't count for much when you are young and in love and have other things to do. Eventually John and Tracy managed to put together three misses in a row. Thus they were not surprised by the summons they received from no other than the club owner, Victoria Tannen. This was a little unusual, however, because typically, discipline was meted out by the instructor in charge of the last class that they had missed. In this case that would have been Chrissy, a stunning statuesque blonde with a cheerful face and hair that was styled in ringlets that fell to her shoulders. That wasn't good news because despite her cheery demeanor, Chrissy was an avid tennis player with a strong right arm and a no-nonsense  lady when it came time to administer a paddling for slacking off.

Thus it was that John and Tracy were not surprised to see Chrissy when they answered the summons in Ms Vicky's office.

"I understand from Chrissy here that you two are down for a little discipline for slacking off again." said Vicky.
"Yes ma'am" chimed in Chrissey, and I'm ready to administer it."I do believe its 25 good solid swats with the big paddle this time", she added with an evil grin.

"We both have tried really hard", pleaded Tracy. "Can't we be let off just once?"
"Yeah", added John earnestly, "we just got caught up in other stuff"

"'Fraid not kids," said Vicky shaking her head. " If I let you off, everyone will want to plead extenuating circumstances----the whole program will collapse.
" But there is another option".  
"Yes....?" said both John and Tracy hopefully.

"I'm hosting a charity auction for a number of charities and causes that I support. Its a unique affair every year given for a select group who support the same causes that I do. Each year I try to think of some interesting and novel way to auction some things that are donated by benefactors to raise money".

"But what does that have to do with us and our" said John.

"Well, this year I am not going to auction off things.....rather, I have in mind a kind of 'performance', if you will. I am going to present a series of tableaus or little skits depicting scenes of chastisement for the enjoyment of this somewhat unique crowd. The scenes will be acted out by the instructors on my staff and by club members, such as yourselves, who have sort of landed in hot water and are due for a major discipline session with an instructor. Participating in one of these little skits will square you with the club and as an added incentive you will each get a year's membership free. So, what do you say?"

"Just what kind of 'skits' are you talking about?" said John

"There are several and they will be assigned by lot. For example, if you are female you might have to act the part of a naughty schoolgirl who has been sent to the principal's office. You will be on stage in a little pleated skirt and knee socks, saddle oxfords and a white blouse. Let's say Chrissy is the principal----she is holding the school paddle. What is offered for bid is the number of swats the girl will receive with the paddle. Lets say each swat is two hundred dollars. The bidding begins at three swats and goes up from there, that is assuming that some bidder wants to see our naughty girl get a good paddling. And depending on the implement each stroke could be more expensive or less costly. Obviously a birch rod would command more per stroke than a little paddle or a hairbrush."

"And are these swats on the bare?" asked Tracy.

"My dear, at my auction, and at these prices, yes, bottoms will be bare!"

"Can we talk for a minute?" said Tracy.

"Go right ahead. Step outside and come back when you decide."

"What do you think?" said John when they were alone.
"It can't be as bad as a 25 swat paddling down in that room," said Tracy, "and think...a free years membership"
"Yeah and at two hundred bucks a lick and up you'd have to bid thousands to get the count up high....lets go for it. Anyway we don't get paddled today if we take the deal."
"Ok lets do it...I can't take 25 licks with that paddle today...brrrrrrr" said Tracy.

"Ok", said John, as they walked back in, "we're in"

"Wonderful!" said Vicky, "and just remember, the brief pain and embarrassment will all be for a good cause. You two are plucky kids, you can handle it."

On the way out Chrissy pulled John aside. "I'm disappointed that I didn't get to paddle your cute butt today" she said chuckling," but I'm a stern governess in one of the scenes and I get to pull a naughty boy across my knee and spank his bare toddyside with a hairbrush. I hope it's you and I hope the bidding is hot and heavy". She gave him a pat on the bottom and a wink and turned and walked away.

Two weeks before the event all the participants were called together in Vicky's office.
There were the club's staff including Chrissy and Sandra, and 8 club members who, now that the day of reckoning was fast approaching, looked a little glum. Vicky, however was as cheerful as could be.

"Well, I'm excited. I know we're going to have a great event and raise lots of money for charity! Now we are here today to draw lots for the skits and to measure everyone for costumes. Our staff already have their assigned roles so after today you will know who is going to 'do' you, so to speak. Now each of you draw one slip of paper from this bowl, please."

Nervously, each member stepped up and drew a slip. The slip contained a brief description of the scene and the implement of correction. Matt, a sandy haired young man drew a stable scene with the riding mistress in command. He was to be bent over a trestle to receive the riding crop. Jane, a pretty and slender young woman with long straight chestnut brown hair would be tied to a whipping post and given the martinet in a medieval type of motif. Mary, a slightly plump strawberry blonde was down for a prison strapping. Tina, a redhead with athletic legs and a prominent ass would be birched in the pillory. Jim, a slightly juvenile-looking young man would get the school paddle.

By contrast, John and Tracy got off lightly, or so they thought. Tracy was to be a naughty daughter due for a spanking with a novelty store paddle from a 50's mom to be played by Carol, a sandy haired 30ish woman who looked the part of a June Cleaver type. John drew Chrissy and her hairbrush, to be administered by a Victorian governess to her charge for persistent misbehavior.

Chrissy grinned openly at John and Carol gave Tracy a wink. When everyone had been measured for costumes, the meeting ended.
"Be at my residence at 6:00pm on the 17th," admonished Vicky, "and don't be late!"

For the unfortunate club members the two weeks had gone by all to swiftly and they found themselves at what turned out to be a mansion that was the home of Victoria Tannen on the appointed Saturday night. John and Tracy had marveled at the house as they drove up. It was a stately manor, well out of town, at the end of a long driveway and out of sight of the main road. A large hall was set up with buffet tables covered with food at one end and a raised stage with a curtain at the other. Next to the stage was a podium where Victoria herself would hold forth as the mistress of ceremonies. There was a door behind the stage where props could be brought on and off stage.

Tracy and John and the others were dispatched to upstairs bedrooms to dress. John's costume turned out to be highly embarrassing. It was a little boy's sailor suit with short pants that were a bit tight, and white knee socks. Tracy wore tight 50's style pedal pushers that displayed her cute hiney to perfection.
"My, but you're cute "said Tracy with a laugh.
"You won't think its so cute when your tail is getting spanked", growled John.
"Oh don't be such a baby," said Tracy," it's for a good cause. Did you see those people downstairs? I've never seen such gowns and jewelry. These people must be loaded!"
"Yes and that worries me. They have money to burn and what they will burn it with is our rear ends!"

The participants were assembled in the room behind the stage. Everyone was in costume. John especially noted Chrissy in her long governess dress and crisp white blouse. She was holding a wide oval shaped flat-backed hairbrush.

"Hello, John", she said, meaningfully tapping the hairbrush on her palm. "I understand you've been a bad boy," she laughed , "and in such an adorable outfit too. I just know the female patrons are going to bid like crazy when they see your cute buns in that sailor suit. And when the bidding is done I'm going to peel down those little shorts, put you over my knee and give you the tanning of your young life."

John could only gaze at the stern vision of loveliness presented by Chrissy and gulp shamefacedly while his hand crept back absently rubbing his bottom. At the same time he became aware of a tightening in the front of his shorts that he hoped was not noticeable.

Meanwhile Carol approached Tracy and said," My but aren't you the bratty teenager tonight? I can't wait to get you over mama's lap and tan your little fanny with mama's paddle. See", she said brandishing the little paddle, " it says 'for the cute little dear with the bare behind'. That's you".
Tracy just stuck out her tongue, getting into her role.
"OOH...just you wait young lady", laughed Carol. But then she said more seriously, "you know, we are going to have to give these folks their money's worth. I have to make it real-we all do. No hard feelings?" Tracy shook her head, OK, but she wore a grimace.

The place was beginning to fill with people dressed in expensive evening wear mixed with younger men and women in costumes that mimicked those worn by the "condemned" backstage. Later John and Tracy would notice that some of these in costume were other club members.

The richly dressed crowd was milling around the bar and buffet when Vicky took the podium.

"Attention everyone, we are ready to start. This year we have a very unusual treat for you. I know you are all staunch Republicans and church-goers so I know you have a special interest in retribution . So tonight The Health Club presents some very naughty members of our club who need to atone for their misdeeds. And it is you my dear patrons who will decide their fate. Each of these young men and ladies have been paired with an instructor at my club. Each pair has been dressed and equipped to enact a scene of well deserved chastisement. But how severely will each be punished? That is what you will decide. You will bid against each other to determine the number of strokes, licks , spanks or lashes each of these naughty lads and lassies will get. The dollar amount of each one will be based on the severity of the implement. So, lets get started. The winning bidder will be entitled to sit in this chair or stand if they wish, right in front of the stage to closely observe."

A hush fell on the crowd as Vicky continued:
"First up is Mary, a prisoner at the Badham County Women's Farm. It seems that Mary has tried several times to escape."
The curtain opened to reveal Mary in tight denim and a work shirt knotted under her ample breasts standing by a T-bar which is a padded cylinder on a post at hip height, and Marcy, a tall brunette in an abbreviated "prison guard" outfit standing behind her holding a leather strap.
"I think what we have here is a failure to communicate " said Vicky. "We call the strap that Marcy is holding 'the persuader' . We are going to pull down Mary's jeans, bend her over that bar. So how many licks with 'the persuader does she get?
Each lick will be priced at $300. What am I bid?"

"$900" shouted a voice from the back.
"$1200" countered another
"Am I bid $1500?" said Vicky.
"$1500" said a wealthy looking silver haired gentleman.

The bidding continued until it reached the outrageous price of $2700.Poor Mary was in for 9 licks of the heavy strap. There was cheering and applause as the winner came up to the podium.
Vicky turned to Marcy. " Deputy, carry out the sentence".
"Allright, Mary," she drawled like a Southern sheriff, "drop those britches and get over the bar."

Nervously, Mary skinned down her tight denims and bent over the bar, causing her ample bottom to bulge obscenely. A pair of brawny "attendants" fastened her hands to a ring at the bottom of the bar and tightened a strap behind her knees. Marcy stepped up behind Mary and peeled down her panties to reveal a full, fleshy bottom. Taking her position to Mary's left, Marcy hefted the strap and brought it down with a loud CRACK! that caused a distinct ripple in the proffered hind cheeks and left a band of red. Mary howled.
Another CRACK! a few seconds later had the same effect. Marcy was an excellent whipper, taking her time to deliver each stroke that landed flat against the crowns of Mary's bottom.  The crowd was strangely silent as for the next few minutes the strap smacked the wobbling rear cheeks and Mary yeowled in pain. As the ninth stroke was delivered the crowd broke into cheers and applause. Mary was released and stood furiously rubbing her rear while to the delight of the crowd Marcy took a bow. Once Mary had regained her pants Marcy tucked the strap under her arm and taking Mary by the hand , led her from the stage.

The next participants were Matt, as a negligent stable boy and Amanda as a severe riding mistress. Amanda was dressed in jodphurs and black knee high boots. Matt was bent over a trestle, his pants removed and given 11 sizzling licks with a riding crop which had gone for $350 a piece. Once again the crowd turned silent for the SWISSH.....CRACK! of the crop and Matt's yells of distress.

Following Amanda and Matt were Tina and Sandra. Sandra was a puritan garbed town beadle and Tina was a maid sentenced to the birch for failing to attend church. A pillory was wheeled on stage to set the scene. Prior to the bidding Tina was stripped down to a short camisole and white bloomers that fit snugly, outlining her delicious figure. The birch also went for $350 a stroke, but the crowd was getting loosened up now and a wealthy looking matron drove the bidding to 12 strokes--$4200. Tina let out an anguished "nooo..." as the "sentence" was pronounced:
"For failure to properly attend the Lord's Day ye shall be locked in the pillory and given 12 strokes of the birch rod upon your naked bottom", intoned Vicky solemnly.
This time the crowd cheered as Tina was fastened into the pillory and her bloomers lowered to her knees. The birch was a freshly cut bundle of thin willow switches bound in twine. Sandra took up the birch and swishing it once or twice delivered a full swipe to Tina's quivering hiney. Tina let out a screech as the rod swished and thwacked against her nubile fanny. Each stroke was given in a slow and deliberate cadence. SWISSSH......THWACKKK! SWISSHHH.......THWACKK! Locked in the pillory, Tina could only wiggle her bottom lewdly in a vain attempt to alleviate the burning sting. For the audience it was an utterly captivating sight: an ancient pillory holding an attractive 22 year old redhead, her bloomers around her ankles, voluptuous nude bottom jutting out as a result of her bent-over posture, and a tall amazonian redhaired "beadle" swishing the birch against her defenseless rear. When the 12th stroke had been administered, Tina's buttocks were a hot shade of red.  The yoke of the pillory was lifted and a tearful Tina was allowed to rise. Tina was escorted off the stage by both Sandra and the attractive matron who had paid to have her whipped.

But still to come were John and Tracy.......


                                           The Health Club Pt 5B

The auction continued. From the room behind the stage John and Tracy could see the action on stage and the crowd's reaction. There was a palpable sexual tension in the air inspired by the various scenes of voluptuous chastisement that were being enacted for the benefit of the wealthy patrons who were shelling out thousands of dollars to see the attractive club members put to the lash and the paddle. In the crowd watching, furtive hands began to stray to the bodies of partners and dates gently patting, caressing and squeezing. Mingling with the patrons in evening wear, John noticed a number of young men and women in costume similair to what was being worn onstage in keeping with the theme of the evening. John also noted that he recognized some of them as club members.

The next scene featured Jim, a youngish looking man of 23,  as a schoolboy in trouble. Playing the part of his strict teacher was Jennifer, a statuesque blond in a tight short skirt and a white ruffled blouse. With her blonde hair pulled back in a bun and wearing black horn rim glasses for effect, she looked every inch the stern but beautiful schoolmistress of many a boy's fantasy. Jim's imagined offense was snapping rubber bands at girls in class and he was to be paddled for it. In truth, Jim was very much taken with Jennifer. The attention he was about to get from Jennifer, even for the purpose of such a shameful ritual, was worth it as far as Jim was concerned.

Vicky had Jen hold up the paddle for all to see.

"This is the terror of many a naughty schoolboy like our Jim here. It is 15" long in the business end, 3" wide and 3/8" thick. Notice the pattern of dime-sized holes to cut down on air resistance. Even a few licks on the bare behind with this implement will instill immediate contrition for misbehavior. So ladies and gentlemen, what am I bid at $400
per swat?"

Even at this price the bidding was heavy and eventually a youngish woman in a designer gown purchased Jim's punishment at the whopping sum of $6000--15 licks with the dreaded paddle.

"Allright then Jim, you bad boy," said Jen " Imagine. Snapping rubber bands at the girls in my class. I won't have it, do you understand?" Jim nodded, not sure of how to play this. "Very well, you will pull down your pants and briefs this instant!"

Jim gulped visibly. Now that the moment of truth was here he wasn't so sure. He nervously fumbled with his belt, and lowered his pants to his knees.

"The underpants too, Jim. You are to be taught a good lesson in proper behavior at this school," said Ms Jennifer, now clearly relishing her role.

Jim turned, back to the crowd, and dropped his white jockey shorts to his knees.

"Now bend over and grip behind your knees, young man, while I teach you a lesson with this paddle that your mother obviously neglected."

Jim assumed the position, displaying his rear end for the painful kiss of the paddle.
CRACK!......."OWWW...."  CRACK!...."OUCH!"     WHACK!....."OWWW...."
Jennifer swung the paddle with a full arm swing connecting each time squarely across the crowns of Jim's rear cheeks. With each solid smack! his fanny would flatten momentarily only to spring back an instant later leaving a sploch of red where the paddle had struck. The pain was incredible. Jim tried desperately to stay in position, but at the fourth swat bolted straight upright and clutched his aching buttocks.

"Get right back down, young man!" said Jennifer. Reluctantly Jim did so.
Each crack of the paddle produced a wail from Jim. His buttocks turned a fiery red. Despite his best efforts, tears began to well up in his eyes.

"Please stop, please stop, I can't take any more!" Jim pleaded.
Jen bent over and whispered, " Are you going to be a baby or take your licks bravely?"
"I can't, I can't! It hurts too much" Jim blubbered, now completely humiliated at having broken down in tears in front of the object of his affections.

"You have six more coming...take them like a man", said Jen.
The excited crowd urged her on, and Jennifer did not let up to spare Jim's beet red buttocks.

The last six swats were given full force, landing solidly across Jim's thoroughly reddened backside producing a loud crack! each time and pitiful crying from Jim.

When Jennifer finally gave him permission to rise Jim shot upright and vigorously rubbed his rear cheeks oblivious to the display his nudity presented. After a moment, he managed to pull his pants up over his enflamed rear and was escorted from the stage by Jennifer.

Wow, that was the worst one yet, thought both Tracy and John. And Tracy was up next!

Tracy and Carol emerged onstage. The only prop was a solid-looking straight-backed chair. Carol, a well-built sandy haired blonde was the epitome of a 50's mom in a long print dress. She was holding a small novelty store paddle bearing the inscription " for the cute little dear with the bare behind". Tracy was certainly a "cute little dear" in her blouse and tight pedal pushers that emphasized the curves of her rounded fanny.

"Tracy has been bratty", Vicky began, "and we all know that in the 50's a teenager was bratty at the risk of a painful lesson over mom's knee. This little paddle Carol is holding was commonly sold in souvenir shops all over in the 50's and 60's and can be found to this day. It doesn't look like much but I'll bet Carol will be able to give Tracy here a lesson that it doesn't pay to sass mom. Each smack is only $50, so open your pocketbooks and lets start the bidding!"

In no time at all the bidding reached 35 spanks, but then a surprise bid of $5000 from an attractive 40ish lady accompanied by an older dark-haired gentleman stopped everyone else cold.

"My dear Marion," said Vicky, "I believe the honors are yours. Come on down."
"Carol, the floor is yours."
A mic was placed on stage so that dialogue could be heard.

"Tracy, get over here right now! I will not tolerate your brattiness any more!"

", lighten up willya?" said Tracy determined to get into the act and put on a good show. Even at 100 smacks the little paddle did not look formidable.

"That's quite're going to get a good spanking with my paddle to teach you some respect for your elders", said Carol grasping Tracy by the wrist. She proceeded to sit and pulled Tracy to her front. Tracy protested loudly as Carol unsnapped her pedal pushers and lowered them to her knees revealing Tracy's cute bottom in white cotton panties.

"No, mom, no" wailed Tracy as Carol pulled her over her sturdy lap. "I'm too old for a spanking!"

Inserting her fingers into the waistband of Tracy's panties she peeled them down to Tracy's knees.    Tracy's bare bottom was now perched over Carol's right thigh, which she raised slightly, cocking it in optimum position for a sound spanking.

And sound it was. The little paddle cracked! and smacked! in a steady volley of unhurried spanks on Tracy's bare wriggling fanny. Crack! smack! smack! spank! went the little paddle. "ow...ouch!" went Tracy. Tracy now understood that the little paddle meant business as the relentless smacks began to build up the heat in her sit-spot. Smack! crack! smack! The count was reaching 50 and Tracy's nude sit-upons were a cherry red.

As Carol raised the paddle for the 50th lick, the winning bidder Marion said:
" Stop...stop!"
Carol halted in mid smack as Marion approached Vicky and whispered in her ear.
Vicky nodded and returned to the microphone.
"Our dear friend Marion says that she thinks Carol is doing an excellent job of disciplining Tracy....but she believes she can do better. She proposes to finish the job and will double her donation for the privilege of doing so."

This proposal met with wild cheers. Vicky nodded to Carol who stood Tracy on her feet, rose, and handed the paddle to Marion. Tracy took this opportunity to rub the sting out of her bottom.

Marion seated herself and wasted no time.

"Don't you dare rub young lady. Now you will see what a sound spanking really feels like!"

Grabbing Tracy's hand, Marion yanked her across her lap and raised the paddle. With an arm motion that had plenty of wrist snap in it, Marion began to rain down crisp hard smacks of the paddle on Tracy's bare bottom. Tracy's anguished yelps leapt to a new level in response to the whack! smack! crack! of the paddle. There was no doubt that the audience was witnessing a very sound spanking on the bare behind of the "cute little dear".

Offstage, watching this spectacle, the knot in John's stomach began to grow. Letting the bidders get into the act was an ominous development John thought. Tracy was emitting high pitched yelps with every brisk spank, while Marion scolded her imaginary charge.

"You naughty miss I'll show you what a spanking is You won't talk back to your mother after Aunty Marion is done with you! crack! smack! smack!
"Owwww......yeoww....ouch...!" wailed Tracy.

When the last smack had been administered to Tracy's wriggling fanny, Marion let Tracy up. She then stood and to the delight of the crowd, took a bow.
"Now that's how to spank a naughty girl!" she exclaimed to the laughter and hoots from the crowd, who were simultaneously observing Tracy's frantic" spanking dance" and attempt to rub her flaming fanny. Tracy gingerly pulled her pants back up and trying to be a good sport about it, gave a plucky wave as she departed the stage. The audience applauded loudly.

"Wow.." Tracy said to John backstage, "she really spanked me good. I think I'll be standing for a while. Uh oh! Looks like you're on".
At that moment Chrissy was beckoning to John with a crooked finger.

At the mic Vicky said:

"I would now like to introduce John, a very naughty lad."

John could not help but blush as he walked onto the stage amid cheers and catcalls. He felt very embarrassed to be wearing the juvenile sailor suit with white knee socks accentuating the  short pants that were way too snug.

"Would you get a load of those cute buns in that little sailor suit" said one very attractive 40ish tall and svelt platinum haired lady to her younger companion. "I like to get his tushie bare-bottomed over my knee".
"Then go for it", said her equally lovely friend. "I'd like to help"

Chrissy followed John onto the stage, tapping a large oval-shaped wooden hairbrush against her palm.

"And here is the lovely Chrissy, his governess. John has been very remiss in his studies and there is about to be a reckoning at the hands of Chrissy and her sturdy hairbrush. As you know the hairbrush is a ladies' instrument of correction and no self respecting Victorian governess would be without one.  John is about to find out that, wielded by a determined feminine hand , it can really light a fire in a naughty seat. Ladies, this is your chance to see a cute but very naughty boy get a good sound bare-bottomed spanking. I know you have husbands that you can easily imagine in John's position so use your imagination and let's start the bidding. $75 per spank,
ladies. Come on , I know you want to see John get his cute buns tanned, but good. Turn around, John, and let the girls inspect the merchandise.

As John attempted to smile Chrissy spun him around so the crowd could see him from the rear. There were whistles and hoots as the women admired John's tush, packed into the juvenile too tight short pants. The bidding was competitive. It was one society matron versus another for the privilege of a front row seat at John' s bottom warming.

At 80 smacks, $6000, the  platinum haired woman  and her younger companion placed the final bid.

"Congratulations to Yvonne, everyone. Yvonne, come on down to see this lad get his just desserts. And, Chrissy,.....give---him---a---good---one!"

"That I will, ma'am", laughed Chrissy.

"Now, John, you know you have neglected your studies and you've been very disobedient. I think you know what happens to bad boys who don't obey. They get good spankings on their bare bottoms!"

With that Chrissy sat in the chair and pulled John between her knees.

"We'll just have these little pants right down!" said Chrissy undoing snaps and tugging the pants down to John's knees, baring his bottom. Chrissy upended John across her lap. To John's horror he felt his penis getting hard as a result of the contact with Chrissy's thighs even through the billowy skirt.

Smack! whack! smack! whack! Chrissy brought the brush down forcefully .Left cheek,right cheek, smack! smack! "This should teach you to mind me, young man!"
said Chrissy briskly smacking John's upturned fanny. "I'll have no more disobedience and more diligence in your studies." smack! crack! spank!

"Yeoww....owww.....owwww...." John could not believe the atrocious sting imparted by the hairbrush. As Chrissy continued to spank he kicked his legs which were fettered only at the knees. It looked to all to be the actions of a ten year old, kicking and squirming over the lap of his gorgeous young governess, who was determined to teach him a stern lesson in deportment. The hairbrush continued to rise and fall, connecting with resounding smacks against John's burning buttocks. After 40 searing spanks, Chrissy halted at a signal from Vicky.

Yvonne strode to the podium.

"I will go one better than Marion", said the stately platinum blonde. "Laura and I will donate $15000 to finish John's spanking ourselves....." she paused for effect" private!"

"Well I think that's fair," said Vicky. "We all got to see Chrissy give John a good tanning, so lets leave him now to the tender mercies of Yvonne and Laura. What do you say?

The audience applauded with assent.

"Vicky dear, do you have a bedroom we can use?" asked Yvonne.

"Use any room you wish Yvonne. My house is at your disposal"

As this exchange was going on Chrissy set John on his feet and whispered, " Be a good sport like Tracy was, John. By the way, you were so cute, kicking and wiggling like that when I spanked you, and I know you were excited too", she said giving his turgid cock a discreet squeeze. Snapping his pants she said, "Go on now, just play along," as she lightly smacked him on the rear causing him to wince.

Yvonne turned to John.

"Come with me young man. Lets see if we can't instill some manners in you by way of your bare behind and this hairbrush!"

Taking the hairbrush she pinched John by the earlobe and tugged him along after her much to the delight of the cheers and applause of the guests.

"That's right you bad boy" said Laura walking along John's left side and urging him along with swats to his  rear tightly encased  in the juvenile costume. "Just wait 'til we get you alone. This hiney is mine!"

Laughter and catcalls followed the trio out of the hall and upstairs to a silent corridor. Laura found an empty bedroom and Yvonne tugged John inside. Finding a stool by the vanity, Laura pulled it to the center of the room . Yvonne released John's earlobe and
sat down.

"Now, young man we are going to finish your spanking. But first Laura," she said addressing the younger woman, "I think we should get more comfortable."

"I definitely agree", said Laura, smiling.

To John's utter amazement, both women unzipped their dresses and took them off, revealing their splendid figures in nothing but bras, panties and stockings held up by garter belts. John's prick began to harden again as he feasted his eyes on the vision of loveliness presented by these two women.

"Now, my naughty lad, we are, as it were, unemcumbered. All the better to give those cute buns of yours the smacking they deserve. Come over here. Pull down those pants and get across my knee!"

"Oh, what have we here?" said Yvonne as John's thickening cock was exposed as he took his pants down. "I have a place for this. Get yourself right over my lap this instant!"

John meekly complied and felt his now rigid penis clamped being clamped between Yvonne's smooth thighs. The sensation was exquisite.

"Give me your hands" commanded Yvonne and pinned his hands in a steely grip in the small of his back.

"My, my, a cheeky little lad with his bare little fanny turned up for a good spanking from Aunty Yvonne. What do you think Laura?" she said.

"I think you should spank him .......hard", Laura replied, giggling.

And for the next 5 minutes the only sounds in the room were the pistol-crack sounds of the hard wooden hairbrush on bare bottom and John's cries of pain. Yvonne administered each solid smack with a pause in between so that John could feel the full effect of one before the next was delivered. Laura quietly intoned each sizzling spank.
Crack!"owww.." "47" Crack! "ouch...ohh", "48" smack! "Ow!" "49"
For John , the sting in his buttocks was competing with the pleasurable sensations from his penis trapped between Yvonne's thighs. As Yvonne stepped up the tempo of the spanking, John actually found himself lifting his hips to meet the hairbrush in order to increase the delicious friction on his hard shaft.In response Yvonne spanked harder and faster. Finally, John could stand it no more. Poised on an agonizing precipice between pleasure and pain he came in great milky gobs, all over Yvonne's lap.
As John came and came the final smacks were delivered. Crack! "79" Smack! "and..80".

Yvonne did not seem disturbed at this development. She allowed John to rise and motioned for Laura to bring her a towel.

"Well, young man I see this experience was not totally unpleasant. Remove the rest of your clothes. We may have use for you later."

To Laura she said, "now for you my dear...we have some unfinished business. Do you recall what I told you last night?"

" s-said I had a spanking coming for forgetting to pack your necklace", said Laura demurely.

"Indeed I did. Place yourself across my!!"

John's eyes nearly bugged out of his head at the sight of Laura submissively laying herself over Yvonne's knees. Arcing her well formed derriere, she allowed Yvonne to lower her panties to her knees. At that point it finally hit him---who were these people? John had seen some strange things since joining the health club, but, wow, now this!

And it got wilder. First Yvonne gave Laura a blistering spanking with the back of the brush, causing Laura to buck and wiggle and plead for mercy. Yvonne relented only when Laura's fanny had been smacked to a fiery red. Yvonne stood Laura on her feet and the two kissed passionately. Stripping out of their bras and panties the two women took John with them into the large 4 poster bed in the center of the room. For the next hour the three licked, sucked and fucked in an almost trancelike state of delirious pleasure. Yvonne and Laura knelt side by side while John took turns taking each of them from behind. John tongued Yvonne's clit while Laura took John into her mouth. Yvonne rode John while John buried his tongue in Laura's pussy as she sat on his face.

The two women finally collapsed in each other's arms on the bed, and John quietly retrieved his clothes. I've got to find Tracy, he thought, and we should get out of here.

NEXT........the conclusion and aftermath.

                  The Health Club Pt 6

While John was upstairs with Yvonne and Laura, the auction continued........

The most exciting tableau of the evening was to be presented. It featured Jane and Robin. Jane was to play the role of a 15th century heretic, who had repented, but whom the judges of the inquisition had ruled was to be whipped naked at the whipping post. Jane was a lovely slender brunette with long athletic legs and a perfect pear-shaped bottom. Her long brown hair hung straight, almost to her waist. The whip to be used was a modified cat-o-nine-tails, really, a martinet. This particular whip had 5 20" leather thongs that could impart a blazing sting and raise welts, but which would not break the skin. It might seem that Jane had, therefore, drawn the short straw, but in truth she had volunteered. For Jane was a devotee of the lash, and having experienced some mild SM play in the past was desirious of ascending to a new level,one that would test her limits. What she wished was to be publicly stripped naked, tied to the whipping post and whipped severely, just as an authentic judicial whipping of old might have been administered.

Two other factors influenced Jane's desire. The first was that she wanted to be whipped by a woman and was enamored of Robin, a tall dark-haired beauty with long legs, a well muscled upper body, and a superb figure. Jane had virtually worshipped her as a goddess from afar for months. The second was the post itself, which was cleverly designed to permit a woman to sexually stimulate herself while under the lash. The post had an adjustable pad that pressed against the pelvic region, causing the penitants' buttocks to arch up, presenting them for the whip. What was less obvious was a small knob on the pad shaped to rub agaist the clitoris as the victim writhed against the post.

"For our final event we present Jane, a repentant heretic of 15th century France."

Jane, clad in a long tunic, was lead in manacles onto the stage by Robin, dressed appropriately in a leather tunic and tights. The martinet was sheathed by its handle in her broad leather waist belt. She only needed a hood to look like an executioner of old.

"Though she has repented, the church has decreed that she be punished for uttering a heresy. A headstrong girl, much like the renowned Joan of Arc of this same period, it took some persuasion to convince her of her error. But unlike Joan, the only fire she will feel is on her backside."
The martinet that Robin is holding is a serious implement. Therefore, the bidding will be for $500 a lash. The lashes will be given 80% on her bottom and upper thighs and 20% to her back."

Despite the price the bidding was heavy. Jane gulped and shuddered as the bids grew from $5000 to $8000. She questioned the wisdom of asking for this experience now that the moment of truth was at hand. Unbelieveably a bidding war between a wealthy grey-haired matron and a tuxedoed distinguished looking man yieded a final bid of $20000.
Jane paled. She was to endure a whipping of 40 lashes. Her eyes nervously sought Robin's, looking for some sign of mercy in the coming ordeal. But Robin merely shook her head slowly as if to say " I must whip you hard. No quarter may be given".

As the crowd applauded wildly, Vicky announced,

" Mr Forbes has won the honor, and I must say all these fine and needy organizations thank you for your generous donation". To the attendants she said, "Please prepare the prisoner for punishment."

A Murmer of appreciation could be heared as the male attendants stripped the flowing tunic from Jane's body, revealing her nakedness. Turning her around, exposing her lovely rear to the audience, the attendants fastened the manacles to a hook, high on the post. The pad was adjusted to pelvic height, and a leather strap buckled across the small of her back forcing her to arch her buttocks for the whip. Her feet were locked into manacles at the base of the post.

Nodding to Robin, Vicky said,
"You may begin. 40 lashes well laid on".

Robin had practiced with the lash and was confident of her ability to lay each stroke directly on the area to be punished. Drawing back her arm she brought the whip down directly across the crowns of Jane's bottom.

Swiiickk! "One", intoned Vicky, and added, "Everyone
please count"

Swish..thwack! "Two" Swishhh...crack! "Three" Swiccckk! "Four"

Jane could not believe the pain and fought for control as the whip began to paint stripes of red across her quivering buttocks. Each time the whip landed, it bounced off of her buttocks causing a visible shockwave to appear in the smarting flesh. Where the whip landed it left a pattern of fine red weals.

A new pain sensation hit Jane as Robin switched to her upper back for three straight lashes.

Swiiccckk! "Sixteen"  "Owwww...", screamed Jane pitiously.

On the bottom...swishhh...crack! "Seventeen" "Ahhhh...nooo"
On the bottom again...swiiiiccckk! "Eighteen"
On the thighs.....swish....thwack!"Yeowww....please" "Nineteen" shouted the the crowd transfixed by the lurid spectacle of Jane's wiggling fanny being whipped to a tomato red hue. On the back..swick! "Twenty". Bottom..swack! "oww!" "Twenty-one".

As the lashes fell, Jane began to wiggle her body against the post. By the 25th lash the friction of the little padded knob was causing her to experience sexual arousal spurred on by the heat from the whip. She writhed in a frenzied stew of pain and ecstasy against the whipping post.

All the while Robin calmly and deliberately administered the lashing with a pause in between each stroke to allow Jane to fully feel the effect of each one before the next cracked down across her gyrating bottom.

By the 35th lash Jane was screaming with each stroke and pleasuring herself against the post at the same time. At lash 38 she orgasmed, her body shuddering as she  embraced the post as if it were a lover. Robin was aware that Jane was cumming and delivered the last two strokes with the full force of her arm. Jane screamed uncontrollably at the searing pain from each lash which landed full square across both cheeks of her wriggling fanny.

As the whipping ended the crowd grew silent, then burst into wild applause and cheering as Jane was released from the post. With tears coursing down her face she was once more turned about to show her backside while Robin gestured toward the tearful penitant and even took a little bow. Jane had been soundly and thoroughly whipped, and no one could say that the spectacle had not been authentic.

As the crowd quieted, Vicky said,

"That concludes the evening's tableaux. Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you enjoyed it. Remember the night is yet young and you are free to use the house and the grounds as you will."

John wandered through the cavernous house searching for Tracy. Guests had dispersed to various rooms and John was surprised to encounter numerous combinations of both those who were obviously guests and some of the "costumed" young men and women engaging in various activities including some of those that had been exhibited earlier. In one room would be a middle-aged man sprawled across the lap of a comely "town beadle" receiving a brisk spanking with a wooden paddle. In another a wealthy society matron had been stripped of her gown and was being birched while bending over the back of a chair. In yet another John saw a "schoolgirl" held across the knee of an elderly gentleman while he applied his palm vigorously to her bare wiggling fanny. Even outside in the garden there was more. John chanced upon a pair of 30ish women,totally naked, their hands tied to an overhanging tree limb. They were facing each other and they were tied face to face with a belt encircling both waists. Their bottoms were being lashed with switches cut from a nearby sapling by two 30ish men who could have been their husbands.

Or maybe not, thought John. Who the hell are these people?
They throw money around like water for this lurid spectacle and end up engaging in total and public debauchery. Oh well, he thought, as someone once said, the rich are not like the rest of us.

Returning to the house John finally stumbled into Tracy as she emerged from a bedroom.

"Thank God. I finally found you", said John, "Lets get out of here. I'm done in"

"So am I," agreed Tracy.

And they left.... to nurse some very sore bottoms and to engage in some intense lovemaking,both having been so aroused by the events of the evening.......


          THE HILL VALLEY SENTINEL, July 30, 1999


   The county DA's office announced today the delivery of indictments against Tannen Industries heiress and owner Victoria Tannen for prostitution stemming from a wild party two weeks ago. While Tannen's attorneys have maintained that the event was a "charity auction" and did not involve the exchange of sex for money , unnamed informants have alleged otherwise. Tannen is free on $5000 bail.


         THE HILL VALLEY SENTINEL, October 2, 1999


  The county announced that it was dropping all charges against Victoria Tannen in the wake of a preliminary hearing at which no evidence could be produced showing that any act of prostitution had taken place at a summer charity auction hosted by Ms. Tannen. Assistant DA Larry Withers explained: "Although there was evidence that the auction was a little wild and that volunteers had actually been flogged as 'entertainment', there was nothing to indicate that anyone paid for actual sex. For people to pay to see someone whipped is odd, but we've checked and its not illegal."

For immediate release....Tannen Industries Inc.,
Oct. 29, 1999

    Tannen Industries today announced the settlement of a civil action brought by a group of individuals against the company for battery and fraud in the wake of a charity auction held by President and CEO Victoria Tannen last July.
Details of the settlement remain confidential.


   Nine young women filed into the room. Nine attractive aerobics instructors and weight trainers. All nine wore short Grecian tunics in various pastel colors made of a silky material that draped across their lucious figures and tied at the waist with a white rope. The room in question was a large drawing room in Victoria Tannen's mansion. Near a far wall was a pillory/bench apparatus whose function was easily guessed. It was in fact the pillory used at the auction. If you were to be punished in this device you bent over the padded cylinder at one end and inserted your hands and neck into the semicircular cutouts of the yoke at the other end. The yoke would be lowered and locked and a strap would be buckled across your back. Another strap went behind your knees securing them to the legs of the bench. You were thus bent at a right angle, your knees lightly flexed and your buttocks prominently displayed and perfectly positioned for a very ignominious and humiliating chastisement--from which you could not escape. A broad leather strap set in a wooden handle and a wooden "school" paddle hung from a hook on the pillory, and a collection of switches each about 30" long and as big around as a little finger, protruded from a bucket next to the pillory.

The women filed in and sat in a row of chairs facing the pillory. Lining either side of the room were two other rows of chairs. These were occupied by well dressed men and women in suits. Briefcases were lined up next to these chairs. Between the nine seated women and the pillory stood John and Tracy. John was dressed in workout gear as was Tracy, her delectable figure clad in spandex shorts and a halter top.They represented the others such as Tina, Matt, and Mary who had joined in the action, and who were seated with their attorneys.

This was the deal they had made to settle the case. It was all Tracy's idea. The instructors who had been the whippers at the auction, and Ms Victoria Tannen herself, would submit to a flogging at the hands of John and Tracy as representative of all the plaintiffs. In return, all plaintiffs would drop all claims for damages and neither party would discuss the terms of the agreement. John thought the idea ludicrous but interesting. He was shocked when Vicky and her staff went for it. She even threw in a lifetime membership for free. Since none of the others wanted money, only justice, they agreed.< In truth the case was weak since all had consented to the auction with full knowlege of the consequences>.

The lead attorney for the plaintiffs stood and addressed his counterparts on the other side of the drawing room.

"I see we are ready to begin. As we agreed each of the defendants will remove her tunic and allow herself to be locked in the pillory completely naked. She will then receive 20 strokes, 10 with the leather strap from Mr. Martin to be followed by 10 licks with a willow switch from Ms. Clark. In addition Ms Tannen will receive one swat with the school paddle from each plaintiff present.

Addressing the seated women he said, "When I call your name, you will remove your tunic and bend over the pad and place your head and hands in the pillory. I will go in the order in which you were named in the complaint. First will be Chrissy Hall."

Chrissy stood and doffed her tunic revealing her gorgeous 5' 10" figure. She bent over to place herself in the pillory. The restraints caused her satiny round bottom to display itself prominently as if begging for the application of strap and switch.

For the next two hours the drawing room resounded with the CRACK! of the wicked strap and the THWICK! of the willow switch as nine bare fannies danced to the painful tune of strap and switch. The resulting cries of anguish and pleas for mercy were ignored. John  delivered his strapping with hard meaty smacks to the writhing nude bottoms locked in the pillory. At each crack! the strap caused a naked hiney to jiggle momentarily before leaving a broad band of red in its wake. Tracy would follow with the whippy switch, swishing it down with a full arm stroke and a snap of the wrist at impact to make stinging  contact across both nude cheeks. The girls shrieked and howled as John and Tracy delivered the whippings. No one could remain stoic though some tried.
Even Vicky bawled and begged under the stinging chastisement. She blubbered incoherently as each club member present approached the pillory, took up the hard schoolroom paddle and administered a hard swat to her already scorched and wealed rear end.

Along the side wall faces became flushed and clothing was readjusted as the whippings continued. Here and there a normally staid trial lawyer crossed his legs to hide an embarassing condition. Comely legal assistants felt moisture creeping into flimsy panties. And very "in control" lady attorneys felt nipples harden at the thought of themselves locked in the pillory in place of their clients.

When it was done Vicky and her staff filed out to console each other as best they could. As it turned out, not only cold cream but fingers and tongues were used into the night among the beautiful amazons to alleviate the sting in cherry red bottoms.

The lawyers chatted for a few nervous moments then left, making excuses about the need to get back to work. In truth many never made it back to the office that day. Colleagues and partners would wonder why some who had attended the settlement "closing" the previous day appeared to either sit very gingerly or prefer to stand at meetings and conferences the next day.

Later that week........over dinner

"Tracy, there's something important I want to say", began John. "Now that the suit is over I feel the time is right."

"Right for what John?"

Taking her hand in his John said:
"Tracy, will you marry me?"

"Oh my God, John! Yes! Yes of course I will marry you!" she cried happily.

"Oh but I have to tell you...I have a confession to make...I really hope it won't change anything."

"What? What? What do you have to tell me?"

" are some things", Tracy said nervously.

"Like what?" demanded John.

"Well about the health club. I haven't told you everything and I haven't been entirely honest. you remember when we were both late that first time and Sandra paddled us?"

"Yesss..." said John slowly.

"Well I made us late on purpose. Remember I told you to take the freeway? I knew it was all backed up. You were in the bathroom. I heard it on the news."

"Why on earth???....why would you do that?...she blistered our butts!"

"I was the one who got Sandra to do us both at the same time. I wanted to see how you reacted to spankings."

"You wanted to see what??"

" see, I've had this kink for a long time, spankings I mean, and well there are so many vanilla men out there, I wanted to make sure that any guy I got interested in would like the same thing and so..."

"Let me get this straight", said John now folding his arms,"you set us both up so that you would see if I got turned on by spanking?"

"Well....yeah, you see I knew Vicky from before. I mean it was her idea about paddling Sandra and making her suck you, and then she said I should pretend I was mad and spank you myself."

"I'm fascinated, please continue."

"I knew them all--Vicky, Chrissy, Sandra, Robin...the whole bunch. We are all sorority sisters. Vicky hired a lot of her sorority sisters who graduated after her. She was kind of a big sister alum...she is older than all of us but she was always around, coming to initiations and everything. Anyway when Biff died and left her everything, she started the health club and made a lot of her ex-sisters instructors."

"Let me guess, this sorority used paddling to discipline pledges, yes?"

"We used the paddle to discipline everyone, and alot of us discovered that we liked it. It used to get us pretty turned on. Chrissy is 27, I'm 23--she was my big sister. I'm so petite, she didn't paddle me much but she sure did put me over her knee and spank me a lot."

"And the auction, was that a setup too?"

"Oh please John, don't be mad. Vicky has these rich friends--from all over the world. She and Biff travelled in some strange circles. These people are rich and into BDSM in a big way. Vicky has these big parties and she gets people from the club to help, anyway people who are into it. And the charity part of it was true. They really did give the money away. Vicky supports a lot of good causes and those people don't care. To them 15 or 20 thousand is chicken feed and they can write it off. Anyway, you're not really too mad are you.....?"

John just stood up from the table and looked at Tracy. Then he began to slowly roll up his sleeve.

"Uh..John what are you going to do? John, no John, no", sqealed Tracy as John grabbed her by the wrist, pulled out a chair, sat down and flung Tracy across his lap.

"You little witch", said John, "You got me spanked, paddled....and I even took a switching from you, and it was all to see if I liked it?? You could've just asked! I think I'm going to teach my- soon- to- be wife a little lesson in up front honesty. You like spankings? I'll show you spankings!"

And with that John pulled up her short skirt, yanked down her panties and began to apply the palm of his hand to her bare wriggling fanny. Crack! Smack! Spank! Crack! A steady rhythm of hard spanks landing on Tracy's bare bottom made sounds like pistol shots that ricocheted off the walls. John spanked with all the force he could muster. Her cute bottom jiggled delightfully as each full armed smack landed. Tracy could only kick her legs helplessly and was soon squalling like a six-year-old.

"This isn't all Tracy, On Saturday afternoon you will put on your short nightgown, take a knife and go out in that back yard and cut a switch. You will bring it to me and ask me very nicely to use it on your little hiney. You will bend over the back of this very chair, lift your nighty, pull down your panties and hold on to the edge of this seat while I whip your bare fanny until I think youv'e learned a good lesson. Do you understand?"

"Ohhh....owww...ow...yes John...." wailed Tracy.

When Tracy's bottom had been spanked to a bright shade of red, John finally relented. Tracy was bawling and hiccupping, but secretly thrilled. He had called her his "wife to be", and he had given her a sound and masterful spanking that had caused a definite moistness in her lower parts. When John released her, she immediately knelt between his legs and finding his zipper, liberated his throbbing organ. She took the hard shaft into her mouth and swirled her tongue around the head, sending John into a new zone of ecstasy. John exploded in her mouth, but she continued to suck draining every drop of jism he had.

"That was only round one" said Tracy, "lets go to bed."

Later, tired and satiated, John said:
"There's one thing I don't understand--you convinced us all to sue Vicky. I thought you told me you were all friends. so why?"

"It was all arranged", said Tracy. "You see Vicky likes both sides of the fence. She wanted to experience a real judicial punishment with witnesses and everything, but who were not part of her scene. And about once a year she puts her staff through some sort of training session, just in case they forget what its like being on the other end of the paddle. Most of them got off on it anyway. We had mapped the whole thing out before the suit was filed."

"My God", mused John, "that must have been some sorority"

"Oh, I could tell you stories......."




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