Life With Stacey---Ch 1  Will's 13th Summer, part 1

Will was standing in the corner trying to control the tears that threatened to start spilling out. He was gasping and rubbing his hind cheeks in flagrant disregard of Stacey's rule. He had just endured 2 phases of this 3 phase punishment-- first, a "half and half" as Stacey called it, which was a spanking from Stacey's capable palm--half on jockey briefs, half on the bare. This had been bad enough, a hot stinging smacking with the flat of Stacey's hand, applied in rapid fire flurries while she scolded him whenever she paused. This had been followed by 20 swats of the official household "spankin'paddle", a thin oval wooden paddle that, although small, stung like blazes. Stacey had held Will face down across her knee to administer the correction, a juvenile posture that always made him feel like he was 13 again. It was doubly shameful that she had been dressed for work while he had been totally naked. At the same time, he knew that she loved him and cared for him enough to correct him this way when necessary. Stacey had always said that Will was a good man, but sometimes, a very bad boy.

She was now downstairs on the phone which had rung in the middle of his punishment session, so he had a brief reprieve while she took the call. From the sounds of it, it was something to do with work, a client of hers, probably. He was grateful for the interruption, but he still had some demerits to pay for. The cut down leather belt that he had fashioned for her to use as a punishment strap awaited him, a black coiled length of pure hell. And as a finisher he was getting 20 searing licks with it while he bent over the bed. The pillows over which he was to prostrate himself were already in place.

How had he come to this? His wife, 8 years his senior, was in complete control of their marriage. She worked while he took care of the house while studying for his masters degree. She had naturally taken the dominant role in their relationship from the very beginning. Standing in the corner, he had time to reflect on how it all came to be....

It started way back....He had been 13. Stacey had been a neighbor. And Will had been smitten from the start. He had watched her through his window, sunning herself in the little bikini. He had had a direct line of sight to her back yard. She was a tall, tanned goddess, about 5' 9" with golden blonde hair, long legs and a trim athletic body. Will knew she was a tennis player and on the swim team--her house had a pool. Will's shameful secret was that alone, at night under the covers, he masturbated frequently to the vision of Stacey in the little bikini that displayed her proud breasts and curvy hips. So Will considered it his good fortune when his parents announced that they would be taking a 3 month trip to Europe and leaving Stacey, 21, in charge of him and Betsy, his 15 year-old sister.

They got along fabulously at first. Stacey was cool and let them stay up late, watch R-rated videos, and eat lots of pizza. Will tried to act more mature than his 13 years, but was, more realistically, a stammering schoolboy, her presence and beauty overwhelmed him so.

But Will was a mischievous kid and a typical 13 year old. He teased his sister, left his socks on the floor, and never put away the food or dirty dishes. While Betsy was used to this behavior, it annoyed Stacey to the point where she felt like being a little sharp with Will. After a pointed reminder he would comply with whatever rule he had neglected, but Stacey was getting a little tired of it. And Betsy could be moody and snappy, as well as "forget" to say where she was going.

What started it all was a prank. Will, Drew, and Bobby, three neighborhood pals, along with Betsy, had decided to prank old Mrs Magruder. The old witch, she was a constant pain in the ass, always bitching about this or that to the neighborhood kids. Only the prank got out of hand and turned to pure vandalism with spray paint on the side of her garage. Worse she had seen them, or at least she had seen the three boys. Betsy had procured the spray paint, but had not been a participant in the actual deed. In fact she hadn't gone to Magruder's house at all. Stacey first got a call from Mrs Magruder, and then got a call from the other parents. The upshot of it was that she would attend a meeting with the other parents and Mrs Magruder.

Will saw Stacey's anger flare for the first time when he admitted his guilt in the matter.

"Will, I can't believe you did this! How could you? You have been so well behaved up to now...but this...". She shook her head in disgust. "I'm going to go to this meeting because your parents aren't here, but believe me, Will, you are in big trouble. You had just better stay in your room until I get back."

Will hesitated. He felt all the guilt of naughty boy caught in the act at that moment. She folded her arms waiting for him to move, then pointed to the stairs. "Go. Now. I mean it." Wow, she could be as strict as my parents, he thought. The flashing eyes and the stern demeanor told Will he'd better obey.

Stacey sat down with Drew's mother and Bobby's mom and dad at Mrs Magruder's. The old woman was justifiably furious. She wanted the police. She wanted the boys prosecuted. All agreed the boys should be punished, but they tried to talk the woman out of getting the police involved. They would pay for the damage and they assured her that the boys would be dutifully punished.

"And just how do you propose to punish them?" she demanded. Bobby's parents stammered something about grounding for the summer, but Drew's mother said cooly, "I know what Drew needs and I assure you, Mrs Magruder, he will get it--a good whipping. He will be whipped until his little backside is welted, good and proper."

When Mrs Magruder smiled and nodded, Bobby's parents, seeing a solution, chimed in, "We agree with Marjorie. I can assure you that Bobby will not sit comfortably for a month when we are done. And we will make him repaint your garage."

This seemed to please Mrs Magruder even more. "A right good butt whippin' is what they need," she said nodding. And then she turned to Stacey. "What about Will Jensen? You are only babysitting. His parents won't be back for some time I hear. I can't wait weeks  to call the police. If I'm willing to let you folks punish these boys instead of calling the police, it has to be done right away. I want them all punished now!" She added emphatically. She had a point. She really could not wait to report this. It was either report it now or forget it.

Stacey thought Will was a good kid, maybe fallen into bad company. If possible she wanted to get this incident dealt with before they returned. Well, she was in charge and had full authority to discipline. That is what they had told her when they left. In fact they had shown her the little "spankin' paddle" that hung behind the closet door and had joked (? she thought) in front of both kids, that if they gave her any trouble, "Here is the remedy. Remember this, kids?" Both Betsy and Will had blushed and protested as dad opened the closet door and their mom had reminded them that it "hadn't been that long ago" when the paddle "had seen action". The "spankin' paddle" was an oblong paddle with smooth rounded corners about a foot long and three inches wide. The surface was highly varnished. It was some kind of plywood and all the edges were rounded. Will and Betsy's dad had made it for their mother when the kids were smaller. But as time went on, it never seemed to have been retired. It had been mom's corrective tool and many times in their young lives the kids had felt its sting as they were held squalling over mom's knee for lessons in behavior.

Will had been so embarassed. He was a cute boy and had tried to act so grown up, so to have it pointed out to her that he had at one time been subject to spankings, well, that was quite a comedown.

Stacey had just laughed and said that she doubted that would be necessary. But when the kids had left Mrs Jensen pulled her aside and said, "I mean it. In this family we spank, and if you need to do that to keep order, you have our permission. Betsy and Will act like they are too old for that treatment, but we still, on occasion, spank them for misbehavior." But now what? It was an option, and was certainly warranted. She had no doubt that the Jensens would have agreed with Drew's mother and would have promised to punish Will in the same way.

Drew and Bobby's parents acknowleged that their boys would be punished that very day, and all eyes turned to Stacey. She took a deep breath and held herself erect in the chair. "I can punish Will myself," she declared in an authoritative tone. "The Jensens gave me the authority to punish the kids if necessary. I was subject to parental discipline myself and my sorority at college employs the paddle--which I have been on both ends of," she added. "So I know what a spanking is, and I can assure you that I will dispense justice that is severe enough to make sure Will is taught a stern lesson."

"I suppose that will be alright," said the old woman, now addressing all the parents and Stacey, "but I want a biblical punishment given to those boys--and that means--real stripes." She thought for a moment. "And to be satisfy me...I want a picture. I want to know that each guilty backside is red and blistered. And I want a face shot that better show some tears. And I'll keep these pictures in case these young hooligans ever do anything like this again. I'll bet they wouldn't like 'em shown to their friends," she cackled.

Marjorie Simpkins spoke up. "I can assure you, Mrs Magruder, that Drew will be severely dealt with--but if it requires proof by way of a photograph, I will see that you get one. I have a Polaroid camera. I will gladly lend it to you, Jim and Barb, and you too Stacey, if you need it."

Jim and Barb demurred. They had one. Stacey had no idea what the Jensens had so she said, "Call me and I'll send Betsy over to get you finish."

So the die was cast. Stacey was going to have to blister Will's butt to save his hide from a criminal charge. And she was going to do it right. Serves the boy right, she thought on the way home, he's really too big for his britches. Well, the britches were coming down. As she walked up the steps she ran into Betsy, and asked her to come inside for a moment.

Betsy's blood ran cold. Had she been implicated after all? She decided to brazen it out. "Will's in trouble, isn't he?"

"Yes, he most certainly is. I just came back from a meeting at Mrs Magruder's with the other parents. Mrs Magruder saw Will and Drew and Bobby running away from her garage, then discovered that they had vandalized it--with spray paint." Betsy's stomach did a flip flop. She had bought the spray paint.

Stacey looked as though lost in thought for a moment, then said, "Betsy, do your parents really spank?"

Betsy blushed. "Yes, they have...I hate to admit it, but both of us have gotten it good on occasion."

"Well, when they spank you, how do they do it?"

" Gee...this is embarrassing. Don't tell anybody, ok?" Stacey nodded. "Ah...the last one I got, mom gave it to me. I was out too late and lied that I was over at Laura's. When I came back home, both mom and dad were waiting up and they really chewed me out. I thought that was it, then mom told me to come upstairs with her to her bedroom. I thought, uh oh, I'm gonna get it. I wasn't wrong. Mom got the spankin' paddle out, sat down on her vanity and told me to get right across her lap. She lifted my skirt and spanked me good and hard right on the seat of my panties. That thing really hurts on nothing but panties. It stung like blazes and I was bawling like a baby."

"How about Will? When did he get it last?"

Betsy thought a moment. "It was last semester, and I remember he did something at school, some prank on a girl. Anyway, mom and dad had to go get him and bring him home. He got suspended. They were hopping mad! They took him upstairs and both of them punished him, mom first with the paddle and then dad, using his belt. I could hear the licks and his howling from downstairs. And it was on the bare too. He told me later. That's the worst, when we get it from them both--that paddle stings like fire and the belt stripes your butt for a week!"

"Have you ever got it like that?"

"Yeah, once when I was 14 and went swimming down near the mill. Ouch...I can still feel it I think," she said with a wry grin. "So why do you..." The light dawned. "Wait-- is Will going to get a whipping?"

"'Fraid so," countered Stacey. Betsy just shook her head, but she was even more startled to learn that Stacey would be the one to administer it. "You mean you're going to do it? Wow! Boy will he be embarrassed. He kind of has a crush on you."

Betsy nervously agreed that a licking was in order. Stacey sent her over to Drew's house to borrow the camera. Stacey went inside and called Will downstairs. He had been waiting in his room, his stomach in knots. He went downstairs to find Stacey sitting at the breakfast room table.

"Will," she began, "I have good news and bad news. The good news is that Mrs Magruder will not press charges." Will's face brightened. Another bullet dodged. "The bad news is that you will have to be punished, rather severely, I'm afraid. And I'm to be the one to carry it out since your parents aren't here." Carry it out? That didn't sound so good.

"I'm afraid I'm going to have to give you a whipping, Will, a good one. It has to be severe enough to satisfy Mrs Magruder that you've been properly punished. We'll even have to take photos to prove it."

Will heard the words but sat there in stunned disbelief. Did she say a whipping? Stacey, the goddess, the object of his adolescent fantasies was going to give him a...a...licking like he was a little kid or something? He blushed beet red and he stammered in protest.

"No, no I won't let you. You can't do this. It's too...too...look I'm not some little kid. We don't get punished like that, not anymore," he pleaded.

"Betsy told me differently," said Stacey cooly.

That rat! thought Will. I should tell on her. "Look, can't you just tell Mrs Magruder you did it, and I'll back you up. I'll say it hurt like hell and everything."

Stacey frowned. "I'm surprised at you Will. That would be dishonest. I will not be a party to deception. Besides, the alternative is worse, and another thing--this will only work if you all go through with it. So you must accept your punishment for the sake of your friends. And they are being punished as we speak." She was silent waiting for Will to speak. He just sat there with a look of total disbelief. "You're not a coward are you? I always thought you were a brave boy. Can't you take the punishment you have coming like a man?"

That last question pushed his macho buttons and he said "S..sure, I can take it." Then he wavered. " you have to do it?" God! How embarrassing!

"There's no one else here, Will." Will slumped back, this was too awful. "Er...when are you...?"
Stacey looked him straight in the eye. "Right now, Will," she said quietly.

There was dead silence in the room except for the clock's ticking, while Will tried to absorb the reality of what was about to happen.
"Ok, here's what I want you to do," said Stacey, taking charge, "I want you to go upstairs and shower, then come down to your parent's room."

Glumly Will trudged up the stairs. He showered, unconsciously dragging it out, wondering just how much this was going to hurt. Stacey was strong. She had big shoulders, and she topped him by 5", easy. While Will was showering, Stacey had changed into a short tennis dress and a tank top. She needed freedom of movement and did not want to muss her good clothes.

Then he got the shock of his life when Stacey put her head in the door and said, "Hurry up, Will. Get out, dry off and come down to the bedroom---and you won't need anything but a towel on. Let's go, young man."

What? Just a towel? He'd be naked! Oh God! That was how she was going to give it to him? And the way she talked to him, calling him "young man", just like his mom and teachers did when he was in trouble--trouble that sometimes ended in a hot stinging bottom. With a deep sense of dread Will gathered the towel around his waist and trudged down the hall. He opened the door to find Stacey seated at his mom's vanity bench. The "spankin' paddle" was in her right hand. Opposite the bench were some pillows piled at the foot of the bed and dad's black strap was lying next to them. He stopped, frozen with fear. She was going to use both on him--like that time last year when he got suspended.

"Come in Will," she said in a commanding tone. Gone was the cheerful friendly neighbor girl who clowned around with them. This was a serious woman who had assumed the mantle of authority. "Will, Mrs Magruder has insisted that you kids be severely punished---a "biblical" punishment, she said. And, I have to demonstrate to her that her wishes have been carried out. So, this will happen in two parts. First you are going over my knee for a spanking with your mom's paddle, then you will assume the position over the end of the bed for a licking with the strap."

"Stacey, please do you have to..." Will started to whine.

"Don't interrupt me, Will. And until we finish, it's 'yes, ma'am' or 'no, ma'am' and no backtalk. Do you understand? Here, stand in front of me"

Will hung his head miserably. "Er..yes,, ma'am"

"Alright. Now, Will, drop the towel."

Blushing ten shades of red, Will did as he was told. His hands moved to his front to cover his groin from Stacey's gaze. Inexplicably, he had started to get a boner, contemplating the idea of being hauled over Stacey's knee, having her see him naked, vulnerable, his naked bottom plumped up over her lap so she could spank it. And the fact that she had changed into a short tennis dress had made her look more sexy than ever. His penis was going to rub against those golden thighs while she paddled him.

Will looked so miserable, Stacey thought. It must be embarrassing for him to be like this, naked in front of a girl a few years his senior and about to get an old fashioned over the knee tanning from her. Well, she had to do her duty.

Stacey tapped the paddle on her leg and said, simply, "Over my knee, Will." So this was really going to happen.
Will groaned. "Yes, ma'am". Stacey parted her legs and Will eased himself face down across her lap. Will was so humiliated. Here he was, naked, with his bare behind vulnerably exposed for her to spank and with a boner to boot, rubbing up against her thigh. She gripped his waist with her left arm and pulled him closer. He had a cute butt, Stacey noted. In fact all of him was cute. And she could not help but notice the hardened state of his penis. We'll, see how long it stays like that, she thought. Someday he'd make quite a ladykiller, but today he was just a naughty boy about to pay for his misdeeds in the traditional naughty boy manner---a sound bare fanny spanking.

"Will, you have this spanking coming to you. You will lie across my knees and take it. I don't want any swearing or attempts to get up or we start again. You may cry, however, and in fact you should. Believe me, crying helps," She paused, and said in a softer tone," I'm sorry to have to do this Will, but you brought it on yourself." All the while Will felt the cold wood pressing on the summits of his vulnerable bare buttocks.

Then she brought the paddle down, flattening the left cheek with a loud crack. Will hissed. God that stung! Crack! a lick to the right cheek. Crack! Whap! Smack! Stacey delivered smarting spanks to Will's bare butt, alternating sides,  at a rate of one spank every few seconds. Will's tush wobbled with the impact, which felt like fire. She was spanking hard! Will squirmed, but Stacey's arm held him tightly in position while her right hand kept up a deliberate cadence of brisk smacks to the chubby mounds poised over her knee. Will couldn't control himself. He writhed across her lap and started to yelp in pain. This was stinging as bad as anything his mother ever gave him. Stacey's mouth was set with a grimly determined expression as she raised her arm again and again to spank the rapidly reddening rear cheeks of the squirming lad. A red bottom lap dance, she thought as Will's butt wiggled and bobbed to the tune of the stinging tattoo. The pain was furious now, burning, his behind felt like it was being seared. Will desperately tried to hold back the tears, but it just hurt too much. Each smack from that wicked paddle echoed in the room and was now mixed with Will's halting sobs.
Crack! "Ah...ah...owwww." Crack! "I'm sorry...ow...ow." Crack! "Please...stop"
Smack! He drummed his toes on the floor. Spank! "No more, no more, please!"
Smack! "Wahhhhh....arrrr...ahhh." Will dissolved into tears.

Betsy heard the sharp cracking sounds and Will's muffled cries from downstairs as she entered the house. Wow! Will was really getting it! Her own behind tingled as she recalled her last tanning with the paddle. She went up stairs. Just outside the door the sounds of the spanking in progress could clearly be heard. She knocked on the door and the smacking noises stopped. Stacey told her to come in. It was quite a sight that greeted her. Will was naked and held  face down over Stacey's lap. His behind was a bright red. AS he turned his face toward her, she could see tears running down his cheeks and his expression was one of outright mortification.

"Owwww...noooo.... does she have to see?"

"Quiet, Will," said Stacey, giving him another smack. "Do you have the camera?"

"It's right here," said Betsy, holding it up.

"I'm giving Will a few more with the paddle and then I want you to shoot a picture. Can you do that?" Betsy nodded.
Will let out a wail at this news. Stacey ignored him, tightened her grip, and delivered a volley of crisp smacks to the wriggling cheeks. Will howled anew at the onslaught of fiery spanks.
This is what Stacey had been waiting for, the moment when Will would surrender to the stinging sensation and shame of the spanking and cry it out. She added a few for good measure, then stopped.

"Now, Betsy." Betsy took the photo. It would later show a determined woman holding a paddle, a boy sprawled across her lap, bottom very red, and a tearful expression on his face. It would be very clear to all that he had had a most thorough spanking.

"Ok, Will, up you get," she said putting the boy back on his feet. Will stood there gasping, rubbing his bottom, and crying.

"Ow, ow, ahhh....Stacey...I mean, ma'am...please no more.."

"I'm sorry, Will but your hind end is not in the condition that Mrs Magruder wants. I'm afraid you will have more to endure before it's over. Let's go now, over the end of the bed," said Stacey taking him by the arm and leading him to the bed. She pushed him down so that his tummy was over the pillows and his tomato red buttocks were presented for the whipping to follow.

Will moaned and bent over, his rear cheeks elevated over the pillows. Betsy looked on sympathetically--and fearfully. It'll be me like that if they rat me out, she thought.

Stacey took the length of belt and folded it. Then she stepped back and whipped it down onto Will's behind with a loud thwack! Then, thwack! another. Thwack! a third. Will yelped and his body twitched as Stacey brought the belt down to lay ten livid stripes across Will's inflamed fanny. The searing licks brought a chorus of pleas and promises to behave in the future. Stacey stood back and let Betsy take a picture of the dark red stripes left by the belt, then told Will to look over his shoulder so his face would show. It was a mask of pain and anguish.

Stacey told Will he could get up. He rose clutching his seat. Stacey handed him the towel, and choking and hicupping tearfully he put it around his waist to cover himself. Stacey hugged him to her and patted his back. His head snuggled against her shoulder. "There now, Will, it's over, we're done. You took that bravely."

"Yes, ma'am", sniffled Will.

"It's not ma'am anymore, it's Stacey," she said in a soothing voice. "Tell you what Will, you go get dressed and we'll go out. Your choice, ok?" she said tilting Will's chin up with her hand. Will nodded. "Good boy," said Stacey.

Later that night when the awful sting had receded to a hot glow, Will's boner had returned with a vengeance as he remembered the feel of lying across Stacey's silky thighs and the feel of her breasts as she had hugged him afterwards. As his stroking hand brought him closer and closer to climax, the pain of the spanking was almost forgotten and in its place was almost a desire to experience that delicious feeling of shame and vulnerabilty all over again. Finally the pleasure overcame him and he spewed his cum all over the bedclothes in great jetting arcs as he thought about Stacey.

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